Digimon Adventure S01E12

Adventure! Patamon and Me

Adventure! Patamon and Me (JP)

DigiBaby Boom (EN)

Written by:

EN: Mark Ryan and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: May 23, 1999
EN: September 30, 1999

Section: Summary

T.K. and Patamon find themselves in Primary Village, birthplace of baby Digimon, where the local caretaker Elecmon immediately conscripts them into babysitting and taking part in extremely unofficial and possibly illegal sporting events (for the babies’ entertainment). They somehow manage to survive both, and T.K. reminisces about his younger experiences in destroying block buildings. He instructs Patamon on taking out a nearby structure, causing Elecmon to yield to their awesome power. Before preparing to hike up Infinity Mountain, they take some time to pass their destructive teachings on to the impressionable baby Digimon.

Narrator: “Taichi and Yamato, Mimi and Koushirou, and then Sora and Jou each overcame crisis and were gathering at Infinity Mountain. The only ones yet to meet with the others were Takeru and Patamon.”
Sora: “When I went fishing, I never thought I would catch what I did!”

I like the implication that Sora just decided to take a fishing trip in the midst of the chaos around her.

Sora: “Our little group decided to explore the rest of this new island, and when we came upon what looked like a church — well, we were more than a little surprised! The people inside looked like they were celebrating Halloween. We should have known they weren’t ordinary people. As it turned out, it was the Bakemon holiday, and these people were actually ghosts who were planning on eating us! Thankfully, Joe figured out how to take away Lord Bakemon’s power. Just another day in paradise!”

That last part (no – before the paradise thing) feels important. Maybe we shouldn’t gloss over that?

[Takeru and Patamon riding their flying bed to certain doom]
They’re both just crying out.
T.K.: “This is totally no fair!”

Your bed is a form of transportation. Do you have any idea how many dreams I’ve had about making my morning commute using my bed as a vehicle?! You shut your mouth about “fair”.

[The bed plummets out of the sky towards a river]
Still screaming’.
T.K.: “What’s happening, Patamon?!”

Okay, that never happened in my dreams.

Side Note

There is an animation error in which proximity to the waterfall suddenly makes the bed Takeru is on change its design.

[The bed crashes into the water below the waterfall]
No dialogue; just Patamon grunting with exertion.

T.K.: (thinking) “Where is everybody? Just when I think this place is THE BOMB, it all goes creepy on me again!”

People liked to pretend it was cool to say “the bomb” to mean something good back in the 90’s. It always sounded awkward, and I don’t know why they kept trying.

[Patamon has caught Takeru and is flying with him to dry land]
T.K.: (thinking) “Sure would be awful without Patamon…”

Side Note

The scene cuts away to Devimon berating Leomon and Ogremon for failing to murder children. He briefly chokes and lifts Ogremon, who begs to be put down, so he obliges, and Ogremon chokes out, “thank you” after he hits the ground. In the dub, the “thud” sound effect when he hits is left out, so a small part of the comedy is lost. Beau Billingsly (Ogremon’s voice actor) does a good job of selling it, so it’s still pretty amusing.

[Back at riverside, Takeru puts his clothes back on]
Takeru: “Thanks, Patamon. You saved me!”
Patamon: “It’s fine with me. We’re friends, right?”
Takeru: “That’s right!”

T.K.: “Boy, Patamon! I like swimming and everything, but that waterfall almost knocked off my underpants!”
Patamon: “I think my wings shrunk!”
T.K.: “This [his hat] fits!”

His shirt was getting stuck on his head, hence the implication that his clothes shrunk. We didn’t actually see his clothes land in the water, and there’s no indication that they are or were wet (and they wouldn’t normally shrink in cold water anyway, but it’s the Digital World).

[Takeru looks up at the waterfall, then is hit with the reality of his situation]
Takeru: “But… …” *starts crying*
Patamon: “What’s wrong, Takeru?”
Takeru: “Because… because we got separated from my big brother and the others!”

T.K.: “Look at all that water! Somebody must have let the bathtub overflow! I just hope it didn’t wash out our way of finding the others!”

It did. Too bad your partner can’t fly—oh, woops.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(7 sec) After T.K.’s line above, the shot of T.K. staring at the waterfall and starting to cry replays while T.K. says:

T.K.: “D-don’t worry about me, Patamon! I-I’m not scared of being separated from the others… and being lost and being homesick and–” *cries*

Look: somebody wrote that bathtub joke, and damn it, they weren’t letting that go to waste!

Patamon: “I thought I felt something.”
T.K.: “Maybe it’s an invisible train.”
Patamon: “Did a train go by?”
T.K.: “If it did, it’s the most silentest, most invisiblest train ever!”

To be fair: that train was significantly quieter than normal trains.

[Takeru and Patamon cross the tracks after the train has passed]
Takeru: “Where should we go?”
Patamon: “Anywhere. I’ll follow you wherever, Takeru.”
Takeru: “Then… this way.”
Patamon: “Okay.”

T.K.: “Aw, come on. Let’s go.”
Patamon: “Go where?”
T.K.: “I’m not sure, but I guess we’ll know when we get there!”

Patamon: “At a time like this… Piyomon would…”
Patamon: “Poor little T.K., I wish I could help! … What would Biyomon do if she were here?”

“Little” T.K.? He’s bigger than you are.

Also: what Biyomon would actually do is complain that she’s too hungry to evolve. She’s not lying or anything; it’s just like clockwork with her.

Side Note

Original: when Patamon imagines Piyomon evolving, he does Piyomon/Birdramon’s voice in his head! It’s adorable.

Dub: it’s Biyomon/Birdramon’s voice. Booooo…

[Patamon starts crying because he can’t evolve, breaking Takeru out of his own state and striking up this conversation]
Takeru: “Hey, what kind of Digimon do you evolve into?”
Patamon: “Eh? What kind? I won’t know until I evolve. Do you know, Takeru?”
T.K.: “To what?”
Patamon: “Huh?”
T.K.: “I mean, what will you digivolve into? Didn’t they tell you at Digimon school or something?”
Patamon: “Oh. Well, I won’t actually know until I do Digivolve and find out what I am!”

When Takeru is thinking up what kind of Digimon Patamon will evolve into, he ponders, “maybe something like this?”, which in Japanese is “tabun konna mon?” 「たぶんこんあもん?」. The Digimon Analyser screen comes up as “Tabunkonnamon“, an Adult level, Imaginary-type Digimon.

In the dub, this becomes Porkymon, which is both without pun and without enough copyright infringement to get this show canned. “Oink Attack” retains its name. They erase the name in katakana and roman characters and typed in “Porkymon”.

Takeru: “Tabunkonnamon: its special attack is Oink Attack! OOOIINK!”
T.K.: “Porkymon: with super strong Oink Attack and the power to… um… oink.”

[Patamon considers this]
Patamon: “… no.”

Patamon: “Uuuhhhh… maybe.”

Take two: “Kittokonnamon” (“must-be-like-this”-mon), also Imaginary, with a special attack of Hippopota Vacuum. T.K. interprets this as Hogmon.

Takeru: “Kittokonnamon: its special attack is Hippopota Vacuuuuum!”
T.K.: “Hm… well, how about… Hogmon! Super hog smell” (a hog’s sense of smell, or he smells like a super hog?) “and the power to snort up enemies in a single sniff like ‘this’!” *snort*

[Arc words:]
Patamon: “I AM NOT A PIG, T.K..”

A+ line read.

Takeru: “Then…”
Patamon: “Stop it already! Don’t think about it! It’s fine, I just won’t evolve!”

T.K.: “It’s okay to be a pig.”
Patamon: “I’m sure it is, especially for pigs, but that’s not me!”

[They stop at a railroad crossing with its gates down, and a very quiet, very invisible train drives by]
No dialogue.
T.K.: “Hey! I hear a train coming! I betcha we can JUMP ON and ride the caboose all the way back to summer camp!”

The caboose is for crew only, T.K..

Patamon: “I thought I felt something.”
T.K.: “Maybe it’s an invisible train.”
Patamon: “Did a train go by?”
T.K.: “If it did, it’s the most silentest, most invisiblest train ever!”

To be fair: that train was significantly quieter than normal trains.

[Takeru and Patamon cross the tracks after the train has passed (?)]
Takeru: “Where should we go?”
Patamon: “Anywhere. I’ll follow you wherever, Takeru.”
Takeru: “Then… this way.”
Patamon: “Okay.”

T.K.: “Aw, come on. Let’s go.”
Patamon: “Go where?”
T.K.: “I’m not sure, but I guess we’ll know when we get there!”

Side Note

There’s a longer space between Takeru’s line (“this way”) than T.K.’s “we’ll know when we get there”, so in the dub, T.K. says the line, and then BAM they’re at the village. In the original, it feels as though they’d actually taken the time to walk there. There are a few other scene transitions that end up being more abrupt in the dub from similar timings.

The Village of Beginnings (hajimari no machi)「始まりの町」 is called Primary Village in the dub, which is a nice, easy-to-say adaptation.

The music that plays when they arrive at the Village of Beginnings is pretty nice. It’s got a music box kind of sound to it, like a toy. The dub uses its whimsical track, which is appropriate for the scene. You can’t really hear it because the T.K. and Patamon talk over it.

[Takeru and Patamon look over the colourful, toy-like village]
Takeru: “Pretty!”
Patamon: “Yeah!”
Takeru: “Let’s go look inside!”
Patamon: “Yeah!”

T.K.: “WOW, this is the best! Let’s find a snack bar and get some cotton candy! Places like this always have cotton candy!”
Patamon: “They make candy from cotton?”
T.K.: “Ooh, I bet there’s popcorn and snowcones and soft pretzels and ice cream… and candy!”
Patamon: “OH BOY! Let’s go see!”
T.K.: “Last one there’s a rotten egg!”

I wonder if “rotten egg” is offensive in this place…

Side Note

When Takeru and Patamon roll off-screen, there’s a bowling strike sound (that is, a bowling ball knocking down all of the pins). It was left out in the dub, which kind of sucks because it was silly.

They laugh.
T.K. and Patamon: “What a scream!”

An animated GIF of a woman screaming in horror, from Turner Classic Movies and GIPHY.

Takeru: “It’s like a bed. It’s soft!”
Patamon: “It feels nice!”

T.K.: “The streets feel like they’re made out of marshmallows!”
T.K. and Patamon: “REAL SQUISHY!”

And covered in ants! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

[There are toys hanging in the trees like fruit. This requires your full attention for some reason]
Patamon: “Hey, you think in autumn those toys falls off the trees?”

If they make the streets out of marshmallows, what do you think they use to make s’mores?

[Takeru and Patamon lie on the streets for a moment before Patamon suddenly sits up]
Patamon: “This is fun, isn’t it, Takeru?” *flies up and looks off in the distance*” … Takeru, there’s something over there!”

Patamon: “But we can’t just lie here forever, can we? I guess we better keep looking around.” *flies up and looks off in the distance* “Wait a minute. I hear some strange noises over there.”

[They depart for whatever is ‘over there’ to find an alarming number of cradles containing an alarming number of babies. Patamon introduces a few]
Takeru: “This one?”
Patamon: “Punimon.”
Punimon: *baby whines*
T.K.: “What’s this one called?”
Patamon: “That’s Punimon.”
Punimon: “Puni puni!”
T.K.: “‘Puny’ is right; he’s micro-tiny! Heheh!”


[They meet Yuramon next. Takeru notes the resemblance to an old man with a big ol’ beard]
Patamon: “It’s a respectable baby! Its name is Yuramon.”

Patamon: “This is a little baby Yuramon. He’s lookin’ right at you.”


[Takeru is distracted by a field of colorful eggs]
Takeru: “Oh, so Digimon are born from eggs? Like chickens.”
Patamon: “Yeah, that’s right.”

T.K.: “I like the pretty paint, but are you saying that Digimon hatch out of eggs just like chickens?”
Patamon: “We don’t grow in the ground!”

So… where do the eggs come from?

Side Note

Digiegg is translated correctly from digitama (DEJITAMA「デジタマ」 is how it’s said in Japanese. Tama is likely written in katakana because it’s short for tamago 「卵」.

Patamon finds a note next to the Digiegg, which is written in hiragana. The dub refers to it as “Digicode”. The Digital World has its own distinct alphabet (DigiMoji 「デジ文字」, which Patamon would be able to read, so it’s a bit odd that it wasn’t used here) which corresponds to kana characters.



The note says “rub me” (watashi o nadenade shite, 「わたしをなでなでして」)  and is translated as “rub gently” in the dub.

In the original, the eggs jingle like bells when they shake. In the dub, however, you can hear voices inside them. It’s a little creepy in both versions.

[Takeru follows the attached instructions]
Takeru: “Rub rub rub rub rub…” *the egg cracks a bit* “One more time: rub rub rub rub rub.”

T.K.: “Maybe a digital genie will come out.” *the egg cracks a bit* “I’m gonna wish for a new skateboard!”

I’m gonna wish for the digital genie to smack you a little.

[Takeru questions how Patamon didn’t know where the babies’ cradles come from (their eggshells after they hatch), so Patamon asks if Takeru/T.K. remembers things from when he was a baby]
Takeru silently flashes back.
T.K.: “Well, these pretty shapes and colors do remind me of something from a long time ago… when I was going through my ‘hippie’ phase…

Takeru’s flashback went completely without voice-over. We hear Yamato play his harmonica until Takeru falls over. We hear Takeru crying, and when he stops, the rest of the scene was filled in with noise like watching an old movie. Yamato’s voice wasn’t filled in. In the dub, they put the words, “‘atta boy!” in Matt’s mouth. T.K. narrates his whole flashback:

T.K.: “It was real sunny. I was playing with blocks, but I fell over or something, and I remember I was crying… but there was someone there with me… Someone — I don’t know exactly who. Maybe my brother Matt. Anyway, somebody picked me up, and I stopped crying!”
Matt: “’atta boy!”

What are you even telling him, “’atta boy” for? He fell over and ruined his construct! You’re encouraging destructive behavio— oh…

[Flashback ends]
Takeru: “I’m not sure. I guess I don’t remember.”
Patamon: “See?”
Takeru: “Let’s go rub the Digieggs over there!”
Patamon: “Ah, not fair! Me too!”
Takeru: “Rub rub!”
Patamon: “Rub rub!”

T.K.: “That’s about all. Guess I don’t remember, either!”

That was a lot of detail for something you don’t remember.

Patamon: “You see?”
T.K.: “Okay, it’s not so easy remembering stuff from being a baby. At least I know I didn’t come from an egg! Let’s go hatch some more Digieggs!”

[Scene changes to a river where a new Digimon is fishing]
T.K.: *voice-over* “(… not that there’s anything wrong with hatching from an egg…)”

Too late. You’ve already offended everyone.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Digimon Analyser: “Elecmon: a very inquisitive, mischievous mammal Digimon. He spreads his tail like a peacock to intimidate his opponents.”
Elecmon: “I am Elecmon, caretaker of baby Digimons. Don’t cross wires with me!”

The plural of Digimon is “Digimon”. You’d think their caretaker would know that.

Elecmon’s attack, Sparkling Thunder, is changed to “Super Thunder Strike”.

Section: Side Note

In the original, when Elecmon charges up his attack, there are static popping and sizzling sound effects around him. The dub doesn’t include these.

His English voice is an okay match, though he is portrayed as being older in the dub. In the original, he’s more like an older kid, which is why his behavior is so immature and cocky.

[Elecmon has electrocuted the water to kill all of the fish, causing immeasurable devastation to their ecosystem]
No dialogue.

Elecmon: “That’s fishing: no worms, no hooks, no waiting!”

No license, no permit, no legal defense!

[Elecmon gathers his bounty]
Elecmon: “Easy, easy! This is plenty! Wait for me, babies! I’ll be back soon with lots of food!”

Elecmon: “Come on, little fishies! Everybody out of the water — let’s go! *cackles* This ought to be enough to feed those little mouths for quite a while! Come on, let’s go! That’s it! *cackles again*”

Kinda morbid that he’s talking to the dead fish. The cackling doesn’t help.

[Back at the village, Takeru and Patamon are inducted into the horrors of parenthood as the babies all start crying and shitting]
Takeru: “Hey, it pooped!”
Patamon: “I’m busy over here!” (to a baby) “Ah, peak-a-boo!” (to Takeru) “Do it yourself!”
Takeru: (sets the Yuramon down) “Hey, what should I do?”

T.K.: “Hey Patamon, I could use some help over here!”
Patamon: “Sorry, T.K., not now!” (to the babies) “Don’t cry… Awww, I’m sorry… Feel better!” (to T.K.) “I’m busy here!”
T.K.: (sets Yuramon down) “But I don’t know anything about babies!”

Nobody does. They’re impossible!

Section: Side Note

In the dub, when T.K. finds that the Yuramon pooped, he describes it as, “you had an accident”, which is age-appropriate for an American audience, a lot more tasteful than if he’d called it the dub’s preferred term of “sludge”, and it doesn’t lose the context of how lost he is in this situation. That was a very good call on the dub writing team’s part. The way his actress, Wendee Lee, says the line is very sympathetic and sweet, too.

Patamon’s attempts to comfort the babies (“don’t cry”, “I’m sorry”, etc.) are very cute in their delivery by Laura Summers as well. Overall, this scene is handled beautifully.

Dialogue Deviation

[Elecmon is returning with his haul and hears the cries of his babies. He rushes to the scene to find two randos bothering all of them]
Elecmon: “What are those guys? …No, more importantly — the babies are in danger!”

Elecmon: “Intruders! Invaders! Well, I’ll teach them! GET AWAY FROM THEM!

… is he breaking into song?

Section: Eyecatch

He has the voice of a weird, old, gravelly voiced angel…

Section: Cut or moved footage

(2 sec) The shots of Takeru and Patamon reacting to Elecmon’s arrival (where they first said, “Look, Patamon!” and “Oh, my!” in the dub) were repeated after a fade-out for a commercial break, but they flipped the frames so that both Patamon and T.K. were facing the other way for their new lines, which were:

T.K.: “Boy, he’s angry!”
Patamon: “No kidding.”

I can forgive this re-use of footage this time, though, because Patamon’s line sounds inappropriately nonchalant.

[Elecmon has attempted to electrocute Takeru and Patamon]
Patamon: “What are you doing?! Isn’t that dangerous?!”
Elecmon: “Of course it’s dangerous! I was aiming for you!”
Patamon: (quite angrily) “Why would you something like that?!”

T.K.: “Hey, watch where you’re aimin’ that thing! You could hurt somebody!”
Elecmon: “Of course I could have; that’s what I was trying to do!”
Patamon: (quite calmly) “But why would you want to do anything to hurt us?”

Nice to see dub Patamon’s not sore about being assaulted. What a sport!

Elecmon: “Because you were coddling my babies!”
Takeru: “… Just for coddling them..? What’s wrong with that?”
Patamon: “Yeah…”

Elecmon: “Tsk tsk tsk. Your hard-headedness is troublesome. The word ‘kawaigaru” has a usual meaning of ‘coddling’, but it also means ‘to bully’.”
Takeru: “Those words are completely opposite. That’s weird.”
Elecmon: “Because I saw you playing with my babies, you interlopers.”
T.K.: “Sure, we played with them but what’s that got to do with you?”
Patamon: “Yeah!”
Elecmon: “Ah ah ah ah! You barbarians – always making the same mistake! I’m not some ordinary Digimon who just happened to come along and catch you. THIS is the Primary Village hatchling ground and nursery, a very special place where all Digimon start their lives. And I’m a very special Digimon, entrusted with caring for each and every one of them!”

… wait, who entrusted him with that..?

Side Note

If you’re confused about Elecmon’s explanation that kawaigaru 「可愛がる」 means both “coddling” and “bullying”, I think he means that giving unwanted or too much attention is the same as bullying — like how coddling someone who is capable of taking care of themselves is infantilizing, which is uncool and would qualify as bullying if you don’t stop when they tell you to. This usually does not apply to actual infants for various reasons.

The Japanese word for “to bully” is ijimeru 「虐める」.

Takeru: “But we weren’t bullying them, just looking after them.”
Elecmon: “That’s just it. No one left their well-being to you in the first place.”
Patamon: “That’s what you say, so what are you to the babies anyway?!”
Elecmon: “What am I? I’m their guardian, housekeeper, provider, and…” *trails off* ”… what does any of that matter?! You brat!”
Patamon: “Aren’t you still a brat, too?!”
Elecmon: “*fume* Now I’m mad!”
Patamon: “Well, you don’t have to play Mr. Big Shot and fry us!”
Elecmon: “I was only trying to protect my babies. Now I think this conversation has lasted long enough! I am in charge, and you two are trespassing! You must leave!”
Patamon: “Now, now! Don’t get all puffy!”
Elecmon: *a slightly… annoyed? groan* “Don’t called me puffy!”

You started it by calling them interlopers!

[Elecmon chooses puffiness and they fight. Elecmon grabs Patamon and shocks him]
Patamon: “I’m going numb!”
T.K.: “Patamon, no!”

Elecmon: “It’s dangerous to touch me!”
No dialogue.

[Takeru watches from the sidelines. The bars on his digivice fill up]
Takeru: “Stop… “
T.K.: “This is very bad. He’s digivolving!”

Oh, how would you know? You’re not looking at your digivice!

Takeru: “Stop… I said ‘stop’… Stop.”
T.K.: “What’s going on? We don’t want to fight! What’d we do?”

You can’t just throw around words like “interloper” and “puffy” and not expect a brawl!

Takeru: “Stop… please…”
T.K.: “Man, they’re fighting worse than Matt and me, and they’re not even brothers.”

You mean like when you fell over your own blocks and he picked you up? Or when he offered to take the bones out of your fish for you? Or are the writers actually implying that Matt beats up on his eight-year-old brother who’s like half his size, and whom he doesn’t even live with, when we’re not looking?

[Takeru has managed to stop the fighting]
Takeru: “Stop it, you two. Fighting isn’t good. The babies are scared too, aren’t they?”

T.K.: “Fighting’s no good for solving problems, you guys! All you did was mess up your fur and scare all the babies!”

Their fur looks fine. Don’t be mean.

Elecmon: “Hmph! My fur looks fine!”


Elecmon: “Don’t go acting so familiar with my babies, brat!”
Patamon: “Hey, did you guys know? The real brats are the ones who think they’re grown-up. Isn’t that terrible?”

Elecmon: “Hey punk, you better leave those babies alone. Don’t even talk to ’em. Got it?”
Patamon: “You know what I’ve heard, Popo? Trying too hard to act grown-up is a sign of immaturity.”

That’s our site motto.

No, not the “Popo” part.

Okay, maybe the “Popo” part, too.

[Elecmon overhead Patamon’s remark to Popomon]
Elecmon: “You’re the type who builds up a reputation of being a nice boy, but you bad-mouth people behind their backs, don’t you?!”

Elecmon: “Don’t talk behind my back! Come on, out with it, you little wing-headed, two-toed pork chop! Tell me, or don’t you have the guts?”

He has three toes on each foot, you miscounting jerk.

Patamon: “Takeru, please, let me at him!”
Patamon: “T.K., can I? Can I please teach this arrogant Digi-toad a lesson?”

Other than calling each other brats, neither Patamon nor Elecmon do any name-calling in the original.

Side Note

I don’t know why Takeru has sumō 「相撲」 gear on-hand, but he puts on a gyōji (「行司」, sumō referee) uniform and gives Elecmon and Patamon tsuna 「綱」 (rope belts, which indicate rank) and the aprons usually worn with keshō-mawashi 「化粧廻し」 (loincloths that sumō wrestlers wear with aprons that usually have sponsor logos or other emblems on them).

Or maybe they’re Elecmon’s, but considering the gyōji uniform is Takeru’s size, it seems more likely that Takeru is just always prepared for impromptu bouts. In this case, he uses tug-of-war instead of sumō, possibly because he doesn’t have the mawashi (「廻し」 loincloths) that are part of the sumō uniform (or they were the wrong sizes for Patamon and Elecmon), and they can’t have a proper sumō bout without them.

The dub handles the scene as well as they could have without the cultural context.


[The match official, the honorable Takeru, announces the competitors]
Takeru: “To the East~, Elec of the great sea~… Elec of the great sea~… To the West~, Pata of the great mountain~… Pata of the great mountain~…”

T.K.: “AND NOW… In THAT corner: the defending champion: ELECMON!… AND NOW… Over in the other corner: the challenger and most excellent Digimon: PATAMON!”

The official’s been paid off.

[Patamon improbably launches Elecmon with his tug-of-war prowess and he punctures one of the cushiony building blocks (of the cushiony block buildings), releasing feathers everywhere]
No dialogue.

T.K.: “Uh, Elecmon..? Are you okay? Elecmon?”
Elecmon: “Okay! I give up!”

You can’t give up after you’ve lost.

[The conflict is resolved now that Elecmon’s had his butt kicked in tug-of-war]
No dialogue.

Elecmon: “Yeah, you did it, kid. You’re the terror of the tug-of-war!”

That’s not a compliment.

[Elecmon apologises and admits he’s been wary of outsiders since the island broke apart]
Elecmon: “On top of that, the island was torn apart… I was suspicious of outsiders. Well, by pretending to be an adult, I guess I was still being a brat, eh?
Elecmon: “Ever since the island broke apart I’ve been expecting a fight, and… I guess I just took it out on you. I apologize.”

Takeru: “Friends fighting is okay, because you can make up soon… but, adults fighting…”
T.K.: “At least kids make up pretty fast. My parents are still mad at me… for the time I painted our kitty-cat…”

Hatching unauthorised babies, pitting friends against each other in tug-of-war death matches, and painting kitty-cats?! T.K., you are the worst.

Side Note

In case it wasn’t completely clear: Takeru was sadly referring to his parents’ divorce, not anything he’d done.

[Elecmon comments that Patamon is tougher than he looks]
Elecmon: “You’re pretty strong despite your looks!”
Patamon: “My looks? I don’t like being judged by the size of my body.”
Elecmon: “Heh, sorry. But it’s really like you said… uh, what was it again…? ‘
Sansho is a small grain [sansho wa kotsubu de] but still spicy’!”
Patamon: “‘Pansies
[sanshikisumire] are spicy?’ Have you eaten pansies?”
Elecmon: “Eh? That’s not it? Oh, it’s fine!”
(Everyone laughs)
Elecmon: “You know, you’re a lot stronger than you look, kid. I’m impressed!”
Patamon: “You know, they say you can’t tell a cover by the size of its book or something like that!”
Elecmon: “Sure. Well, forget about the sayings — you’re great at tug-of-war! Hey, take a look around. Some day, all of this will be yours, Patamon my boy! You’ll raise up some fine young Digimon here, just like your old man and–“
Patamon: “Oh, Elecmon, I am not here to raise babies!”
Elecmon: “You’re not? I mean, of course you’re not! I was just… Oh, I guess I was just daydreaming…”
(Everyone laughs)

[Elecmon: “HAHAHA oh cod I’m so sick of babies…”]
Side Note

Sanshō is a spicy pepper native to Japan. The proverb Elecmon is trying to use is sometimes translated as “Sanshō has small grains but still packs a peppery punch” (sanshō wa kotsubu de mo piriri to karai 「山椒は小粒でもぴりりと辛い」). It’s a warning to not underestimate people, for they, too, may be spicy. Patamon mishears “sansho wa kotsubu de” as “sanshikisumire” 「三色菫」, which means “pansy”, the spiciness of which is unconfirmed.


[Takeru asks him how to get back to Infinity Mountain]
Elecmon: “You’re climbing that mountain?! You’d better not! That’s where Devimon is!”
Takeru: “I know. I‘m going to ask him where my brother and the others are.”
Elemon: “He’s not just going to quietly tell you! He’s an evil Digimon! If you really want to ask, you’ll have to fight and beat him.”

Elecmon: “That’s really not a good idea. You need special tools, custom hiking boots, gloves — all very expensive! Plus, you’ve got your snow up there; that’s cold! And poison ivy, and snakes, and bugs, and… oh, BIG bugs, and—”
T.K.: “And there’s Devimon.”
Elecmon: “… yeah, I was getting to that.”

I really like that little subversion. A+

[Elecmon tells Takeru he will have to fight and beat Devimon to get the information he wants]
Takeru: “I don’t want to fight!”
T.K.: “I don’t want to fight EVAAARRRRR”

Dial it back a bit, kiddo.

Elecmon: “Even if you say you don’t want to…”
Patamon: “There must be another way. A better way without fighting…”
Elecmon: “If there were–” (Takeru cuts him off)

Elecmon: (sassy) “Suuure. Riiight…”
Patamon: “There has to be some other way to find out. We need to do it without fighting Devimon!”
Elecmon: (still sassy) “Like asking him, ‘pretty please’?”

Yes. Have you tried that? No? Then you don’t know it doesn’t work, do you?

Takeru: “Remember the feeling from before. Everyone laughed together, right?”
Elecmon and Patamon: “Yeah.”
Takeru: “Something will happen when our hearts become one.”
Elecmon: “Something…?”
Patamon: “…will happen?”

T.K.: “No, it’s nothing like that. Do you remember how it felt when we were all laughing? You can’t help it, and the next thing you know, you’re looking at each other and laughing and your cheeks hurt like you’ve been blowing up balloons all day. Laughing’s the best part of friendship!”

That had nothing to do with anything.

[Elecmon has an ass-pull revelation]
Elecmon: “I’ll be in Gear Savanna for a bit! The Pyokomon Village is there. I’ll tell them what you said just now. If everyone’s hearts become one, maybe the pieces of the island will go back together!”
Patamon: “The island will go back to normal!”

Elecmon: “T.K. is right; it’s all about laughing! And being friends. Maybe we can use the power of friendship to return the island to normal! I’ve got to go over to Giya Savanna, where the Yokomon Village is, and tell everyone right away!”
Patamon: “Bye bye, and be careful!”

Well, I guess we’ll test your idea after they all start laughing at you.

Takeru: “… big brother…”
T.K.: (thinking) “Maybe he can help us, and maybe I’ll get back together with…” (aloud) “My brother…”

T.K.: (voice over) “I just know Matt’s out there somewhere; I can almost see him! But I’ve got this yucky feeling that a lot’s going to happen between now and then.”

Well, clean it up. We got shit to do.

[After Devimon briefs Leomon and Ogremon on the agenda]
Narrator: “The time draws nearer. File Island… no, the Digital World’s fate was at stake as justice and evil, light and dark, met. Indeed, the battle between these two
would shortly begin.
Devimon: (voice over) “No, this time there will be no failure! This time, I shall be victorious!” *evil laugh*

Back at the village, a Botamon is itchy. In the original, he verbalises his state with “itchy itchy itchy”, but in the dub, he just kind of sings “bo bo bo” for a little bit.

[The Botamon evolves into a Koromon. They grow up so fast! Patamon ponders this development]
Patamon: *thinking* “I’m going to evolve one day, too… That’s fine, but… after I evolve, will I still be friends with Takeru?”

Patamon: “Remember, I’m your Digimon, T.K., and someday I’ll digivolve, too!”

The Digimon are partners, not toys or property. I mean, yeah, in real life, they’re toys and property, but in the show, they’re pals. It would be fine if the children occasionally said back, “I’m your partner” or “I’m your human”, but they never do.

Final Result

The Digi-Verdict

This episode suffers from more weird and unnecessary script changes. No, Takeru never painted a kitty-cat. Maybe steer clear of jokes where parents are angry at their kids for harming animals? That’s like an early warning sign of sociopathy in children, and Sociopath T.K. is only funny because it’s the opposite of what he actually is (I hope).

He and Yamato don’t fight. Rather, we have seen first-hand that Yamato coddles Takeru. Though it’s kind of reminiscent of Elecmon’s claim that coddling and bullying can be the same thing. That’s probably not incredible foreshadowing for anything.

Elecmon is not some 40-year-old weirdo trying to pawn his job off on random passers-by; he’s just a kid weirdo with a job he intends to keep. Who gave him that job? Possibly no one; he might have just wandered into the Village, decided “these are mine now”, and got to work. We’ll never know!

There are three important story points covered: that Digimon hatch from eggs and usually in the Village of Beginnings, that Patamon can evolve but isn’t able to do so yet, and that Elecmon is going to Gear Savannah to tell Digimon to put their hearts together or something. The first two will come to fruition very soon, but the third will… uh… not, really. At least, not in a way that’s confirmed in the show.

The dub handles these well enough without spoiling or ruining anything. The added lines kind of take away the mystery of the world they’re in, but they’re largely inoffensive save for Sociopath T.K. and the continued pretense that his parents aren’t divorced (unrelated to Sociopath T.K…. maybe).

It’s still a cute episode in both versions – a lot of that is carried by Laura Summers (Patamon) and Wendee Lee (T.K.). The voice Summers does for Patamon is so cute with just the right amount of ‘brat’. “I AM NOT A PIG, T.K.” is honestly my favorite line read out of all the English dubs I’ve seen for any show. Elecmon’s rambling about all the climbing equipment and dangers of hiking Infinity Mountain is also pretty charming in a way. Not a whole lot happens, but it’s a fun little world- and character-building episode in both versions. I give it a B, for “BIG bugs”, which is a clever ruse to keep kids from getting themselves murdered on a mountain.

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  • AegisP says:

    I love how TK narrates his whole flashback and then goes, “I dont remember!” LOL!

    Also the Latin American dub also struggled with Elecmon’s “second meaning of a word that doesnt actually exist” LOL.

  • AegisP says:

    Oh god! The new version of the review has an ACTUAL OPINION AND OVERALL REVIEW OF the dub. This is great. Its very long and very in depth. I enjoy that.

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