Digimon Adventure S01E36

Break Through the Barrier! ZudomonSpark! (JP)

City Under Siege (EN)

Written by:

EN: R.D. Chamberlain and “Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz”

First aired:

JP: November 14, 1999
EN: February 12, 2000

Section: Summary

Lillymon’s meeting with Myotismon goes so poorly that she died or something. Sora and Birdramon pick her up and they all go out to party their disappointment away. Meanwhile, Matt and Tai have already started partying, but Tai’s idea of partying is kicking cans around. Tai departs to find more cans to kick, leaving Matt to try to make awkward small-talk with Kari. Predictably, these attempts end in tears.

Meanwhile, Jennai sends Izzy a copy of his favorite MMORPG, which requires such dedicated social isolation to play that it actually renders the players and people around them invisible! Unfortunately, Izzy quickly learns that his desktop needs a major RAM upgrade to play the game, so he heads out to the electronics store while his parents fiddle with the settings.

Finally, Sora arrives at the party. Kari knows a party-pooper when she sees one, so she leaves to go hang out with ghosty Boris Karloff and his pals — a good call on her part.

Dialogue Deviation

The episode opens with Lilimon and Vamdemon having a civil convers– never mind, she’s firing a cannon at him.

Vamdemon: “You’d be cute if you were quiet!”
Myotismon: “Do you expect to beat me with geraniums?!”

… yes…

Side Note

Vamdemon removes Lilimon’s color palette with a previously unannounced attack, Dead Scream, which is changed to “Nightmare Claw” in the dub.

Lillymon’s dub scream is very… uh… restrained. Clearly a “I’m not having a good time here” affair, but not nearly as pained and raw as original Lilimon’s.

Dialogue Deviation

[Vamdemon attacks the now-de-colorized Lilimon with Night Raid, and Mimi runs to her aid]
Mimi: “Lilimon! Hang on!”
Mimi: “Oh no! They’re gonna get her!”

“They” being the adorable bats. It’s not as pleasant as it sounds.

[Then Birdramon swoops in, scoops up Lilimon, and flies off]
Mimi: “Sora! Take Lilimon and run!”
Mimi: “Sora, get out! He’s way too strong!”

[Mum Takenouchi kicks Bakemon ass and yells at Sora to run]
Mum Takenouchi: (to Sora) “What are you doing?! Hurry!”
Sora: *escapes on Birdramon* “Mom, Mimi! I’ll come back to save you!”
Mum Takenouchi: (to Sora) “What are you waiting for??” (to the Bakemon) “Get away, you… you THINGS!” (to Sora) “Sora, GO!”
Sora: *escapes* “I’ll come back just as soon as I find the others! Don’t worry, Mom!”

[Meanwhile, Hikari tends to Agumon’s wounds]
Hikari: “It doesn’t hurt, right, Agumon?”
Agumon: “Yeah. Thank you, Hikari.”
Kari: (outside shot of their hiding place) “Poor Agumon! You’re always getting beat up!” (inside) *Kari is tying up Agumon’s wound* “There! How does that feel?”
Agumon: “You’re getting good at this!”

Well, she wouldn’t have so much practice if you didn’t keep getting your ass handed to you.

[Taichi and Yamato discuss the situation]
Taichi: “What?! The entire area of Odaiba is isolated?”
Yamato: “Yeah. It’s definitely Vamdemon’s doing.”
Taichi: “No doubt about it. To get to the eighth child, he’s taken all of Odaiba!”
Yamato: “And children and adults indiscriminately.”
Taichi: “… Damn it!” *kicks a can*
Tai: “No way!”
Matt: “Way! It’s true! I saw the whole thing! A 64-inch pizza, and he ate it all himself!
Tai: “That creepazoid! He could have shared! He’s cut off the whole, entire district!”
Matt: “Mm-hmm! It’s that crazy fog bank of his!”
Tai: “I knew I shouldn’t have opened an account there! This is insane! Holding thousands of people prisoner?! Just so he can find the eighth child!”
Matt: “And there’s no telling what he’ll do if he doesn’t find her!”
*Tai kicks a can*

[Hikari laments that it’s all her fault over the BGM Dusk D:]
Taichi: “No, it’s not, Hikari! This isn’t your fault. It’s Vamdemon’s fault!”
Tai: “Now don’t say that! It’s not your fault; it’s just the way things are. It’s called ‘destiny’.”

Some people are destined to get kidnapped! It’s just the way things are – nothing to worry about!

Then Tai assures Kari that he’ll bring her “little buddy Gatomon” back with their parents. Not like Gatomon’s important or anything; she’s probably got the kidnapping destiny, too. Tough break!

Hikari: “Big brother, please get Tailmon, too.”
Taichi: “Yeah, leave it to me!”
Kari: “Okay. Please be careful.”
Tai: “Hey! Aren’t I always?”

Shortly thereafter, he dashes off and stumbles down the stairs. XD A+ writing! In the original, he didn’t stumble; he just ran off sweatily.

[Koushirou opens up his computer to check e-mail and Digidit]
Gennai’s e-mail: “Hello! No, wait – now’s not that time for that!”
Tentomon: “Right, right!”
Jennai’s e-mail: “Greetings! Salutations from cyberspace!”
Tentomon: “Oh, get to the point!”

Seriously! And don’t call me or come to my desk after you send the e-mail to tell me, “hey, I just sent you an e-mail”! The software tells me that when I get the e-mail; you don’t have to tell me again!!

Gennai’s email: “Since this is an emergency, I’ll explain something more important. First of all: set up a Digital Barrier.”
Koushirou: “Digital Barrier?”
Jennai’s e-mail: “This is no time for pleasantries! You’re in a tight spot, eh? The first thing to do it put up a Digital Barrier.”
Izzy: “A Digital WHAT??”

“Barrier”, Izzy, not “bear”, and definitely not that kind of “bear”.

[Koushirou is loading up the barrier]
Tentomon: “Koushirou, you have to hurry! They’ll be here soon!”
Koushirou: “I know!”
Tentomon: “Oh, the Bakemon are getting closer every second! Can’t you go any faster, Izzy?!”
Izzy: “I’m trying! I told Dad I need a quicker modem!”

“But he was all like, ‘NoOoOo!’ ‘It’S nOt ThE mOdEm, SoN! OuR pRoViDeR cAps Us At 3MbPs, AnD wE sHaRe BaNdWiDtH wItH tHe NeIgHbOrS!’ ‘StOp ReAdInG tHaT DiGiDiT sUb, IzZy. ThEy’Re JuSt MeSsInG wItH yOu!’ COD, Dad!”

Side Note

In both versions, Gennai’s chatty e-mail was pre-recorded, but in the dub, Izzy is still talking to it as though it can hear him, and that’s pretty enjoyable. The dub also uses Jennai’s regular voice for the e-mail, but in the original, the voice was slightly modulated at a higher pitch.

Gennai also specified to Koushirou that he needed to download the Digital Barrier program to a different computer than his laptop, but he doesn’t give an explanation for why, so the dub reasonably leaves that detail out.

Dialogue Deviation

[Over at the ferries, T.K. and his mother are finding they are not a viable option for getting through the fog]
Mama Takaishi: “This is a problem… What should we do? He said even the water transit is down…”
Some Angry Dude: “How will I get to Odaiba by the afternoon?!”
Mama Takaishi: “I’m getting a bad feeling from this crowd. I think maybe we should be going, T.K.”
Some Angry Dude: “Hey, what do you suggest I do?! My family’s in there!”
Some Angry Lady: “Mine, too!”
Some Angry Dude: “Karen??”
Some Angry Lady: “Jeffrey?? What are you doing out here? I thought you were in the fog!”
Some Angry Dude: “I couldn’t get to work because SOMEONE here doesn’t know how to drive a boat in the fog! What are you doing here?”
Some Angry Lady: “I couldn’t take Jaren to daycare because SOMEONE didn’t know how to drive a train in the fog! They’re on tracks, for Pete’s sake!”
Some Angry Dude: “Wait, so where is Jaren?”
Some Angry Lady: “… aw, shit.”

Crowd Dude: “Yurikamome and the Rainbow Bridge are closed, too!”
Another Crowd Dude: “Do something!”
Boat Worker Dude: “Calm down! Please don’t be upset!”
Boat Worker Dude: “Please, stay calm!”
Crowd Dude: “You stay calm!”
Another Crowd Dude: “Yeah!”
Boat Worker Dude: “In cases of emergency, you might try renting a private boat down at the harbor and getting your own dumb ass lost in the fog! That’s all I can suggest for now — sorry!”

I like the dude who yells back, “you stay calm!” XD

We cut to Phantomon and more Bakemon abducting families in Koushirou’s family’s apartment building, and Phantomon sings, “come out, come out, wherever you are~!” in the dub.

[In the Izumis’ apartment, Mom Izumi implores Koushirou to get off the computer and flee with them. He refuses]
Koushirou: “Just a little longer! Please wait just a little longer!”
Izzy: “Trust me; I know what I’m doing!”


Izzy: “Just give me another couple of minutes here!”

[Mom Izumi attempts to pry Koushirou from the computer. She is calmed by her husband]
Dad Izumi: “Let’s believe in Koushirou… in our son. Isn’t that what we’ve always done?”
Mom Izumi: “Dear…”
Bad Dad Izumi: “Dear, maybe he knows what he’s doing.”


Bad Dad Izumi: “Let’s trust the boy, all right? The kids seem to know more about it than we do.”
Mom Izumi: “You’re right!”
Bad Dad Izumi: “Go for it, son!”

He has a name, you know.

Side Note

In the scene above, Koushirou’s mother is panicked about the incoming ghoulies, but Izzy’s mother is stern. She sounds more angry than frightened, really. The impact of when she calms down to trust her son ends up being dampened in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Phantomon and pals arrive at their door]
Phantomon: “This place is next.”
Phantomon: “Next! Trick or tre~at!”

This house better not give us boxes of raisins again…

[Nothing to see here but a floating golf club]
Phantomon: “Huh. They’re not here.”
Bakemon: “Huh… that’s funny. I could have sworn…”
Phantomon: “There’s no one here. Let’s get moving!”

They didn’t even leave a bowl of candy out for us! Damn it!

Side Note

Tentomon declares the Digital Barrier a success, and dub Tentomon’s “ooooops!” when the Izumis hear him talking is priceless. XD

Dialogue Deviation

[Back at where the captured parents are being held… captive]
Daddy Yagami: “What are you going to do to us?!”
Some Lady: “Give back our children!”
PicoDevimon: “All of you are going to become very important to Lord Vamdemon! Until then, sleep quietly.” *hypno-eye-beams*
Daddy Kamiya: “Well, what are you going to do with us?!”
Some Lady: “Now what’s going to happen?!”
PicoDevimon: “Well, if I told you now, it would just simply ruin the surprise that’s comin’ up! In the meantime, why doesn’t everybody take a little nap?” *hypno-eye-beams*

Now you’re speaking my language! *yawn* Later!

Side Note

The Tachikawas are taking this surprisingly well!

I like the guy who sleeps with his butt elevated.

Dialogue Deviation

Over where Gatomon is screening the children, Myotismon’s threat to them if she lies is the same, though he substitutes “destroy” for “kill”, as expected.

[Back at Hinode Pier, Jou is knocked around in a crowd before managing to break free, and then he finds a familiar friend!]
Takeru: “Jou, you weren’t in Odaiba?”
Jou: “I was in cram school when this all happened.”
T.K.: “I thought you’d be in town with the others!”
Joe: “No, I was across the harbor when the power went out.”

Taking a dodgy back-alley exam, if you recall.

Takeru: “Hey, that fog must be…”
Jou: “Yeah. It’s probably Vamdemon’s doing. Right now, Odaiba must be…”
T.K.: “So… we’re both stuck out here… while everyone else is in there!”
Joe: “Yeah. Who knows what Myotismon’s planning to do inside that evil blanket of fog?”

DemiDevimon is letting us take a nap; pass that evil blanket here!

Takeru: “Big brother…”
Jou: “I’m going to do whatever it takes to get to Odaiba!”
T.K.: “Not so good…”
Joe: “All right, enough talk! It’s time for action! We gotta get there!”

That’s right – nap time will be over soon!

[Gomamon evolves to Ikkakumon to give them a ride across the bay, but Mama Takaishi spots them and disapproves. Takeru assures her that Ikkakumon is a friend]
Jou: “Um, pleased to meet you! I’m KIDO Jou from sixth grade! I’ll take good care of Takeru, so please don’t worry!”
Mama Takaishi: “Takeru!”
Takeru: “Mama, don’t worry! I’ll be fine!”
Mama Takaishi: “Takeru!”
Takeru: “I’m headed off to where big brother and Papa are!”
Mama Takaishi: “Dear… Protect those children…”

Joe: “It’s very nice to meet you, ma’am! I was in T.K.’s woodworking class at summer camp! He nearly cut off one of my fingers, but that’s a whole different story! I won’t go into it right now!”
Mama Takashi: “I didn’t sign T.K. up for woodworking! Please stop! I don’t understand!”
T.K.: “Don’t worry! The saw slipped, but I missed him by a mile! He wasn’t hurt! I won’t make that mistake again!
Mama Takaishi: “That’s not what I’m talking about!!”
T.K.: “So long, Mom! I’ll be back with Matt and Dad by dinner time!!”
Mama Takaishi: “Oh no… I lost all of them now!”

Leash laws exist for a reason, lady!

Section: Eyecatch

Remember to have your loved ones microchipped to prevent this exact situation!

Dialogue Deviation

[Back at the Izumi residence, Koushirou is back to dicking around on the computer]
Gennai: “It looks like the Digital Barrier is safely in place.”
Koushirou: “Yes.”
Gennai: “Then listen well: the unusual fog around Odaiba is a barrier created by Vamdemon.”
Koushirou: “As I thought…”
Jennai: “So Izzy, if you’re still listening to me, that means the Digital Barrier must have worked.”
Izzy: “Like a charm!”
Jennai: “The fog barrier surrounding the entire district is not a natural phenomenon. It’s Myotismon’s doing.”
Izzy: “Well, duh!”

Finally, something Izzy and I can agree on!

Tentomon: “In other words, we’re like bugs in a temple garden*?”
Gennai: “The source of the barrier is here. Once you’re inside, you should be able to eliminate the barrier.”
Tentomon: “Yeah, but what do we do about it?”
Jennai: “You’re probably wondering when I’m going to tell you what you can do about it! The source of the fog is here. Attack its source and you should be able to bring down the barrier. To activate the “attack the source” feature, upgrade to Digital Barrier Pro for only $19.95 a month!

*”Bugs in a temple garden” (oterakago no mushi 「お寺篭の虫」) is probably a play on the phrase “bug in a basket” (kago no mushi 「かごのむし」), which is a trapped insect, so a bug in a temple garden would be an insect in a safe, secluded place.

Side Note

The Fuji TV station is just “a TV station” in the dub. Could be any one of them!

Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: “Dad, Mom… I don’t know when those guys will come again. For the time being, please stay put. You’ll be safe as long as you stay in this room.”
Mom Izumi: “Koushirou! Be careful. Be sure to come back safely, okay? To us.”
Koushirou: “… Okay. I’ll be back!”
Tentomon: “Wait for me!”
Mom Izumi: “Wait! You’ve grown so much, Izzy, and it’s obvious you can take care of yourself, but you will always be my little boy. So please, son, be careful.”
Izzy: “… I will. Don’t worry about me, Mom!”
Tentomon: “I’ll make sure he’s safe!”

R.I.P. Izzy

[Outside of where the captives are being held, a Bakemon is on break]
Bakemon: “I’m completely beat again… Bakemon sure do have it rough.” *sighs*
Bakemon on a moment’s rest: “Never a moment’s rest! It’s always, ‘seize her’ or ‘grab him’ or ‘go terrorize that old lady’…” *sighs* “I’m one pooped spook!”

It’s a dream job, but it’s tough!

Side Note

I hope you’re not here for insight as to what is happening in this scene, because I have no idea. It looks like maybe Agumon hurt Taichi and himself when he landed? Like maybe he landed on Taichi’s foot and inadvertently kicked himself in the dino nuggets? Taichi seems fine, though. It’s funny and weird!

He howls in the dub, which only raises more questions.

Then Sora swoops in from above and tells Tai the people are being held at “the convention center”. In the original, the name of the place they’re being held is “Big Sight”, which is indeed a convention and exhibition center.


Tai then informs Sora he wants her to “hook up with Matt”, which, again: “hook up” used to mean “meet up”. He is not advising her love life.

Dialogue Deviation

Dub Phantomon then watches Sora fly away with Birdramon, chuckles, and tells himself, “the plot thickens”. I just said he WASN’T advising her love life, Phantomon! They’re 11!

Section: Cut or moved footage

After we see what’s going on in and around the TV station (with Papa Ishida and Koushirou and Tentomon), the dub throws in a weird-looking wipe between scenes instead of the original’s usual cut or fade. This is where they moved yet another scene: inside of Big Sight, where Taichi lurks as he makes his away in.

Taichi: “Wait for me, Hikari. I’ll be sure to save everyone!”
Tai: (thinking) “Hang in there, Mimi! I’ll get all of you out! I promised Kari. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother, but since I promised…

Dialogue Deviation

Then the scene changes with another wipe to Yamato and Hikari making small talk, and Hikari explains that Wizarmon is Tailmon’s friend who is now swimmin’ with the fishes. Kari simply claims he “got captured” and muses that it must be awful to lose one’s best friend. Can’t be that hard; nobody even bothered trying to fish him out…

[Yamato makes the mistake of being honest with Hikari’s concerns, and she starts crying. Way to go, jerk!]
Gabumon: “Don’t make her cry, Yamato!”
Gabumon: “Nice work! Have some compassion! Can’t you see she’s worried about her family? You’re worried about yours, aren’t you?”
Matt: “Eh.”

Side Note

The bridge that Jou and Takeru approach is the Rainbow Bridge joining Odaiba with mainland Tokyo – just “the bridge” in the dub.


Dialogue Deviation

[Ikkakumon approaches the bridge, when SUDDENLY]
Jou: “Huh? Did something move just now?”
Takeru: “Eh? Where?”
Jou: “Look, from around there…”
Patamon: “It’s MegaSeadramon!”

Joe: “Is your tummy rumbling, or did I hear something?”
T.K.: “Like what?”
Joe: “Wait! What’s up there by the bridge?!”
Patamon: “I knew this was too easy!”

Well, why didn’t you say anything?!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “MegaSeadramon: an Aquatic-type Digimon evolved from Seadramon. Its special attack is a lightning-shaped blade called Thunder Javelin.”
Patamon: “That’s MegaSeadramon! The regular, old Seadramon was bad enough, but compared to this fully Digivolved version, it was just an angry guppy!”

MegaSeadramon is a Perfect/Ultimate-level Digimon – not fully evolved. His attack, Thunder Javelin, keeps its name in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[MegaSeadramon begins destroying the bridge]
Jou: “Ahh! The Rainbow Bridge..!”
Joe: “Oh great! We’ll probably get blamed for this!”

Everything was fine until you showed up!

[Ikkakumon hits MegaSeadramon with Harpoon Vulcan]
Jou: “You did it! It’s a hit!”
Joe: “Bullseye! Right on the button!”

That was the self-destruct button for the bridge, you fool!

[Jou and Takeru are knocked off of Ikkakumon, and Jou rescues Takeru from drowning with a convenient piece of driftwood]
Jou: “I promised your mother… That I’ll protect you… I promised… to prote-…” *sinks underwater*
Joe: “Just hang on tight to that, and you’ll be all right! I wouldn’t want your mom to worry about ya! You’re just a kid… I’m responsible for you…” *sinks*

[Ikkakumon has evolved to Zudomon]
T.K.: “Whoa! Who’s that, Patamon?”
Patamon: “Don’t worry; he’s one of ours!”

He JUST evolved right in front of you!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Zudomon: a Power-type Digimon who evolves from Ikkakumon. His special attack releases sparks from his strongest weapon, the Thor Hammer, Hammer Spark!”
Patamon: “That’s Zudomon! He’s the fully Digivolved version of Ikkakumon. I was wondering when he’d finally show up!”

… Yeah, that sounds like Gomamon…

Zudomon’s attack, Hammer Spark, is renamed “Vulcan’s Hammer”.

Side Note

I guess the writers really haven’t looked farther ahead into the script, because they keep mistaking these new forms as “final” forms. Granted, only two Chosen Digimon will reach a more advanced form in Adventure (can YOU guess who they are?), but just say it’s the “Ultimate” form! It’s still wrong, but at least it’s dub-canonically accurate!

And now not only is “Hey, Digimon” playing, but Zudomon scoops Jou up out of the water, and the dub has his Digivice doing that horrible squealing sound the whole time! That’s a terrible combination!

Dialogue Deviation

[Jou’s Digivice lasers a hole in the fog]
Takeru: “Jou! Look!”
Jou: “The fog… It’s clearing up!”
Joe: “He’s cutting an opening in the fog bank!”


Jou: “Go, Zudomon!”
Joe: “That’s my Digimon!”

Takeru: “If we don’t hurry, the fog will close back up!”
Jou: “All right, let’s go!”
T.K.: “Hey! We’d better get going before the fog bank closes again!”
Joe: “You’ve got a point! The drive-up ATM fee is ridiculous! Engines ahead full, Zudomon!”

… what?

[Koushirou meanders through the TV station]
Koushirou: “The main source of the barrier should be around here somewhere… If we attack that…”
Izzy: “All right, keep your eyes peeled. Now, if I were a fog barrier-generator, where would I be?”

Check in Facilities. … No, not those facilities!

[Elsewhere, Yamato and Hikari are found by Sora AND…]
Phantomon: “It makes no difference if I find the eighth child or beat all of you! It ends here! Go!”
Phantomon: “I have a suggestion! You see, I never understood why the master is wasting all this time searching for the eighth child when it would be so much easier just to destroy you all! SbuuUUuuUUuuHH!”

That’s a ghosty moan at the end there. A ghosty “sbuh” moan.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Tuskmon: a Power Digimon who charges through any obstacle. His special attack is Panzer Knuckle.”
Phantomon: “Say ‘hello’ to Tuskmon, and watch out! Avoiding his razor-sharp horns is no easy ‘tusk’! Hahaha… sorry!”

That was adorable.

Narrator: “Snimon: resembling a praying mantis, this is a brutal and very evil Insect-type Digimon. His special attack is Shadow Sickle.”
Phantomon: “And here’s the second member of out tag team: Snimon, a deadly ‘pray’ing mantis Digimon, which is so appropriate, because you’re all about to become his ‘prey’!”

Also adorable. Shadow Sickle becomes “Twin Sickles”.

Dialogue Deviation

[Garurumon is thrown back over a building by Tuskmon’s punch]
Yamato: “Garurumon!”
Matt: “Hey! You’re going the wrong way!”

Not helping, Matt!

Section: Cut or moved footage

(1 sec) Phantomon throws the ball thingy at the end of his chain-sickle at Yamato.

Side Note

Original: when Birdramon evolves to Garudamon, the three opening chords to Brave Heart play, but the background song Despair (zetsubou 「絶望」) continues playing instead.

Dub: the theme song plays during her evolution as usual, then the “fight time” music resumes.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(1 sec) Yamato went and got himself strangled again.

Dialogue Deviation

[Phantomon is choking Yamato with the chain of his chain-sickle]
Phantomon: “Kind of chokes you up, doesn’t it? Ahahahaha…”

I love dub Phantomon.

[Hikari surrenders herself to the baddies so they’ll stop hurting her friends]
Phantomon: “What a sweet-hearted kid. Very well.”
Phantomon: “What a refreshingly helpful attitude! It’s a deal.”

It’s so nice to finally get some help around here these days!

[Phantomon calls off his pals]
Hikari: “Thank you.”
Sora: “Don’t, Hikari!”
Yamato: “You can’t go!”
Sora: “Hikari!!”
Kari: “I’m ready.”
Sora: “Hurry, Matt! Stop her!”
Matt: “No, Kari! You don’t know what you’re doing!”

She might know what she’s doing. You don’t know!

Matt: “Kari!!”
Sora: “Oh no, Matt! What are we going to do?”
Matt: “I don’t know! You were RIGHT THERE! Why didn’t YOU do anything?? Tai is gonna be so mad at me!”

You had one job, Matt. One job. “Don’t get your ass kicked so hard that Kari has to surrender herself to the enemy to save it.” AND WHAT DID YOU DO?

Section: Cut or moved footage

Here is where the scene of Taichi infiltrating Big Sight was in the original.

The Digi-Verdict

This is kind of a slow-moving episode, but it’s pretty emotionally tense in the original. Lilimon is hurt, Mimi is trapped among the baddies, everybody’s parents are trapped, Jou almost drowns, and then Yamato gets strangled! The dub’s levity and cuts break up the emotional involvement. The dub does continue moving scenes around to change cliffhangers; this time to make Kari’s surrender the cliffhanger instead of Taichi, unaware of what’s happened to Hikari, trying to get into Big Sight. That’s kind of annoying, but they try to make up for it with a) Izzy talking to Jennai’s e-mail as though it can hear him and reply, and b) Izzy telling Jennai’s e-mail, “well, DUH” when he talks about the fog being Myotismon’s work. That’s not enough, though. I give it an F, for “fog bank”, from which my life fog savings have been pilfered.

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  • Michapfan says:

    “I hope you’re not here for insight as to what is happening in this scene, because I have no idea. It looks like maybe Agumon hurt Taichi and himself when he landed? Like maybe he landed on Taichi’s foot and inadvertently kicked himself in the dino nuggets? Taichi seems fine, though. It’s funny and weird!”

    When I watched this on Hulu, Tai is beating up a Bakemon in that scene trying to get information out of it and Agumon’s howl seems to be an intimidation.

    As far as “fully evolved”, I think the dub writers believe that most Digimon can only get naturally reach the Perfect/Ultimate level and the level beyond that is a rare bonus. Most of the ones they refer to as “fully evolved” never digivolve again in this series so that form might as well be their last.

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