Digimon Adventure S01E37

All Perfects Attack! Sparkling Angewomon (JP)

Wizardmon’s Gift (EN)

Written by:

EN: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

First aired:

JP: November 21, 1999
EN: February 12, 2000

Section: Summary

Ghosty Boris Karloff brings Kari to hang out with the cool kids, where Gatomon is taking a break from screening candidates. The other Digidestined find Wizardmon, who spills the beans on the better gathering while re-installing Lillymon’s color scheme. They decide to crash the event, as they are wont to do, but Myotismon is pretty tired of their blatant disregard for invites at this point. They try to start a brawl with him (100% – they instigated that shit), but he wards off their attacks easily until Wizardmon, having probably gotten into the chile sauce again, shoots him in the back, thus ensuring he will receive neither severance pay nor a positive reference from his former employer. Aghast, his hat explodes and he lies down for a while.

Gatomon then goes on a power trip and evolves to Angewomon, Senior Official at the Digital World Office of Health and Safety overseeing the Health Department. She commands Myotismon to reinstate her friend’s severance pay, but he refuses and threatens to file a report for her abuse of power, so she shoots him.

Dialogue Deviation

Matt opens with the our recap of last episode:

Matt: “Tai left me to watch his sister Kari while he was off ‘playing hero’!” […] “All the while, the kid and I were just sitting on our hands! Phantomon showed up, and things got very intense! Kari told the creep that she was the eighth child, and that she’d go with him if he’d leave us alone… How am I gonna explain this to Tai?”

Well, maybe you shouldn’t have been sitting on your hands, idiot. Those would have come in handy (HAHAHAHA sorry) for the fight!

Matt: “Kari, don’t! You don’t know what you’re doing! You can’t give yourself up to Myotismon! He’ll destroy you and gain control of both worlds! Kari, NO!”

Hey, she might know what she’s doing! Some people are cool with that sort of thing!

Sora: “Why this…?”
Yamato: “I… I…! I told Taichi I would protect her!”
Sora: “Yamato, fuming over it won’t do anything. We have to save Hikari!”
Garudamon: “Let’s concentrate only on what we can do.”
Garurumon: “Let’s go, Yamato!”

Sora: “It’s not your fault.”

It’s kinda his fault.

Matt: “Yes it is. I blew it. Tai asked me to protect her and I couldn’t. I let everyone down!”
Sora: “All right Matt, it seems to me there are two things you can do about this. Number one: you can stand there and beat yourself up about the whole thing, or number two: we can find a way to rescue Kari. What’s it gonna be?”

OR number three: you let Sora beat you up, THEN go rescue Kari.

Narrator: “At this time, Taichi did not know that Hikari had fallen into Vamdemon’s hands, and he was headed to Big Sight to save Mimi and his parents.”
Tai: “Hurry, Agumon! The convention center is up ahead! That’s where my parents are being held prisoner… and keep an eye out for Myotismon!!”

Before PicoDevimon comes in and announces they’ve found the eighth child, the dub has Myotismon asking:

Myotismon: “Well, Gatomon, is this the Eighth Child?”
Gatomon: “No.”
Myotismon: “What about this one?”
Gatomon: “No.”
Myotismon: “This one?”
Gatomon: “No.”
Myotismon: “How abou–“
Gatomon: “I’ll tell you when I see them.
Myotismon: “… is this one the eight child?”

Gatomon: “NO.”

Side Note

The dub also adds some cartoony sound effects after PicoDevimon puts the children to sleep and they all collapse. It’s silly and kinda makes them falling over sound more painful than it should.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi and Agumon run through the halls of Big Sight, and Greymon evolves to dispatch some Bakemon]
Taichi: “Thanks, Greymon!”
Tai: “They didn’t stand a ghost of a chance!”

I don’t get it.

[Back to Koushirou hanging out with Papa Ishida at the TV station]
Papa Ishida: “M-Monsters!”
Koushirou: “They’re not monsters; they’re Digimon.”
Papa Ishida: “Eh?”
Koushirou: “The monsters on the news earlier are called Digimon. But don’t worry; the ones with Yamato are on our side!”
Papa Ishida: “‘On our side’? But…”
Koushirou: “There are evil Digimon and good Digimon. Those two are on our side– no, they’re our friends!”
Tentomon: “Tha’s right!”
Papa Ishida: “… K-Kansai dialect…?” [Tentomon speaks with a Kansai accent, and it’s weird because he’s not from there]
Papa Ishida: “Ah! Monsters!”
Izzy: “Actually, sir, the technical name is Digimon. You see, they’re not like the pretend monsters you’ve seen in old movies destroying a bunch of Japanese cities… Hey well, maybe that’s a bad example, but anyway… The Digimon Matt is riding on is definitely on our side.”
Matt’s Dad: “What do you mean, ‘our side’?”
Izzy: “You see, there’s good Digimon and bad Digimon. The Good Digimon are our friends, just like Tentomon here!”
Tentomon: “I’m more than good; I’m exceptional!”
Papa Ishida: “… I wouldn’t dare doubt ya!”

“Digimon” is, of course, short for “Digital Monsters”, so they are monsters, which means Izzy is literally monsplaining at Papa Ishida right now. What a turd!

[Meanwhile, Jou and Takeru take a page out of Sora’s notebook and hover over Wizarmon as he wakes up]
Wizarmon: “Hikari! Where is Hikari?”*
Takeru: “‘The light’?”*
Jou: “You say ‘the light’…”
Wizarmon: “I have to give this to Hikari.”
Jou: “Give the Crest to the light…? B-By ‘the light’, you don’t mean Taichi’s sister Hikari*?! Then does that mean Hikari is the eighth child?!”
Takeru: “T-Taichi’s sister?!”
Wizardmon: “Kari! Where’s Kari?”
T.K.: “‘Kari’?”
Joe: “Who’s Kari?”
Wizardmon: “You’ve got to give this crest to Kari.”
Joe: “You mean you want us to give that to Tai’s little sister, Kari? But if we have to deliver this crest to Tai’s sister Kari, then that must mean …she’s the eighth Digidestined child we’ve been looking for all along! WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED?!
T.K.: “Gee, I’m always the last one to find out!”

If you makes you feel any better, T.K., I’m out 10 DigiDollars because my guess was way off…

… Joe, why did you ask “who’s Kari” if you knew she was Tai’s sister? Don’t play dumb and waste everyone’s time!

*”Hikari” 「光」 is Japanese for “light”, and Wizarmon asking “where is Hikari” sounds the same as “where is the light”.

[Yamato and Sora ride Garurumon up to Koushirou and Papa Ishida]
Garurumon: “Yamato’s father, we meet again!”
Papa Ishida: “A-Again? What are you*?”
Garurumon: “I’m not Nanimon. I evolved from Gabumon – Garurumon.”
Papa Ishida: “Gabumon? Evolved?”
Garurumon: “Hello, Matt’s Dad. Good to see you again!”
Papa Ishida: “What do you mean, ‘again’? Who are you? Have we met?”
Garurumon: “You know me; I digivolved from Gabumon.”
Papa Ishida: “Gabumon? That’s you?”

*In Japanese, Papa Ishida asks, “omae wa nani mon’ da?” 「お前は何物だ?」 (literally “what are you” but also works as “who are you”), which Garurumon hears as “omae wa Nanimon da!” 「お前はナニモンだ!」 (“You’re Nanimon!”). That one’s not as easy to adapt into English.

Mon, Papa Ishida’s getting hit with a lot of new and bizarre information in a short amount of time, and he’s taking it all in stri– AUGH, DAMNIT. I should have set up the parental naming scheme so I could call him “Matt Daddy”! I’M SUCH A FOOL.

Takeru: “I was just so worried about big brother and you! Mama came with me some of the way!”
T.K: “When I saw all that stuff on television, I just couldn’t stay home anymore. Mom wanted to come too, but we couldn’t bring her.”

A sweet scene is ruined by T.K. adopting Matt’s compulsive lying and implying he didn’t ditch his mother at the docks the first chance he got.

[Wizarmon heals up Lilimon]
Lilimon: “Huh? I…” *gets up and smiles warmly because she’s healthy again*
Lillymon: “What’s this? Wizardmon? HaaaaaiiiYAH!” *gets up and smiles warmly because she’s about to wipe the floor with some magic-boy ass..?*

… Wizardmon, are you sure you did that spell correctly?

[Hikari is the eighth Chosen Child, and…]
Takeru: “Tailmon is the eighth Digimon!”
T.K.: “Yeah, Wizardmon said Gatomon belongs with Kari.”

… that’s actually a really sweet way to explain it. ♡

Side Note

In this episode, the dub switches from calling it the “fog bank” to calling it the “fog barrier”. I ran out of stupid “fog bank” puns in last episode’s comparison. What timing!

Side Note

This shot is goofy af.

Dialogue Deviation

[Tuskmon and Snimon reappear to block the team’s progress]
Zudomon: “Go save Hikari!”
Zudomon: “We can handle these Digi-clowns!”

Spoiler: he cannot handle actual Digi-clowns.

Side Note

Injured other-worldly monster? Papa Ishida helps him out with zero hesitation, because he’s a rad dude!


Dialogue Deviation

Vamdemon makes a bat-portal to go meet Hikari for the first time, the dub has him work in some ventriloquism practice. He says, “I’ve got you, my pretty, and your little cat, too!” and laughs without moving his lips. Who knew he was so talented?

Section: Eyecatch

Vamdemon, what are you doing?

Dialogue Deviation

[Vamdemon asks Hikari why she chose to give herself up]
Hikari: “You’re hurting everyone.”
Vamdemon: “What?”
Hikari: “I did it because you’re hurting everyone!”
Vamdemon: “…” *chuckles* “You’re a brave girl, aren’t you?”
Kari: “‘Cause you were hurting all those people. Someone had to stop you from hurting innocent people, and cod knows my idiot brother wasn’t getting anything done!”
Myotismon: “My, what a thoughtful little girl you are!”

Crest of Courage runs in this family, sunshine!

[Tailmon blows her cover by responding when she thinks Hikari is hurt]
Vamdemon: “I see. The eighth child’s name is Hikari. That’s a stupid name!
Myotismon: “‘Kari’. Interesting that you know her name, since you’ve never met her before!”

[Yamato et al finally arrive to the party]
Wizarmon: “I’m going, too.”
Papa Ishida: “Will you be okay?”
Wizarmon: “I’ll be fine.”
Wizardmon: “Thanks for the help.”
Matt Dad: “Are you sure you’re alright?”
Wizardmon: “Yeah – Digimon heal fast!”

Totally not a lie. He’ll be fine!

[Tailmon guards Hikari]
Vamdemon: “Tailmon… you’d best prepare yourselves.”
Myotismon: “Together again… Too bad it’ll be short-lived!”

Side Note

Dead Scream is now “Grisly Wing” instead of “Nightmare Claw”.

Dialogue Deviation

[The Chosen Digimon intervene as Vamdemon and Richard Epcar laugh, and battle ensues]
Sora: “This is no time for you to be laughing!”
Sora: “I am really getting sick of that laugh!”

Shut up, Sora. How dare you.

Side Note

The background song as the Chosen Digimon evolve and fight in the original is “Battle Time” (Tatakai no Toki, [戦いのとき」), and it continues until Taichi arrives. The dub carries on with its usual battle nonsense.

Dialogue Deviation

[WereGarurumon is hanging from the side of the building, and Vamdemon gently smacks his hands with Bloody Stream to make him fall]
Vamdemon: “This is a waste of time.”
Myotismon: “Ooh, that’s got to hurt!”

This is a great line because he’s immediately shot in the back by Wizardmon.

[Wizarmon has sneak-attacked Vamdemon and thrown Hikari her Tag and Crest]
Vamdemon: “You’re still alive?”
Wizarmon: “I’m the type who makes sure to pay back all of my debts.”
Myotismon: “So, you’re still alive?”
Wizardmon: “That’s right! It’ll take more than the likes of you to destroy me–OW THE LIKES OF YOU IS DESTROYING ME!”

[The likes of Vamdemon destroyed Wizarmon]
Vamdemon: “Little girl! Hand that over!”
Hikari: “No!”
Vamdemon: “Do as I say!”
Taichi: “Wait!”
Lilimon: “Mimi!”
Taichi: “Keep your hands off my little sister!!”
Myotismon: “Now give that to me, you little brat!”
Kari: “No!”
Myotismon: “That wasn’t a request.”
Tai: “Wait!”
Lillymon: “Mimi!”
Tai: “You just picked on the wrong guy’s little sister, Mr. Fang-Face!”

That’s Mr. Fang-Face to y– oh, that’s what you said…

Side Note

I like how Taichi was the first one to Big Sight but the last one to actually get to the battle. Nice hustle, Taichi.

Dub Phantomon makes spooky ghost noises when he attacks Tai, and it’s cute. Then he tries to call a time-out, which is funny and cute.

Myotismon taunts the Chosen team and readys his attack “Nightmare Claw”. He was about to use Night Raid in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

[Patamon evolves to Angemon and attacks Vamdemon, straight-up murdering Phantomon in the process]
Angemon: “Vamdemon! Give yourself up!”
Vamdemon: “Don’t think that was enough to defeat me!”
Angemon: “Have you had enough, or do you want some more?”
Myotismon: “Actually, I was about to ask you the same question!”

Um… why?

Section: Cut or moved footage

(2 sec) The dub quickly replays part of Wizarmon throwing Hikari’s Crest before we see Vamdemon’s attack about to hit Hikari and Tailmon.

Dialogue Deviation

[Wizarmon jumps in to protect Hikari and Tailmon from Vamdemon’s Night Raid and is destroyed by the likes of Vamdemon a second time, and his hat flies off dramatically]
Vamdemon: “Fool! To get in the way..!”
Myotismon: “Next time, don’t get in my way!”

The next time that you’re SUPER going to have!

Kari assures Wizardmon and asks him, “please don’t leave”. Don’t worry, Kari. He’s just going to take a quick break right there!

Section: Cut or moved footage

Oh, he’s dead.

In the dub, they cut and obfuscate Wizardmon’s death by reversing the footage and pretending he’s just going to kind of lie on the ground for a while and never be seen again. So he didn’t die; Kari and Gatomon just ditched him while he was still alive and in need of medical attention. He’s fine, though. Maybe not emotionally, but certainly physically!

Then Kari’s Digivice glows and Gatomon evolves for no emotionally significant reason.

Sadly, not the anguished cry of, “my friend’s TAKING A NAAAAAAP!!!”

Side Note

At last: the evolution during which Brave Heart finally plays in the original. Gatomon gets the same theme song as everyone else in the dub.

Trivia: Angewomon is written エンジェウーモン (ENJEŪMON) in katakana rather than エンジェヲモン (ENJEWOMON). I guess they were mimicking the way midwestern Americans say “woman” (wuman) — that’s kinda neat!

Dialogue Deviation

Angewomon: “Vamdemon, you interfered with the Chosen Children’s mission, you have invaded the real world, and you have killed my friend, Wizarmon. Know the weight of your sins!”
Vamdemon: “To change everything in this world into darkness, to fuse it with the Digital World, and to become its master… I have done what I was meant to do!”
Angemon: “Vamdemon, you have no intent of repenting for your sins, do you?”
Angewomon: “Myotismon, you’ve tried to destroy the DigiDestined and tried to conquer Earth. In doing so, you have ruined the lives of Digimon and humans alike. How can you justify yourself?”
Myotismon: “I don’t have to explain myself to the likes of you! It is my destiny to plunge this world into darkness and become King of the Digital World, and no angel or Digimon has the power to stop me!”
Angemon: “Myotismon, don’t you have any regrets for the things you have done?”
Myotismon: “Well, in hindsight, there are parts of the hiring process I’d like to change, but other than that, I think it’s worked out pretty well!”

Side Note

Angewomon’s ring-a-ling power-thing is renamed from Saint Air to “Heaven’s Charm” in the dub. Her next attack, Holy Arrow, is renamed “Celestial Arrow”.

When she uses “Heaven’s Charm”, the charming effect is immediately nullified by “Hey, Digimon” playing in the background.

Angewomon does not get a Digimon Analyzer screen! She did evolve from a cat, though, so it’s really no surprise that she ignored protocol.

Myotismon’s demise, despite being considerably more violent then Wizardmon’s, is not cut from the dub! Dude has an arrow through his solar plexus and he’s screaming in pain – what the Myotismon’s dungeon does it take to get censored around here?!

Dialogue Deviation

Tai says someone is the bomb and he’s wrong and he sucks.

[Victory party, but Hikari and Takeru are looking up at the sky]
Hikari: “The fog… it isn’t clearing.”
Taichi: “What did you say?!”
Kari: “The fog! It’s getting thicker!”
Tai: “Impossible!”
Kari: “But.. Myotismon is gone…”
Joe: “Maybe not… Maybe he’s still out there somewhere. What if we’ve just made him stronger?”

Why would you even say that, Joe?


Narrator: “Is Myotismon truly gone, or has he Digivolved to a more powerful form? Find out next time on Digimon, Digital Monsters!”

You stay out of this, Narrator! I’m on to you both…

The Digi-Verdict

This was a below-average episode considering the usual dub shenanigans and the loss of puns in translation. It dips in accuracy points largely because of the censorship of Wizarmon’s death. Then we go on to see Vamdemon get stabbed through the heart, so censoring Wizarmon dying seems kind of unnecessary. At least Wizarmon died without regrets; I’m willing to bet Vamdemon regretted getting shot with an arrow.

Another weird change was Wizardmon healing Lillymon, so she smiles, kiai’s, and jumps up to… not attack him? What was up with that? She was just like, “oh, hey, I’m fine again!” in the original. The ending had a final weird change with Kari claiming the fog was getting thicker, which it was not. It just wasn’t clearing up as it should have if Vamdemon was the cause. Not sure where that one came from, either.

Other than that, most of the dialogue is translated accurately, and there aren’t many intrusive jokes. I give it a C, for “chest cavity”, through which that guy got shot!

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  • AegisP says:

    I know its a pain in the ass but could you please tell me if the scene where Hikari got her hair pulled got included? Because I just feel that’s something the American Fox Kids would have cut.

    Also, you didnt comment that the Narrator and the kids pretty much spoiled the surprise of Myotismon’s return in the dub.

    • Hikari’s hair getting pulled was kept in the video I was working off of. It may have been removed in later airings, though!

      I did indirectly comment on Joe and the Narrator blowing the surprise for everyone – in my own stupid way. If the added lines were useful, I would have pointed that out. For readers who don’t pick up on how it impacts the story-telling, we do have keen readers like you who point it out in our comments!

      … But why would Joe even say that?? Why would he even think it?

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