Digimon Adventure S01E33

Pump and Gotsu are Shibuya-type Digimon (JP)

Out on the Town (EN)

Written by:

EN: Mark Ryan and “Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz”

First aired:

JP: October 24, 1999
EN: January 29, 2000

Section: Summary

Matt and T.K. ride the subway towards T.K.’s home, but suddenly, Patamon’s corruption senses go off, and he departs the subway in search of errant public officials. He misses by a large radius, but Matt and T.K. encounter the two rogue employees, Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, as they carouse about the city. They’re using their credentials as junior health inspectors to get into all kinds of shenanigans – gambling, fashion, free ice cream! There’s no depth to which they won’t sink! Matt and T.K. plead with them to consider the public trust placed upon them, but their cries fall on non-existent ears, because neither Pumpkinmon nor Gotsumon have ears. Their revelry is finally brought to a halt when Myotismon responds to a formal complaint about their misbehavior and confronts them for their misdeeds. They immediately blow their last chance after being placed on probation, so they are fired from the Digital World Health Department and life.

Dialogue Deviation

Tai treats us to a recap of the last few episodes:

Narrator: “Looking for the eighth Chosen Child, Vamdemon made his way through Tokyo. To stop this, Taichi and the others desperately searched for the eighth Child, but even now they could not determine their whereabouts. At each place in Tokyo, they collided repeatedly with Vamdemon’s underlings. The night of the day they fought DeathMeramon, Yamato takes his younger brother Takeru to their mother’s home, and the two of them head in the direction of Shibuya.”
Tai: “We figured the eighth child had to be somewhere in the Shibara section of town, so the rest of us spread out while Joe made phone calls to every schoolkid we knew four years ago! Maybe one of those kids is the DigiDestined! Meanwhile, that flea-bitten menace, Gatomon, was still causing… who-knows-what kind of trouble! Mimi and Sora stumbled onto this fire-breathing bozo called SkullMeramon, and things looked pretty gnarly ’til MetalGreymon joined the fight and was able to cool him off! … Well, sorta…”

What’s with all the insults, Tai?! “Bozo”, “flea-bitten”, “schoolkid” – you need to cool it, mister!

His effort on pronouncing “Shibara” wasn’t terrible – he called it “Shib-ara”. It’s “Shi-ba-ra”.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(5 sec) A rather psychadelic animation of the date the episode takes place is cut from the dub – probably so children don’t get confused and think they’re tripping balls instead of watching cartoons, as American children are implicitly prone to do.

1999 [nen, year] 8 [gatsu, month] 2 [nichi, day]
(the second day of a month is said “futsuka“)

Side Note

In the original, Etemon’s Love Serenade plays in the background as two Digimon ride up on a car. What can I say? Some people just have good taste in music!

Dialogue Deviation

There’s a good bit of added dialogue as we pan over the city before we meet the new Digimon:
Voice 1: “Let me drive; you’re going the wrong way!”
Voice 2: “How do you know which way t’ go?! You’ve never been to the Real World before!”
Voice 1: “What’s the difference? I’ve never driven a car before, either!”
Voice 2: “Well, it’s my first time, too!”
Both: *laugh*
Voice 2: “Whoa! Check ’em out!” *doofy laugh*

Voice 1: “So this is the Digimon world-famous Shibuya!”
Voice 1: “So these are city people in the Real World! They don’t look like much fun.”

And we’re introduced to…

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Pumpmon: a pumpkin-head stuffed doll Digimon. His scary-yet-cute appearance is very popular with girls! Tonight, he plans to carry on as if it were Halloween in Shibuya. His special attack is Trick-or-Treat.”
Gotsumon: “Well, Pumpkinmon, you’re the right guy to teach them what fun really is! You are, without a doubt, the most rockin’ creature to ever have a pumpkin for a head! Remember: chicks dig evil Digimon!”

Gotsumon: “These are Shibuya-type humans?”
Gotsumon: “At least, that’s what I keep telling myself, anyway!”

Narrator: “Gotsumon: his body is tough, but he’s a cheerful and playfully naughty Digimon. He goes with the flow and is feeling Shibuya-type! Tonight, it’s as if he’s going to burst with excitement! His special attack is Angry Rock.”
Pumpkinmon: “Gotsumon, you are the mon! We’re going to have such a blast here in the Real World! They might even name a building after you: the Gotsumonument, where they keep all the party supplies!

Pumpmon is renamed Pumpkinmon in the dub. His attack, Trick-or-Treat, is changed to, of all things, “Pumpkinmon Power”. Gotsumon’s Angry Rock is changed to “Rock Fist Attack”. It comes from his head.

Dialogue Deviation

Pumpmon: “Something fun is going to happen!”
Gotsumon: “Great work!!”
Pumpkinmon: “3… 2… 1…”
Gotsumon: “Blast off!”

I assume they both Digi-farted when they jumped off the cars, hence “blast off”.

[Meanwhile, on a subway train!]
T.K.: “How much longer, Matt?”
Matt: “Relax, T.K.. You’re almost home.”

… Nobody is going to have any chill in this episode, are they?

Side Note

Original: Yamato’s remixed theme, Run With the Wind #2, plays in the background while Takeru and Yamato sit in the subway train, staring directly ahead and not speaking to each other.

Dub: some generic “peaceful scene” business plays. It’s not bad. With the added dialogue, it actually helps make the scene a lot less awkward.

In the dub, the subway train Matt and T.K. are riding is blaring its horn every time it’s seen. How much work is going on in these tunnels? And at night?

Dialogue Deviation

[Takeru checks the time on his Digivice]
Takeru: “Look at the time… Big brother?”
Yamato: “Hm?”
Takeru: “The next station is fine.”
Yamato: “No, I’ll come all the way to Sangen-jaya.”
Takeru: “It’s okay.”
Yamato: “Takeru.”
Takeru: “What?”
Yamato: “Let me do this.”
Takeru: “… I understand.”
T.K.: “It’s sure late.”
Matt: “Yeah. So?”
T.K.: “The next stop’s good enough.”
Matt: “No. I’m going to take you all the way home, little brother.”
T.K.: “You don’t have to.”
Matt: (indignant) “I know I don’t have to, but I’m going to! Okay? I’ve got my reasons!”
T.K.: “What reasons?”
Matt: “You’re my brother.”
T.K.: “… that’s one reason, if that, but thanks, Matt.”

Patamon: “Do you not like separating?”
Patamon: “Aww, nothin’ like sweet, brotherly love!”
Tsunomon: “That’s a Digi-mouthful!”
Patamon: “We like when you guys get mushy!”

Excess dialogue aside, Patamon’s voice actor delivers that last part so cutely and perfectly. XD

[Takeru does not appreciate Patamon’s enquiry]
Takeru: “Even if it is you, Patamon, don’t talk about us brothers like that!”
Patamon: “Fine! I won’t talk anymore!”
Patamon: “I thought what you guys said was ni–“
T.K.: “Mind your own beeswax! Why ya listening to our conversation, anyway?!”
Patamon: “Fine! You don’t want me around, I’ll leave!”

[Patamon flies off the train]
Patamon: “I’m getting off here!”
Patamon: “I know when I’m not wanted!”

He knows. He just doesn’t always care.

[Yamato and Tsunomon prompt a response from Takeru]
Tsunomon: “The door is going to close!”
Yamato: “Takeru…”
(T.K. had asked, “Who cares about [Patamon]?!”)
Tsunomon: “I think you care about him!”
Matt: “Don’t you?”
Tsunomon: “T.K.?”
Matt: “Better decide, T.K.! The door’s closing!”

You guys aren’t helping.

No dialogue after they get off the train after Patamon.
T.K.: “Where’d he go?”
Tsunomon: “Where are we?”

You’re at a subway station. This isn’t hard, Tsunomon. There are signs everywhere.

[They exit the subway]
Takeru: “Where could Patamon have gone?”
T.K.: “Seems like we’ve been walking around for hours…”
Tsunomon: “I’m tired! And I don’t even have any feet or legs!”

They just left the subway. I guess it takes a while on foot.

[Yamato admonishes Takeru for snapping at Patamon]
Takeru: “It couldn’t be helped!”
Yamato: “Don’t take it out on me!”
Takeru: “Big Brother… I’m sorry.”
Yamato: “You went too far with Patamon.”
Takeru: “It’s just… what he said was the truth…”
Yamato: “It’s not like I don’t understand how you feel.”
T.K.: “It’s not my fault!”
Matt: “Well, actually it is.”
T.K.: “Oh… I’m really sorry.”
Matt: “I understand, T.K.. I know you didn’t mean to hurt his feelings.”
T.K.: “Well, I thought he was makin’ fun of us!”
Matt: “No way, dude! You know Patamon better than that!”

… Dub Patamon was kind of making fun of them, though…

[Pumpmon wins at pachinko, and Gotsumon asks for some of his winnings so he can play]
Gotsumon: “Don’t be stingy!”
Pumpmon: “But I am stingy.”
Gotsumon: “I’ll pay you back.”
Pumpmon: “Absolutely?”
Gotsumon: “Absolutely.”
Gotsumon: “I’ll pay you back! I promise!”
Pumpkinmon: “You’ll pay me back with what?”
Gotsumon: “With what I’m about to win!”
Pumpkinmon: “But you never win!”
Gotsumon: “I’M HOT TONIGHT!”

XD That line and the actor’s delivery go so well with Gotsumon’s face.

[A bouncer mistakes them for children and throws them out]
Bouncer: “The next time I see you in here, I’m calling your school!” *walks off*
Bouncer: “If you have to try sneakin’ in here dressed as cartoon characters, at least get a decent costume!” *walks off*

Popeye or GTFO!

Pumpmon: “We’re not kids!”
Gotsumon: “We’re just short!”
Bouncer: *returns* “What are you doing?!”
Pumpkinmon: “Boy, it’s a good thing we were just about t’ leave!”
Gotsumon: “Or we’d teach you some manners!”
Bouncer: *returns* “What did you just say?!”

[Pumpmon and Gotsumon flee the scary bouncer man]
Teenage Girl (on the phone): “So I just looked at the chocolates–” *is knocked over by the fleeing pair*
Gotsumon: “It’s a Shibuya-type girl!”
Pumpmon: “Let’s hit on her for our first night in Shibuya!”
Gotsumon: “Hey, girly!”
Teenage Girl (no longer on the phone): “What’s with you guys?”
Gotsumon: “Do you know what time it is?”
Teenage Girl: *checks her watch, then looks up* “Don’t come near me!”
Teenage Girl (on the phone): “And I told her, ‘don’t get the fuschia lip gloss, whatever you do! It’s so last ye–” *knocked over*
Gotsumon: “Whoa! I think you knocked over a monster!”
Pumpkinmon: “Even worse; I think I knocked over a teenager! I’ve heard about these strange-looking creatures…”
Teenage Girl (no longer on the phone): “Hey, it takes one to know one!”
Gotsumon: “Hey, do you know what time it is?”
*she checks her watch*
Pumpkinmon: “Time for new clothes!”
Teenage Girl: “Get lost, you creep!”

I wonder if she remembered to hang up. The person on the other line must be super confused… She’s totally right about that fuchsia lip gloss, though. Get the magenta – you can’t go wrong with it!

Teenage Girl: “You look like you just ran off the set of ‘Kin-chan’s Costume Grand Prix’!”
Pumpmon: “What’s that?”
Gotsumon: “I don’t get it.”
Pumpmon: “You’re wearing something weird yourself.” *grabs her nose piercing*
Teenage Girl: “And what’s with the costumes? Aren’t you guys a little late for Halloween?”
Pumpkinmon: “… what’s Halloween?”
Gotsumon: “I don’t think I like these teenage things!”
Pumpkinmon: “Me either. Maybe I can reprogram her if I pull out her safety mechanism!” *grabs her nose piercing*

This exchange is very well-timed for optimal comedy in the dub. I’m so proud of them! :’D

Side Note

“Kin-chan*’s Costume Grand Prix” (Kin-chan no Kasou Taishou 「欽ちゃんの仮装大賞」) is a semi-annual costume contest-type show in which amateur performers do skits.

Its full name, at least nowadays, is “Kin-chan and Shingo KATORI’s All-Japan Costume Grand Prix” (Kin-chan to KATORI Shingo no Zen Nihon Kasou Taishou 「欽ちゃん&香取慎吾の全日本仮装大賞」). I don’t know if Katori joined the show after 1999, or if the girl was just abbreviating the name.


As many of you already know, in Japanese, “-chan” is a suffix attached to the name of someone you’re friendly or affectionate with – usually children or young women.


I normally leave suffixes off because they don’t translate directly to English, but this one is part of the show’s title.

Dialogue Deviation

[Pumpmon and Gotsumon flee Enraged Teenage Girl]
Teenage Girl: *screams* “YOOUU!”
Teenage Girl: *screams* “Come back here, you little mutants! This ‘teenage thing’ is gonna teach you some manners!”

I like her. She seems fun!

[Tsunomon has evolved to Gabumon to confront Pumpmon and Gotsumon, so they grab him to hide. Teenage Girl catches up to where Yamato and Takeru are]
Teenage Girl: “Where did ‘Kin-chan’s Costume Grand Prix’ go?!”
Teenage Girl: “You can run, but you can’t hide dressed in those stupid costumes! Where are they?!”

I really hope she still has her phone…

[Yamato has thrown Teenage Girl off their trail, and it’s time to get to the bottom of this nonsense]
Gabumon: “Did Vamdemon order the two of you to come here and find the eighth child?”
Pumpmon: “That’s how it is…”
Pumpmon: “… but Shibuya’s more fun!”
Gabumon: “I think I know why you two trouble-makers are in the Real World! Did Myotismon happen to send you here to find someone?”
Pumpkinmon: “Yeah. That eighth DigiDestined kid.”
[DUN D–]
Matt: “Huh? Then you’re our enemy!”
Pumpkinmon: “No, we’re not! We just wanna cruise around the city and have some fun!”

There’s really no need to be coy, Gabumon. Myotismon didn’t exactly keep what they’re doing there a secret.

Yamato: “‘Shibuya is more fun’?”
Gotsumon: “We’ve totally become Shibuya-type Digimon!”
Takeru: “Shibuya-type Digimon?”
Gabumon: “Just what are you two thinking?”
Pumpmon and Gotsumon: “We’re not thinking about anything!!”
Matt: “But we thought you two were evil Digimon…”
Gotsumon: “Evil, schmevil! We love it here! In fact, next stop: Hollywood! Ta-DA!”
T.K.: “… They’re not ready for TV.”
Gabumon: “Typical. Everybody wants to be in show business!”
Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon: “Lights, cameras, and action!”

I’ll hook them up with my agent! Hello, Tentom– never mind, bad idea…

Gotsumon adds “Hey! There’s some light!” before he and Pumpkinmon assault the traffic light.

[Pumpkin and Gotsumon have completed their traffic-tampering shenanigans]
Gabumon: “You guys! What are you doing?!”
Gabumon: “That’s enough! That’s not funny; it’s mean!”

That traffic light had it coming! It stays red for WAY too long on northbound traffic!

Side Note

Yamato is more concerned about the police catching all of them, but Matt only warns Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon that they’ll be arrested – probably because he’s a narc and won’t resist the impulse to turn them in.

Dialogue Deviation

Gabumon: “Those two just do whatever they feel like…”
Gabumon: “Those two… even when they’re found, they’re lost!”

Well, now they’re lost, so they’re found! Hooray!

[Pumpmon and Gotsumon try on clothes]
Pumpmon: “I think this will look better on you!”
Gotsumon: “I agree!”
Yamato: “Pumpmon! Gotsumon!”
Gotsumon: “Do you want to wear stuff, too?”
Pumpkinmon: “I think this one makes me look fat, but what do you think?”
Gotsumon: “Well, then, let’s switch!”
Matt: “You guys need to change your attitude!”
Gotsumon: “You need to change your clothes!”

He has no idea how right he is…

[Pumpmon and Gotsumon help Yamato et al get dressed]
*No dialogue during the low-energy fashion show*
Pumpkinmon: “This look says you’re not afraid to think big!”
Gotsumon: “Here’s a sporty look! ‘Course, I haven’t figured out what sport it is yet!”
Pumpkinmon: “And finally: something nice in a little teddy!”

Pumpmon and Gotsumon: “You look great!”
Pumpkinmon: “Well? What do you think?”

Well, I love it!

[Takeru spotted Patamon flying by and ran after him, but he got away…]
Yamato: “Patamon must still be mad…”
Gabumon: “He’s not an obsessive type of guy, though…”
Gabumon: “Patamon doesn’t usually hold a grudge, but he was mad as a bull with a black Gear!”

Gear, leave that bull alone. Can’t take my eyes off you for a second, I swear…

[Pumpmon and Gotsumon have stolen some delicious ice cream, but now they have to run from the displeased vendor…]
Yamato: “Why do we have to run away, too?!”
Gabumon: “What you said!!”
Pumpkin: “Want to eat ice cream while we’re running away?”
Takeru: “We don’t want it!”
Matt: “I can’t believe you two! Everywhere you guys go, there’s trouble! The next time you two get someone angry, make sure they can’t run very fast!”

Matt, don’t teach them to pick on slowpokes. You’re a terrible influence.

[They got away, so Pumpmon offers them some ice cream]
Pumpkin: “Have some?”
Yamato: “I don’t want it.”
Takeru: “Me, too.”
Gabumon: “… I’ll eat it.”
Yamato: “Hey! Gabumon!”
Matt: “Not me.”
Takeru: “You stole it!”
Matt: “Gabumon won’t take it either! Right?”
Gabumon: “… Ice cream… yeah…”
Matt and T.K.: “Gabumon!”

Section: Eyecatch

Gabumon’s got the right idea

Dialogue Deviation

[Vamdemon has made another extravagant rock-star entrance – with lightning this time!]
Vamdemon: “Pumpmon. Gotsumon.”
Pumpmon and Gotsumon: “Y-Yes, sir?”
Vamdemon: “Why are you eating ice cream with the Chosen Children?”
Pumpmon and Gotsumon: “That…”
Myotismon: “Losers. Failures.”
Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon: “Don’t say that!”
Myotismon: “Instead of causing pain and suffering, I find you here, eating ice cream!”
Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon: “Well, it is stolen…”
Myotismon: “I don’t care about ice cream!”

WHAT?! I find that HIGHLY offensive!

Vamdemon: “What happened with your search for the eighth child?”
Pumpmon and Gotsumon: “We haven’t found them yet.”
Vamdemon: “Then why aren’t you stealing the Crests from these children?”
Pumpmon and Gotsumon: “We’re about to steal them now!”
Myotismon: “Have you found the eighth DigiDestined child yet?”
Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon: “Well, we were about to find him.”
Myotismon: “Redeem yourselves by stealing the Crests from these children, or else!”
Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon: “No problem, boss! That’s just what we were about to do!”

[Yamato, Takeru, and Gabumon run away, and Pumpmon and Gotsumon chase them, leaving Vamdemon standing there alone like a dork]
Takeru: “For them to suddenly attack us…”
Yamato: “There’s no helping it! They were with Vamdemon from the start!”
Gabumon: “But I can’t bring myself to fight those two!”
T.K.: “Can you believe those two turning on us?!”
Matt: “And I thought Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon only wanted to have fun – not fight!”
Gabumon: “They’d rather fight us than fight Myotismon!”

A paycheck is a powerful motivator…

[Meanwhile, Patamon chills]
Patamon: “I just flew off, but… I wonder how Takeru is doing?”
Some Schoolgirl: “So hey, I was saying: if you want to meet up somewhere, it should definitely be in front of Hachikou’s statue.”
Some Other Schoolgirl: “Yeah, that’s so right! In front of Hachikou’s statue!”
Patamon: “Hachikou’s statue…”
Patamon: “Hm… I just can’t stay mad at T.K. anymore! Besides… I really miss him…”
Some Schoolgirl: “So I told Rebecca and Sarah to just find us at the park later. That’ll work! It’s like… it’s so easy to find somebody at the park!”
Some Other Schoolgirl: “Yeah, it’s totally easy to find somebody there!”
Patamon: “Oh, the park!”

Hachikou’s statue is indeed the best and saddest place to meet up!

Side Note

Hachikou was a sweet pupper who waited at the train station every day for his human to return, not knowing that said human had tragically died while at work. Hachikou would go to the station and wait each day until he passed away. He was cremated and buried next to his human, and a statue of him was erected at Shibuya Station. It’s now a popular place to meet up.


… how Patamon knew where or what it is, we’ll never know. If you’re going to tell of a Real World legend in the Digital World, though, Hachikou is an ace pick!

Dialogue Deviation

[Yamato et al are cut off by Pumpmon]
Takeru: “Pumpmon!”
Pumpmon: “This is as far as you go!”
Gabumon: “He cut us off from the front.”
Yamato: “Get back, Takeru.”
T.K.: “Hey! How’d you do that?!”
Pumpkinmon: “Aren’t I amazing?”
Gabumon: “Well, you might make a nice pie…”
Matt: “Come on, let’s turn around!”

Know what would go great with that pie? Some ice cream. Too bad you made them drop it!

[Now Gotsumon blocks them from behind]
Yamato: “Gotsumon!”
Gotsumon: “This is as far as you go!”
Gotsumon: “I don’t think so!”
Matt: “We’re surrounded!”
Gotsumon: “Sorry we have to do this to you guys, but orders are orders! You understand!”

They don’t.

[Pumpmon and Gotsumon corner Yamato, Gabumon, and Takeru]
*dramatic cornering*
Matt (without moving his mouth): “All right, if it’s a fight you want, let’s do it!”

[Then they just quit]
Pumpmon: “Playing around in Shibuya sounds way more fun than fighting the Chosen Children!”
Pumpkinmon: “Why should we fight? Somebody always gets hurt. Besides, it’s way more fun just hanging out and cruising around the city!”

And what’s more fun than insubordination? Good times for all!

[Good times for none when their boss comes up behind them]
Vamdemon: “Where are the Chosen Children?”
Pumpmon: “Unfortunately, we failed to catch them.”
Gotsumon: “We almost had them!”
Myotismon: “Where are the DigiDestined?”
Pumpkinmon: “Uh.. they were here just a second ago! They must have got away!”
Gotsumon: “Yeah, you can’t believe how fast they are! But we almost had ’em, boss!”

[I think he’s buying it]
Vamdemon: “Such obvious* liars. I have no use for you anymore.”
Myotismon: “Yes. I can imagine… You had your chance. Now I’m condemning you to my dungeon in the DigiWorld!”

Vamdemon: “You three are next.”
Myotismon: “Well, that wasn’t very difficult. Now it’s your turn.”

* He literally calls them “big liars” or “great liars”, but that doesn’t match the tone and intent in English, since “big, fat liar” is childish and “great” doesn’t only mean “big”.

Side Note

Yeah, there’s no dungeon. They dead.

Dialogue Deviation

[Now Yamato’s mad!]
Yamato: “They were good guys…”
Gabumon: “Yamato…”
Yamato: “Didn’t you have no reason to kill them?!”
Matt: “Those two… they were really trying to save us…”
Gabumon: “You’re right!”

He’s the opposite of right. They were trying to defend themselves.

Matt: *grrr* “… and you just condemned them for no reason at all!”

No, sweetie, they were supposed to steal your shit. Insubordination, though fun, is a reason. Not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless.

… although, if you think about it: if you’d just given them your Crests, they’d have obeyed their orders and still be alive, so in a way, it’s kind of your fault…

[Fight time]
Yamato: “Those guys…”
Garurumon: (fighting) “Fox Fire!”
Yamato: “Only for a little while…”
Vamdemon: (fighting) “Bloody Stream!
Yamato: “… but they were our friends!”

Matt: “Go get him!”
Garurumon: “Howling Blaster!”
Matt: “He should pay for what he did to those two!”
Myotismon: “Crimson Lightning!”
Matt: “Those guys just wanted to be our friends!”

It could have been worse, you know. All he did was condemn them to a dungeon in their homeworld. I mean, yeah, OSHA hasn’t been down there in a while, and that is where they’ve been storing their lethal contraptions and open containers of various poisons, but it’s not like he killed them or anything!

[Garurumon has evolved to WereGarurumon, and the battle continues]
Yamato: “WereGarurumon!”
Matt: “Oh no! Look out!”

Little late there.

[Vamdemon is somewhat gently beating WereGarurumon with Bloody Stream, and Takeru is internalizing his guilt over getting mad at Patamon]
Takeru (thinking): “… Pumpmon and Gotsumon… wouldn’t have been killed by Vamdemon…!”
T.K. (thinking): “And if those poor guys had never met up with us, they wouldn’t be stuck where they are now! Ooohh…”

They’re fine! The custodians haven’t even started moving the acid baths into the dungeon yet. They’ll survive… for a little while.

[Patamon sees them now]
Patamon: “Takeru!”
Patamon: “It’s… T.K.!” (proudly?) “I’m digivolving!”

… all right then…

[Vamdemon is swinging WereGarurumon right round with Bloody Stream]
Yamato: “WereGarurumon!”
Matt: “You can do it!”

Don’t patronize him, Matt.

[Angemon joins the battle]
Takeru: “Angemon!”
Yamato: “Takeru’s feelings reached Patamon!”
T.K.: “Angemon rules!”
Matt: “Well, I guess we don’t have to look for Patamon anymore!”

… I… I guess…

Vamdemon: “So, you’re the one who possesses holy powers…”
WereGarurumon: “Let’s do this, Angemon.”
Angemon: “Yeah.”
Myotismon: (sassy!) “Angemon, they must be desperate if they sent you!”


WereGarurumon: “Angemon, shall we take him?”
Angemon: “Let’s go!”

Side Note

And “Hey, Digimon” returns for about 20 seconds to go with that weird blue light blob that covers up the battle.

Seriously, what is that? It’s in both versions.

Dialogue Deviation

[Vamdemon gets bored and leaves]
Vamdemon: “I’ll save this fight for later.” *creepy monotonous laugh*
Myotismon: “It’s time I take my leave. We will fight again.” *maniacal laugh*

Myotismon takes his work schedule very seriously!

[WereGarurumon and Angemon revert to Gabumon and Patamon]
Yamato: “Gabumon…”
Takeru: “Patamon… This time..?”
Angemon: “Yeah. I’m all right, Takeru.”
Matt: “I hope they’re all right!”
T.K.: “Me, too!”
Matt: “Gabumon…”
T.K.: “Oooh… Patamon… are you okay?”
Patamon: “Yes… I’m all right now… T.K..”

Takeru’s “this time” refers to what happened the last time Patamon became Angemon – he died. Patamon’s assurance that he’s okay means he can revert from his Adult form like the others now without going through all that “death” nonsense.

[Yamato and Takeru are walking home now, and they pass the window of the clothing store where Pumpmon and Gotsumon did their fitting]
Takeru: “Big Brother… Over there…”
T.K.: (without a hint of sadness) “Hey, look in that window! That’s where those crazy Digimon tried on all the clothes, remember?”

Side Note

Again, the dub includes the voices in the reminiscent scene, and T.K. falls victim to the unreliable memory by getting them wrong. The original left the speech out.

[Reminiscence of Pumpmon and Gotsumon posing]
What T.K. remembers Gotsumon saying: “Look out! We’re going Hollywood!”
What Gotsumon actually said: “In fact, next stop: Hollywood! Ta-DA!”

[Reminiscence of ice ceam thievery]
What T.K. remembers Pumpkinmon saying: “Come on! Have some ice cream, guys!”
What T.K. remembers Gotsumon saying: “Yeah! It was a steal!”
What Pumpkinmon actually said: “Hey now! Don’t look so bummed out!”
What Gotsumon actually said: “Yeah! I’m sure you’ll find your little flying pig friend somewhere!”

I didn’t mention it earlier, but I do like that the dub is keeping up the joke of thinking Patamon is a pig. There’s just something really funny and cute about it.

Dialogue Deviation

[Reminiscence over. Go home]
Yamato: “Let’s go home.”
Takeru: “Yeah.”
T.K.: “Ahh… they were funny…”
Matt: “I know what you mean, T.K.. I miss them, too.”
T.K.: “I didn’t say that.”

Matt (narrating): “I guess we shouldn’t take our friends for granted.”

You think, Mr. Friendship Crest-boy?

Narrator: “The children witnessed Vamdemon’s cruelty, but they would soon come to know this was only a prologue to the many great battles they will face.”
Matt (narrating): “T.K. nearly lost Patamon’s friendship, and who knows if we’ll ever see Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon again? But one thing’s for sure: I know Myotismon isn’t through with us yet! His henchmen are out there right now, searching for the eighth DigiDestined!”

Well, don’t worry. Two of those henchmen are dead now, and– oh, right. Sorry.

[Tailmon watches Hikari from afar]
Narrator: “Eventually, the eighth child would realize their own destiny. The flame of battle would flare in an instant and consume everything. The time is quickly approaching.”
Gatomon (thinking): “You may be sweet, little Kari. Mmmmm, but next time, I will get my claws into you…”

Don’t be creepy, Gatomon. We still have like 21 more episodes with you.

Side Note

At long last, the dub finally gets a narrator of its very own! He sticks to the classic, “will the bad guys win? Find out next time!” bit, which is pretty swell! Welcome aboard twenty years ago, narrator!

Dialogue Deviation

Narrator: “Will Kari survive her next encounter with Gatomon, Myotismon’s most loyal servant? Find out on the next Digimon: Digital Monsters!'”

As long as she stays out of that dungeon, she’ll be fine! It’s certain death if she ends up in ther– oh, right.


The Digi Verdict

For a goofy filler episode, the dub handled it as well as it could! The comedic timing is spot on, and the actors play their parts enthusiastically. The script changes are understandable when it comes to the Japanese culture references that American kiddos wouldn’t get anyway. Hachikou’s statue, Shibuya’s nightlife, and Kin-chan’s Costume Grand Prix just can’t be replaced by cheeseburgers and jelly donuts!

When it comes to the other things, yeah. Matt’s pathetic excuse for walking T.K. home (“you’re my brother” – just admit you want to be seen hanging out with him because he’s cooler than you!) and Myotismon’s Dungeon were pretty bad. The dungeon thing doesn’t last, unfortunately; it gets replaced with something less entertaining. Taking everything together, I give it a D, for “dungeon”, Myotirsmon’s of which I currently reside.

The acid baths have been installed, by the way.

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