Digimon Adventure S01E08

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Messenger of Darkness Devimon

Messenger of Darkness Devimon [JP]
Evil Shows His Face [EN]

Original Writer: Satoru Nishizono
English Writers: Dayna Barron and John Ludin

Original Airdates:
April 25, 1999 [JP]
September 22, 1999 [EN]

This is one of the oldest comparisons on the site and is due for revision.

Skip this comparison if you’re afraid of butts, because there are totally butts in this comparison!

Don’t worry, the butts are under a spoiler tag, so if you want to read without being mooned, just don’t click on the spoiler. If you do… well, I can’t be responsible for what happens after that.

Also, this episode comparison is reaaaallllly long.

Jou: “Unbelievable… this place is really…”
Joe (?): “This place could really use a good bus system.”
Matt: “Yeah, but it looks like we’re at the end of the line.”
Joe: “We’re doomed!”

“Joe (?)” because it sounds like Joe, but he’s not walking with Matt and the others. Matt replying makes no sense since he’d be too far away from Joe to hear it.

Jou: “… an island! What do we do now? WHAT DO WE DO~?”
Joe: “Trapped on an island… We’ll never get out of here alive! I knew I wouldn’t like camp, but would my folks listen to me?! Noooo… I wanted to go to summer school!”

Leomon: “I must do something about this quickly.”
Leomon: “I sense danger!”

Pffft XD I love the way he delivers this line, especially since he says it right when Ogremon comes into view.

Ogremon: “Die, Leomon!”
Ogremon: “RAAAH, Pummel Whack.”

Leomon’s attack, Beast King Fist, is translated to “Fist of the Beast King”. I like it. :O It rolls off the tongue!

Side Note

They tried way too hard with both of their voices. Leomon’s isn’t half-bad, but the acting is “stiff”. Ogremon’s voice is just bad. It hard to describe how the voices sound, but Ogremon’s Japanese voice is higher-pitched, a little raspy, and very emotive (he shouts a lot!). The dub voice takes the generic, low “rumbling” voice. Both voices improve as the actors get into their roles later in the season.

In the meantime, though, their conversations are stilted and Speed Racer-like. It’s awesome.

Digimon Analyzer: “Leomon: a proud Beast-Man Digimon with a deep sense of justice. His special attack is Beast King Fist.”
Ogremon: “Leomon, you may be mighty, but now you face me, Mojo Jojo! Your kind-hearted leadership is unimpressive.”

Digimon Analyser: “Ogremon: an evil Digimon whose anger gives him destructive power.”
Leomon: “Ogremon, you are truly the most EVIL of the bad Digimon! There is no limit to your ruthlessness!”

XD This is going to be a fun episode.

I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but the dub crew replaces the katakana names of the Digimon with roman characters in the Digimon Analyzer screen, and they remove the smaller roman spelling that’s present in the Japanese version. Good thing, too, because:


Ogremon: “This ain’t a place for ‘good boys’ like you to hang around!”
Ogremon: “No one asked you here. No one wants you here.”


Ogremon: “Get out!”
Ogremon: “I strongly suggest that you go NOW, while you still can.”

Ogremon: “Then shove it! Supreme King Fist!”
Ogremon: “What a joke. You have been warned.”

XD Cod, they sound so bad.

Side Note

Devimon has arrived! Yay, plot, ya~y! His dub voice is much more aggressive and… well… bad guy-ish. His Japanese voice is cool. It’s all calm and eerie, and he’s more mysterious because he doesn’t talk as much.

The Chosen Children are called the DigiDestined in the dub.

[Gear:] Like my earlier note about Monzaemon, Devimon was referred to as “Darkmon” in the early virtual pet days, presumably to remove the “devil” thing. The dub of the anime… well, uncensored it.

Devimon: “From now on, you two will cooperate with one another.”
Leomon: “This voice is…”
Ogremon: “Devimon…”
Devimon: “You will work for ME!”
Leomon: “I’ll never do that!”
Ogremon: “Neither will I!”

Ha HA! Didn’t expect that, did you, Devimon?

Digimon Analyzer: “Devimon: a cunning and cruel devil of the Digimon’s world. His special attack, Death Claw, grabs his opponent’s heart.”
Devimon: “Be silent, for I am DEVIMON, ultimate ruler of the demon underworld! You must obey my every command!”

Hand tools are censored, but demon underworlds are a-okay!

Ogremon: “Don’t joke around! Why do I have to work with this guy?!”
Ogremon: “Sir. You don’t need that joker. I can handle anything you want done without anyone’s assistance.”

Ogremon is surprisingly polite, albeit confused. He seems to have forgotten telling Devimon that he won’t work for him.

Devimon: “The Chosen Children have arrived.”
Devimon: “I think not! It is the Digi-destined KIDS we’ll be fighting!”

[Leomon: “… kids…?”]
[Devimon: “Yes!”]
[Ogremon: “I beg your pardon, good sir, but that doesn’t sound very threatening to me.”]
[Devimon: “Trust me, they aren’t, but the union says I have to have at least one non-brainwashed employee, so…”]

Devimon: “It is taking quite some time to defeat them…”
Leomon: “Then the one I will defeat is 
you, Devimon! Beast King Fist!”
Devimon: “They’re already here on Infinity Mountain — now find them and destroy the entire group!”
Leomon: “Destroy them? I’ll destroy you for having threatened the DigiDestined!”

Ha HA, Devimon! He threw that one right back in your face!

Devimon: “Naïve… You thought you could defeat me so easily? Death Claw!”
Devimon: “Please, Leomon! I am not requesting cooperation; I am demanding it! Prepare… for the TOUCH OF EVIL!”

“Now, Leomon, show us on the doll where the evil touched you.”

Devimon: “Accept your baptism of evil.”
Devimon: “Now you will obey my every command!”

I guess evil baptisms just aren’t common practice in the demon underworld…

Leomon adds on, “Yes… I will obey…” in the dub. He didn’t say anything in the original.

(Taichi says he’s making a map, and….!)
Koushirou: “I see, that is a good idea!”

Izzy: “Yes, that works in theory.”

Mon, Izzy is such a dick.

Yamato: “That isn’t very useful at all.”
Matt: “No question, man: you are the DUDE of DOODLES!”


Sora: “Taichi never was good at drawing.”
Sora: “If you follow that map, it’ll lead right to a headache!”

Why is Sora so fixated with headaches? That doesn’t bode well.

Jou: “Drawing a map is useless… it’s all hopeless…”
Joe: “We don’t need a map to know we’re totally lost! I figured that out a long time ago…”

XD I don’t think I need to write this comparison. Barron and Ludin have me covered!

Mimi: “Why did things have to turn out like this…?”
Palmon: “Mimi…”

Mimi: “I just figured out that these gloves really don’t go with this dress.”
Palmon: “How sad.”

They go with the belt just fine. My opinion on colour matching doesn’t actually matter on account of my maleness, however, so I will submit that it doesn’t matter if the gloves match her outfit because she was at summer camp, where outdoor, physical activity may beget the need for gloves. Jou and Takeru are actually the only characters at this point who don’t wear gloves.

(Yamato/Matt: “What’s that?”)
No dialogue.
Joe: “I don’t know, but I have a feeling we’re going to wait here and find out!”
Sora: “At least it won’t be a long wait.”

._. That was inane.

Patamon: “Ah, it’s Leomon!”
Takeru: “Leomon?”
Patamon: “Leomon is a good Digimon!”
Gabumon: “He’s a very strong Digimon of justice!”
Leomon: “DIE, MUTHAFUCKAS The children… kill them!”

Patamon: “Don’t worry! Leomon is our friend…”
T.K.: “…with big teeth!”
Patamon: “He just uses them for smiling.” (O_o)
Gabumon: “He’s a just leader and role model for all Digimon!”
Leomon: “DIE, MUTHAFUCKAS I want the children!”

You can have them.

Yamato: “Run!”
Joe: “Call me paranoid, but I think it’s time we run!”

You know, if I were you, Joe, I’d just run off without saying anything and leave them behind.

In the dub, it fades to black for a commercial break. When the show comes back, though, some scenes are moved.

Japanese and dub version before the break:

  • Sora, Yamato, Taichi, and Koushirou staring at Leomon.
  • Leomon drawing his knife.
  • The kids turn to run away.
  • Leomon jumps over where the ledge broke away.
  • The children running over the hill.

Dub version after the break:

  • Leomon draws his knife.
  • A shot of Mimi, T.K., and Palmon from earlier when they heard Leomon approaching.
  • The shot of Sora, Tai, Izzy, and Matt staring at Leomon.
  • Leomon jumps over where the ledge broke away.
  • The children running over the hill.

No idea.

Agumon: “Taichi, sorry! I burned your map!”
Taichi: “It can’t be helped!”

Agumon: “Sorry about your map.”
Tai: “That’s okay! At least it didn’t fall into the hands of the enemy!”

Thank cod. Imagine what Leomon, who lives on File Island, could have done if he knew how to get around!

No dialogue.
Matt: “Don’t slow down, Joe! He’s right behind us!”

Just run past him. He would have done it to you if he’d taken my advice!

Ogremon: “Welcome!”
Ogremon: “And just where do you think you’re going?”

Ogremon: “I was waiting for you! Prepare youselves!”
Ogremon: “Well, children, so good of you to stop by!”

So hospitable! He might as well offer them a cup of tea.

Patamon: “It’s Ogremon!”
Takeru: “Is he really a good Digimon, too?”
Gomamon: “He’s definitely a bad guy!”

Patamon: “He look hungry to you?”
T.K.: “We’re too small to eat, and I’m full of junk food!”
Gomamon: “Well, he’s not against a little snack…”


Where is Tentomon? ._.

Leomon: “Kill… the Chosen Children!”
Leomon: “Make it easy on yourselves… give up now, or else!”

While evil-baptised, “kill the Chosen Children” (“erabareshii kodomotachi taosu!”) is pretty much the only thing Leomon says in the original.

Yamato: “Damnit, we’re trapped between them!”
Matt: “I don’t see any exit doors.”

Not the first time that’s happened. Matt seems to have bad luck with doors.

Koushirou: “Their strategy was to corner us from the start!”
Izzy: “This proves the theory that well-executed teamwork is efficient even for bad guys.”

Theoretical common sense.

Ogremon and Leomon have some more attacks that don’t get named in the dub.

Ogremon: Bone Club and Supreme King Fist.
Leomon: Lion King Sword.

Ogremon’s dub attack is “Pummel Whack”, which is likely meant to be Bone Club. In this episode, dub Ogremon just growls when he uses Supreme King Fist.

There’s Tentomon! Where have you been, young ma– holy crap, Birdramon’s dub bird-roar sounds terrible.

Devimon: “Besides being a tiresome bunch, fighting against six at once really is severe…”
Devimon: “They have learned the secret of teamwork!”

Holy shit.

Devimon: “This group of six attacking together is quite dangerous! But why hasn’t the Patamon digivolved?”

Too lazy. He hasn’t caught on to the secret teamwork thing yet.

(Devimon used Rock Slide!)
Jou: “It’s a rock slide!”
Joe: “Avalanche! Watch out!”

Snow? Maybe Joe should have gone to summer school…

(It’s not very effective…)
Yamato: “Yeah, somehow!”
Mimi: “No more of this!”

Matt: “Ho, yeah. Like a day at the beach!”
Mimi: “I think I need a facial!”

Damn all of you.

Sora: “Those guys are…?”
Koushirou: “That’s right! Ogremon is…!”
Tentomon: “… ain’t here.”
Palmon: “Leomon also.”

Sora: “Poor Biyo…”

Stop that.

Izzy: “Hey, what happened to the bad guys?”
Tai: “They just disappeared!”
Palmon: “Are you sure?!”


Joe calls out “Hellooo” down the side of the cliff… Yeah… hello…

Sora: “Neither Leomon nor Ogremon can fly, right?”
Sora: “Neither of them had wings, so I’m sure they weren’t air-worthy.”

I agree: they wouldn’t be safe to fly on, but neither is Tentomon.

Jou: “T-then we’re saved! We’re lucky!”
Joe: “Nothing is logical here! Anything is bound to happen, including flying monsters!”

Why, that’s crazy!

And Sora just has to add on, “For once, you may be right, Joe!” But don’t get too excited, Joe! We don’t know for sure that there are flying monsters anywhere.

Another avalanche/rock slide misnomer, this time by Tai. We expect that from Tai, though.

Koushirou: “When the ledge was destroyed earlier, it could have made a crack in the rocks.”
Izzy: “Stress accumulates until a crack develops, and with excess weight, the terra firma isn’t so firma.”

[Devimon: “Did he just call me fat?”]

Tai: “You think so? It looked to me like something blasted it loose.”

You weren’t even looking up there.

(Maybe the Digimon are “powering up”/getting stronger.)
Koushirou: “Oh, yeah. That’s possible!”
Izzy: “A fascinating hypothesis! If only we could test it…”

“Yes, Sora. Your idea is rational and I accept it as valid without having to be a dick about it.”

Mimi: “Are you all right, Palmon?”
Palmon: “I’m not all right at all.”

Mimi: “Palmon’s looking very tired.”
Palmon: “I’ve been tired before; don’t worry!”

Instead of Jou, Yamato suggests that the group stop to rest.

Sora: “Yeah. We’re also pretty [tired]…”
Sora: “Rest where? I don’t wanna sleep on the ground!”

Last night. On the ground. In the cave. … No, this is not a “your mom” joke. It’s where Sora was sleeping.

SEE? He thinks he’s in an RPG!
Izzy: “We may have found other lifeforms! Look at the grounds! I mean, somebody had to have mowed the lawn.”

There’s a lot of added dialogue as they approach the house in the dub. Originally, between Jou pointing to the house and his following line, they don’t say anything.

Jou: “This time, there’s no doubt there must be humans living in it!”
Joe: “I hope they have a hot tub… just as long as it’s not too hot.”


Tai warns Joe and Matt not to run in because it might be dangerous (since when does Tai care?) instead of Yamato warning Jou not to run in.

The timing is off when Tai explains to Agumon that the building wasn’t on his map — Agumon asks Tai directly instead of Taichi remembering it himself, so those lines are spoken earlier. In the dub, this makes room for Matt and Joe to bicker:

Matt: “Go ahead, Joe. Open the door!”
Joe: “Maybe we should knock first.”
Matt: “Joe, nobody knocks on the door at a motel.”


Jou: “Excuse us!”
Joe: “I don’t see a desk clerk.”


Yamato: “There doesn’t seem to be anything strange about this place.”
Koushirou: “About that, there’s something eerie about this place…”

Joe: “Well, it doesn’t look or feel weird to me.”
Izzy: “Perhaps my definition of weird is different than yours.”

“Although I respect your opinion, Joe, I feel I must disagree without having to be a dick about it.”

Takeru didn’t have an answer to Patamon asking what an angel is. T.K. says it’s a stalker.

Sora: “Well, it certainly is getting more difficult to set up camp.”
Sora: “Relax; we just want to be careful. And talk quieter, or you’ll wake everybody up.”

He knows where you’re sleeping tonight, Sora.

Taichi: “Let’s go, everyone!”
Mimi: “I hope they have a dress shop. I’ve never worn the same thing two days in a row before.”
Izzy: “Let’s take a nap later.”

Sora: “Now that we’re in here, I guess it can’t be helped.”
Taichi: “Let’s search around.”

Tai: “Well, no crowd. [You had to be inside until you noticed that?] We must have missed the summer rush!”
Sora: “We keep missing everything.”
Tai: “This is one kooky, mixed-up world.”

I find that statement highly offensive.

… I mean hilarious.

Some dialogue was left out of the dub. Nothing important to the plot — just Jou gushing over how lucky they are, Agumon saying the food was fine, and Tentomon’s line below.

Tentomon: “Eating delicious food like this is almost sinful!”
Mimi: “Everyone’s eating, but their table manners are appalling.”

T.K.: “Guess that’s cause they like it!”

Yes, T.K.. Thank you.

Jou: “I-I’m gonna eat! Isn’t it okay to think we’re just a little lucky?!”
Joe: “That’s it, I can’t bear to look any longer! I’M GONNA EAT IT. At least I won’t die hungry!”

Die, indeed! Noting this line because it kind of shows how Jou’s attitude has changed since the last episode. Japanese version: he’s more optimistic than before! English version: he seems to be on board with Sora and Tentomon and their suicide-y adventure.

Jou: “Itada kimasu!”
Joe: “On your mark, get set… *OM NOM NOM*”

It’s customary to say “itada kimasu” in Japan before eating. It means “I take/receive/accept” and works to express gratitude for a meal.

Taichi: “Me too!”
Mimi: “Me too!”
Koushirou: “Me too!”
Takeru: “I’ll eat, too!”
Yamato: “Hey, Takeru! *stomach growls* … I’ll eat too!”
Sora: “I guess if we’re hungry, it’s inevitable!”
Jou: “I’ve never had such delicious cooking in my entire life!!”

Oh, gourd… here we go:

Mimi: “Lobster! Maître d’, is there a table with a view?” (stop that)
Takeru: “Mmm, peanut butter and pickles! This is the best pizza EVER!”
Tai: “Okay, if one of us gets sick, we ALL get sick! That’s teamwork, too!” [Tentomon: “MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”]
Sora: (at the same time as Tai; how rude!) “Please pass the mashed potatoes!”

… and then they all start talking over one another. Izzy says something about non-existent potato chips, chocolate chips, and fish and chips, though.

Yamato: “Hey, don’t jump in!”
Taichi: “Ah, don’t say stuff like that! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a bath.”

Matt: “Watch the hair, dude!”
Tai: “Is that what that is? I thought some bird made a nest on your head!”

Drown him, Matt!

Koushirou: “Really! Who’d have thought this place would have a bath?”
Izzy: “Warm water is perfect for removing soil and epidermis. You know, dirt and dead skin?”

“Hygiene is good.”

Koushirou: “I can feel the tension draining from me.”
Tentomon: “In that case, should I add some electricity?”
Koushirou: “No, it’s fine…”

Tentomon: “Whenever my skin gets dirty, I just shed it.”
Izzy: “That would be difficult for me!”

Lies. Tentomon doesn’t molt, and Izzy, being human, sheds skin cells constantly. Izzy gets an ‘F’ for effort. Tentomon, however, tried to convince Izzy to remove his own skin, rather than offering to out-right electrocute him like in the original. I think we all would have liked to have seen that. Tentomon, you get an ‘A’!

Yamato: “That’s the number one thing I can’t forgive.” *Taichi looks confused* “A guy shrewdly guarding himself in an all-men’s bath.”
Taichi: “I concur!”

Matt: “Hey, don’t be shy; there aren’t any girls here.” *Tai looks confused* “Come on in. So far, we haven’t found any sharks in the water.”
Taichi: “No big ones!”

We’re gonna need a smaller boat.

(Retained) Jou wibbles in terror.
(00:01) Yamato and Taichi run up to Jou and proceed to relieve him of his towel.
(Retained) Cut to the ladies’ bath, from which Gomamon is hurled over the partition into the boy’s bath and lands on Jou’s head.
(00:03) Gomamon and Jou laying unconscious.

I used up all my puns in the last episode comparison, butt I did warn you:

ANIME BUTTS! Don't click unless you are okay with ANIME BUTTS!

And don’t bother bitching about the butts. One: there was ample warning; two: they’re totally avoidable; and three: they’re cartoon butts, for cod’s sake. Whoop-dee-shit.

The dialogue used to subvert Jou’s deflowering:

Jou: “Uh… w-what are you doing?”
Patamon: “What are they doing?”
Tentomon: “I don’t understand humans.”
Jou: “Let me go! Aaah, sto~p!!”

Joe: “It looks cold!”
Patamon: “Humans can be so silly!”
Tentomon: “Humans aren’t the only silly ones! Where’s Gabumon?”
Patamon: “He’s not silly — just shy!”
Joe: “I’ll get in, but I won’t guarantee that I’ll like it!”

Takeru: “It soft!”
T.K.: “Only thing better is bunk beds!”


Koushirou: “It’s a real bed! It has sheets and everything!”
Izzy: “Boy, this feels great! Last time I had a bed this soft, I was dreaming!”

Koushirou’s line was asinine, but the disbelief is somewhat understandable considering the situation they’re in. Still, Izzy’s line isn’t that bad.

Mimi: “This feels like outdoors school!”
Mimi: “How I’ve missed sleeping on soft, silky sheets!”

Jou: “It’s not “feels like”; we’re supposed to be in summer camp to begin with, so…”
Joe: “I’ll tell you what I don’t miss! I don’t miss hiking through the blazing hot desert. And another thing I really don’t miss is starving in the jungle… Oh, we are a long way from home. … …sorry.”


Taichi: “That’s right. We all left thinking we were just going to camp.”
Tai: “That’s okay, Joe. We all miss being home, and I’m sure that we’re all wondering if we’ll ever get back there.”

Oh, hey: plot! When did Tai become sensitive?

Yamato: “Today’s the fifth day since we came to File Island. The school and neighborhood association must be in an uproar.”
Matt: “I’ll bet our disappearance caused a big fuss at school and all over town, but we’ve been gone so long, everybody must have given up looking for us by now!”

Hey: time sense!

Takeru cries. ;o;
T.K.: “Mom and dad wouldn’t stop.”

They wouldn’t stop looking for you, T.K.. Matt, on the other hand…

Mimi: “Papa… mama…”
Mimi: “I’m homesick… aren’t you?”

Sora: “Let’s get some sleep. The Digimon are tired, too.”
Taichi: “Right. G’night!”
The other kids say “good night”.

Sora: “We’ll find our way back. Don’t worry, Mimi.”
Mimi: “Let’s just go to sleep and try to have nice dreams…”
“Good night”s.

That was depressing…

Side Note

For the scene above where the kids are talking before going to sleep, the music in the dub version is way too light-hearted and neutral for the scene. They could be baking muffins and that background song would fit.

I don’t know what the BGM from the Japanese version is called. It’s a sad and sweet piano tune.

Ogremon: “I’ll smash them up at any time!”
Leomon: “Kill… the children.”

Devimon: “Ready?”
Ogremon: “What a joy to be rid of the Digidestined at last[, even though they arrived five days ago and I only found out about it this morning. Also, I haven’t met them yet].”
Devimon: “And you, Leomon?”
Leomon: “I cannot disobey your orders!”

[Leomon: “It’s very distressing!”]

Taichi: “Can’t you go to the bathroom by yourself?”
Agumon: “You’re scared to go to the bathroom at night, too.”
Taichi: “That’s not true! I’ve beaten that already.”

Tai: “I can go to the bathroom by myself.”
Agumon: “I don’t mind keeping you company, Tai. It’s dark and scary here!”
Tai: “For your information, I happen to like the dark! Stop treating me like a kid!”

Awfully suspicious that Tai was trying to sneak off to the bathroom alone, and then he doesn’t even use the bathroom! ¬¬

Side Note

A clock’s chime was added in the dub when Tai and Agumon are coming out into the hall. Nothing wrong with it; it’s actually kind of neat.

Taichi: “How long are you going to take? I’m sleepy, so hurry up!”
Tai: “I should have known it was YOU who was too afraid to go to the bathroom by yourself!”

Uh-huh. I can see right through your cover-up, Tai. ¬¬

Agumon: “This is strange. I ate so much, I thought it’d be a big one…”
Taichi: “If you’re not gonna go, I’m going back.”
Agumon: “Wait, Taichi, I’ll finish up!”

Agumon: “Tai, don’t be upset with me. I’m not afraid. I didn’t really have to go to the bathroom; I just came along because I have to protect you!”
Tai: “Then what are you doing in there?”
Agumon: “I don’t even want to talk about it, Tai.”


Agumon: “All I can do is fart.”
Ogremon: “(it stinks IT STINKS IT STINKS IT STINKS)”
Agumon: “For some reason, all I can do is fart!”
Ogremon: “(You gotta be kiddin’ me!)”
*Ogremon bursts out of the stall*

Agumon: “I don’t know if that ugly green guy scared you, but he really scared me.”
*Ogremon is stifling laughter*
Agumon: “Who knows where he is now?”
Ogremon: “Now I am going to destroy you both.”

The toilet scene! Agumon is trying to take a dump in the original, but it’s not working out no matter how hard he tries! As Ogremon quickly finds out, he does have something going on in there, and Ogremon’s hiding place suddenly loses its appeal.

In the dub, Ogremon is so polite that he won’t even laugh out loud at Agumon’s embarassment, even though it causes his face to contort in horror and turn blue. What a guy!

Taichi: “Leomon!
Devimon: “You should have just slept quietly.”

Tai: “Why do you hate me?”
Devimon: “He hates you because I commanded him to hate you!”

And because, you know, the bullying and the asshole-being and sneaking off in the middle of the night suspiciously…

No dialogue.
Agumon: “Get ready, Tai. Now the real trouble starts!”

Thanks for keeping us up to speed, Agumon.

(Who’s that Devimon?)
Agumon: “He’s the strongest of the calamitous Digimon!”

Agumon: “He is [bad]! This is the guy who invented the nightmare!”

Devimon: “It’s time to break the dream.”
Devimon: “I have no further use for this imaginary building!”


Devimon: “Because together you are strong, I will use my Touch of Evil to scatter you throughout the DigiWorld!”

Digital World.

Alternatively, you could, you know, kill them. Or just… “Touch of Evil” them. That’s gross.

No dialogue.
Tai: “I hope this is a bad dream!”

Dub Devimon says he created the food, bath, and building in their imaginations rather than saying they were illusions. If he can control their imaginations, he could have had them walk into some place more… you know, fatal. Maybe death traps are hard to find in the demon underworld.

Taichi: “Why are you doing this to us?!”
Devimon: “Because you… are the Chosen Children.”
Taichi: “Chosen children?”

Tai: “Listen, you! If you don’t bring back my friends, you’re going to be in really big trouble!”
Devimon: “That’s amusing. My concerns are much more important than your friends.”
Tai: “That’s my only concern! You bring ’em back now!”

[Devimon: “They’re RIGHT OVER THERE on the floating beds of death, kid. They haven’t gone anywhere!]

Devimon: “Yes. You are nuisances to me. With my black gears, I plan to take over this world!”
Devimon: “Bring them back? You impudent brat — you dare to order ME?! Allow me to show you who’s really in control here!”

Or, you know… you could kill him.

No dialogue.
Devimon: “You see, I have discovered the secret of the black gears from below! I call them forth to do my bidding!”

… what?

Devimon: “File Island has already been overtaken by black gears. The entire world on the other side of the ocean is next!”
Devimon: “You and your friends happened upon this tiny island, which is just one of the fragments of your old (?) world, scattered across an enormous ocean. You pretend you are strangers who now nothing of this, BUT I AM AWARE that you are the DigiDestined, who were sent to rescue this world from my domination!”


Taichi: “The other side of the ocean? Is there more to this world than this island?”
Devimon: “You won’t be seeing it, because this spot will be your graves.”

Tai: “You got us all wrong! We were just some kids at summer camp who somehow got sucked into your world!”
Devimon: “Your little act no longer amuses me! It’s time to bring an end to the DigiDestined!”

Devimon, I think it’s time to take your medication.

(00:02) Leomon runs over to Taichi, grabs him by the throat, and pushes him against the remainder of a wall. Agumon shouts, “Taichi!”

In the dub, they cover it up by replacing it with Leomon’s close-up and a shot of Devimon talking.

Japanese version:

Agumon: “Baby…!”
Agumon gets hit.
Leomon attacks Taichi and slams him against the wall.
Agumon: “Taichi!!”
Leomon pinning Tai to the wall.

English version:

Agumon: “Pah…!”
Agumon gets hit.
Shot of Leomon going, “Now the boy”.
Shot of Devimon saying, “Yes, then the others, one-by-one.”
Leomon pinning Tai to the wall.

Devimon: “It’s useless to struggle! You have no power left to evolve. Do it, Leomon!”
Devimon: “Once these irritating children are out of the way, nothing will be able to stop me! Now, do it, Leomon!”

XD That’s sad, Devimon.

Tai yells for help (who the hell is going to help you? you expect someone to come down off his/her floating bed of death and save your ass? nobody likes you that much), Leomon tells him to save his breath, and…

No dialogue.
Devimon: “What are you waiting for, Leomon?! Do it!”

[Leomon: “… um… do what? You haven’t been very specific.”]

No dialogue.
Agumon: “The black gear! The light drove it out! Devimon no longer has control over Leomon!”

You might want to read that script again, Agumon. Leomon was evil-baptized — no gears were harmed in the making of Evil Leomon.

Tai: “I think you’re right! How do you feel, Leomon?”

I think I like asshole, bully Tai better than sensitive, wants-to-know-how-you-feel Tai.

Taichi: “What’s going on here?”
Leomon: “So you are the Chosen Children…”
Tai: “Leomon, do you know what this thing is?”
Leomon: “I can tell you that for me, it is proof that you are one of the DigiDestined. The Digivices are powerless… in the hands of anyone else.”

So… you do know what it is…

Tentomon: “Leomon is helping us! We’re going to be fine!”


Leomon: “Devimon, to use foul play against me… I won’t forgive it!”
Ogremon: “Heheh… it looks like we’re destined to battle after all…”

Leomon: “Boy, leave this to me and run.”
Tai: “But…”
Leomon: “Don’t dawdle!”
Devimon: “This isn’t over, Leomon, or have you forgotten your old friend?!”
Leomon: “Ogremon!”
Ogremon: “Here, Leomon! [I brought you a scone!] Your soft heart is your weakness. We will never join as allies, and you will never know true power.”
Leomon: “You may defeat me, but the DigiDestined will be out of your reach!”
Tai: “No!”
Leomon: “YES. GTFO.”

Taichi only calls out “Leomon!”

And Devimon just has to tell Leomon to “feel the Touch of Evil” one last time before I try to sleep tonight.

Devimon: “Oh, well. I’ll get rid of them carefully one-by-one.”
Leomon: “The children… kill them.”
Devimon: “The DigiDestined survived our first encounter, but it won’t be the last — I can promise them that! They must not interfere with my plan — they must be destroyed! Will you do this for me, Leomon?”
Leomon: “Your every order… I shall obey.”

Seriously, Devimon, take your meds.

Total Footage Retained


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