Digimon Adventure S01E09

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Clash! Freezing Digimon

Clash! Freezing Digimon
Subzero Ice Punch

Original Writer: Atsushi Maekawa
English Writers: Mark Ryan, J.M. Morris

Original Airdates:
May 2, 1999 [JP]
September 23, 1999 [EN]

This is one of the oldest comparisons on the site and is due for revision.

This episode was average. It was pretty good accuracy-wise — only a few lines obscured the original script. Some cuts, the music was inappropriate in a few places again, but all-in-all, not a bad episode.

Tai is back to his asshole self. Matt is acting almost exactly like Yamato, which is nice. Frigimon is annoying. Agumon… you’ll see in the comparison what he was doing. Gabumon’s less shy than his Japanese counterpart.

That’s all I have to say! For this episode, we have Mark Ryan and J.M. Morris writing for us!

Tai narrates at the beginning of the episode. His recollection is just fine, but…

Tai: “Now [Devimon]’s up there is his castle on Infinity Mountain, and I hate to think what horrible things he’s planning next!”

That’s a sad-ass castle…

Devimon: “Even if they’re the Chosen Children, they’re powerless alone. I’ll slaughter each one!”
Devimon: “Now that they’re on their own, those little intruders will meet their doom. Nothing can stand in my way; the DigiDestined don’t have a chance! Now fly, my black gears! FLY!”
… maybe it’s me. Maybe I should stop taking my meds.

Taichi: “Aah, we’re gonna hit it! We’re gonna hit it!”
Agumon: “Tai, it’s cold and I’m hungry and I wish we were on solid ground!”
Tai: “It looks like you’re about to get your wish, but next time, be careful what you wish for — you just might get it!”

Taichi: “C-cold! I’m gonna freeze to death!
Tai: “Okay, so mom was right! I should have worn a sweater!”
Always pack a sweater when you go parading around in your underwear at Summer Camp!

Agumon: “Okay, hold out your shirt. Baby Flame!”
Agumon: “Don’t worry! I can give you the latest hot look!”
Please don’t.

No dialogue.
Agumon: “Oops! Nuked them a little too long! But look on the bright side, Tai!”
Tai: “What bright side?”
Agumon: “You won’t be cold anymore!”


Taichi: “We’re getting farther away from Infinity Mountain. I wonder what happened to Leomon. Oh yea, everyone else… everyone else is gone! We’ve all been separated!”
Tai: “What? Mailboxes? Agumon, maybe people really lived here at one time! I wish we could mail ourselves home, but it looks like the only way we’ll ever leave ‘Freezeland’ is to take a real long, cold swim back to Infinity Mountain, and I have a feeling that if the mountain is drifting farther and farther away, then our friends are, too! They must all be out there on those other islands!”

And I thought my run-on sentences were bad…

Agumon: “I don’t know anything about it.”
Taichi: “The other side of the ocean…”

Agumon: “Well, I guess it could be worse! There could be evil Digimon attacking us. It’s too quiet here!”

Oh, nice job, jackass. Want to invoke Murphy’s Law on anything else while we’re out here?

Digimon Analyser: “Yukidarumon: a freezing Digimon made of icy snow. His special attack, Absolute Zero Punch, can freeze anything!”
Agumon: “Frigimon is a food-friendly snowman [O_o], but don’t worry, Tai! He’s a GOOD DIGIMON!”


Side Note

Yukidarumon is now Frigimon in the dub, and Absolute Zero Punch is called Subzero Ice Punch. The voice sounds close enough to the original, but oh my Jinnai, I hate it. You know those old Christmas cartoons? His voice actor gives him the accent of Frosty the Snowman from one of those cartoons. It’s unsettling. Yukidarumon was pretty polite.

… don’t get me wrong, though — Frigimon’s voice actor is good! Even though I find it annoying, he acts naturally and the voices fits in perfectly.

Agumon: “Yukidarumon is supposed to be a docile Digimon!”
Agumon: “Oh no, my belly’s freezing!”


Taichi: “What the–?!”
Agumon: “It’s frozen solid!”
Taichi: “We have to hurry and get that black gear out of him!”

Agumon: “Did you see that?”
[Tai: “No, I was going over my contract. What happened?”]

Agumon: “Leave it to me! Baby Flame!”
Taichi: “It’s no use! It doesn’t work at all!”

Agumon: “I guess I’d better heat things up! Pepper Breath!”
Tai: “I really hope you have a back-up plan!”

Yukidarumon: “Yuki… yuki… yuki…” [Note: ‘Yuki’ means ‘snow’, but he only says his own name at this point]
Frigimon: “Come back here and fight Frigimon!”

Tried that. Didn’t work out so well.

Yukidarumon: “Yukidarumon!”
Taichi: “Please do something!”
Agumon: “Okay, Taichi! Throw me!”
Taichi: “Throw you?”
Agumon: “Yeah, aim at Yukidarumon and throw me!”

Frigimon: “Going somewhere? *laughs*”
Tai: “We’re trapped like ice mice! There’s nowhere else to run!”

Poor mousies 🙁

Side Note

The dub again makes a break section for commercials and replays some of the footage upon return. It’s fades out after Tai says “there nowhere else to run”. When it comes back, it shows Tai and Agumon running from Frigimon and getting cornered against the ice wall. Where it zoomed out from Frigimon in both versions, they reverse that scene and zoom in on Frigimon.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to replay the footage without editing it?

Taichi: “I can’t throw you over his back like this!”
Tai: “I can barely lift you, much less throw you, Tubbymon!”

RIP, Tai’s spinal health…

No dialogue.
Tai: “He really likes to bury himself in his work!”

That was terrible.

Yukidarumon shouts, “Hot hot hot! It’s hot” in the Japanese version. In the dub, he just yells out.

Yukidarumon: “Huh… why was I acting so violent?”
Agumon: “Devimon was controlling you with a black gear.”
Yukidarumon: “And you guys got rid of it for me? Thank you.”

Frigimon: “What am I doin’ layin’ here? What happened?”
Agumon: “A black gear was on you, and you almost turned us into ice scultpures!”
Frigimon: “Oh, I’m so sorry! I just hate when I do that!”

Way to make him feel better, Agumon. Jerk.

In the dub, Tai asks Frigimon if he’s seen any kids like him. In the original, Yukidarumon asked if he and Agumon were hurt, and he told him that they were fine. Yukidarumon brings up that he saw another kid and a Gabumon on his own.

Taichi: “Yamato’s on that island?”
Agumon: “But how do we get there? I can’t swim.”

Tai: “Perfect. Matt would land that far away.”

That bitch.

Tai: “It’s too cold to swim, and we’re drifting at one hundred miles a year!”
Frigimon: “You’re a weird kid.”


Tai: “I hope your punches don’t… uh… freeze up?”
Frigimon: “Don’t worry — as long as it’s cold, I’m full of punch! Yeah, baby!”


No dialogue.
Tai: “Man, does everybody in the Digital World always have to be so noisy?”


Yamato just yells “Takeru” in the cave.
Matt: “A cave! O-of course, that’s where T.K. is! YES!”

No dialogue.
Gabumon: “Oh. I’m sorry, Matt. Don’t give up hope.”
Matt: “I was so sure he’d be in here! But then again, T.K. never liked caves that much.”

Yeah, I’m not writing him as William Shatner anymore. His VA’s worked it out.

Matt and Gabumon’s conversation is mostly the same, but Gabumon adds in that he’s Matt’s Digimon, although the Japanese version makes it clear that Digimon are friends, not foodproperty, and that he’ll be back in “two shakes of a Digi-tail”.

Yamato sits quietly for a few seconds, then turns and screams, “TAKERU!!”
Matt: “(Poor little T.K.. It’s just not right. He’s my little brother; I should be the one out there looking for him.) T.K.!!”

Side Note

Matt’s scene is accompanied by the muffin-baking song from last episode. Nice to see that Matt’s calm and slightly chipper about the fact that his little brother is missing — possibly even dead! 😀

The Japanese BGM is called “Tears’ Wherabouts” (「涙の行方」, “namida no yukue”), and it’s called that for a reason — it really makes you feel for Yamato. D’:

Frigimon: “Hey dad, are we there yet?”
Agumon: “Hm?”
Frigimon: “Heh, sorry. I just had to say that!”

I don’t like you.

Taichi: “How much farther do we have to go?!”
Agumon: “I’m getting sleepy…”

Tai: “Man, that island’s just as far away as ever! Let’s take five, you guys, and then we’ll keep on going!”

Something a friend in college once told me: “Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice: just pull down your pants and slide on the ice.”

… No, I don’t get it either, but if Agumon and Tai tried it, I’m sure it would be awesome.

Taichi: “What, are you mad? Hehehe! It’s a joke! Don’t lose your nerve!”
Agumon: “It’s not my nerve.”

Tai: “Birdramon probably can’t fly in the cold anyway. No one toasts my clothes like you! [O___o] Come on, laugh!”
Agumon: “No way!”

o_o Uh… that was… Birdramon probably can fly in the cold?

(Yukidarumon/frigimon carries Taichi/Tai and Agumon.)
Taichi: “It certainly is pleasant, but your body is REALLY icy.”

Tai: “Yeah, comfy as a mackeral on ice, but at least we’ll still be nice and fresh when we get there!”

._. This episode is creepy.

No dialogue.
Frigimon: “Hey, did I ever tell you about the party I went to that the Numemon crashed? Heh, now that’s a party no one will forget!”

… they were PARTY POOPERS– *is smacked* o.<

Gabumon: “Yamato! Yamato!!”
Gabumon: “Matt! What are you doing out? I told you not to leave! Can you hear me? Matt!”

I wasn’t going to list it until he said “can you hear me?” Yes, he can hear you berating him over his hypothermia.

Gabumon: “In this state, he’ll freeze to death.”
Gabumon: “I’ve got to warm him up or else… or else he will never make it.”

You know, somebody said “die” last episode. I’m pretty sure we all know what “he will never make it” means, so why bother dodging it?

Gabumon: “No one can see me…”
Gabumon: “But how? All I have is my own fur and… Hey, that’s it! Why not? Heehee, NAKED DIGIMON!”

Aaargh! o.@ Now I’m traumatised.

Dramatic tension!
Gabumon: “You’ll feel better in no time. Good thing we’re alone here.”

EW, that made it worse!

Screw this – I’m going outside!

Outside is boring.

No dialogue.
Frigimon: “This one Numemon kept following my sister, but I handled it! A little Subzero Ice Punch show-and-tell!”

Maybe you shouldn’t be so… HOT-heade– *is smacked* o.<

Yukidarumon: “They should be around here…”
Tai: “Sure, let’s go for a hike. Than, after that, we’ll hike, then we can hike some more! Sheesh!”

Bloody ungrateful bastard.

Side Note

Damnit, stop moving footage around after a commercial! This time they take the shot of Agumon pointing and talking to yell, “Oh, Gabumo~n!” right before they show Tai call out for Matt.

The dub adds a chattering sound effect when we see Matt lying down. I don’t think he’s actually still cold in the original — just waking up and probably sore.

In the dub, Gabumon now speaks as if his nose is stuffed up. Nothing wrong with that! In the original, he still speaks normally.

Yamato: “Gabumon… you kept me warm all night?”
Gabumon: “Heheh… are you all right now? *sneezes* Eh, that’s strange.”
Yamato: “Gabumon! You caught my cold. Sorry… but I feel completely well now! Thank you.”
Gabumon: “I feel awkward.”

Matt: “Gabumon! You took off your fur for uh, um, thanks!”
Gabumon: “Yeah… uh… id’s good to see you’re up and feeling… *sneezes* bedder…”
Matt: “Hey, you kept me all warm, but now you have my cold. Bet you look pretty funny with no fur on, Gabumon! Huh-huh huh-huh, thanks.”
Gabumon: “‘s’okay.”

You know, Gabumon didn’t say you look funny with no clothes on. Asshole.

Taichi: “I thought I’d never see you again!”
Yamato: “How’d you know we were here?”
Taichi: “No, Yukidarumon saw you fall into this area.”

Tai: “It sure is lucky that we met up with Frigimon!”
Matt: “Frosty the Snowmon here?”
Tai: “Yep, this is him!”


Yukidarumon: “It’s good that you’ve met up.”
Frigimon: “Subzero Ice Punch, you know?”

Yukidarumon: “Um, well… no one fell on this island but you. The rest must have fallen on different islands.”
Frigimon: “No, when it rains kids, I usually notice. You were the only two who fell here. If there are more of you, they must be on the other islands.”

Agumon: “What’s wrong?”
Gabumon: “I have a bit of a cold.”
Yukidarumon: “A cold, huh? Wait just a bit.”
Taichi: “Where are you going, Yukidarumon?”

Agumon: “Hey, watch it, dude!”
Gabumon: “Sorry about that I am not used to having a cold!”
Frigimon: “A cold, huh? I have an idea.”
Tai: “Don’t go, Frigimon! You can’t catch his cold; you already are!”

I like the idea of saying “I have an idea” right before ditching someone. It’s a good idea!

Taichi: “Huh, so Digimon can catch colds, too.”
Tai: “How’d you get sick? You’re the one with the fur around here.”

Because colds are caused by viruses, not temperature.

Taichi: “What? It’s just a joke! What are you getting worked up about?”
Tai: “Hey, why don’t you chill out, Matt? I was only trying to see how we could help him!”

No you weren’t. You’ve been after his fur since… *checks* episode three!

Taichi: “We can’t fly in the sky, so how can we go search for them?”
Tai: “Unless you’ve got an airplane stashed around here some place, I think we’re stuck!”

Now you’re throwing that in his face, too?! You forget ONE helicopter and nobody will let you live it down!

Yamato: “I’ll swim if I have to.”
Taichi: “That’s stupid. This place is like the North Pole. We’ll die from heart failure if we lose even a minute!”

Matt: “So I guess we’ll ask Frigimon for help!”
Tai: “Weren’t you listening to me? He said they’re scatted all over the place. He only has two arms; he’s not an octopus!”

What does that have to do with anything? ._.

(Calm down, son!)
Taichi: “Everyone’s all right. Even though we’re separated, everyone’s surely making it!”
Tai: “Wow, what’s eating you, dude?! I’m on your side; I’ll help you get off this island if we have to build surf boards, OKAY?!”

OH. OHH. So now MATT’s responsible for when Seadramon almost ate you?!

Taichi: “More importantly, aren’t you concerned about where this island is headed?”
Yamato: “… ‘More importantly?'”
Taichi: “I’ve been thinking that it could be headed for the other side of the ocean, like Devimon talked about.”

Tai: “Look, the others will be fine without us for now. We gotta focus on the real deal!”
Matt: “Real deal?”
Tai: “What, I gotta spell it out for you? We gotta know if this island’s moving towards that place Devimon talked about!”

Oh, it is ON like Donkey Kong.

NO, don’t run away, Matt!

Tai: “Hey, come on! Don’t freak out on me!”

That was disappointing…

Taichi: “Wait, Yamato!”
Tai: “You’re not getting away that easy!”

I feel so cheated…

Tai: “Nobody runs away when I’m still talking!”

It would have been epic…

Taichi: “I understand your feelings, but…”
Yamato: “How can someone like you understand my feelings?!”

Tai: “Why do you have to get so bent out of shape?! I know how you feel, Matt…”
Matt: “*BAM*”


Yamato: “That insensitivity of yours pisses me off!”
Taichi: “What was that?! You…”

Matt: “You haven’t got a clue how I feel, Tai! You’re acting like such a jerk!”
Tai: “Who’re you calling a jerk, JERK?!”


(00:09) Taichi sits up and punches Yamato in the face! Yamato flips Taichi over and punches him in the face! Taichi tries to flip Yamato over, but Yamato gets on top and punches him in the face! Taichi flips Yamato over and punches him in the face! Yamato flips Taichi over and punches him in the face!

Then they just kind of roll around a little. The dub keeps that part.

Taichi punches Yamato in the face!
Do a barrel roll!
Yamato punches Taichi in the face!

… You’re not missing much other than those screen shots. The characters’ animations were re-used and adjusted on the cel.

… I’ll throw in this one as a freebie, though:


Anyway, the dub avoids that scene by cutting from before Tai punches over to Gabumon and Agumon, then cutting back to Tai and Matt rolling around, then back to Agumon and Gabumon. It resumes normally after that’s done.

Side Note

For the fight scene, the dub uses one of the typical “trouble” BGMs, which is better than the muffin-baking song, so there you have it.

The Japanese version used a slow instrumental version of the song “Seven” by Wada Kouji called “Friends ~Fight Theme~”.

During the above-mentioned scenes, the following dialogue is used:

Agumon: “Tai, stop that!”
Gabumon: “You have to work together, guys! Stop fighting!”

And the second one:

Agumon: “Stop it already!”
Gabumon: “This isn’t the time to be fighting!”

Agumon: “Matt, Tai, quit it!”
Gabumon: “What do we do? We have to stop them some way!”

Agumon: “Watch out!”
Gabumon: “That’s a cliff!”
Both: “A CLIFF!!”

No dialogue.

No dialogue.
Agumon: “Tai, get away from that cliff!”

Stop invoking Murphy’s Law, you!

Taichi: “Even if we die, I won’t let go!”
Tai: “Whatever you do, just don’t let go of my hand!”

[“I’ll never let go, Tai… I’ll never let go…”]

Digimon Analyser: “Mojyamon: an illusionary Rare Animal Digimon who lives deep in the snowy mountains. Normally, he has a quiet personality and does not initiate battles.”
Agumon: “Mojyamon is a peaceful mountain Digimon who doesn’t like fighting!”
Gabumon: “You’d better tell him that! He doesn’t look very peaceful right now!”

You tell him, Gabumon!

Side Note

O_o It sounds like Mojyamon calls his attack “Ice Cloud” in the dub. It should be Icicle Rod. His other attack, Bone Bone Boomerang, is called Boomerang Bone.

His voice is the generic “evil Digimon of the day” voice in the dub. His Japanese voice is high-pitched and emotive when possessed by the black gear, but again, he sounds pretty normal when it’s destroyed.

Yukidarumon: “What are you doing? You surprised me, falling out of nowhere like that.”
Frigimon: “It’s raining kids and Digimon again. I’m gonna have to start carrying an umbrella!”

Taichi: “GUUDDO TAIMINGU, Yukidarumon!” (Engrish!)
Tai: “Without you, we’d be flat as pancakes!”

Yukidarumon: “Here, look…”
Frigimon: “Heh. Well, next time try not to land on my head.”


Agumon: “My stomach was growling so much!”
Agumon: “And it’s good and tasty, just the way I like it!”

Shut up, Agumon.

No dialogue.
Tai: “Nice trick, Mojyamon! Now watch ours!”

Why, what could it be?

No dialogue.
Garurumon: “You’re not playing nice! Raaah!”

I know! How rude of him to not lie there and get the crap kicked out of him!

Garurumon: “These black gears were keeping Yamato and Takeru apart…”
Frigimon: “Phew! Now that’s more like it: back down to standard Mojyamon size! Garurumon, what are you looking at?”

No dialogue.
Tai: “Wow, just look at all those black gears! There’s a MOUNTAIN of them!”

Oh, haha, Tai.

Mojyamon: “Huh? What happened to me? It looks like I caused a ruckus.”
Mojyamon: “WHOA, I feel like I was just run over by a Monochromon!”


Agumon: “They’re turning backwards.”
Gabumon: “The island is moving again!”
Yamato: “Could it be that the island is turning back?”

Agumon: “Look, the gears have fixed themselves!”
Gabumon: “It must be Devimon!”
Matt: “And the island’s moving again!”

Hey, more plot!

Taichi: “I’m sure Takeru is doing his best, too!”
Yamato: “Yeah. He is my little brother, after all.”

Tai: “No stinkin’ gears are gonna stop us!”
Matt: “Yeah! Together, we’re gonna be all right!”

Are you two going to get a divorce? ;o;

No dialogue.
Matt: “(And now I know my little brother will be all right, ’cause he has Patamon to take care of him when I can’t be there!)”

Uhhh… that doesn’t really…

Matt: “And I think as long as we can all trust each other, together it’s a sure bet that we’ll be able to fight AND beat Devimon!”

HAHAaa… they’re all dead

Final Result

Total Footage Kept

99%, just one scene and a hilariously timed screen capture lost

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