Digimon Adventure S01E09

Silhouette of a rounded, teddy bear-like monster and a hair yeti monster over a light-blue, ice-like background.

Clash! Freezing Digimon (JP)

Subzero Ice Punch (EN)

Written by:

EN: Mark Ryan and J.M. Morris

First aired:

JP: May 2, 1999
EN: September 23, 1999

Section: Summary

We join Tai in his propulsion away from the File Island kerfuffle of last episode, and he finally crash-lands onto a new, snow-covered island. One wardrobe malfunction later, he runs afoul of the island’s sole inhabitant, a serial post office vandal named Frigimon. Frigimon attempts to run them off, but they learn that his troubles stem from a painful black gear lodged in his back (not related to his hatred for the post office). They cure his ailment and he repays them by taking them to Matt, who landed in another snow-covered island nearby.

Matt, meanwhile, frantically searches for his brother amongst the snow. Several ruined snow poffs later, Gabumon implores him to take refuge in a cave while Gabumon, protected by his fur, takes up the search. Much to his chagrin, he returns to the cave to find that Matt ignored his suggestion and wandered out into the snow to die, so Gabumon spends the rest of the night keeping his dumb ass alive while nobody searches for T.K..

The next morning, Tai and Matt reunite, Tai makes an ass of himself, they punch each other, and then they both fall off a cliff. Mojyamon comes along to help defuse the conflict, succeeds, and Tai and Matt resolve their issues without actually resolving or even talking about them.

Dialogue Deviation

The recap at the start of the episode has a little nugget of misinformation within:

Tai: “After we climbed Infinity Mountain, we found ourselves right between Leomon and Ogremon. They were being controlled by Devimon, a most heinous character.”

Tai wouldn’t know that Ogremon is involved voluntarily, but that could be confusing for kids watching the recap.

Then when the episode starts, Tai gets an additional recap for some reason. This part doesn’t have any dialogue in the original until Devimon pipes up.

Tai: “Thanks to that creep, Devimon, File Island broke up and all us kids got separated. Now, he’s up there in his castle on Infinity Mountain, and I hate to think what horrible things he’s planning next!”

A white building with numerous columns set upon a cliffside

Pictured: a castle but like without any of the fortifying features that define a castle

[Within his pathetic castle, Devimon… uh… muses to himself]
Devimon: “Even if they are the Chosen Children, they’re powerless alone. I’ll end each of them in a festival of blood!”
Devimon: “Now that they’re on their own, those little intruders will meet their doom. Nothing can stand in my way; the DigiDestined don’t have a chance! Now fly, my black gears! FLY!” *cackle*

Section: Side Note

At the end of the previous episode, Taichi was somehow sent adrift at an alarming pace by Leomon breaking off the piece of ground he was standing on. At the beginning of this episode, Taichi is hurdling towards an icy land mass at a VERY alarming pace on a chunk of ice which is moving faster than the chunk of land he’d previously been on.

I think we can all agree that was a bad move on Taichi’s part.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi and Agumon rapidly approach their destination]
Taichi: “Aah! We’re gonna hit it! We’re gonna hit it!”
Agumon: “Tai, it’s cold and I’m hungry and I wish we were on solid ground!”
Tai: “It looks like you’re about to get your wish, but next time, be careful of what you wish for — you just might get it!”

Is that what happened? One of them wished they weren’t stuck drifting on a chunk of land, so it it turned into a chunk of ice and sent them careening?

[The icy terrain is cold somehow]
Taichi: “C-cold! I’m gonna freeze to death like this!
Tai: “Okay, so mom was right! I should have worn a sweater!”

Always pack a sweater when you leave for Summer Camp.

… Actually, that’s turned out to be true twice, so maybe do pack a sweater…

[Taichi’s clothes have become perfectly flat and encased in ice somehow.]
Taichi: “Oh, my clothes. They’re frozen solid!”
Agumon: “Okay, hold out your shirt. Baby Flame!”
Tai: “Hey, look! I found my clothes – except they’re even too cool for me now!”
Agumon: “Don’t worry! I can give you the latest hot look!”

[Agumon’s Baby Flame has melted and steamed Taichi’s shirt]
Taichi: “Nice, Agumon! Now do the same for my shorts!”
Tai: “Hey, Agumon, that’s smokin’! Now can you hook up my pants?”

The way he reads this line, you can almost hear Joshua Seth’s relief that his own children do not and will never talk like this…

[Agumon applies the solution to Taichi’s shorts]
[The shorts ignite. Taichi frantically shakes them.]
Agumon: “I burned them…”
Agumon: “Oops, nuked them a little too long! But look on the bright side, Tai!”
Tai: “What bright side?”
Agumon: “You won’t be cold anymore!”

“On Fire” – the hottest look there is!

Section: Side Note

There’s a bit of an animation error in which Taichi gains a bonus shirt, but sadly at the cost of his primary shirt becoming aflame.

Against a snowy background, Taichi shakes his clothes, which are ablaze with bright orange fire. He is still in his underwear and white specks surround his head to show his panic. His shorts have been drawn as a second T-shirt by mistake. Agumon recoils in alarm.

In the previous episode, he had his shoes on when he and Agumon went to the bathroom. Ostensibly, he put them on to get up to go to the bathroom. We cannot, however, rule out the possibility that Taichi wears shoes in bed.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi is dons his new “hot couture” and contemplates life]
Taichi: “We’re getting farther away from Infinity Mountain. I wonder what happened to Leomon. Oh yeah, everyone else… everyone else is gone! We’ve all been separated!”
Tai: “What? Mailboxes? Agumon, maybe people really lived here at one time! I wish we could mail ourselves home, but it looks like the only way we’ll ever leave ‘Freezeland’ is to take a real long, cold swim back to Infinity Mountain, and I have a feeling that if the mountain is drifting farther and farther away, then our friends are, too! They must all be out there on those other islands!”

Better start swimming.

Side Note

Taichi didn’t acknowledge the mailboxes in the original. There’s ten of them lined up in a row in the background, which is a pretty good sign that they’re just another oddity of the Digital World.

Dialogue Deviation

Agumon: “Hey, Taichi, where are we headed?”
Taichi: “Don’t ask me!”
Agumon: “But I don’t know anything outside of File Island…”
Agumon: “Where will we end up if we just keep on drifting around like this, Tai?”
Tai: “Why would I know that?”
Agumon: “Because you’re from another world, Tai. I’ve never left File Island.”

Flawless logic. Well, Tai? Use your other world brain and figure it out!

Taichi: “Devimon said something about ‘the other side of the ocean’, didn’t he?”
Agumon: “I don’t know anything about that.”
Taichi: “… The other side of the ocean…”

Tai: “But Agumon, I’ve never left my world, either!”
Agumon: “Well, I guess it could be worse. There could be evil Digimon attacking us. It’s too quiet here!”

It never did stop being a thing in cartoons where a character says, “it could be worse/it’s too quiet” and then something loud and immediately threatening happens, did it?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Digimon Analyser: “Yukidarumon: a freezing Digimon made of icy snow. His special attack, Absolute Zero Punch, can freeze anything!”
Agumon: “Frigimon is a food-friendly snowman, but don’t worry, Tai! He’s a GOOD DIGIMON!”

DAMNIT, Tentom– I mean, Agumon!

… wait, what the hell is “food-friendly” supposed to mean? Is that a comment on his figure?? He’s a snowmon, you judgemental prick! That’s how they’re supposed to look!

… it’s probably a reference refrigerators being use to store food…

The name Yukidarumon comes from the word yukidaruma [雪だるま」, which is Japanese for “snowman”. More literally, it means “snow daruma” – daruma being traditional dolls depicting the monk Bodhidharma.

Yukidarumon is named Frigimon in the dub, and Absolute Zero Punch (zettai reido PANCHI 「絶対零度パンチ」) is called Subzero Ice Punch. His dub voice actually isn’t far off from the original, and the actor does a good job playing him. He gets a little bit of a northeastern American accent, though. I don’t know if that’s part of the acting.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi and Agumon jump off the ledge they has been standing on and slide face-first down the side]
Agumon: “Yukidarumon is supposed to be a docile Digimon!”
Agumon: “Oh no, my belly’s freezing!”

The casualties of war…

[Yukidarumon has frozen one of the postboxes solid, which is a federal offense]
Taichi: “What the–?!”
Agumon: “It’s frozen solid!”
Taichi: “We have to hurry and get that black gear out of him!”

Agumon: “Leave it to me! Baby Flame!”
[Agumon fires back. It does nothing]
Taichi: “It’s no use! It doesn’t work at all!”

Agumon: “Hey, did you see that?”
Tai: “‘Did I’?? His punch froze that mailbox solid!”
Agumon: “I guess I’d better heat things up! Pepper Breath!”
Tai: “I really hope you have a back-up plan!”

[Yukidarumon pursues the fleeing pair after vandalizing a second postbox]
Yukidarumon: “Yuki… yuki… yuki…”
Frigimon: “Come back here and fight Frigimon!”

So in a way, he says his own name in both versions…

Yukidarumon: “Yukidarumon!”
Taichi: “Please do something!”
Agumon: “That’s it, Taichi! Throw me!”
Taichi: “Throw you?”
Agumon: “Yeah, aim at Yukidarumon and throw me!”

Frigimon: “Going somewhere? *laughs*”
Tai: “We’re trapped like ice mice! There’s nowhere else to run!”

Side Note

The dub again makes a break section for commercials and replays some of the footage upon return. It’s fades out after Tai says “there’s nowhere else to run”. When it comes back, it shows Tai and Agumon running from Frigimon and getting cornered against the ice wall. Where it zoomed out from Frigimon in both versions, they reverse that scene and zoom in on Frigimon.

Agumon’s brilliant plan to be thrown by a child clear over Yukidarumon’s head and shoot the black gear from behind him is the same in both versions, but there’s something really funny about the way he says it in the original. He just has such conviction and determination see it through, even after it becomes apparent that Taichi can’t throw him.

(Subtitles extracted from fansub due to technical limitations)

Agumon: “I can jump onto his back and use Baby Flame to destroy the black gear at close range! I’m sure of it!”
[Taichi attempts to lift Agumon]
Taichi: “It’s no use! I can’t throw you over his back like this!”
Agumon: “Give it your all! He’s coming!!”
Agumon: “I’ve got an idea, Tai: pick me up and throw me at him. If I can land right on his back, I can vaporize that black gear with my Pepper Breath.”
[Bro, Tai does not even lift]
Tai: “I don’t know if this is gonna work, dude. I can barely lift you, much less throw you, Tubbymon!”
Agumon: “It has to work, Tai. It’s our only chance!”

… Just not the same…

Dialogue Deviation
[Yukidarumon attacks with his fist of frosty fury, but Taichi and Agumon fall down and slide away on the slopeless terrain. He continues moving forward for some reason (the physics are weird in this episode) and hits the side of the cliff they’re next to, causing a small avalanche to fall down upon him.]
No dialogue.
Tai: “He really likes to bury himself in his work!”

That was in terrible taste.

Section: Side Note

Speaking of weird physics: Taichi then instructs Agumon to roll himself into a ball (justification: Taichi plays soccer), then he kicks Agumon over Yukidarumon’s head and behind him. Aside from that being animal/Digimon abuse, Agumon was JUST established to be much heavier than a soccer ball.

Dialogue Deviation

[Yukidarumon is chill now– OW! Come on, that one wasn’t intentional!]
Yukidarumon: “Huh… why was I acting so violently?”
Agumon: “Devimon was controlling you with a black gear.”
Yukidarumon: “And you guys got rid of it for me? Thank you.”

Frigimon: “What am I doin’ layin’ here? What happened?”
Agumon: “A black gear was on you, and you almost turned us into ice scultpures!”
Frigimon: “Oh, I’m so sorry! I just hate when I do that!”

“Happens once a fortnight and does not get less embarrassing each time!”

Yukidarumon: “Are either of you hurt?”
Taichi: “We’re fine – not a scratch on us!”
Yukidarumon: “Huh…”
Taichi: “What?”
Yukidarumon: “Now that I think about it, I saw a kid like you and a Gabumon land on that island over there.”
Frigimon: “I’m glad you’re both all right!”
Tai: “Have you seen anyone else here? Some more kids like me?”
Frigimon: “Hmmm. Come to think of it, I did see another boy like you. He was with a Gabumon. They fell onto that other island over there.”

Tai just has to make everything about himself, doesn’t he?!

Taichi: “Yamato’s on that island?”
Agumon: “But how do we get there? I can’t swim.”

Tai: “Perfect. Matt would land that far away.”

That bitch.

Tai: “It’s too cold to swim, and we’re drifting at one hundred miles a year!”
Frigimon: “You’re a weird kid.”

Isn’t he?

[Yukidarumon offers to help them get across the water to the other island, since they freed him from the black gear’s control]
Taichi: “Awesome! You made a path from ice!”
Tai: “I hope your punches don’t… uh… you know, ‘freeze up’?”

Tai, that was terrible. You’re not even trying.

Frigimon: “Don’t worry — as long as it’s cold, I’m full of punch – yeah, baby!”

That was worse somehow!

[Agumon questions the stability of the ice bridge, so Yukidarumon jumps up and down on it to demonstrate its structural security]
Tai: “W-we get it! We get it, so you can stop now!”
Tai: “All right, all right, we get it! Quit shaking up the whole island!”

It’s his island! He can shake it if he wants!

Tai: “Man, does everybody in the Digital World always have to be so noisy? Come on guys, let’s start walking!”

[Meanwhile, on the other island, Yamato desperately searches for his brother through a heavy downpour of snow. He is coughing and definitely unwell. Gabumon suggests taking a break in a nearby cave, and Yamato makes a run for it]
Matt: “A cave! O-of course, that’s where T.K. is! YES!”

T.K. loves dank, cold, dark places!

[The cave contains no Takeru – only a pre-collected bundle of sticks]
No dialogue.
Gabumon: “I’m sorry, Matt. Don’t give up hope.”
Matt: “I was so sure he’d be in here! But then again, T.K. never liked caves that much.”

Oh. Never mind, then.

Section: Side Note

The background music for the above scene is a beautiful and sad track called “Where There are Tears” (namida no yukue, 「涙の行方」). It’s called that for a reason, as that will be your eyes and face when you hear it.

Dialogue Deviation

[Gabumon lights the pre-collected sticks with his Petit Fire to create a campfire]
Gabumon: “Hey, Yamato. There’s no point in hurrying. Besides, you look like you’ve caught a cold. Let’s wait here until the snowstorm passes.”
Yamato: “No. I’m fine, so you rest up.”
[Yamato succumbs to a brief and mild coughing fit]
Gabumon: “Don’t go!”
Yamato: “Let me go! Takeru is–“
Gabumon: “I’ll go!”
Yamato: “Heh?”
Gabumon: “I’ll take your place searching for Takeru. So, Yamato, you wait here peacefully.”
Yamato: “Gabumon…”
Gabumon: “Look, I’ll be fine; I’m wearing fur!” *laughs and pushes Yamato into next to the fire* “Well then, I’m going, so just wait here.”
Yamato: “Gabumon..!”
Gabumon: “There now, come and sit by the fire. You can’t help T.K. nor anyone for that matter if you get sick. You must rest to stay strong.”
Matt: “No, I gotta go back out there and find him. I feel fine!”
[coughing fit]
Gabumon: “Ah! Sit down. You’re not leaving this cave! I’ll go look for T.K..”
Matt: “Huh?”
Gabumon: “Hey, come on, Matt. I’m your Digimon, remember?”
Matt: “My what now?”
Gabumon: “I’m here to help you through thick and thin, whether it’s hot or cold! Besides, I’ve got a built-in, warm fur coat, which you haven’t!” *laughs MOCKINGLY and pushes Matt into next to the fire* “Come on, just sit right here and get warm. I mean it! I’ll be back in two shakes of a digi-tail!”

Side Note

Yamato relents and sits silently by the fire. There’s no background music for this scene, and we hear the embers in the fire popping. It’s kind of relaxing.

This all lasts about 10 seconds before Yamato bolts up and screams “TAKERUUUUUU!!”, which is much more jarring when you’ve just been chilling quietly by a campfire for that amount of time.

Matt relents and internally monologues along to last episode’s muffin-baking song by the fire.

No dialogue.
Matt: (thinking) “Poor little T.K…. It’s just not right. He’s my little brother; I should be the one out there looking for him.”

It’s nice that Matt’s mood is calm and slightly chipper about the fact that his little brother is missing — possibly even dead! 😀

Dialogue Deviation

[Back on the ice path, the snow-goers quietly trek along]
Frigimon: “Hey, Dad, are we there yet?”
Agumon: “Hm?”
Frigimon: “Heh, sorry. I just had to say that!”

… He did have to say that. I checked; it’s in his contract.

Taichi: “How much farther do we have to go?!”
Agumon: “I’m getting sleepy…”

Tai: “Man, that island’s just as far away as ever! Let’s take five, you guys, and then we’ll keep on going!”

There’s never a self-propelling chunk of ice when you need one, is there?

[Yukidarumon points out that the other island is still drifting, so if they stop to rest, they may not catch up to it]
Taichi: “Man, if you could fly, we would have gotten there a long time ago.”
Agumon: “Well, I’m sorry I can’t.”
Taichi: “What, are you mad? Hehehe! It’s a joke! Don’t lose your nerve!”
Agumon: “It’s not my nerve.”

Tai: “Hmm. Agumon, if you could fly like Birdramon we’d be there already.”
Agumon: “Well, I can’t!”
Tai: “Birdramon probably can’t fly in the cold anyway.”

I don’t expect Tai to have a grasp on aerodynamics or anything, but… what..?

Tai: “No one toasts my clothes like you! Come on – laugh!”
Agumon: “No way!”

[Yukidarumon picks Taichi and Agumon up to carry them the rest of the way, commenting that it’s much more pleasant for them]
Taichi: “It certainly is pleasant, but your body is REALLY icy.”

Tai: “Yeah, comfy as a mackeral on ice, but at least we’ll still be nice and fresh when we get there!”

This episode is creepy.

[Walking resumes with Yukidarumon doing all the legwork]
No dialogue.
Frigimon: “Hey, did I ever tell you about the party I went to that the Numemon crashed? Heh! Now that’s a party no one will forget!”

… they were PARTY POOPERS– OW!

Section: Side Note

Yeah, Frigimon gets a lot of extra lines because he doesn’t have a visible mouth. Yukidarumon is rather quiet — unusually so compared to other “friend-of-the-day”-type characters. He only has Taichi or Agumon to talk to, though. They have like nothing in common.

… How did he use his Absolute Zero Punch to build the bridge while he held Agumon and Taichi on his shoulders..?

Dialogue Deviation

[Elsewhere, Gabumon finds that Yamato ignored his suggestion and went wandering into the snow like a jackass]
Gabumon: “Yamato! Yamato!!”
Gabumon: “Matt! What are you doing out? I told you not to leave! Can you hear me? Matt!”

Yes, he can hear you berating him over his hypothermia.

Gabumon: “In this state, he’ll freeze to death.”
Gabumon: “I’ve got to warm him up or else… or else he will never make it.”

You know, somebody said “die” last episode. You can just say it; we were all thinking it.

Gabumon: “No one can see me…”
Gabumon: “But how? All I have is my own fur and… Hey, that’s it! Why not? Heehee, NAKED DIGIMON!”

I mean… most of them are naked…

[The scene pans to outside the cave, where a new Digimon is chillin– OW! That one wasn’t intentional, either!]
Dramatic tension!
Gabumon: “You’ll feel better in no time. Good thing we’re alone here.”

Okay, that made it weird.

Section: Side Note

The background music during the above scene is the rather intense track “Despair” (zetsubō 「絶望」). It’s appropriate music for finding your best friend passed out in the snow. Maybe a little dramatic for gettin’ naked.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The “naked Digimon” bit was cut from re-runs of this episode and the DVD because nudity is terrible and children can never know that it happens, and absolutely not that it’s happening underneath our clothes as we speak. Or maybe just because Gabumon made it weird.

Section: Eyecatch

Probably because he made it weird.

Dialogue Deviation

[It is now the following morning, and Yukidarumon et al are still walking along the ice path]
No dialogue.
Frigimon: “This one Numemon kept following my sister, but I handled it! A little Subzero Ice Punch show-and-tell!”

He’s been telling the same story the entire night. I don’t know if that’s what Ryan and Morris intended, but it’s brilliant.

Taichi and Agumon stretch and yawn when Yukidarumon tells them they’ve arrived. In the dub, they both throw their arms up and yell “Hooray!!”

Yukidarumon: “They should be around here…”
Tai: “Sure, let’s go for a hike. Than, after that, we’ll hike, then we can hike some more! Sheesh!”

What, now you’re sick of walking? Or is it just because this isn’t a desert?

Side Note

Damnit, stop moving footage around after a commercial! Taichi has found Yamato’s bed, which crashed on the island. This time, they replay Tai running up to the bed, then they take the shot of Agumon pointing and talking to yell, “Oh, Gabumon!” right before they show Tai call out for Matt.

The dub adds a teeth chattering sound effect when we check in on Matt covered with Gabumon’s fur. He’s groaning in the original. Seems more that he slept uncomfortably rather than still being cold.

Gabumon has caught Yamato’s cold (a terrible idea on his part), and he’s now audibly a little stuffed up in both versions. It’s much more obvious in the dub, but actually kind of hard to hear in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

[Yamato has awoken and realized that he’s alive because Gabumon gave him his fur]
Yamato: “Gabumon… you kept me warm all night?”
Gabumon: “Heheh… are you all right now?” *sneezes* “Eh, that’s strange.”
Yamato: “Gabumon! You caught my cold. Sorry… but I feel completely well now! Thank you.”
Gabumon: “I feel awkward.”

Matt: “Gabumon! You took off your fur for uh, um, thanks!”
Gabumon: “Yeah… uh… id’s good to see you’re up and feeling…” *sneezes* “… bedder…”
Matt: “Hey, you kept me all warm, but now you have my cold. Bet you look pretty funny with no fur on, Gabumon!” *world’s most awkward laugh* “Thanks.”
Gabumon: “‘s’okay.”

Now Matt’s making it weird.

Section: Side Note

Yamato bows when thanking Gabumon for keeping him warm, and… just look at his face.

Animation. Inside a cave with grey, rocky walls, Yamato bows to thank Gabumon, a yellow monster similar to Agumon in form but somewhat resembling a dog. Gabumon wears a light blue fur with dark blue stripes draped over his head, arms, and back, giving him the appearance of having claws over two weirdly human hands. Yamato stands on a bed of dull brown leaves he had slept on. Yamato has a very shocked-looking expression on his face as he bows.

Gabumon, what the hell did you do??

Either the animators got confused, or Yamato got confused, or maybe I’m confused, but someone is definitely confused.

At the end of Gabumon’s line (“I feel awkward”), they hear Taichi calling out to Yamato from outside the cave, which would explain Yamato’s expression if it hadn’t appeared long before. It’s not an uncommon animation technique to set a character’s expression and leave it when it will be appropriate in the next few frames – because what pedantic jackass would even notice? – but they usually do that after the character stops moving.

Anyway, it made me laugh.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi and Yamato reunite!]
Taichi: “I thought I’d never see you again!”
Yamato: “Good thing you knew we were here!”

Tai: “It sure is lucky that we met up with Frigimon!”
Matt: “Frosty the Snowmon here?”

That is an offensive stereotype, Matt.

Taichi: “No, Yukidarumon saw you fall into this area.”
Yukidarumon: “I’m glad you’ve met back up.”
Yamato: “Did you see anyone else here?”
Yukidarumon: “Um, well… no one fell on this island but you. The rest must have fallen on different islands.”
Tai: “Yep, this is him! He happened to see you two fall on this island, and then he got us here in no time.”
Frigimon: “Subzero Ice Punch, you know?”
Matt: “Did you see anyone else?”
Frigimon: “No. When it rains kids, I usually notice.”

This has happened more than once.

Frigimon: “You were the only two who fell here. If there are more of you, they must be on the other islands.”

[Gabumon sneezes]
Agumon: “What’s wrong?”
Gabumon: “I have a bit of a cold.”
Yukidarumon: “A cold, huh? Wait just a bit.”
Taichi: “Where are you going, Yukidarumon?”

Agumon: “Hey, watch it, dude!”
Gabumon: “Sorry about thad; I am nod used to having a cold!”
Frigimon: “A cold, huh? I have an idea…”
Tai: “Don’t go, Frigimon! You can’t catch his cold; you already are!”

Years ago, I said I like the idea of saying “I have an idea” and then walking away from someone and not coming back. I never remember to do it.

Taichi: “Huh, so Digimon can catch colds, too.”
Tai: “How’d you get sick? You’re the one with the fur around here.”

They still don’t know that the Digimon are data, so Tai’s not yet glossing over the more pressing question of “why/how can Digimon catch colds??”

[Yamato tells Taichi not to make fun of Gabumon]
Taichi: “What? It’s just a joke! What are you getting worked up about?”
Tai: “Hey, why don’t you chill out, Matt? I was only trying to see how we could help him!”

By reminding him of his RECENT NUDITY that you didn’t know about??

[Yamato insists on searching for their friends next]
Taichi: “We can’t fly in the sky, so how can we go search for them?”
Tai: “Unless you’ve got an airplane stashed around here some place, I think we’re stuck!”

Now you’re throwing that in his face?! You forget ONE helicopter and nobody will let you live it down!

Yamato: “I’ll swim if I have to.”
Taichi: “That’s stupid. This place is like the North Pole. We’ll die from heart failure if we lose even a minute!”

Matt: “So I guess we’ll ask Frigimon for help!”
Tai: “Weren’t you listening to me? He said they’re scattered all over the place. He only has two arms; he’s not an octopus!”

We can’t all be octopodes, Tai! You can’t keep holding that against people!

Taichi: “Everyone’s all right. Even though we’re separated, everyone’s surely making it!”
Tai: “Wow, what’s eating you, dude?! I’m on your side; I’ll help you get off this island if we have to build surf boards, OKAY?!”

Taichi: “More importantly, aren’t you concerned about where this island is headed?”
Yamato: “… ‘More importantly?'”
Taichi: “I’ve been thinking that it could be headed for the other side of the ocean, like Devimon talked about.”

Tai: “Look, the others will be fine without us for now. We gotta focus on the real deal!”
Matt: “‘Real deal’?”
Tai: “What, I gotta spell it out for you? We gotta know if this island’s moving towards that place Devimon talked about!”

Oh, it is ON like Donkey Kong.

[Yamato runs away]


Tai: “Hey, come on! Don’t freak out on me!”

Not helping deescalate, Tai…

Taichi: “Wait, Yamato!”
Tai: “You’re not getting away that easy!”

Extra not-helping.

Tai: “Nobody runs away when I’m still talking!”

Narrator: “Everyone ran away because Tai was still talking.”

Side Note

As Yamato runs away from his friends, he get a triple-take of his running for some reason. Might look a bit weird. Might look a bit like something you’ll see again someday.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi catches up to Yamato]
Taichi: “I understand your feelings, but…”
Yamato: “How can someone like you understand my feelings?!” *turns and punches Taichi*

Tai: “Why do you have to get so bent out of shape?! I know how you feel, Matt…”
Matt: *BAM*


Yamato: “That insensitivity of yours pisses me off!”
Taichi: “What was that?! You…”

Matt: “You haven’t got a clue how I feel, Tai! You’re acting like such a jerk!”
Tai: “Who’re you calling a jerk, JERK?!”

Section: Cut or moved footage

(9 sec) Taichi sits up and punches Yamato in the face! Yamato flips Taichi over and punches him in the face! Taichi tries to flip Yamato over, but Yamato gets on top and punches him in the face! Taichi flips Yamato over and punches him in the face! Yamato flips Taichi over and punches him in the face!

Then they just kind of roll around a little, making it a runner-up for the World’s Doofiest-Looking Fight Scene. The dub keeps that part.

… I’ll throw this in as a freebie, though:

A still from the fight scene. Snow-covered trees span the background, and the ground is covered in snow. In the midst of their fight Taichi and Yamato tumble over one another. The angle in this frame looks like they're kissing, and it's silly.

To replace some of the cut footage, the dub re-uses the shot of Agumon and Gabumon pleading with them to stop and adds the lines:

Agumon: “Tai, stop that!”
Gabumon: “You have to work together, guys! Stop fighting!”

Side Note

For the fight scene, the dub uses one of the typical “trouble” BGMs, which is a step up from the muffin-baking song, so there you have it.

The Japanese version used a slow instrumental version of the song “Seven” by Kouji WADA called “Friends ~Fight Theme~” (tomodachi ~tatakai no TEEMU~ 「友情~闘いのテーマ~」).

Dialogue Deviation

Some dialogue changed during the cut scene:

Agumon: “Stop it already!”
Gabumon: “This isn’t the time to be fighting!”

Agumon: “Matt, Tai, quit it!”
Gabumon: “What do we do? We have to stop them some way!”

[Taichi and Yamato roll themselves down a hill towards a cliff]
Agumon: “Watch out!”
Gabumon: “That’s a cliff!”
Both: “A CLIFF!!”

No dialogue.

No dialogue.
Agumon: “Tai, get away from that cliff!”

[The edge they stopped on turned out to be mostly snow, which gives away beneath them and it’s dub Agumon’s fault. Taichi manages to grab onto a convenient Safety Branch and holds onto Yamato]
Taichi: “Even if I die, I won’t let go of this hand!”
Tai: “Whatever you do, just don’t let go of my hand!”

The side of the cliff they've fallen from. The cliffside is grey with long, vertical grooves. Taichi is hanging on to a branch off-screen, and he grips Yamato's left hand with his right. Yamato is not gripping back.

Easy enough; he’s not even holding it!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

[Mojyamon suddenly comes flying out of nowhere]
Digimon Analyzer: “Mojyamon: an illusionary Rare Animal Digimon who lives deep in the snowy mountains. Normally, he has a quiet personality and does not initiate battles.”
Agumon: “Mojyamon is a peaceful mountain Digimon who doesn’t like fighting!”
Gabumon: “You’d better tell him that! He doesn’t look very peaceful right now!”

You tell him, Gabumon!

It sounds like Mojyamon calls his attack “Ice Cloud” in the dub. His special attack is Icicle Rod in the original – it does sound a little like “Ice Cloud” when he says it during this scene in the original, though. His other attack, Bone-Bone (HONE-HONE; hone‘ is 「骨」) Boomerang, is called Boomerang Bone.

His dub voice is the generic gruff “evil Digimon of the day”. His Japanese voice is high-pitched and scream-y when possessed by the black gear, and it’s just kind of cute when it’s destroyed. The dub doesn’t change the way his voice sounds when the black gear is gone.

Dialogue Deviation

[Mojyamon has obliterated the cliff they were dangling on and sent them all falling to their doom. Their doom turns out to be Yukidarumon’s head and belly, off of which they bounce harmlessly]
Yukidarumon: “What are you doing? You surprised me, suddenly falling like that.”
Frigimon: “It’s raining kids and Digimon again. I’m gonna have to start carrying an umbrella!”

This has happened more than once.

Taichi: “That was good timing, Yukidarumon!”
Tai: “Without you, we’d be flat as pancakes!”

[Yukidarumon stands. He is holding some berries and grass]
Yukidarumon: “Here, look, I brought you some food and some herbs for your cold.”
Frigimon: “Heh. Well, next time try not to land on my head.”

Well, stop putting your head under where children are falling to their deaths, you idiot.

Agumon: “My stomach was growling so much!”
Agumon: “And it’s good and tasty, just the way I like it!”

I wonder what Agumon’s voice actor’s reaction to this line was.

Section: Side Note

Gabumon shoves the herbs into his mouth and chews, then immediately regrets it because they’re bitter. In the original, all his friends laugh. In the dub, they’re surprisingly polite or unconcerned with his suffering.

Dialogue Deviation

[Mojyamon joins them and Yukidarumon fights back. It doesn’t go well, and Mojyamon uses his attack Bone-Bone Boomerang to… not do much…]
No dialogue.
Tai: “Nice trick, Mojyamon! Now watch ours!”

I dunno. It’s gonna be tough to beat a bone that doesn’t have any of the aerodynamic properties of a boomerang but can still be thrown and come back like one…

[Greymon misses Mojyamon with his Mega Flame, so Mojyamon kicks Greymon over]
Garurumon growls/roars kind of.
Garurumon: “You’re not playing nice! Aaaah!” *proceeds to do nothing about it*

[Speaking of ‘not playing nice’, Yukidarumon sneaks up behind Mojyamon and grabs him, allowing Greymon to fire again and hit the black gear. The blast sends them both flying backwards against the side of the cliff, which apparently has a very brittle coating and breaks away to reveal a buttload of black gears. Mojyamon shrinks]
Garurumon: “These black gears were keeping Yamato and Takeru apart…”
Frigimon: “Phew! Now that’s more like it: back down to standard Mojyamon size! Garurumon, what are you looking at?”

No dialogue.
Tai: “Wow, just look at all those black gears! There’s a MOUNTAIN of ’em!”

Seriously. Not even trying.

Mojyamon: “Huh? What happened to me? It looks like I caused a ruckus.”
Mojyamon: “WHOA, I feel like I was just run over by a Monochromon!”

Yamato: “We need to hurry and find Takeru and the others.”
Matt: “This doesn’t change anything, Tai. We still have to go find the others.”

Okay, Yamato’s line is relevant because they know the black gears are trouble. Matt’s line is just petty; Tai didn’t say anything to provoke it.

[The black gears suddenly start turning]
Agumon: “They’re turning backwards.”
Gabumon: “The island is moving again!”
Yamato: “Could it be that the island is turning back?”

Agumon: “Look, the gears have fixed themselves!”
Gabumon: “It must be Devimon!”
Matt: “And the island’s moving again!”

[The island they’re on is moving back towards Infinity Mountain, and Taichi and Yamato put aside their differences without talking about them because that’s healthy and definitely won’t be an issue later]
Taichi: “I’m sure Takeru is doing his best, too!”
Yamato: “Yeah. He is my little brother, after all.”

Tai: “No stinkin’ gears are gonna stop us!”
Matt: “Yeah! Together, we’re gonna be all right!”

Definitely healthy, definitely won’t be an issue…

[Everyone just kind of stands around staring at the water]
No dialogue.
Matt: (thinking) “And now I know my little brother will be all right, ’cause he has Patamon to take care of him when I can’t be there!”

Uhhh… how did you come to that conclusion again?

Matt: (still thinking) “And I think as long as we can all trust each other, together it’s a sure bet that we’ll be able to fight AND beat Devimon!”

Really need you to show your work on this one, kid…

Final Result

The Digi-Verdict

Script-wise, the dub hits all the right notes. Matt and Tai’s feud is exacerbated where Taichi’s obliviousness and kind-of stupidity (honestly, why would you think going to the other side of the ocean would be the way to find your friends?) was replaced with sarcasm and arrogance. He wasn’t antagonizing Yamato in the original; just getting carried away with the foreshadowing. The writing for Matt is spot-on.

Frigimon is funny, but I don’t know if I find him funny the way the writers intended. His night-spanning story about one party the Numemon crashed is a good bit, even if it didn’t get a reaction from Tai and Agumon. I don’t know if the writers noticed how much time had passed from his previous scene (clearly night, then sunrise the next time we see him).

This is also fun episode just because the animation is so weird, but that has nothing to do with the dub adaptation.

I give it a B, for “boomerang”, which that bone should not have been able to be.

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