Digimon Adventure S01E35

Odaiba’s Fairy! Lilymon Blooms(JP)

Flower Power (EN)

Written by:

EN: R.D. Chamberlain and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

First aired:

JP: November 7, 1999
EN: February 5, 2000

Section: Summary

Myotismon dramatically sets the stage for his upcoming interviews to hire Gatomon’s replacement, and word quickly gets around quickly about a high-ranking position opening up at the Digital World Health Department. So many people are flocking to the interview site that additional Bakemon are brought on for crowd control! Streets are closed to make way for parking, and even the local television station gets a piece of the action! Piyomon failed to meet the application requirements and was rejected right away, and she took her frustration out on the hapless-yet-stylish ghost of Boris Karloff. Togemon evolved to Lillymon to look her best for her meeting with Myotismon, and we’ll find out how that went next time!

Side Note

Our beloved Boléro plays for nearly the entire episode in the original – pretty much up until it’s time for Brave Heart and the ending drama. The dub uses its standard set of background music, which is understandable. Boléro still won’t be public domain in the US until 2025.

Dialogue Deviation

[Vamdemon works on his fog]
Vamdemon: “Soon this fog barrier will be completed. Then this land will become a hell.”
Myotismon: “Ha! It’s almost done!” *maniacal laugh* “Soon now, not in fire or ice, but in fog, this world will be mine!”

… Is it too late to switch to fire?

[Meanwhile, Palmon tries to eat like a plant]
Palmon: “Tokyo’s soil doesn’t taste good…”
Mimi: “Well… This place used to be a part of the ocean. I’ll give you this.” *pours bottled water out for Palmon*
Palmon: “Thank you.”
Palmon: “Yuck! This soil’s polluted!” *grunts* “Tastes like gasoline and old candy wrappers!”
Mimi: “I’ve got this bottled water. Try it! It’s fresh and pure as a winter morning in the Swiss Alps!”
Palmon: “Hm?”
Mimi: *giggles* “At least, that’s what it says on the bottle.”
Palmon: “‘kay! Pour it on my roots!”

[Mimi sees her dad coming]
*No dialogue.*
Palmon: “Yummy!” *yodels and yes it’s weird*”

I guess all that gasoline and candy wrapperage needed was some water to bring the flavors together!

[In the kitchen of the Tachikawa household, Mama Tachikawa has prepared dinner!]
Papa Tachikawa: “Approved! This is delicious!”
Mama Tachikawa: “Good! Eat as much as you want! ‘Ahh!'”
Papa Tachikawa: “Aahh~!”
Mama Tachikawa: “Aahh~!”
Mama Tachikawa: “You mean it? Oh, I’m so glad you like it! You mean it?”
Papa Tachikawa: “I mean it!”
Mama Tachikawa: “Really?”
Papa Tachikawa: “Really!”

Your strawberry died.

Side Note

Original Mama Tachikawa made kimchee fried rice. In the dub, it’s shrimp fried rice. Both are topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(2 sec) We are faced with a graded exam showing a score of 54. It’s Jou’s! He did bad.

It’s cut from the dub – probably to avoid translating or re-writing the exam, or to not have Joe looking at a blank exam he somehow failed, even though that would have been funny.

Dialogue Deviation

Narrator: “Around this time, Jou was outside of Odaiba.”
Jou: “A 54. This is the worst grade I’ve gotten in all my eleven years!”
Gomamon: “Cheer up! Life has its ups and downs!”
Jou: “I have detention today, so I should call home.”
Joe: “I can’t believe I got a ‘C’!”

Oh, honey. Sweetie… A 54 isn’t a ‘C’…

Joe: “There goes med school, and my dad wanted me to call right away and tell him my grades!”
Gomamon: “A ‘C’?! Forget about Myotismon; this is a real disaster.”
Joe: “You’re right! Clearly, this grade is the result of all the stress from the monster attacks!”
Gomamon: “Well, if you can’t get into medical school, I’d try politics!”

Gomamon, don’t go into career counseling, please.

Side Note

So Jou is in cram school, which explains how he has a recent grade during the summer, but Joe is just studying over summer to prepare. So, uh… who had him take that exam?

And is that where they had him take it? Something ain’t right here…

On an unrelated note: he’s never gotten such a poor grade in eleven years (and “eleven”, juuichi 「十一」, is what he says!), but Jou is 12 in Digimon Adventure. Was he failing exams as a baby, or is his birthday yet to pass? We may never know!

The characters do not have canonical birthdays in Digimon Adventure (Miyako has one in 02), but Jou is in 6th grade and one year ahead of Sora, Taichi, and Yamato, who are all 11. He’s either 12 or close to it.

The lack of canonical birthdays was confirmed by series director Hiroyuki KAKUDOU on Twitter when asked by a fan. That fan was kind enough to post a translation of their conversation on their own Tumblr site!

Digimon creator speaks about Chosen Children birthdays (or lack thereof)

The source statement (in Japanese) can be found here.

A transliteration, for learners
本当ですか? http://i.imgur.com/Hv7W70n.jpghontō desu ka? [image link]
本当ではありません。誕生日の設定があるのは京だけです。ほかのキャラクターは誕生日の設定はありませんhontō de wa* arimasen. tanjōbi no settei ga aru no Miyako dake desu. hoka no KYARAKUTĀ wa* tanjōbi no settei wa* arimasen

*The character は is pronounced “wa” when used as an article in a sentence, but it’s otherwise pronounced “ha”.

Elsewhere, we get to meet Yamato and Takeru’s father, and we get to see where he works! Papa Ishida is uniquely more involved in this arc’s story than the other parents. His co-worker, Chioka, is named Charlie in the dub.

Chioka is the character’s surname (last name/family name). Though I give full names in the international format (‘Given FAMILY’, or ‘First LAST’), when we’re only given the surname, there’s no reason to disambiguate with the capitalization. If I knew his given name, I’d write his full name like ‘Amadeus CHIOKA’.

His name isn’t Amadeus. Don’t tell people I said that.

In Japan, colleagues usually refer to one another by surname at work, because using a person’s given/first names assumes a more personal (not strictly professional) relationship, which can be considered disrespectful if it’s not someone you work closely with (or worse: someone who turns out to be your superior!). There are exceptions, of course – some people invite their peers to call them by their given names.

Dialogue Deviation

[At Papa Ishida’s workplace, his co-worker runs by him]
Papa Ishida: “What’s going on, Chioka?”
Chioka: “Oh, Ishida, you’re awake? We’ve got a problem! Nothing from our station is going out!”
Papa Ishida: “What?”
Chioka: “The cause is unknown – a system crash, or the digital connections. Transmission, reception – it’s all down!”
Charlie: “I was just coming to get you! The whole system’s gone down – transmitters, satellite beam, the whole shebang!”
Papa Ishida: “What?”
Charlie: “If it’s a systems glitch, it’s like the Godzilla of all systems glitches, but we can’t even check it out because communications are down too it’s like the end of the world or something!”

Like Boléro, “Godzilla” is not in the public domain. Good luck defending yourself in court with those run-on sentences, Charlie!

Side Note

Back to Vamdemon and his fog: Vamdemon’s evil laugh is still monotonous and creepy, even as it echos triumphantly over the city. Richard Epcar, however, is in it to win it, and by “it”, I mean the maniacal laugh competition in which he is undefeatable.

Dialogue Deviation

[In the subway. Yeah, there’s a lot of jumping between scenes in this episode]
Subway Announcement: “Due to heavy fog, we will not be able to provide any train service to Odaiba. We do not know when service will resume.”
Subway Announcement: “Due to a systems failure, all trains will be delayed indefinitely. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Gotta wonder what “system” failed. Was it Windows? I bet it was Windows.

[Out the subway, Jou has found that the public phones are not working, either]
Gomamon: “This world has a lot going on, too…”
Gomamon: “It could be worse. We could be stuck on the train!”

The doors open automatically in emergencies — how is that worse?!

[Now back at Papa Ishida’s workplace]
Co-worker: “The phones and cell phones aren’t working, either.”
Co-worker: “Even my cell phone isn’t working. Of course, it wasn’t working before, but still…”

You have to turn it on first. What is with these people?

[Where is Papa Ishida going?]
Papa Ishida: “Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to investigate. That’s our job.”
Papa Ishida: “To earn my pay. To investigate this thing. That’s what I do, after all!”

He totally has that “handsome renegade” look on his face when he says it, too.



Side Note

Sakurada (given name also unknown), their co-worker who was listening to his headphones, is renamed Jeremiah in the dub, which is revealed in a later scene.

He’s also listening to some kind of self-affirmation tape in the dub. In the original, he’s listening to sutras.

Dialogue Deviation

[It’s bedtime for Taichi and Hikari]
Hikari: “Tailmon…”
Taichi: “Wait until tomorrow. We’ll go with everyone else to save her.”
Agumon: “Hikari, you and Taichi are too worried to sleep, but you should still try!”

Kari: “Hey, Tai. Do you think Gatomon’s okay?”
Tai: “Sure she is, Kari. She’s only in the hands of our most powerful foe yet, who is apparently known for killing his own followers. First thing tomorrow, we’ll go find her.”
Agumon: “Don’t worry. I think we had better go to bed. We’ll need our rest to fight Myotismon. Don’t want to fall asleep on the job, do ya?”

Pssht. Kari could take him in her sleep!

[Hikari goes to bed]
Taichi: “Will you be able to sleep?”
Hikari: “I’ll try.”
Taichi: “Yeah. Just leave everything to me.”
Tai: “You scared, Kari?”
Kari: “Not really.”
Tai: “Atta girl. Leave everything to me.”
Kari: “Now I’m scared.”

[At the Tachikawa home]
Mimi: “Well, good night!”
Mama and Papa Tachikawa: “Good night!”
Mimi: “I’m dying my clothes pink again! Ah-heh!”
Mama Tachikawa: “Okay!”

Wait — do mine, too!

Section: Cut or moved footage
A handwritten note reading, in Japanese: "Oyaji he, SABA no nikete reizouko ni iri, shitagi wa sentakuki", where it cust off; in English, this means: "To Dad, there's boiled mackerel in the fridge and underwear in the washing machine."

A shot of a note Yamato left for Papa Ishida is replaced with a shot of the TV screen in all its static-y, useless glory.

Oyaji he
SABA no nikete
reizōko ni iri,
shitagi wa sentakuki*
Dad, there’s boiled mackerel in the fridge and underwear in the washing machine. Don’t get those two mixed up.

Poor Dub Papa Ishida will never find his underwear now…

*Sentakuki (washing machine) is also written 洗濯機, but Yamato is in Primary School, so he might not know that center kanji yet. The informal pronunciation is sentakki, so it’s also possible he was just trying to be polite to his papa, because he’s cool like that. ♡

The road blocks are translated:

The original sign does say “thick fog warning” (noumu chūi 「濃霧注意」) and “road closed” (tsuukōdome, 「通行止」), but I’m a fan of the dub sign saying “beware of fog”, like “beware of dog”.

Side Note

The original scene of the road block is silent, but the dub adds in sounds of a crowd apparently trying to get through. Turns out having the signs in English doesn’t really help if nobody bothers to read them.

Dialogue Deviation

[Roads are closed. Papa Ishida gets down to business]
Papa Ishida: “So, the fog is here.”
Chioka: “Only Odaiba is completely covered.”
Co-worker: “It’s as if someone is controlling the fog. Like a magician?”
Sakurada: “Maybe we should get back to the station.”
Papa Ishida: “The fog’s disrupting our entire area.”
Charlie: “Why isn’t any other part of town seeing fog?”
Co-worker: “It’s like some alien power’s controlling the fog bank with magic or something.”
Jeremiah: “Magic? Stop trying to scare me.”

Someone’s fog bank account must be OVERDRAWN BA-DUM TSSH! … What do you mean, I’m “not supposed to say ‘ba-dum tssh'”??

[A DarkTyranomon strolls by their stake-out van]
Co-worker: “You saw that, right?” (they affirm such)
Co-worker: “You both saw it?!” (they affirm such) “Good. At least I know I’m not the only one going crazy!”

We go crazy as a team around here!

Papa Ishida: “This fog may have something to do with the monsters.”
Papa Ishida: “What’s the connection? Somehow, the fog’s tied in with these monsters we keep seeing.”

Maybe it’s just monster farts?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Gizamon: although they prefer to live underwater, these ferocious Child Level Digimon can jump on land like frogs.”
A Gizamon: “Let the human scream; it doesn’t bother us Gizamon! We travel in packs, creating terror, whether on land or underwater!”

In the dub scene when they’re introduced, they have silly “broing” bouncing sounds that accompany their jumps. XD It’s cute as hell.

Dialogue Deviation

[There’s a television broadcast the following morning]
TV Broadcast: “It’s fog! The fog has completely covered Odaiba! We can’t receive any contact from inside! The residents’ safety is unknown!”
TV Broadcast: “An impenetrable fog has sealed off the main district of the city. Incoming reports also verify that all communication systems appear to have been rendered useless.”

They’ve called it “Odaiba” in the dub before. I don’t know why they’re pretending only part of the district is affected.

[Watching this broadcast]
Takeru: “I have to go.”
Mama Takaishi: “Takeru!”
Takeru: “I have to go! Big brother and Papa are in there! Let me go!”
Mama Takaishi: “… Okay. We’ll go together.”
Takeru: “Yeah!”
T.K.: “I’m coming, Matt!”
Mama Takaishi: (aghast) “T.K.!”
T.K.: “I have to go! You don’t understand. Whatever happens, they’ll need me there!”
Mama Takaishi: “Mm-mn.” (denied!)
T.K.: “Aw, Mom… Matt is there, and so is Dad. We can’t just leave them!”
Mama Takaishi: “We absolutely can just leave them! … Ugh… All right, then. We’ll go together. Get your coat, son.”

Section: Cut or moved footage
Jou is enjoying an energy drink known as "Genkizu X"

(2 sec) Jou takes a drink of delicious POISON Genkizu X, an energy drink.

As the clock in the subway and the television Takeru was watching showed, it’s around 6:00 AM at the time of this scene, which means poor Jou either has cram school unreasonably early in the morning, or he’s been stuck away from home all night.

Side Note

Jou specified that he’s headed for Hinode Pier (Hinode sanbashi 「日の出桟橋」), another real location, but Joe just says he’s going to “the pier”. Hinode Pier is located off the mainland in Minato, northwest of Odaiba.


Dialogue Deviation

[Back in the subway, Daddy Yagami is stuck, unable to get to work]
Daddy Yagami: “This isn’t good…”
Daddy Kamiya: “Poor kids…”

The dub seems to have the time flipped to 6:00 PM so he’s going home instead and hopefully referring to his own kids, longing for their father’s presence, and not some tragic incident involving children that we are not privvy to.

Side Note

And we know it’s 6:00 in the morning because we just saw the subway clock, and in Japan, clocks and schedules in the subways are in 24-hour format.


… Also we just saw night-time with Hikari and Taichi going to bed and Papa Ishida and his co-workers investigating the fog.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Phantomon: a Perfect Level Ghost Digimon with his trademark chained scythe. His special attack is…”
Phantomon: “Soul Chopper!”
Phantomon: “I’m Phantomon! You don’t want to be near me or my frightening little friends when I start to swing my… Shadow Scythe!”

Phantomon keeps his name in the dub, and in a moment of dub magnificence, his voice is an impression of Boris Karloff, the old horror movie actor. If you don’t know what he sounds like: Bobby Pickett imitated his voice when he performed the song “Monster Mash”. If you don’t know what the song “Monster Mash” sounds like, your life is sad and I weep for you.

His original voice is high-pitched and puppet-monstery. Boris Karloff is a huge upgrade!

Dialogue Deviation

Phantomon: “Lord Vamdemon’s orders! I’m taking all of you!”
Phantomon: “Myotismon requests your presence, and he won’t take ‘no’ for an answer!”

“He is, however, open to rescheduling if you have a work obligation or a doctor’s note!”

Side Note

It’s not as clear in the dub, but Sora’s morning soccer practice is a scheduled thing, and she expects Taichi to be there. In the dub, she says she’s going “to soccer”, but she doesn’t imply that it’s a regular thing.

Her mother also replied to her in the original. In the dub, she stayed silent as Sora left, which was awkward and weird and not cool! Don’t ignore your daughter!

Mum Takenouchi: “See you later*…” (thinking) “Always with soccer…”

*She says itterasshai 「いってらっしゃい」, which only loosely means “see you later”, in response to Sora saying ittekimasu 「いってきます」 (loosely: “I’ll be back later”). In Japan, when you leave home, you announce “ittekimasu” and whoever hears you replies “itterasshai“. https://www.punipunijapan.com/ittekimasu/

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi is on the phone (or trying to be)]
Taichi: “This is weird…”
Mommy Yagami: “Taichi, don’t you have morning practice?”
Taichi: “This isn’t the time for that!”
Mommy Kamiya: “Oh, your poor father. I hope he’s not still stuck in the subway.”
Tai: “We’re not watching that video again?!”
Mommy Kamiya: “The TV’s still out, sweetie.”

“That video” refers to the grainy footage that intercuts the scene — the three weirdos in masks ringing doorbells. Thankfully, that’s not a creepy “The Ring”-style video that Mommy Kamiya uses to terrorize her children. It’s just a creepy effect the show is using to terrorize us.

[The doorbell rings]
Mommy Yagami: “Really? Look, your teammates are here for you. Yes, good morning!”
Mommy Kamiya: “I wonder who’d be dropping by unannounced! Coming! … Hello?”

They’re also dropping by at 6:00 AM, which should be illegal.

Side Note

… Okay, not really. Japan’s daylight hours usually begin before 6:00 AM because of the country’s position on the planet. That’s why everybody’s awake and the sky is bright in these scenes.


Section: Eyecatch

If it were up to me, daylight hours would begin at 10:00 AM and end at 10:35 AM!

Dialogue Deviation

[Piyomon fights off similar intruders at Sora’s home]
Mum Takenouchi: “You’re… You’re not a stuffed toy?!”
Piyomon: “Where does the soccer club have its morning practice?”
Mum Takenouchi: “You just talked! I saw you! I thought you were a stuffed animal!”
Biyomon: “Well, life’s full of surprises! Where’s the soccer field?”

Not helping, Biyomon!

[Vamdemon flies to where the humans are being held captive]
Vamdemon: “Separate the adults and children. Have all of the children meet Tailmon. We’ll put their necks on the line.”
PicoDevimon: “Why do something so complicated? Killing them all would be much faster.”
Vandemon: “That wouldn’t suit my aesthetics. But…”
Myotismon: “We’ll start by separating the children from their parents. Ahh, how they’ll scream and weep! Delicious!

Delicious, but they make me gassy…

Vamdemon: (to Tailmon) “You understand? If you pretend you don’t know, you’ll be killing them all.”
Gatomon: “I guess you’re not as powerful here in the Real World as you thought you’d be!”
Myotismon: “Power isn’t anything I’d concern myself with if I were you, especially since you don’t have any! You little traitor.”

Also since she has no basis on which to say that, since he seems to be plenty powerful in the Real World. He trapped a city in fog, anyway. What has she done?

[Cut to where Yamato discusses current events with his father and asks what he’s going to do]
Papa Ishida: “I’m going to the station. I want to contact the outside and let them know what’s happening here.”
Papa Ishida: “The station. To try to find someway to communicate with the outside world – smoke signals! Anything!”

Smoke signals. In the fog.

Fucking genius!

Papa Ishida: “Gabumon, was it? Take care of Yamato.”
Gabumon: “I understand.”
Yamato: “Be careful, okay?”
Papa Ishida: “You’ll be safe here. Stay with Gabumon!”
Gabumon: “How do you know about me?”

You’re standing right in front of him.

Gabumon: “Is this all right, Yamato?”
Yamato: “Let’s trust my dad.”
Matt: “But, Dad… how…?”
Papa Ishida: “Never mind ‘how’; just be safe!”
Gabumon: “You know, I think he likes me!”


Side Note

No, it’s never explained how Papa Ishida knows Gabumon’s name. It’s implied that they were introduced between scenes. Or maybe they just live in a tiny apartment and Papa Ishida can hear them talking through the walls.


… it’s probably the between-scenes introduction thing…

Dialogue Deviation

[Speaking of ‘working for the enemy’, Mum Takenouchi and Piyomon arrive at the soccer field dressed in Bakemon sheets, and the field is just COVERED in soccer balls. What do they need that many balls for?!]
Piyomon: “We’re too late.”
Mum Takenouchi: “Sora…”

Mum Takenouchi: “We’ll follow them and find out where they’ve taken her.”
Biyomon: “But will it work?”
Mum Takenouchi: “We’ll see.”


[Cut back to captivity: Sora reassures Mommy Yagami that Greymon did not eat her babies]
Sora: “That dinosaur is on our side. It will come here with other good Digimon to help us.”
Sora: “There’s a lot more where he came from. We’ve got some powerful friends. Besides, we’ve got truth and justice and all that good stuff on our side!”
Mommy Kamiya: “Those things are USELESS! OH COD!!” *sobs*
Sora: “Uhhh…”

[Piyomon and Mum Takenouchi continue their stealthy invasion]
Piyomon: “Let’s look inside this time.”
Biyomon: “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”

Oh, I thought it was an invasion. Turns out it’s just a defection, and they’re joining Myotismon’s army. What a twist!

[Back where the captives are being held… uh… captive, Papa Ishida’s co-workers hatch an escape plan with Taichi’s parents]
Daddy Yagami: “Got it? The men will take down the guards. While we keep them busy, you take the women and children and run.”
Co-worker: “Understood.”
[Green Dino Suit Person pats her on the shoulder]
Daddy Yagami: “You guys want to help, too?”
Co-worker: “How could it be worse?”
Guy in a Green Dino Suit: “You could work for minimum wage in a full rubber suit with kids kicking you all the time! Right, guys?”

At you get the rubber suits. Gear makes us wear suits made of asbestos.

Mama Tachikawa: “Umm…”
Daddy Yagami: “What is it?”
Mama Tachikawa: “Please don’t let my husband participate in anything dangerous!”
Daddy Yagami: “Huh?”
Papa Tachikawa: “Hey now…”
Mama Tachikawa: “Dear, don’t! There are plenty of other men here, so one person is fine, isn’t it?”
Daddy Yagami: “Um, ma’am, that’s…”
Mama Tachikawa: *crying* “He’ll die! If my special someone dies, then I’ll die, too!!”

Daddy Yagami: “Okay, okay! I understand! Well then, Mr. Tachikawa, please escort the women outside.”
Mama Tachikawa: *stops crying and smiles* “Isn’t that great, darling?!”
Mama Tachikawa: “I just can’t stay in this place one second longer!”
Papa Tachikawa: “Well, you’ve been wanting to get away. Look at this as a vacation!”
Mama Tachikawa: “Who asked you to talk?! … I’m sorry, children, I didn’t mean to yell. It’s just that I’m not used to being held captive by creatures from another world.”
Some Other Costume Guy: “Don’t worry, lady, you’ll get used to it!”
Mama Tachikawa: *crying* “But I don’t wanna get used to it! I wanna go home and sleep in my own bed! I wanna live life to the fullest! I wanna clean lint out of my dryer! I wanna pick up after my doggy! I wanna know what’s happening on my soap operas! WAH!” *stops crying and smiles* “I’m so glad I got that off my chest!”

Uh… we all are…

Side Note

I assume one of the writers decided to use Mama Tachikawa’s lament to give voice to their own frustrations with their work, because there really was no excuse for dropping the escape plan and her disapproval of her husband’s assured demise.

Dialogue Deviation

[Sora notices Sakurada]
Sora: “What is he listening to?”
Co-worker: “Sakurada? When he gets stressed, he listens to sutras.”
Sora: “Sutras?”

Sora: “Enough of this; we need a plan!”
Co-worker: “Yeah, Jeremiah. Why don’t you help us instead of listening to those ‘mind over matter’ tapes all the time?”
Sora: “What’d you say?”

She said, “I’m a mean ol’ dickhead who does absolutely nothing to help the situation at all and picks on her co-worker who clearly struggles with moderate-to-severe anxiety.”

Jou: “For ghosts, there’s nothing but sutras of gratitude for god’s grace!”
Sora: “What does that mean?!”
Jou: “With a sutra of gratitude for god’s grace, Lord Bakemon’s power will weaken!”
Joe: “The only way to weaken Bakemon is with mind over matter!”
Sora: “Huh? ‘Mind over’ what?”
Joe: “It’s an old Roman technique. You repeat a phrase over and over again, and it helps you focus your mind!”

It’s as useless against ghosts today as it was back in Rome!

[Flashback over]
Mommy Yagami: “Dear…”
Daddy Yagami: “It’ll be okay.”
Sora: “That’s it! We need some of you to attack the Bakemon, creating a diversion, while the rest of us come up with a ‘mind over matter’ chant!”
Mommy Kamiya: “What’s that mean?”
Daddy Kamiya: “She’s clearly delusional and possibly violent. Just do what she says, all right?”

[Initiate Operation: Bust Out from the Ghosts Aw, Shit, I Should Have Said It The Other Way No Stop Writing This]
Daddy Yagami: “Hurry!”
Co-worker: “Everyone, stay close to me!”
Co-worker: “Women and children, follow me!”

Side Note

In the scene above, Daddy Kamiya’s mouth moves as he obviously shouts an order, but in the dub, no words come out.

Then he gives an outright FIERCE battle cry that no doubt reduced those Bakemon to tears. He sounds like a proper wildcat or something – damn! Mommy Kamiya is a lucky woman!

Dialogue Deviation

Sora: “Listen to this!” *holds the boombox over her head and a sutra plays*
Sora: “Pump up the volume!” *holds the boombox over her head* “IN YOUR EYES / THE LIGHT, THE HEAT / YOUR EYES” “Bakemon, lose your power! Bakemon, lose your power!”

[Just when they think they’re safe: DarkTyranomon out of nowhere!]
Mama Tachikawa: “All right! We made it! … There’s one here, too!”
Mama Tachikawa: “We made it! We’re safe at at last! … Oops! Spoke too soon!”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “DarkTyranomon: a ferocious Digimon whose heart and body have been taken over by an evil computer virus. Its special attack is Fire Blast.”
Palmon: “It’s DarkTyrannomon! He was actually a nice guy once – until he was taken over by an evil computer virus and his personality did a 180!”

Dialogue Deviation

[Papa Tachikawa commandeers an electric cart and enters the battle!]
Mama Tachikawa: “Where are you going?”
Papa Tachikawa: “I AM… A MAN!!!”
*Papa Tachikawa is smacked away, exiting the battle*
Mama Tachikawa: “Where are you going?”
Papa Tachikawa: “You couldn’t be in safer haaaands!”

XD That was brilliant.

Togemon adds “Back to the Stone Age with you!” when she punches DarkTyrannomon in the dub. Dinosaurs predate the Stone Age, Togemon. By a lot.

But the cute part is that the dub does the callback to Mimi’s parents’ kimchee/shrimp-fried rice strawberry whipped cream jamboree with the “really?/really!” bit, and it’s just as sweet as the original. Awwwww! ♡

Mimi: “Hey… This isn’t the time for that!”
Papa Tachikawa: “Once in a while doesn’t hurt.”
Mama Tachikawa: “Yeah!”
Mimi: “But you’re always like this!”
Mimi: “Uh, Mom? Dad? I hate to ruin this love-fest, but maybe we should run for cover or something??”

Don’t be a spoilsport, Mimi!

[DarkTyranomon breathes fire on Togemon]
Mimi: “You can do it, Togemon!”
Togemon: “I’m trying, but…”
Mimi: “It’s no use! Save yourself!”
Togemon: “I got it under control. No problem!”

“I’m only a little on-fire! It’s fine!”

[The tides are turning against Our Heroes, and Mimi unleashes her ultimate Single Tear Deathblow]
Mimi: “Why? … Why? … Why are they doing this? They’re terrible! I can’t forgive them! I’ll never forgive those Digimon!”
Mimi: “This is the end… It’s over… Myotismon will rule the world… This is terrible! Now my family’s going to suffer and so are my friends! There’s got to be something I can do!”

Don’t worry, Mimi. It’s not just your family and friends who will suffer!

Side Note

Togemon evolves, and the dub adds the sound of fireworks popping to the evolution sequence, which is a rather nice touch! They were weird sparkly sounds in the original.

Why “lily” gets an extra ‘L’, I’m not sure, but Lilimon becomes “Lillymon” in the dub. Her attack, Flower Cannon, remains the same.

Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: “Togemon evolved?”
Mimi: “Where’d she come from?”

Mimi, I know the dub writing staff zapped many of your delicious brain cells, but her evolution sequence happened right in front of you. The better question is “where did the giant cactus that is Togemon’s body go??”

Mimi: “Lilimon?”
Lilimon: “Hi, Mimi!”
Mimi: “Whoa! Who are you?”
Lillymon: “It’s just LIL ol’ me!”

… I’ll let that one slide because it was actually pretty good…

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “A Perfect Level, Fairy Digimon who flies in the sky with the four wings on the middle of her back. That is Lilimon! Her special attack is Flower Cannon.”
Lillymon: “Or should I say, ‘lil old us‘? I’m Palmon and Togemon, too!”

You’re one entity.

“This is just my fully-Digivolved form!”

It isn’t.

“You can call me Lillymon!”

I won’t.

I mean… I will, because that’s your name, but I won’t like it!

Dialogue Deviation

Lilimon: “Am I in bad taste?”
Mimi: “Not at all. You’re very pretty! Cute!”
Lilimon: “Thank you!”
Lillymon: “Am I… in bad taste?”
Mimi: “Mm-mm. No way! I’m sorry I ever said that.”
Lillymon: “No biggie!”

Aww. That was actually really sweet!

Side Note

What’s not really sweet and only not-annoying the first two listens? It’s “Hey, Digimon!”, which plays here during Lillymon’s confrontation with DarkTyrannomon.

Dialogue Deviation

Lilimon: “Hey, Mimi. I evolved because of your tears of purity.”
Lillymon: “Your wish to save your family and friends brought me into existence.”

She was thinking about them suffering… so…

Lilimon: “I want to cherish that heart. That’s why…”
Lillymon: “Mimi, you’re a very special girl, even though your wardrobe sometimes clashes!”

It’s called contrast! Contrasting colors!

Mimi: “What are you going to do?”
Lilimon: “Just watch! Flower Necklace!”
Mimi: “What do you mean?”
Lillymon: “Later! Right now, I have a dinosaur to tame!”

Side Note

Lilimon’s Flower Necklace (hana no kubikazari, 「花の首飾り」) is change to “Flower Ring”.

Section: Cut or moved footage

[Myotismon appears to ruin Lilimon’s victory]
Mimi: “Wow!”
Vamdemon: “Playing ‘tea ceremony’*… Bloody Stream!” *murders DarkTyranomon*
Lilimon: “How could you do that?!”
Vamdemon: “Hmph. All I did was dispose of some garbage. You’re next!”
Mimi: “We won!”
Myotismon: “We’ll see about that. Back to the Digital World with you!” *murders Dark Tyrannomon by accident instead of sending him back to the Digital World. Oops!*
Lillymon: “You’re such a bad sport!”
Myotismon: “You meddlesome little flower child! It’s time I plucked your petals!”

The original had this scene ending with Lilimon defending herself with Flower Cannon, and it was placed before we see Jou lamenting his boat misfortune. The dub moves it to the end of the episode.

* He literally says “ozakashi mane” 「茶道まね」, which means “imitating a tea ceremony”. 茶道 is more commonly said chadо̄ or sadо̄. I assume that’s an idiom and he’s calling Lilimon’s fight “child’s play”, but I wasn’t able to find a reference to support that. It could just be that he’s very misinformed about what a tea ceremony looks like.

Dialogue Deviation

[Jou made it to Hinode Pier. A lot of people did. They are all disappointed.]
Jou: “The boats are no good, either. How do I get through that fog?”
Gomamon: “Jou, don’t you learn that in cram school?
Jou: “We don’t learn that! How to make a fire or wash dishes – you don’t learn that stuff in cram school!”
Gomamon: “Then what do they teach you?”
Jou: “It’s not about that! What’s more important is that fog!”
Joe: “I should have known. What made me think the boats would be running when nothing else is?”
Gomamon: “It could be worse. We could be stuck in some crazy–“
Joe: “Please stop saying ‘it could be worse’! I have news for you, pall: it is worse! The whole world is stuck in turmoil, and we’re waiting for a ride into town!”
Gomamon: “We might as well just give up right now…”
Joe: “… Well, I wouldn’t go that far. After all, it could be worse!”

Besides, it’s not the entire world that’s in turmoil — just the part that directly affects you specifically!

[Phantomon breaks the mix tape out of Sora’s borrowed boombox]
Phantomon: “This time, prepare yourself for heaven by chanting the Buddha’s name! I’ll take your life!”
Phantomon: “Enough! That new-aged psycho-babble won’t help where you’re going, my pretty little miss. Seize her. Take her away!”

I’m surprised it helped her where she came from…

[Piyomon has evolved to Birdramon]
*No dialogue.*
Phantomon: “Oh, it’s just a bird… A large bird, I grant you… A large, angry bird- AHH!!”

I like dub Phantomon. The Boris Karloff voice helps.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(3 sec) This is where the dub moved the Vamdemon vs Lilimon scene to create a cliffhanger, which already existed in far more badass form with Sora’s mother getting ready to throw down. The dub cuts off before Lilimon counters with Flower Cannon, and the narrator tops it off with:

Narrator: “Will Lillymon withstand Myotismon’s Crimson Lightning, or will Mimi lose her best friend? Next time, on Digimon: Digital Monsters!”

She won’t lose Lillymon! It’s not like Myotismon ever kills anybody, right? Hahahaha!

… right..?

The Digi-Verdict

The dub writers show off their skills in this episode! They preserve the moods of all of the cute and/or lovey-dovey scenes, and all the humor is kept or even improved upon (Papa Tachikawa rules). It’s worth revisiting now as well: the voice cast and direction is really good! Not just talking about Phantomon, although whoever decided he would be a Karloff impression is a genius, but the actors are well-settled into their roles and play their characters skillfully. One thing the Digimon Adventure dub has always had over other dubs of its time is its excellent cast. Their acting choices may be silly sometimes, but they play their parts well. I give it a B, for “Boris Karloff”, which remains a brilliant choice for the voice direction.

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