Digimon Adventure S01E32

Hot Tokyo Tower! DeathMeramon (JP)

Gatomon Comes Calling (EN)

Written by:

EN: R.D. Chamberlain and John Ludin

First aired:

JP: October 17, 1999
EN: December 18, 1999

Section: Summary

The DigiDestined meet up to discuss current events and plan their next move to thwart the Digital World Health Department’s training in the Real World, but they manage to accomplish only minimal-effort makeovers for Agumon and Tentomon. Afterwards, they get bored and split up, and Sora and Mimi head to Not-Tokyo Tower to enjoy its refreshing atmosphere. Unfortunately, the tower’s air conditioning system fails during a routine health inspection in progress by SkullMeramon, the rising star of the Digital World Health Department’s newcomers! Enraged, he opens a window to provide fresh air to the tower’s occupants, but MetalGreymon arrives and points out that doing so messes with the structure’s ventilation system. He blows SkullMeramon the fuck up, and a good time is had by all.

Dialogue Deviation

Vamdemon rides around in his carriage, looking for a place to get a bite to eat before his next meeting. Myotismon does the same, but he lovingly narrates for us. The woman who kindly directs him to the nearest– never mind; she’s dead.

Myotismon: “Ahh, darkness… the perfect cloak for my evil. Ideal conditions for producing fear. Human blood always tastes better with a dash of fear in it.”
Woman (thinking): “What is that? A carriage?”
Myotismon (thinking): “You’re interrupting my inner cooking monologue!”
Woman (thinking): “Oh, sorry.”

Side Note

The dub adds the woman Myotismon bites crying out as he bites her, then groaning a little when she’s unconscious. They’re probably just carrying on as if she isn’t dead, which… she isn’t! Ha-HA, gotcha! We’ll learn later that she ends up in hospital for sudden anemia.

Dialogue Deviation

PicoDevimon: “He’s late… What’s keeping him?”
Demidevimon: “I hate this fog! Master, where are you? I’m getting mildew on my wings!”

That’s not the fog’s problem; you need to take a bath!

[Vamdemon’s carriage rolls on up]
PicoDevimon: “Lord Vamdemon! You must hurry!”
DemiDevimon: “Aha! Finally! Sheesh! He couldn’t take a cab like everyone else?”

They don’t let you bring food and eat in a cab, DemiDevimon!

Side Note

Extra-minor detail, but Vamdemon’s carriage needs some serious WD-40 in the original. Myotismon’s just got a tune-up and is rolling smooth!

Section: Cut or moved footage

(3 sec) Vamdemon is a messy eater, and when he opens the door on his carriage, some of the food he dropped on the floor falls out. Then he wipes some residual sauce off his mouth with the back of his hand.

The dub replaces that last shot with one of his face from the front.

Dialogue Deviation

PicoDevimon: “The dawn will come soon!”
Vamdemon: “There’s no need to rush. Now that I know the Chosen Children are here, I must store energy to fight them in this world.”
PicoDevimon: “But if you make any bold movements…”
Vamdemon: “No matter. This world will soon belong to me.”
DemiDevimon: “At last! I was starting to worry.”
Myotismon: “Calm down. I went out to have a bite to eat, and to get familiar with the city. It is always so difficult to get a good meal when one is away from home.”

It’s Japan. There’s delicious food everywhe– oh, you meant the people. Never mind.

… Wait, what was he eating in the Digital World?!?

Demidevimon: “Yeah. Right. So what do we do next, boss?”
Myotismon: “We are continuing the search for the 8th child. The details are of no concern to you.”
Demidevimon: “Well, as I always say, ‘uh, whatever you say!'”

They… they’re a little bit of a concern to him if he’s doing the searching…

[Meanwhile, at the Yagami residence, Taichi is looking for something]
*he topples the contents of his bookshelf*
Hikari: “What are you doing?”
Taichi: “I’m looking for my phone book. The one from first grade.”
Koromon: “Yeah, his phone book!”
Hikari: “Phone book?”
Tai: “Come on, where did I put that thing? Junk. Stuff. More junk. More stuff. Man, I was a messy kid. I can’t believe how unorganized I was…” *topples*
Kari: “Whatcha doin’?”
Tai: “Looking for my old phone book. It’ll have exactly what I need.”
Agumon: “And I’m helping.”
Kari: “How come?”

You saw what just happened, Kari. Tai needs all the help he can get!

The television is on when Taichi’s mother is in the kitchen. Originally, the reporter… uh… reports that two women were taken to the hospital for anemia, but in the dub, he reports that “women all over the city” are being hospitalized. That’s a significantly bigger deal.

The dub reporter also adds, “No one knows if the cases are connected, but doctors are voicing concern that so many seemingly healthy young women are being struck down so suddenly. Because this is America, local law enforcement has expressed zero concerns, and the victims are now being charged with loitering.

[Koushirou is over to visit, and Taichi comments on Tentomon’s disguise]
Taichi: “It looks pretty good on you!”
Tai: “Wait ’til Mimi sees you!”

She’ll be so jealous…

[Agumon insists that he needs a disguise as well]
No dialogue because that would call attention to them.
Tai: (sarcasm) “Yeah, real inconspicuous!”

Pictured: ordinary children.

Narrator: “Last night, the eighth child was spotted in Shibaura, and all of the Chosen Children have been notified.”
Sora and Piyomon: “Good morning!”
Narrator: “To discuss what to do about this, they all decided to meet up.”
Tai: “All right, listen up, everybody! I called you all here today because… well, uh… there was nothing good on TV!”
Matt: (sarcasm) “Ha ha. Very funny, Tai. So where are the others?”
Sora: “Hey, wait! Don’t start without me!” *reaches them* “Good morning!”
Tentomon: “Okay, so where’s Mimi?”
Izzy: “She’s probably out buying clothes.”

Fuck you, Izzy. HEY, IZZY’S MUM! LOOK AT WHAT YOUR PANTLOAD OF A SON IS DOING– she can’t hear me…

[Mimi is purchasing no clothes on her way to the meeting]
Mimi: “Palmon, you’re heavy. Come out.”
Palmon: “No! You told me to stay in here, Mimi!”
Mimi: “It’s fine now!”
Mimi: “Ooh… Get out and walk; you’re too heavy to push!”
Palmon: “Mimi, how’s that going to look? I’m supposed to be a widdle baby!”
Mimi: “You just grew up! Now get out!”

XD Nice one.

[Meeting time]
Sora: “This has become kind of a huge fuss, isn’t it?”
Yamato: “On the TV this morning, it was the only thing on the news.”
Taichi: “But it’s weird.”
Sora: “Hey, did you guys see it? It was all over the news on TV this morning.”
Matt: “More and more of Myotismon’s Digi-bozos are popping up in the city.”
Tai: “And they’re very real.”

They’re real bozos, that’s for sure.

[Koushirou suggests the Digimon can be seen by normal people (whereas they could only be seen by Taichi, Koromon, and Hikari in episode 21) because they came through the gate]
Yamato: “That must be it. If more Digimon used that Gate to enter our world…”
Matt: “I don’t like it. If they can be seen, then they’re physically here, and if they’re here physically, they can do a whole lot of damage.”

Matt wouldn’t know this, but they were still doing damage when they couldn’t be seen by people.

Takeru: “It’ll be terrible.”
T.K.: “Yeah? Like what?”
Matt: (over bad Digimon scroll) “Do I really need to remind you what those evil Digimon are capable of?”

Well… yeah, that would be helpful.

Mimi: “That….”
Koushirou: “It’s a very likely situation!”
Mimi: “Creepy.”
Izzy: “Complete systems failure. Shutting down. Rebooting. Systems online. ‘Yes, I agree that would be undesirable.’
Tai: “Ah! So what are we sitting around here for?”

You were having a meeting…

[Jou runs up to join them]
Jou: “Heeeey! I had a hard time finding my old phone book!”
Taichi: “Man, talk about killing the tension.”
Izzy: “Well, I’ve got a theory-“
Joe: “STOOOOOP! I wanna hear Izzy’s theory! Don’t start until I get there! I love Izzy’s theories! Hold on!”
Tai: “All right, we won’t start without you.”

Izzy’s theories so far have involved aliens and/or shit everybody already knows, so I’m guessing Joe loves them because he thinks they’re hilariously stupid.

Koushirou: “What’s also important is what happened in Shibaura last night.”
Mimi: “Does that mean the child is living in Shibaura now?”
Yamato: “They could have moved, like we did.”
Koushirou: “That’s why I think we should separate into groups and make a thorough search in Shibaura.”
Yamato: “Got it.”
Mimi: “That’s fine, although it is hot out. So, what do we do with these? The phone books?”
Koushirou: “There’s a high probability that the eighth child is listed in one of them. Please call around and ask if anyone had been in Shibaura last night.”
Izzy: “Last night, I picked up an unidentified Digivice reading. I think it was the eighth child. Obviously I lost the signal, but it’s clear that the eighth child was in this vicinity. That’s why the monsters are here, too.”
Mimi: “Monsters!? Worse than snakes! And this is supposed to help us? I’m lost!”
Izzy: “My conclusion is that the eighth child is somewhere in one of these address books. Somehow we have to make a lot of calls and patrol the city for monster attacks at the same time.”

Well, that was stupid, but not quite hilarious. You don’t have to patrol the city for monster attacks, dude. They pretty much come to you.

Jou: “I have summer classes starting tomorrow. I can still make phone calls, but please leave me out from going up to Shibaura.”
Taichi: “That’s dirty!”
Jou: “I can’t help it! I have entrance exams!”
Joe: “Well, I guess I could do some calling, long as my folks don’t find out, but I really gotta do some serious studying, so I won’t be able to go on the search with you.”
Matt: “What?!”
Tai: “Joe, it’s summer!”
Joe: “I’m getting an early start! This year I’m really going to be prepared.”

Spoiler: he will not be prepared.

Side Note

So, the phone books: I couldn’t find a detailed source for this, but primary schools in Japan have classroom directories (meibo 「名簿」 – literally ‘name register’, but also ‘roster’, ‘directory’, or ‘phone book’ depending on function) containing the names, addresses, and contact information for all of the students in a class (students in Japan don’t change rooms between lessons, so a class is one group of students). As I understand, it used to be that every student in the class received a copy of the directory for their class so they could get in touch outside of school. Times and privacy concerns change, of course, and nowadays only instructors have directories.

Leave a comment if you know of a source to back up or correct this information!

More schoolery: the education system in Japan is uniquely competitive, and children and young adults can’t get into a high school or university without passing the school’s entrance exam. Some junior high schools that are highly rated or private also have entrance exams. Jou is 12, so he’s about to enter junior high school, and the one he’s looking to get into must be pretty hoity-toity!


Dialogue Deviation

[Mimi foists the task of calling strangers onto Jou, and others follow suit]
Yamato: “That’s a good idea. Here’s Daiyon Elementary’s phone book. I’m counting on you!”
Matt: “Joe, we’re talking about the fate of the world here. If you’re going to chicken out, you can call all the names in my book, too! See ya!”

Uh-huh. At least he’s “chickening out” over certain death and not over calling someone on the phone, you weenus.

I’d take certain death over calling people on the phone, too.

[Now Jou has all the work, and his friends are on a leisurely train ride to Shibaura]
Taichi: “So that’s from your fight last night…”
Yamato: “It looks pretty disastrous.
Takeru: “The eighth child is close to there, huh?”
Tai: “Woah! Look at all that damage from last night’s battle!”
Matt: “And there’ll be a lot more, too, if this goes on!”
T.K.: “We’ve gotta hurry up and find that eighth child!”
Matt: “We will! We’re not called the ‘DigiDestined’ for nothing!”

… Wellll…

[PicoDevimon is driving a boat!]
PicoDevimon: “I’m sure this is where the eighth child was last night.”
DemiDevimon: “Master, are we almost there yet? ‘Cause… all this water’s makin’ me queasy! Those DigiDestined brats are probably miles away by now!”

Don’t make me turn this boat around.

[Some guys in an office building admire the incoming fog]
Some guy: “Look outside. It’s foggy! I’ve never seen fog like this before.”
Some other guy: “I heard it was snowing in Tama. What could be causing this strange phenomenon?”

Some guy: “Hey look, that fog’s coming in again. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
Some other guy: “At the same time, we’re having the hottest weather on record.”
Some guy: “And I heard that somebody saw snow falling last night. The ozone layer must be messed up worse than we thought!”

The ozone layer is PISSED!

Side Note

Pissed or not, we need the ozone layer to not get fried by the sun, and depletion thereof has ceased (or slowed drastically enough that it’s no longer a concern) since the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs – commonly used as coolants in refrigeration) was phased out worldwide. Ozone depletion was a major global issue from the late 1970’s to late-90’s.

CFCs had been replaced by the time this episode aired, but it was still a relatively recent topic for many adults at the time.



Dialogue Deviation

[The fog turns out to be smoke from Vamdemon’s ultra-low efficiency flying carriage, which descends beneath a lakebed]
Tailmon: “We’ve been waiting for you…”
Tailmon and Unseen Minions: “Lord Vamdemon!”
Vamdemon: “A good location. We will make this our stronghold.”
Gatomon: “Welcome, o’ Great One! All is ready.”
Myotismon: “Perfect, Gatomon! As always, you have done excellent work.”

Where do you even find these unfurnished voids?

[Outside their new HQ]
PicoDevimon: “Where are you going, Tailmon?”
Tailmon: “To search for the eighth child. It’s our mission.”
PicoDevimon: “Taking credit? That’s just like you!”
Tailmon: “What?”
PicoDevimon: “That’s it, isn’t it? I’m the one who found the eighth child first. Obviously, I’m the one who should search that area!”
Tailmon: “Do you think the eighth child will be in the same place forever?”
PicoDevimon: “If that’s what you think, then you can search over there! With that, do your best!” *laughs*
Tailmon: *grimaces and hisses*
DemiDevimon: “Hey, Whiskers! What do you think you’re doin’?!”
Gatomon: “I don’t think; I know why I’m here. I’m finding the eighth child.”
DemiDevimon: “That’s my job, furball! I’m in charge here!”
Gatomon: “Yeah, right!”
DemiDevimon: “Listen up, Puss-in-Boots: quit suckin’ up to the master! ‘I’m the master’s cute little pet’ – gag me with a furball!”
Gatomon: “It’s really hard to feel threatened by a bowling ball with feathers.”
DemiDevimon: “Blah blah blah blah! Just keep outta my way! I’m finding that kid – not you! Got it?! Take a cat nap, Kitty Litter! Ha ha!”
Gatomon (thinking): “That flappy-winged joker couldn’t find water if he fell out of a boat!”
DemiDevimon (thinking): “That happened once!”

Section: Eyecatch

He found the water eventually.

Dialogue Deviation

[The search has begun, and Agumon peers into a cafe]
Agumon: “Taichi…”
Taichi: “No.”
Agumon: “I see food!”
Tai: “Agumon, keep your mind on our mission, okay?”

That’s not how that joke works, Agumon. First, you ask someone if they like seafood…

[Sora and Mimi search with Piyomon and Palmon riding in a baby carriage]
Palmon: “It’s cramped! Piyomon, why don’t you fly?”
Piyomon: “Palmon, have you gotten fatter?”
Palmon: “RUDE!”
Sora: “You two, don’t fight. Babies don’t do that.”
Mimi: “Could the eighth child really be around here? Besides, it’s hot!!”
Palmon: “Hey! Stop pushing!”
Biyomon: “I’m not pushing you! You’re kicking me!”
Palmon: “You crossed the line onto my side, you big cheater!”
Biyomon: “I am not a cheater! You’re a liar!”
Palmon: “I’m telling!”
Sora: “Knock it off! If you two keep fooling around, someone’s gonna get hurt.”
Mimi: “I know how they feel. Just walking around in this heat’s enough to make anybody cranky. You know what this is Sora? A big fat drag!”

I like to think Sora’s line is a threat.

[Now Tailmon is searching and totally not just chilling out at the beach]
Tailmon: “How peaceful… There’s not a chance the eighth child is among them.”
Gatomon: “What silly creatures. Pea-brained dolts. Laugh it up! When Myotismon is through, you won’t be laughing.”

Some of them will be.

[Tailmon and Hikari cross paths]
No dialogue.
Kari: “What a funny-looking kitty!”

Kari, don’t be rude! You’re spending too much time with Tai.

Side Note

Weird and inconsequential change, but the reporter on the news broadcast Hikari is watching is male in the original and female in the dub. They are pretty androgynous-looking because we can’t see them clearly, but I would think the voice director would have listened to their voice.

Dialogue Deviation

[Checking back in on Mimi and Sora]
Mimi: “We just got back home. Why do we have to keep doing this?”
Mimi: “I’m not meant for this kind of work. If I ever have a baby, I’m gonna hire somebody to push her around, that’s for sure!”

If you have cats instead, they can stay at home! No pushing necessary! Think about it.

Mimi: “Last night, in my soft bed in my room with the air conditioning on, that was when I realized that home really is the best!”
Palmon: “The cooking was delicious too!”
Mimi: “Right! That was the first time I thought my mom’s cooking tasted that good!”
Piyomon: “The cooking at Sora’s house was delicious, too! Sora’s mother seemed very kind, too. Right, Sora?”
Sora: “Is that so? Thank you.”
Mimi: “Last night I got to sleep in a soft bed with the AC cranked up, watching my own TV. Wasn’t that the best, Palmon?”
Palmon: “Dinner was really something, too!”
Mimi: “Wasn’t it great? My mom knows all the best take-out places in the city. She never has to cook.”
Biyomon: “Sora’s mom made our dinner and it was terrific. Well, all of it except this kind of green mushy stuff. What’s it called?”
Sora: “What? Spinach.”

Listed because a) Mimi’s mum does cook, and b) you’ll never get strong like Sora if you don’t eat your spinach, Biyomon!

[Sora goes right back to work]
Mimi: “She’s giving it her all… Isn’t she hot?”
Palmon: “You two just have different levels of endurance.”
Mimi: “I’d rather be a delicate maiden.”
Mimi: “Would you look at that? She’s not even tired.
Palmon: “You’re different. You like to take things easy.”
Mimi: “Finding this kid’s harder than finding a good sale.”

Tell me about it! I never get ads for children in my mailbox.

Mimi suggests they head to Tokyo Tower to search in crowds. In the dub, she adds that they can see the whole city from up there, which doesn’t help them find a single child with a limited-range device, but Sora falls for it anyway.

Side Note

Sora’s theme, Straight from the Heart, plays as they arrive at Tokyo Tower and check out some of the scenery. It’s a lovely, soothing song. In the dub, the usual “uh oh UH OH” song plays because we see one of Myotismon’s minions touring the tower as well. He’s on his lunch break, people! It’s allowed!

Dialogue Deviation

[Mimi has been enjoying the air conditioning in the tower until…]
Sora: “Maybe the air conditioner broke.”
Mimi: *sees a “guy” in a big coat* “Eehh?!? How is he able to wear that coat in mid-summer?! I’m getting hot just looking at him!”
Sora: “Hey, Mimi, he’ll hear you!”
Mimi: “But it’s true.”
Sora: “Look, he heard you!”
Sora: “Maybe this heat wave finally got to be too much for it.”
Mimi: “Ugh! Look at that weirdo wearing a coat in this heat! And such an ugly one, too!”
Sora: “Hey, Mimi, be quiet. He’ll hear you!”
Mimi: “Oh? And what’s he gonna do?”
Sora: “See? He heard you. I told you!”

Death/SkullMeramon cries a single tear

Your words are hurtful, Mimi!

Battle ensues, and dub Togemon warns us, “Get ready for my NEEDLE SPRAY!” I wasn’t ready. 🙁

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “DeathMeramon: a Perfect-level Digimon whose body is covered in blue flames. His special attack is Heavy Metal Fire.”
Izzy: “Explain this to us, Agumon, since you’re the one with the computer that has the Digimon Analyzer installed on it! Just who is this guy?”
Agumon: “He’s SkullMeramon. His element is fire. He’s tough and he can sure dish it out!”

DeathMeramon is renamed SkullMeramon in the dub. Heavy Metal Fire is renamed Metal Fireball. His element, obviously, is skulls.

… oh, fine! It’s fire. He laughs in the dub where he roars in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

DeathMeramon: “I’ll burn you all to the ground!”
SkullMeramon: “Don’t you know not to play with fire?”

Well, we do now!

Side Note

Agumon evolves to Greymon, and the dub starts up “Hey, Digimon” again, because if there’s ONE song that makes people not want to set things on fire…

Brave Heart only starts after Greymon evolves to MetalGreymon.

Dialogue Deviation

[Greymon uses Mega Flame, and DeathMeramon gets bigger]
Taichi: “He absorbed Mega Flame and got bigger!”
Koushirou: “He’s a Perfect Level! Greymon as an Adult Level is no match for him!”
Tai: “Great, now we’ve really made him mad! He swallowed that Nova Blast like a hot-fudge sundae!”
Izzy: “All it did was make him stronger! Unless Greymon Digivolves again, he’s toast!”

Nice save with the hot food pun, Izzy! Tai almost blew it for everyone by picking ice cream for his.

Side Note

MetalGreymon’s attack, Trident Arm, is “Mega Claw” in the dub. At least it actually involves a claw!

Dialogue Deviation

[DeathMeramon died as he lived: on fire and full of death. Now back to Hikari and Tailmon watching the news!]
Reporter (on telly): “According to eye-witness reports, monsters have been seen fighting.”
Tailmon (thinking): “After all, I don’t think she’s an ordinary child. It’s best if I kill her here.”
Reporter: “This may have something to do with the uproar about monsters from yesterday.”
Reporter (on telly): “While the clash of the monsters caused extensive damage to the tower, no casualties were reported.”
Gatomon (thinking): “She isn’t so bad, for a human. Better company than some Digimon, that’s for sure…”
Reporter (on telly): “But fear is in the air, and there’s a general feeling of public unrest… Now, back to our regular programming!”
Gatomon (thinking): “Still, orders are orders, and I’m not going to be the one who lets the eighth child get away…”

Gatomon considers Kari decent company BECAUSE Kari has barely spoken to her, not in spite of it.

[Tailmon got spooked by Hikari’s welcoming and un-spooky demeanor and ran away]
Tailmon (thinking): “I don’t have any actual proof that she’s the eighth child.”
Gatomon (thinking): “Her sweetness makes me lose my edge, but I’ll be back and next time I’ll be ready for her!”

By the way: way to stop looking for your actual cat the minute a new one comes along, Kari. Jerk.

Narrator: “At this time, Tailmon still hasn’t realized… This girl, YAGAMI Hikari, would soon have great meaning to her.”
Reporter (on telly): “While no one knows where these monsters are from or why they’re here, it’s clear the Earth is at some sort of crossroads. The question is: down which road does our destiny await?”

The shitty one. Is this the regular programming? This sucks. Put on a cartoon or something, kid!

The Digi-Verdict

The few cuts aside, this was a good episode script-wise! At this point, you’d have to be used to the dub characters’ sass, and the jokes the writers added are pretty good this episode. DeathMeramon became SkullMeramon, because nothing quite says “alive” like skulls, but he didn’t offer much that could have gone wrong. I give it a B, for “butthole”, which Kari is because of the aforementioned abandonment of her cat the minute a new one strolled up.

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