Digimon Adventure S01E12

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Adventure! Patamon and Me

Adventure! Patamon and Me (JP)
Digi Baby Boom (EN)

Original Writer: Hiro Masaki
English Writer: Mark Ryan and John Ludin

Original Airdates:
May 23, 1999 [JP]
September 30, 1999 [EN]

This is one of the oldest comparisons on the site and is due for revision.

Section: Summary

Takeru and Patamon are so damn cute. Watching this episode, I couldn’t help but notice continuously what a good voice actor they got for Patamon; she’s a little brattier than the Japanese actor, but her voice is adorable. XD She does a great job.

Speaking of great jobs, this episode was one of the good ones. The added jokes weren’t as funny as they can be in the dub, but hey, it’s T.K., so we can’t expect much. Most of the dialogue was either spot-on or was only re-arranged.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

(He’s on the floating bed of death going over the waterfall.)
He’s screamin’.
T.K.: “This is totally no fair!”

(Aaand going down!)
Still screamin’.
T.K.: “What’s happening, Patamon?!”

Gravity is happening, son. Get used to it.

Not screamin’ anymore.
T.K.: “Where is everybody? Just when I think this place is THE BOMB, it all goes creepy on me again!”

People liked to pretend it was cool to say “the bomb” back in the 90’s.

Takeru: “Thanks, Patamon. You saved me!”
T.K.: “Boy, Patamon! I like swimming and everything, but that waterfall almost knocked off my underpants!”

You mean the waterfall you didn’t come into contact with (and thank cod for that, apparently)?

Patamon: “It’s fine with me. We’re friends!”
Takeru: “That’s right!”

Patamon: “I think my wings shrunk!”
T.K.: “This fits!” [his hat]

You mean the wings and hat that completely avoided the water?

Takeru: “But… … *starts crying*”
Patamon: “What’s wrong, Takeru?”
Takeru: “Because… because we got separated from my big brother and the others!”

T.K.: “Look at all that water! Somebody must have let the bathtub overflow! I just hope it didn’t wash out our way of finding the others!”

It did. Ha!

Section: Cut or moved footage

(+00:07) After T.K.’s line above, the shot of T.K. staring at the waterfall and starting to cry replays while T.K. says a different line:

T.K.: “D-don’t worry about me, Patamon! I-I’m not scared of being separated from the others… and being lost and being homesick and–“

At which point it cuts to him crying as normal.


Section: Dialogue Deviation

Patamon: “At a time like this… Piyomon would…”
Patamon: “Poor little T.K., I wish I could help! … What would Biyomon do if she were here?”

Listed because who cares what Biyomon would do? Patamon thought of Piyomon evolving because she’s a bird… dragon… thing… and has wings and can fly. The way Dub Patamon said it, it sounds like he thinks Biyomon is someone he should emulate on a regular basis. Don’t do it, Patamon! She isn’t the bomb you think she is!

Section: Side Note

Original: when we see Piyomon evolving in Patamon’s imagination, Patamon is doing Piyomon/Birdramon’s callout in his head! It’s adorable.

Dub: it’s Biyomon/Birdramon’s voice in the callout.

Here’s the awesome part. When Takeru is thinking up what kind of Digimon Patamon will evolve into, he ponders, “tabun konna mon?” (“maybe like this mon?”), and the Digimon Analyser screen comes up with “Tabunkonnamon” as the Digimon’s name. XD Its special attack is “BuuBuu Attack”! It’s an Adult level, Imaginary-type Digimon.

Some dialogue changed:

Takeru: “Hey, what kind of Digimon will you evolve into?”
Patamon: “Eh? What kind? I won’t know until I evolve. Do you know, Takeru?”

T.K.: “Didn’t they tell you at Digimon school or something?”
Patamon: (in almost the snottiest tone ever) “Oh, well I won’t actually know until I do Digivolve and find out what I am!”

You’re a Patamon! πŸ˜€ Anyway, T.K. proceeds to think up Porkymon, which is both without pun and without enough copyright infringement to get this show canned. He translates “BuuBuu Attack” correctly as “Oink Attack”. They erase the name in katakana and roman characters and typed in “Porkymon”.

Patamon: “… no.”
Patamon: “… maybe.”

Take two: “Kittokonnamon” (“must be like this”-mon), also imaginary, with a special attack of Hippopota Vacuum. T.K. interprets this as hogwash Hogmon, with “super hog smell [does that means he has a hog’s sense of smell, or that he smells like a hog?] and the power to snort up enemies in a single sniff like that!”

Patamon: “I AM NOT A PIG, T.K.”

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: “Then…”
Patamon: “Stop it already! Don’t think about it! It’s fine, I just won’t evolve!”

T.K.: “It’s okay to be a pig.”
Patamon: “I’m sure it is, especially for pigs, but that’s not me!”

Section: Side Note

The original train sound effect sounds more like a toy train, but the dub sound effect sounds like a real train.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

The invisible train goes by without a word.
T.K.: “Hey! I hear a train coming! I betcha we can JUMP ON and ride the caboose all the way back to summer camp!”


Still nothin’.
Patamon: “I thought I felt something.”

T.K.: “Maybe it’s an invisible train.”
Patamon: “Did a train go by?”
T.K.: “If it did, it’s the most silentest, most invisiblest train ever!”

That exchange was necessary to establish that the train that could be heard but not seen was, indeed, invisible… and also that T.K. is selectively train deaf.

Takeru: “Where should we go?”
Patamon: “Anywhere. I’ll follow you wherever, Takeru.”
Takeru: “Then… this way.”
Patamon: “Okay.”

T.K.: “Aw, come on. Let’s go.”
Patamon: “Go where?”
T.K.: “I’m not sure, but I guess we’ll know when we get there!”

Section: Side Note

The Village of Beginnings is called Primary Village in the dub, which is quite good since it has the same meaning and is easy to say.

The music that plays in the Village of Beginnings is pretty cool. It’s got a music box kind of sound to it, like a toy. It’s mellow and child-like.

The dub music isn’t that bad. It’s got a “yay, wonder” kind of feel to it. You can’t really hear it because the characters are talking over it.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: “Pretty!”
Patamon: “Yeah!”
Takeru: “Let’s go look inside!”
Patamon: “Yeah!”

T.K.: “WOW, this is the best! Let’s find a snack bar and get some cotton candy! Places like this always have cotton candy!” (Money?)
Patamon: “They make candy from cotton?”
T.K.: “Ooh, I bet there’s popcorn, and snowcones, and pretzels, and ice cream… and candy!”
Patamon: “OH BOY! Let’s go see!”
T.K.: “Last one there’s a rotten egg!”

Enjoy your pancreas while you can, T.K..

Section: Side Note

When Takeru and Patamon roll off-screen, there’s a bowling strike sound (that is, like a bowling ball hitting down all of the pins). The dub did without it, which kind of sucks because it was cool in a weird way.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

They just laugh
T.K. and Patamon: “What a scream!”


Takeru: “It’s like a bed. It’s soft!”
Patamon: “It feels nice!”

T.K.: “The streets feel like they’re made out of marshmallows!”
T.K. and Patamon: “REAL SQUISHY!”

And covered in ants! NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo…

There are toys on the trees!! QUICK, somebody draw attention to the fact that there are TOYS on the TREES!
Patamon: “Hey, you think in autumn those toys falls off the trees?”

If they make the streets out of marshmallows, what do you think they use for food?

Patamon: “This is fun, isn’t it, Takeru?”
Patamon: “But we can’t just lie here forever, can we? I guess we better keep looking around.”

Original Patamon just said, “There’s something over there,” but dub Patamon said he could hear strange noises. No big deal!

Section: Side Note

Punimon squeaks out, “Puni puni” in the dub. It only whined a little in the original.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

T.K.: “‘Puny’ is right; he’s micro-tiny! Heheh!”


(About Yuramon, whom Takeru/T.K. said looks like me an old man with a big ol’ beard.)
Patamon: “It’s a respectable baby! Its name is Yuramon.”

Patamon: “This is a little baby Yuramon. He’s lookin’ right at you.”


T.K. says that he likes the “pretty paint” on the Digiegg. Takeru didn’t have any such appreciation for the arts.

Section: Side Note

Digiegg is translated correctly (not like they could get that wrong!). “Digitama” is how you say it in Japanese, “tama” meaning “egg” in this case.

The note next to the Digiegg is written in hiragana, not “digicode”. Hiragana is a phonetic character set — sort of like an alphabet. Written Japanese consists of hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Hiragana and katakana (collectively referred to as “kana”) are phonetic sets, whereas kanji characters represent words or parts of words.

For example, “tama” in hiragana is γ€ŒγŸγΎγ€. In katakana, it’s γ€Œγ‚Ώγƒžγ€, and in kanji, it’s γ€ŒηŽ‰γ€. Japanese writing also uses roman characters, which is ro-maji (or roomaji, rohmaji, and romaji).

Wikipedia knows what’s what!

The note says “Rub me” (“watashi o nadenade shite”, γ€Œγ‚γŸγ—γ‚’γͺでγͺでして」) in the original, and is translated as “Rub gently” in the dub, which works.

The eggs just jingle a little when they all shake. In the dub, however, you can hear voices inside them. O_o It’s a little creepy.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: “Rub rub rub rub rub…” *the egg cracks a bit* “One more time, rub rub rub rub rub.”
T.K.: “Maybe a digital genie will come out.” *the egg cracks a bit* “I’m gonna wish for a new skateboard!”

Listed because the original was adorable.

(Patamon asks if Takeru/T.K. remembers things from when he was a baby.)
No dialogue.

T.K.: “Well, these pretty shapes and colors do remind me of something from a long time ago…”

[T.K.: “… when I was going through my ‘hippie’ phase…”]

Section: Side Note

T.K. narrates his whole flashback. I don’t know if the writers expect that their audience actually watched the show and could see what was going on at this point, but apparently they feel we need a verbal account of everything going on.

Takeru’s flashback went completely without dialogue. Yamato’s harmonica played up until Takeru fell over and started crying, and the rest of the scene was filled in with some noise — like watching an old movie. Yamato’s voice wasn’t filled in. In the dub, they put the words, “‘atta boy!” in Matt’s mouth.

Yeah, ‘atta boy, T.K.! You showed those blocks who’s boss!

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: “I’m not sure. I probably don’t remember.”
Patamon: “See?”
Takeru: “Let’s go rub the Digieggs over there!”
Patamon: “Ah, not fair! Me too!”
Takeru: “Rub rub!”
Patamon: “Rub rub!”

T.K.: “That’s about all. Guess I don’t remember either!”
Patamon: “You see?”
T.K.: “Okay, it’s not so easy remembering stuff from being a baby at least I know I didn’t come from an egg! Let’s go hatch some more Digieggs!”

(Scene changes to the river where Elecmon is fishing.)
T.K.: *voice-over* “(… not that there’s anything wrong with hatching from an egg!)”

Too late, T.K. You already offended everyone.

Section: Side Note

Elecmon’s attack, “Sparkling Thunder”, is changed to “Super Thunder Strike” in the dub. In the Japanese version, when he’s charging up his attack, we can hear static popping and sizzling around him. The dub doesn’t replicate the sounds.

His English voice is pretty good. He sounds a little bit older than his Japanese voice, but you know, we can’t expect the actors to hit it perfectly every time. His voice actor does sound kind of “stiff”, like a lot of the other voices that just start out.

The only change is that Elecmon is portrayed as being older in the dub. In the original, he sounded and acted like a younger adult. It worked better with his temper and over-protectiveness, because he came across as still immature and still learning.

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Digimon Analyser: “Elecmon: a very inquisitive, mischievous mammal Digimon. He intimidates his opponents by spreading his tail like a peacock.”
Elecmon: “I am Elecmon, caretaker of baby Digimons. Don’t cross wires with me!”

One Digimon, two Digimon… red Digimon, blue Digimon.

No dialogue.
Elecmon: “That’s fishing: no worms, no hooks, no waiting!”

Yay, laziness, ya~y!

Elecmon: “Easy, easy! This is more than enough! Wait for me, babies! I’ll be back soon with lots of food!”
Elecmon: “Come on, little fishies! Everybody out of the water — let’s go! *cackles* This ought to be enough to feed those little mouths for quite a while! Come on, let’s go! That’s it! *cackles again*”

Listed because I find it morbid that he’s talking to the dead fish. The laughing doesn’t help.

Takeru: “Hey, it pooped!”
(Patamon is too busy to help.)
Takeru: “Hey, what do I do?”

T.K.: “Hey Patamon, I could use some help over here!”
(Patamon is too busy to help.)
T.K.: “But I don’t know anything about babies!”

Elecmon: “What are those guys? …No, more importantly, the babies are in danger!”
Elecmon: “Intruders! Invaders! Well, I’ll teach them! GET AWAY FROM THEEM!

… is he breaking into song?

Section: Eyecatch

He sings like a weird, old, gravel-voiced angel

Section: Cut or moved footage

+(00:02) the shorts of Takeru and Patamon commenting (where they first said, “Look, Patamon!” and “Oh, my!” in the dub) were repeated after a fade-out for a commercial break. THIS TIME was different, though! They actually flipped the frames so that both Patamon and T.K. were facing the other way for their new lines, which were:

T.K.: “Boy, he’s angry!”
Patamon: “No kidding.”

I can forgive this re-use of footage this time, though, because Patamon’s line sounds so nonchalant. XD

Section: Dialogue Deviation

Patamon: “What are you doing?! Isn’t that dangerous?!”
Elecmon: “Of course it’s dangerous! I was aiming for you!”

T.K.: “Hey, watch where you’re aimin’ that thing! You could hurt somebody!”
Elecmon: “Of course I could have; that’s what I was trying to do!”

Patamon: (quite angrily) “Why would you something like that?!”
Patamon: (quite calmly) “But why would you want to do anything to hurt us?”

Glad to see Patamon’s not sore about being assaulted. What a sport!

Elecmon calls T.K. and Patamon “interlopers” when explaining why he shot at them. I have to admit, I don’t know what the target age group for this show is, but what are the chances that the target audience is familiar with the word “interloper”?

Elecmon: “Tsk tsk tsk. Your hard-headedness is troublesome. The word ‘kawaigaru” has a usual meaning of ‘to be affectionate’, but it also means ‘to bully’.”
Takeru: “Those words are completely opposite. That’s weird.”

Elecmon: “Ah ah ah ah! You barbarian, always making the same mistake! I’m not some ordinary Digimon who just happened to come along and catch you. THIS is the Primary Village hatchling ground and nursery, a very special place where all Digimon starts their lives! And I’m a very special Digimon, entrusted with caring for each and every one of them!”

Wow, someone thinks highly of himself.

If you’re confused about Japanese Elecmon’s explanation that “kawaigaru” means both “to be affectionate” and “to bully”, I think he means that giving unwanted or too much attention is the same as bullying. “Kawaigaru” doesn’t have both those meanings literally; “to bully” is “ijimeru”.

Takeru: “But we weren’t bullying them, just looking after them.”
Elecmon: “That’s just it. No one left their well-being to you in the first place.”
Patamon: “That’s what you say, so what are you to the babies anyway?!”
Elecmon: “What am I? I’m their guardian, housekeeper, provider, and *trails off* … what does any of that matter?!”

Patamon: “Well, you don’t have to play Mr. Big Shot and fry us!”
Elecmon: “I was only trying to protect my babies. Now I think this conversation has lasted long enough! I am in charge, and you two are trespassing!”

Breakin’ the law!

Elecmon: “You brat!”
Patamon: “Aren’t you still a brat, too?!”
Elecmon: “*fume* Now I’m mad!”

Elecmon: “You must leave!”
Patamon: “Now, now! Don’t get all puffy!”
Elecmon: “*a slightly… annoyed? groan* Don’t called me puffy!”


(Elecmon shocks Patamon.)
Patamon: “I’m going numb!”
T.K.: “Patamon, no!”

Elecmon: “It’s dangerous to touch me!”
No dialogue.

I wonder why they left that out. o.o

Takeru: “Stop… “
T.K.: “This is very bad. He’s digivolving!”

Oh, what the–? How would you know? You’re not looking at your digivice. He sure as hell doesn’t look like he’s evolving.

Takeru: “Stop… I said ‘stop’… stop.”
T.K.: “What’s going on? We don’t want to fight! What’d we do?”

Patamon called him ‘puffy’. Them’s fightin’ words.

Takeru: “Stop… please…”
T.K.: “Man, they’re fighting worse than Matt and me, and they’re not even brothers.”

Oh, you mean like when you fell over your blocks and he picked you up? Or when he offered to take the bones out of your fish for you? Or are the writers actually implying that Matt beats on his eight-year-old brother who’s like half his size when we’re not looking?

… I believe it.

Takeru: “Stop it, you two. Fighting isn’t good. The babies are scared too, aren’t they?”
T.K.: “Fighting’s no good for solving problems, you guys! All you did was mess up your fur and scare all the babies!”

Their fur looks fine. Don’t be mean.

Elecmon: “Hmph! My fur looks fine!”


Elecmon: “Don’t go acting so familiar with my babies, brat!”
Elecmon: “Hey punk, you better leave those babies alone. Don’t even talk to ’em, got it?”

Punk. >:O

Patamon: “Hey, did you guys know? The real brats are the ones who think they’re grown-up. Isn’t that terrible?”
Patamon: “You know what I’ve heard, Popo? Trying too hard to act grown-up is a sign of immaturity.”


Wait… “Popo“?

Elecmon: “You’re the type who builds up a reputation of being a nice boy, but you bad-mouth people behind their backs, don’t you?!”
Elecmon: “Don’t talk behind my back! Come on, out with it, you little wing-headed, two-toed pork chop! Tell me, or don’t you have the guts?”

It’s kind of funny that of all Digimon, cute little Patamon is the one to get into such a heated confrontation. XD Who knew the little bean had it in him?

He has three toes on each foot, though.

Patamon calls Elecmon an “arrogant Digi-toad”. Neither original Patamon nor Elecmon did much name-calling. Calling each other brats was the worst of it.

Section: Side Note

So I don’t know why Takeru keeps a gyoji uniform and sumo outfits in his backpack (I’m guessing that’s where they came from. Maybe they’re Elecmon’s), but he’s putting on a little sumo bout with tug-of-war instead of actual sumo. The dub handles the scene as well as can be expected.


Section: Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: (singing… kinda?) “To the East~, Elec of the vast sea~… Elec of the vast sea~…”
T.K.: “AND NOW… IN THAT CORNER: the defending champion, ELECMON!”

Takeru: (singing… kinda? still) “To the West~, Pata of the great mountain~… Pata of the great mountain~…”
T.K.: “AND NOW… OVER IN THE OTHER CORNER: the challenger and most excellent Digimon, PATAMON!”

I don’t know about this referee, you guys…

No dialogue.
T.K.: “Uh, Elecmon..? Are you okay? Elecmon?”
Elecmon: “Okay, I give up!”

You can’t give up after you’ve lost, son.

He’s really not.
Elecmon: “Yeah, you did it, kid. You’re the terror of the tug-of-war!”

Elecmon adds in the original that he’s still a little bit of a brat. Dub Elecmon admits no such thing, but the rest of his monologue is pretty well-translated.

Takeru: “Friends fighting is okay, because you can make up soon… but, adults fighting…”
T.K.: “At least kids make up pretty fast. My parents are still mad at me… for the time I painted our kitty-cat.”

Poor kitty. T.K. is animal abuser. >:(

Patamon: “‘Than I look?’ I don’t like being judged by the size of my body.”
Elecmon: “Heh, my fault. But it’s really like you said… uh, what was it again…? ‘A grain of pepper may be tiny, but it’s still spicy.'”
Patamon: “‘A pansy may be tiny, but it’s still spicy?’ Have you eaten pansies?”
Elecmon: “That’s not it? Oh, fine!”
(They laugh. Ha ha ha!)

Patamon: “You know, they say you can’t tell a cover by the size of its book or something like that!”
Elecmon: “Sure. Well, forget about the sayings — you’re great at tug-of-war! Hey, take a look around. Some day, all of this will be yours, Patamon my boy! You’ll raise up some fine young Digimon here, just like your old man and–“
Patamon: “Oh, Elecmon, I am not here to raise babies!”
Elecmon: “You’re not? I mean, of course you’re not! I was just… Oh, I guess I was just daydreaming…”
(They laugh. Ha ha ha!)

[Elecmon: “HAHAHA oh cod I want to retire…”]

Elecmon: “To climb that mountain. It’s better not to. Devimon is over there!”
Elecmon: “That’s really not a good idea. You need special tools, custom hiking boots, gloves — all very expensive! Plus, you’ve got your snow up there; that’s cold! And poison ivy, and snakes, and bugs, and–“

The rest of their conversation is pretty much the same, but Elecmon is a bit more sarcastic and… well, rude about it in the dub. When T.K. says he doesn’t want to fight EEVAAAAAARR, he goes, “Suuure. Riiight,” and when Patamon suggests that there must be a way without fighting, he replies, “Like asking him, ‘pretty please’?” He’s just not very nice or supportive at all. In the original, he obviously didn’t like the idea, but he wasn’t a dick about it.

Takeru: “Remember the feeling from before. Everyone laughed together, right?”
Elecmon and Patamon: “Yeah.”
Takeru: “Something will happen when our hearts become one.”
Elecmon: “Something…?”
Patamon: “…will happen?”

T.K.: “No, it’s nothing like that. Do you remember how it felt when we were all laughing? You can’t help it, and the next thing you know, you’re looking at each other and laughing and your cheeks are like you’ve been blowing up balloons all day. Laughing’s the best part of friendship!”

That had nothing to do with anything.

Elecmon: “I’ll be in Gear Savannah for a bit! The Pyokomon Village is there. I’ll tell them what you said just now. If everyone’s hearts become one, maybe the pieces of the island will go back together!”
Patamon: “The island will go back to normal!”

Elecmon: “T.K. is right; it’s all about laughing and being friends. Maybe we can use the power of friendship to return the island to normal!”

What? No, that’s not how it works at all. Laughing is not going to put the island back together.

Elecmon: “I’ve got to go over to Giya Savannah, where the Yokomon Village is, and tell everyone right away!”
Patamon: “Bye bye, and be careful!”

Well, I guess we’ll test your idea after they all start laughing at you.

Takeru: “… big brother…”
T.K.: *thinking* “(Maybe he can help us, and maybe I’ll get back together with) */thinking* my brother…”

Oh thank cod, the episode’s almost over.
T.K.: *voice over* “(I just know Matt’s out there somewhere; I can almost see him! But I’ve got this yucky feeling that a lot’s going to happen between now and then.)”


Dub Devimon adds, “No, this time there will be no failure! This time, I shall be victorious!” and laughs evilly where, originally (man, I say that word a lot) the narrator was being all dramatic, with the fate of File Island– no, the WHOLE DIGITAL WORLD at stake and light and dark and blah blah blah we all know what happens. It’s okay, though, because the dub has no narrator and Devimon cackling is a good enough substitute.

Botamon: “Itchy itchy itchy…”
Takeru: “I’m itchy!”
Koromon: “Nice ta meet ya!”
Another Digimon: “Congratulations!”
And another: “That’s great!”

(The Botamon actually doesn’t say anything coherent; it does make some sounds, though.)
T.K.: “What is it?”
Koromon: “Hello, I’m Koromon!”
An impressively high-pitched voice: “Welcome, Koromon, welcome!”
T.K.: “Congratulations on digivolving!”
All of the baby Digimon: “Congratulations, Koromon!”

I swear I’m listing this just for that unbelievably high-pitched voice. There’s just something about it that needs to be pointed out, like it’s in the foreground of a scene with no dialogue and I JUST HAVE TO MAKE SURE YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT IT.

Patamon: *thinking* “(I’m going to evolve one day, too… That’s fine, but… after I evolve, will I still be friends with Takeru?)”
Patamon: “Remember, I’m your Digimon, T.K., and someday I’ll digivolve, too!”

Digimon are friends, not food property. Unless you think your friends are property, in which case, well, you’re not a very nice person, are you?

Final Result

Total Footage Kept


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