Digimon Frontier S01E23

Feel the Power of Digimon! Takuya’s Full-Body Strategy (JP)
Sockit Takuya (EN)

Dub Writers: Dave Wittenberg

Original Airdates:
September 10, 2002 (JP)
February 11, 2003 (EN)

Section: Summary

Agunimon returns to the Digital World. JP, Zoe, and Tommy have been captured by Ranamon and Mercurymon in his absence, and are being tickle-tortured (yes, tickle-tortured) into giving up their spirits and the locations of Koji and Takuya while a group of Datamon attempt to extract the spirits from their D-Tectors. Koji stumbles upon the group and evolves into Lobomon, Mercurymon and Ranamon/Calmaramon handing him a royal butt-whipping. After saving Bokomon and Neemon from a confused Sepikmon, the Sepikmon guides the three of them to where the others are being held captive. Agunimon gets in touch with his feminine Digimon side and learns to use the forces of nature to his advantage. After freeing the others and getting their D-Tectors back to them, the five good Legendary warriors use the elements to amplify their attacks, and give Mercurymon and Calmaramon a royal thrashing unlike any they’ve received before.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Junpei yells “SPIRIT!” and his D-Scanner reacts, trying to fly towards him. This implies that the spirit could hear him. In the dub, JP yells “Execute NOW!” before the D-Tector reacts, indicating that the Digivice itself was reacting to a portion of its programming.

Junpei: I believe in them, but… 
JP: I want to, but it’s hard

JP is really whiny in this episode, a stark contrast to his “Grand Master Junpei, Sage of Wisdom” appearance a couple of episodes back.

Izumi: Even though you are also of the Legendary Warrior Ten, you’re really sneaky! 
Zoe:Forget it, Metal-Head! We’re not telling you anything! Not today, not tomorrow, not ever!

Very thorough of her.

Izumi: What?
Junpei: What’s that?! 
Zoe: What are those?
JP: Not goodie!

I have never in all my (not that many) years of life ever heard anyone say “not goodie.” Or “You’re being poo-ey.” Or “This sucks with teeth.”

This is a tad confusing and not verified, so don’t sue or quote me. Ranamon in the original called out Torture Time before the hands started tickling the group. In the dub, she doesn’t say this. I can’t verify that this is an attack at all, but it’s a possibility. Though either way, I can’t think of any reason the Legendary Warrior of Water would have the ability to spawn disembodied hands with feathers in them at will.

Ranamon: Now tell us! Where are your friends hiding?!
Junpei: How should I know?! 
Ranamon: Now, Slim, give us your spirits and tell us where your friends are, or the tickling continues!
JP: Do your worst! I can take it!

1) The dub can’t seem to get past JP’s weight.
2) Tommy and Zoe are the ones getting tickled, making JP a total jerk.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub greatly extended the flashback scene from the first episode to nearly twice the length. Shots of Tommy and Zoe getting tickled from earlier are recycled into the next scene.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: Wait, please! I’m only looking for Mercuremon and Ranamon, and if you know where they are, please tell me!
Neemon: That’s right, we’re not enemies! 
Bokomon: Please don’t hurt me! Can’t you see I’m with egg?! Take my friend! He’s a bit annoying, but a good listener!
Neemon: What did you say? I wasn’t listening.

Sepikmon: If you are not my enemies, then will you be my friends? 
Sepikmon: You two are funny! Will you be my friends?

No, they are not funny. Don’t encourage them to try.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Sepikmon. A Shaman-type Digimon looking for friends. A lonely Digimon. Special attack is Spirit Boomerang. 
Bokomon: Sepikmon. This lonely Digimon has no friends and spends all his time throwing his Spirit Boomerang…to himself.

Dialogue Deviation

Neemon: W-w-what are you doing?! We said we’d be your friends! 
Neemon: I can’t dance! I have no rhythm and two left feet!

Sepikmon: Others have said that before, I have to see if it’s true!
Bokomon: You don’t believe us?
Sepikmon: Spirit Boomerang! 
Sepikmon: But you have to dance or we can’t be friends! So, what’s it gonna be: boogie or bye-bye?
Bokomon: Ah! I never learned how to boogie!
Sepikmon: Then bye-bye!

Agnimon: And Kouji?
Neemon: We don’t know. 
Agunimon: Where’s Koji?
Neemon: I don’t know…do I?

Sepikmon: Hey, you! Don’t interfere with my friendship!
Agnimon: Well, the same goes for you! 
Sepikmon: Excuse me, but can I have my boomerang back?
Agunimon: That depends. Will you be more careful with it?

Sepikmon wasn’t being careless; he threw the boomerang at Bokomon and Neemon on purpose! (and not a jury in the world would convict him…)

Rather odd premise change in this scene. It went from being about friendship in the original to being about the physics of a boomerang in the dub, only to later go to friendship. Usually it’s the dub that’s so friendship-freak friendly.

Sepikmon: Ooga chakka! Ooga chakka! Ooga chakka!

JP launches into a list of bizzare pet names for Zoe, including “snuggie pie,” and “woogie face.” Junpei just tells Izumi to believe that he’ll protect her.

Section: Cut or moved footage

They lengthened Lobomon’s evolution scene.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Wolfmon’s Zwei Sieger also becomes Lobomon’s Lobo Kendo.

Dialogue Deviation

Neemon: I’m getting shoulder-sick!
Bokomon: Who cares?! My baby’s being scrambled!

Side Note

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while, but the attack Dark Reflection of Mercurymon’s doesn’t really fit him for a few reasons. First of all, Mercuremon’s Generous Mirror move creates a bright light upon sending back attacks, so the Dark part doesn’t make sense. Secondly, Mercuremon/Mercurymon is not an evil Digimon by nature, and the name “Dark Reflection” would lead one to think that he is, rather than just currently being corrupted by Cherubimon.

Mercurymon’s reaction to Calmaramon’s dripping mouth in the dub is a lot funnier than the original.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: Takuya-han is thinking of something.
Neemon: It seems like it… 
Bokomon: I have a feeling that Takuya is right.
Neemon: Really?! Okay!

They should lock him up. Nothing worse than someone who’s so easily swayed by other people’s opinions…

Bokomon: I’m sure now there’s no doubt about it. I think Takuya-han is sensing something, but that’s not all! Takuya-han has awakened something! 
Bokomon: I thought Takuya had a plan! He certainly thought about it long enough, but now I’m not so sure. All this waiting and wondering abou the weather; who cares about the weather?! The others are in danger!

Dumb line, terrible delivery. At times, the dub speeds up the characters’ speeches because they have to fit the movement of their mouths, in which case I can see how that can be difficult, but this time, Bokomon was talking a mile a minute in the dub, but it was inner monologue, so his mouth wasn’t moving.

…also, did I know before that Bokomon used the Kansai dialect?

Mercuremon: Think of my place!
Ranamon: I was!
Mercuremon: I can’t trust you to do anything! I’ll do it! 
Mercurymon: Have you no control?!
Ranamon: Why are you mad at me?! It was your idea!
Mercurymon: Ugh, I’m surrounded by buffoons.

Ha, that was actually pretty good. The best humor comes from the voice actors.

A flash-impact screen blocks the view of Mercurymon’s kick to Lobomon’s face.

Not sure if this counts as a censor, but the hail in the original version is changed to snow in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Agnimon: Wind, thunder, and snow! It’s our power combined! 
Agunimon: Wind and snow, thunder and lighting! Forces of Nature, lend us your strength!

By your powers combined…I dunno. It probably was changed so that it wouldn’t sound like a Captain Planet reference, but now he sounds like a sorcerer or something.

Agnimon: I feel it, a Digimon’s power! Now I truly feel it! 
Agunimon: I’m ready to accept the responsibility that comes with great power!

Really? A Spider-Man reference? Was that necessary?

Ranamon: No matter what you do, that won’t work on–aah! 
Ranamon: Missed me, missed me, now you gotta–aah!
Agunimon: Thanks, but no thanks!

The scene had a lot more meaning to it before that little exchange.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Added material: a shot of Agunimon talking, and lengthened evolution scenes for Beetlemon, Kazemon, and Kumamon.

Dialogue Deviation

Agnimon: Now we’ll show you everyone’s power together! 
Agunimon: Didn’t anyone ever tell you? It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature!

Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, gave five special rings to five special young people…

Section: Cut or moved footage

Fairymon got a little too friendly with the camera for a second. Her subsequent kick to Calmaramon’s face was cut out completely, instead of using a flash impact screen like normal.

Side Note

Lobomon twirling his blades over his head made a rather odd, excessively cartoonish wooshing sound.

Dialogue Deviation

Calmaramon: What did you say?! 
Calmaramon: Forget the Master! What about us?!
Mercurymon: Would you stop your sniveling, Woman!

Ah, ye olde sexist remarks.

Final Verdict

Total Footage Kept: 99%

There was a lot of stupid dialogue in this episode.

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  • M says:

    Really interesting that hail was changed to snow in the dub! Also yeah I definitely didn’t remember the uhhh up and close shot of Fairymon growing up with the ENG dub, so I was quite surprised to see it when watching the JPN version.

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