Digimon Adventure S01E38

Revival! Demon King Vamdemon (JP)

Prophecy (EN)

Written by:

EN: R.D. Chamberlain and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: November 28, 1999
EN: February 19, 2000

Section: Summary

Turns out shooting her former boss in the chest was a bad idea, as we soon learn that Myotismon was also promoted to a senior position lateral to Angewomon’s. He reveals himself as VenomMyotismon, but it’s almost time for his lunch break, so he spends most of his time snacking instead of filing his ethics complaint against her. Knowing this will spoil his appetite, Angemon and Angewomon try to deter him. Izzy finds an old memorandum written on a graham cracker for some reason, and it grants newly promoted staff the opportunity to shoot their most annoying co-workers. Tai and Matt are promptly volunteered, and the festivities begin proper.

Dialogue Deviation

It’s Kari’s turn to give us a weird recap!

Narrator: “Wizarmon’s sacrifice triggered Tailmon to finally evolve into Angewomon. After absorbing MetalGreymon and the others’ full power, she was able to defeat Vamdemon. However, the seal was unbroken. Odaiba was still covered in fog. Why?”
Kari: “I thought if I gave myself up to Myotismon, he would stop his attacks. What I didn’t know was that his plan was to destroy both me and Gatomon.”

Okay, how did you not know that?

Kari: “He released a big blast at me and my little Gatomon.”

Please don’t call her that.

[Taichi is displeased about the fog problem not being solved]
Mimi: “Does that mean we’ll be stuck in here forever?”
Mimi: “So, beating Myotismon didn’t solve anything…”

It never does. I mean, it solved the whole “Myotismon is unbeaten” thing, but other than that…

[Koushirou has received an e-mail from Gennai with the instructional guide: How to Beat Vamdemon]
Gennai: “These are the words I found in the ancient ruins! ‘First, a flock of bats will cover the sky.’ Then it says, ‘The people will chant the name of the Undead Digimon King. Then, when the clock strikes the Number of the Beast, the Undead Digimon King will reveal his true identity as the Beast. When angels fire arrows of hope and light at the loved ones of those whom they protect, a miracle will happen.’ Well, I wish you luck!”
Jennai: “Although this looks like a graham cracker, it’s actually an ancient text, which I’ve translated!” [The prophecy itself is translated accurately] “‘Please always recycle.’ That last part seems weird, but good luck!”

How old are these graham crackers, by the way? This one tastes pretty s– wait, what was that first thing you said?

Sora: “Hey, does he know anything clearing this fog?”
Koushirou: “That…”
Sora: “Well, that was about as clear as mud. Can you make heads or tails of it?”
Izzy: “Uhh, well….”

It means don’t not recycle. It’s not that complicated. … Unless it’s something made of non-recyclable material, or you have to take it to a specific facility. … Okay, it’s a little complicated…

Mimi: “I want to hurry and get changed.”
Mimi: “And I’d like to change my pyjamas, or at least get a matching robe!”

Just go back to bed. Problem solved!

[The group has moved to Koushirou’s apartment building, where he has retrieved his parents]
Dad Izumi: “Just what is going on here?”
Papa Ishida: “I’ll explain it to you.”
Bad Dad Izumi: “All right. Can someone explain what’s going on?”
Papa Ishida: “It’s a pretty long story, but I’ll try.”

Monster attack in Japan. Done. Jeez, don’t you people watch movies?

[In his own home, Jou is looking around for his family, when suddenly, his shoulder is seized by..!]
Jou: *scream*
Pukamon: “Bakemon?!”
Shin: “That’s terrible. Don’t call people monsters.” [in Japanese, ‘bakemon’ is also short for ‘bakemono’ 「化け物」, which means “monster”]
Jou: “S-Shin! You’re safe!”
Shin: “Safe? What do you mean by that? What happened here?!”
Pukamon: “It was the Bakemon!”
Shin: “Wh-What is this guy?”
Jou: “W-Well, I’ll tell you later… By the way, why were you sleeping in the closet?”
Shin: “My bed’s been here since we moved to Odaiba. You didn’t know that?”
Jou: “Nope.”
Shin: “We’ve lived together this whole time…”
Joe: *scream*
Bukamon: “Don’t do that!”
Jim: “Relax, it’s only your brother, who’s totally freaked!”
Joe: “Jim! What are you doing hiding in there?”
Jim: “Well, I’m not playing hide and seek! Those creepy things tore the place apart.”
Bukamon: “They are creepy, aren’t they?”
Jim: “Frankly, I wouldn’t talk if I were you.”
Joe: “Hey, don’t worry about this little guy, Jim. He’s a friend of mine. And I’ve got more good news. Myotismon’s been destroyed!”
Jim: “Just who is Myotismon? For once in your life, Joe, you actually sound like you know what you’re talking about.”
Joe: “Mmm hmm!”
Jim: “There’s a first time for everything!”

Don’t be a bitch, Jim.

Side Note

So Shin is re-named “Jim”, which isn’t terrible. What is terrible is his transformation from an oblivious young man who slept through a raid upon his home because he sleeps in a closet to a big ol’ nutsack who hid in a closet while his entire family was abducted. Way to go, Jim!

Dialogue Deviation

[Shin and Jou arrive at Big Sight on Shin’s moped]
Shin: “Jou, are you really planning on becoming a doctor and sleeping in a closet like me?”
Pukamon: “Ah, brother, you’re a doctor?”
Shin: “I’m still in med school.”
Pukamon: “You must study hard!”
Jou: “Dad told me to be one…”
Shin: “It’s impossible for you.”
Jou: “Yeah…”
Jim: “So tell me, Joe, are you still planning on being a doctor?
Bukamon: “Joe is smart. He could be a doctor!”
Jim: “There’s a lot more to it than that.”
Bukamon: “Joe could be whatever he wants!”
Joe: “It’s what my dad wants me to be.”
Jim: “Poor Dad. He doesn’t know.”
Joe: “No…”

What Dad doesn’t know is that Joe is part apple and therefore naturally doctor-repellent, which effectively disqualifies him from med school.

Side Note

Also, he canonically faints at the sight of blood. It is a real problem known as vasovagal syncope, and it can be dangerous if the fainter hits their head or falls somewhere fatal, like into a volcano. So don’t bleed on volcanoes.


While this wouldn’t necessarily impede him from becoming a mostly blood-free specialist, like an optometrist or a butt doctor, medical school generally requires students to take clinical classes and labs where blood or study thereof is involved.

Dialogue Deviation

[At Big Sight, Shin examines the unconscious adults]
Jou: “I thought it was just the fog that hadn’t changed…”
Shin: “His pulse is normal.”
Jou: “Dad…”
Joe: “They’re all so totally still. Are they–“
Jim: “No, their pulses are normal.”
Joe: “That’s good.”

You might think the dub implied the victims might be dead, but dead people don’t have abnormal pulses, either… I mean, other than the abnormality that is “not happening”. So yeah. The original didn’t suggest the people could be dead.

Shin: “Jou, listen… You don’t have to live your life the way our parents want you to. The truth is, I won’t be either. After I take the national exam, I’m thinking of working in an isolated island that has no doctors. Dad will probably reject the idea.”
Jou: “Yeah, he will.”
Jim: “Joe, listen to me. It’s your life, you’ve got to live it your way, not Dad’s way.”
Joe: “I guess…”
Jim: “After I become a doctor, I’m going to South America… Africa… someplace I can really be of help. Dad’s already told me he doesn’t approve.”
Joe: “I could imagine.”

Aside from the minor dialogue adaptation, both versions: is THIS the best time to bring this up?? Like is there just something about being surrounded by unconscious bodies that makes you want to tell your brother to follow his dreams?!

[Papa Ishida, his kids, and their Digimon are out on a boat in the fog, trying to reach Mama Takaishi]
Papa Ishida: “It’s impossible for us to get through this fog.”
Patamon: “Hey! Takeru’s mama, can you hear me?”
Gabumon: “I’ll help. Takeru’s mama!
Patamon: “Hey, you yell, too, Takeru!”
Papa Ishida: “It’s hopeless. There’s no way to get through this fog.”
Patamon: “Hello, anybody! Come out, come out, wherever you are!”
Gabumon: “No, like this: if you save us we’ll give you anything you want, including candy!”

I’m here. Where’s the cand- WAIT A MINUTE! You don’t need to be saved; you’re there on purpose!

Takeru: “But… She can’t hear us from here.”
T.K.: “Nice try. This just isn’t working. Maybe we should go back to shore.”

Lying candyless-ass-bastards…

[Back at Big Sight, everyone is still sleeping]
Hikari: “It’s my fault they’re like this.”
Tailmon: “It’s my fault, too.”
Kari: “This is all our fault, Gatomon.”
Gatomon: “Mm-hmm.”

Listed because Hikari would never share blame! She’d keep it all to herself like the kind, sweet, precious cinnamon roll with newly developing social perceptions that she is.

[Now Takeru et al are fighting off some Gizamon]
Papa Ishida: “There’s no end to them! Let’s run!”
Papa Ishida: “We were better off lost in the fog!”

… yeah, kinda…

[Adorable bats rescue them by “disappearing” the offending Gizamon, then they fly off to congregate around Vamdemon’s discarded mask]
PicoDevimon: “The real terror starts now!”
DemiDevimon: “Now things start to get interesting!”

[A different elsewhere, Koushirou’s parents reveal to their son that he’s adopted. He already knew, so…]
Koushirou: “So I wouldn’t have to show my true self, I threw myself into my computer…”
Dad Izumi: “It’s okay to be into computers!”
Koushirou: “Dad…”
Dad Izumi: “That’s just who you are. Still, you’re just like your real father.”
Izzy: “And I didn’t mean to, but I just started drifting away from you, a little more each day.”
Bad Dad Izumi: “That’s why you buried yourself in that computer…”
Izzy: “That’s right.”
Bad Dad Izumi: “It’s not surprising. It’s who you are. You see, in so many ways, you’re the living image of your real father!”

Way to turn a sweet moment of parental support and make it about Izzy’s stupid computer.

Side Note

Other than that, the scene is handled very tastefully and retains the same solemn but heartfelt feel.

The description of Koushirou’s biological parents is mostly the same, but in the dub, Bad Dad claims he was Izzy’s bio-father’s “distant cousin” and “only living relative”, which… okay. Original Dad Izumi was a distant relative of bio-father, so that’s fair.

Then he claims Izzy’s bio-mother “had no family of her own”, which is a total ass-pull. I guess they’re trying to explain why these two chucklefucks got saddled with Izzy, but then they keep the perfectly reasonable explanation that they had lost a child of their own. No further explanation was required!

Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: “So that’s what happened…”
Izzy: “So you made me your son…”

Don’t say it like that. It sounds weird when you say it like that.

[Koushirou first thanks his parents formally (arigatou gozaimasu 「ありがとうございます」), then offers a more casual/personal “thank you” (arigatou), a deviation from how he normally speaks.]
Dad Izumi: “You’re fine the way you’ve always been.”
Mom Izumi: “Yes. We want you to be happy. Nothing more than that.”
*Koushirou cries and hugs them*
Tentomon: *crying from his bug eyes* “Koushirou! Cry all you want! Be pampered!”
Bad Dad Izumi: “We just want you to know we love you, Izzy.”
Mom Izumi: “You see, as far as we’re concerned, you are our real son. Nothing can ever change that. We’ve tried.
Izzy: “Mom..!”
Tentomon: *bug-eye-cry* “Gee, it’s times like this I wish I had a Digi-mommy!”

Elecmon is your Digi-mommy.

Side Note

When the parents awake, in the original, they only chant “Lord Vamdemon”. In the dub, they chant, “Myotismon, lord and master”, which is a mouthful.

Dialogue Deviation

[PicoDevimon is overseeing mask operations as Vamdemon revives]
Vamdemon: “More data!”
PicoDevimon: “Lord Vamdemon!
Vamdemon: “More power!”
PicoDevimon: “Yes!” *bats nom upon Tuskmon and Snimon* “Just a little longer and Lord Vamdemon will be fully resurrected!”
DemiDevimon: “Hey there, master! Good to see you back on your feet!”
Myotismon: “More energy! I need more!”
DemiDevimon: “You got it!” *bats nom* “It won’t be long now. The boss is gonna be bigger and better than ever!”

You’re still not getting a pay raise, DemiDevimon.

Section: Eyecatch

NONE of us are getting a pay raise… 🙁

Dialogue Deviation

[What’s up with that?]
Shin: “Physically, they’re all asleep, so it’s still sleep-talking, but…”
Koushirou: “Um, there’s something troubling me…”
Yamato: “The prophecy, right? ‘The people will chant the name of the Undead Digimon King.'”
Jim: “Very odd. Physically, they’re still asleep. It’s like they’re all having the same dream.”
Izzy: “Hey, wait a minute! Do you guys remember that prophecy?”
Matt: “Yeah, it fits. It says the fallen people will invoke the name of the Undead King.”


… yeah…

[What did the third part say?]
Koushirou: “‘Then, when the clock strikes the Number of the Beast, the Undead Digimon King will reveal his true identity as the Beast.'”
Taichi: “What does ‘the Number of the Beast’ mean?”
Papa Ishida: “666. It’s the number that appears in the Book of Revelations.”
Taichi: “666, must mean… 6:06:06”
Izzy: “Before the recycle part, it was: ‘when the clock strikes the hour of the Beast, the Undead King will reveal himself in his true form.'”
Tai: “Terrific. But, what’s the hour of the beast?”
Papa Ishida: “666. 6 seconds and 6 minutes past 6:00.”
Tai: “Sounds like triple six… is our unlucky number.”

Yeah, they couldn’t really not leave all that in.

Tai adds, “show time!” when his Digivice hits 6:06:06. That’s not funny, Tai.

[Oh, hey, Myotismon’s back]
Yamato: “But he’s huge!”
Papa Ishida: “He’s actually a Beast!”
Matt: “He’s been taking steroids!”
Papa Ishida: “It’s his true form. The Beast.”

Matt, don’t accuse someone of that! You could ruin his career with those false accusations.

PicoDevimon: *chuckle* “You can’t even speak before VenomVamdemon’s power, can you?”
Taichi: “VenomVamdemon?”
PicoDevimon: “‘Undead’ basically means he’s invulnerable!”
DemiDevimon: “Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce you to the new and improved VenomMyotismon!”
Tai: “VenomMyotismon?”
DemiDevimon: “That’s right, the king of the Undead! He’s the ‘un’ and you’re the ‘dead’!”

Lot of ‘death’ in this episode for a show that has Wizardmon chilling out totally fine on a deck somewhere…

[VenomVemdemon is hungry]
PicoDevimon: “Your meal is ready at Big Sight. Come along with me.”
VenomVamdemon: “I’ll start with you.”
DemiDevimon: “No problem, boss. There’s all those people just laying there waiting for ya! Remember to start the day with a good breakfast!”
VenomMyotismon: “I’ll begin with a little snack!”

Also, it’s like 6 in the evening.

[VenomVamdemon has eaten PicoDevimon and now heads for Big Sight]
Taichi: “We won’t let that happen!”
Tai: “Pump it up, you guys!”

Ugh. Why?

[They attack VenomVamdemon like right above his crotch]
WereGarurumon: “Use your Giga Destroyer, MetalGreymon!”
MetalGreymon: “Got it!”
WereGarurumon: “Shall we flip a coin to see who goes first?”
MetalGreymon: “Allow me!”

Where would you even get a coin that big?


Oh. Okay, yeah, that’s fair.

Side Note

“Hey, Digimon” is playing when MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon attack VenomVamdemon. That’s probably why the attacks didn’t work. Brave Heart played in the original, but that had no negative effect on their attacks. Completely different story.

WereGarurumon has a second attack, Crescent Moon Kick (engetsu keri 「偃月蹴り」), which is changed to Garuru Kick in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[The supracrotchal attacks did nothing]
Taichi: “Did they do it?”
VenomVamdemon: “Food… Food!”
Yamato: “What is this guy??”
Tai: “Did it work?”
VenomMyotismon: “More energy! I must feed!”
Matt: “That answer your question?”

Lot of sass in this episode for the EXTREME DANGER AND NOT BEING THE TIME FOR IT.

WereGarurumon: “Get to Big Sight and tell everyone! We’ll stop him somehow!”
WereGarurumon: “Go to the convention center and warn the others. Don’t worry about us, we’ll take care of this clown!”

No, WereGarurumon, that’s a different villain. This is the vampire guy.

Yamato: “Got it. We’re counting on you!”
*WereGarurumon looks at MetalGreymon, and MetalGreymon nods*
Matt: “All right, but just watch yourself.”
*WereGarurumon looks at MetalGreymon*
MealGreymon: “Piece of cake!”

No, MetalGreymon, that’s a different event. There’s no catering at the convention center right now.

[Back at Big Sight (that was quick), they can’t move everyone, so they have to fight back]
Tailmon: “Only Patamon will come with me.”
Gomamon: “Ehh??”
Tailmon: “What you should do now is store up energy for your next evolution.”
Piyomon: “I don’t like it, but it’s as Tailmon says. Everyone, she’s right!”
Gatomon: “Nothing personal, I just want all of you to save up your strength. If my plan doesn’t work, you’ll all be needed.”
Biyomon: “Let’s do what she says. She knows these bad Digimon better than anyone.”

Don’t rub it in, Biyomon.

Mimi: “Why is it that Palmon and everyone revert to Baby form from Perfect, but Tailmon is still in Adult form?”
Tailmon: “My training was different. Let’s go, Patamon.”
Mimi: “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be a downer or anything, but how can any of us hope to stand up against that guy? He’s bigger than most buildings!”
Gatomon: “I got a plan, like I said. Come on, Patamon, let’s fly!”

Her plan is, “let’s try that prophecy thing with the angels. If that doesn’t work, ya’ll try not to die.”

[Patamon and Tailmon evolve]
Mom Izumi: “They transformed into angels this time.”
Tentomon: “It’s not transformation, it’s evolution.”
Mom Izumi: “Angels? What’s going on?”
Tentomon: “It’s kind of complicated.”

It’s not that complicated. “Yeah, they turn into angels. What about it?”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Angemon and Angewomon finally get their Digimon Analyzer screens!

Narrator: “Angemon: an Adult-level Angel-type Digimon. His special attack is the sparkling, golden, holy fist, Heaven’s Knuckle.”
Narrator: “Angewomon: a Perfect-level Angel-type Digimon. Her special attack is a powerful electric shock, Holy Arrow.”
Izzy: “They digivolved, Mom. Angemon is the fully evolved version of Patamon, and Angewomon is the same for Gatomon. You see?”

Super helpful, son, and also wrong. Angemon is not even Patamon’s penultimate form, and Izzy should know that because Angemon is Adult/Champion-level.

Dialogue Deviation

Dad Izumi: “What does this ‘Adult-level’, ‘Perfect-level’ mean?”
Koushirou: “It indicates a Digimon’s evolution level. The lowest level is Baby, and they level up from there.”
Bad Dad Izumi: “It’s nice to have outside interests, but I hope your schoolwork hasn’t suffered.”
Izzy: “Dad, this is the fate of the planet we’re dealing with? The survival of the human race? Don’t worry; I can take a make-up test for anything I missed.”

Well, the deadline for make-up tests passed like a month ago, before summer vacation started, but you can still make up the grade level! … by repeating it…

[Back at the battle, one of VenomVamdemon’s attacks hits a building and disintegrates the entire thing instantly]
Papa Ishida: “Wh-What destructive power!”
Papa Ishida: “I sure wish I’d brought the camcorder!”

There were people in that building, you callous oaf!

[MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon are beaten and revert to their Child stages]
Taichi: “What happened?”
Koushirou: “They must have run out of energy!”
VenomVamdemon: “Die!”

Tai: “What happened to ’em?”
Izzy: “He must have drained them of their energy!”
VenomMyotismon: “Goodbye, small fry!”

He did no such thing, as indicated by his rejection of a small order of fries! Given how hungry he is, we’d know if he drained their energy.

[Angemon and Angewomon attack to no avail]
Angemon: “Cursed powers of evil!”
Angewomon: “We will destroy you once more!”
Angemon: “This won’t be easy.”
Angewomon: “Nobody ever said it would be, Angemon.”

Well, then your plan sucks.

VenomVamdemon: “You think you can defeat a king?!”
VenomMyotismon: “I shall enjoy devouring you. Angelfood is one of my favorites!”

Yeah, your plan doesn’t even involve cake. Worthless!

Dad Izumi: “Is that monster also a Perfect Level?”
Koushirou: “I’ll look it up.”
Bad Dad Izumi: “Why is that monster so much bigger than the other Digimon?”
Izzy: “Search me!”
Bad Dad Izumi: “I am ‘search’ing you – why do you think I asked?”

Oh my cod, Bad Dad, you can’t just ask why one Digimon is bigger than the others!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “VenomVamdemon: an Ultimate Level evolved from Vamdemon. He has lost all reason and control.”
Izzy: “Hmm. I thought he was fully evolved, but he found some way of digivolving into an even higher level. Some kind of Mega-Ultimate level.”

Way to make it sound more stupid than it is, Izzy.

Ultimate (kyuukyokutai 「旧極体」, literally “ultimate body”) is changed to Mega for the dub, defying both the definition of “ultimate” and the prefix function of “mega”.

Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: “U-Ultimate Level?!”
Yamato: “There’s an evolution above Perfect?!”
Matt: “Hey, that’s not fair. It’s like changing the rules in the middle of a game!”

It was in the rules! Look, it says right here…

Errr… Yep. Totally there.

[More attacks don’t work]
VenomVamdemon: “Your attacks don’t work against me!”
VenomMyotismon: “Stop it, you’re tickling me! Now it’s my turn!”

Okay, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing about tickling in the rules…

Papa Ishida: “That’s it! What does the prophecy say next?”
Papa Ishida: “Wait a minute, the prophecy, that’s it! Quick, Izzy, what did it say in there about angels?”


[The prophecy says the thing about angels]
Mom Izumi: “By ‘angels’, is that…?”
Mom Izumi: “What does the prophecy say?”


[Prophecy says Angemon and Angewomon have to shoot Hikari and Takeru’s loved ones]
Tentomon: “Let’s use me as an example. If I were the angel, the person I protect’d be Koushirou.”
Koushirou: “And the people I love most are my Mom and Dad!”
Tentomon: “Yes! The people that Hikari and Takeru love most’d be…”
Dad Izumi: “Their family! Their parents and siblings!”
Tentomon: “It’s simple. Allow me to explain. Say I’m kind of like a guardian angel. Whose guardian angel am I? Yours. And who do you love the most?”
Izzy: “I was getting to that! My mom and dad, obviously.”
Tentomon: “… You were supposed to say me, your best friend…”
Izzy: “Oh… Sure…”

Tentomon: “Exactly! But T.K. and Kari not only have moms and dads, they have something else, too.”
Bad Dad Izumi: “They have brothers!”
Tentomon: “In a word: bingo!”

Finally, those brothers are useful for something!

Koushirou: “But… Why would they shoot arrows at the people they love?”
Izzy: “Why would you want ’em shooting arrows at your loved ones? Sounds dangerous to me.”

You just don’t understand love.

Mom Izumi: “Angels… They’re angels, so… In Roman mythology, Cupid shot arrows of love at people.”
Koushirou: “Arrows of love?”
Tentomon: “That’s it, Koushirou! Angemon and Angewomon hafta shoot arrows of love at those two!”
Mom Izumi: “They’re angels, Izzy. Maybe they’re like Cupid – he was sort of an angel. When he shot arrows, they were arrows of love.”
Izzy: “Mom, isn’t that a little corny?”
Tentomon: “It may be corny, but I buy it! All we’ve got to do is get Angemon and Angewomon to hit you guys with their arrows of love!”

It’s like that old saying: “when the only tool you have is corn, every problem looks like corn-holders… that you shoot.”

Side Note

Taichi’s image song, “Turning Courage into Wings” (yuuki wo tsubasa ni shite 「勇気を翼にして」), plays in the background through the next scene.

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: “That’s gotta be it! Hikari!”
Yamato: “Takeru!”
Takeru: “Big brother…”
Taichi: “Angewomon’s arrow of light! Angemon’s arrow of hope!”
Yamato: “Get them to shoot at us!”
Hikari: “If they do that…!”
Takeru: “You both might die!”
Yamato: “We won’t.” *to Taichi* “Right?”
Taichi: “Yeah!”
Tai: “It’s worth a shot! Kari!”
Matt: “T.K.!”
T.K.: “You sure you wanna?”
Tai: “Let’s see these arrows of hope and light!”
Matt: “You two have got to get them to shoot at us!”
Tai: “They’ll only do it if you tell ’em to!”
Kari: “You really want them to shoot you?”
T.K.: “What if you get, like, dead or something?”
Matt: “Never happen!” *to Tai* “Right?”
Tai: “Right!”

… wait, who was behind this idea…?

[Hikari and Takeru equip their partners with pointy munitions]
Hikari: “With my light!”
Takeru: “And my hope!”
Gimli: “And my axe!”
Takeru: “Shoot those arrows at our brothers!”
Hikari: “Believe in miracles!”
Angemon: “Let’s believe…”
Angewomon: “In miracles!”

Kari: “Angewomon!”
T.K.: “Angemon, listen up! I know this maybe sounds crazy, but shoot Matt and Tai with your arrows!”
Kari: “You too, Angewomon!”
Angemon: “GLADLY He’s right.”
Angewomon: “Sounds crazy… but..!”

… a familiar kind of crazy…

Gabumon: “Yamato, stop!”
Agumon: “Taichi, don’t be reckless!”
Taichi: “I’m always reckless, aren’t I?”
Yamato: “Let us handle this!”
Gabumon: “Wait, you sure about this?”
Agumon: “What if that prophecy’s all wrong?”
Tai: “You guys want a miracle to happen or not?”
Matt: “Yeah. Miracles require a little faith!”

… oh, NO.

Yamato: “Are you scared?”
Taichi: “I’m not scared! … that’s a lie.”
Yamato: “Actually… so am I. Hold on tight so I don’t run away.”
Taichi: “Same for me; I’m counting on you!”
Matt: “Scared, Tai?”
Tai: “No, not at all. How about you, Matt?”
Matt: “Course not. Piece o’ cake! But maybe I’ll just… hang on to you to make sure you don’t chicken out or anything.”
Tai: “Yeah, right. I’ll do the same for you, buddy.”


Angemon: “Awaken…”
Angewomon: “A miracle!”
Angemon: “One miracle…”
Angewomon: “Coming up!”


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  • AJ says:

    I think in the English dub, all of the characters assume that “Ultimate” / “Perfect” is the highest possible stage, which is why they consistently use the phrase “fully digivolved” and why they are all so shocked that Myotismon could digivolve again. I’m not sure why would they have thought this though, maybe the dub writers weren’t aware that “Mega” / “Ultimate” Digimon would eventually be introduced when they first started writing the scripts.

    • That’s sort of true for the original as well, as Koushirou (and the Digimon, apparently. Did they not know about the Ultimate level? They never actually say they didn’t know, but they never brought it up, either. Did they know and just… never talk about it??) was shocked to learn about a level above Perfect as well.

      The original’s narrator gives the Digimon descriptions, however. In the dub, the characters do the Digimon Analyser screen, so they had more opportunities to get it wrong. The original Children might have made the same mistakes if they’d been given the chance.

      I suppose another factor is that the dub scripts are written by different writers, which can change from episode to episode. Perhaps they were only given the transcripts for episodes they were in charge of writing, so they were working without the context of the entire series.

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