Digimon Adventure S01E25

The Sleeping Tyrant! TonosamaGekomon (JP)

Princess Karaoke (EN)

Written by:

JP: Akatsuki MAEKAWA
EN: R.D. Chamberlain and J.M. Morris

First aired:

JP: August 29, 1999
EN: November 6, 1999

Section: Summary

After fleeing the dreadful world of food service employment, Tai and Joe and Gomamon and Agumon come across a big ol’ castle full of frogs. They demand to be taken to the frogs’ leader, and they find Princess Mimi, Frog Overlord – also known as their friend, Mimi. Furious at not having previously known that “princess” was a job option, Tai and Joe immediately set about toppling the monarchy the only way they know how: through song! A few heart-felt ballads later, they accidentally awaken a terrible tyrant from its 300-year slumber, as these things tend to do. Before it can destroy the entire Digital World, the tyrant is defeated by Princess Mimi’s benevolent death song, but the kingdom has already been reduced to rubble. Mimi embraces her awesome powers and abdicates her now-nonexistent throne, joining her old friends in their quest to take down various forms of government.

Dialogue Deviation

From the opening summary of what happened last episode:

Tai: “Babumon Digivolved into MegaKabuterimon and sent Vademon clear into another dimension! Ha, later brain-head!”

No, Tai. That’s a different show.

[Tai and Joe have hijacked Matt’s swan boat ride]
Agumon: “What beautiful weather!”
Gomamon: “The water is pretty, too – it feels great!”
Agumon: “Hey, what’s wrong, you guys? Can’t you make this bucket go any faster?”
Joe: (exhausted) “What are you doing to help?”
Agumon: “Watching for icebergs.”

I like this exchange a lot. Originally, they were still taunting Jou and Taichi by enjoying the day, but the dub managed to make it even cheekier!

Taichi: “You weren’t going to switch with us anyway!”
Agumon: “Was it obvious?”
Tai: “Very obvious.”
Tai: “Hey, we could go faster if we threw you off!”
Agumon: “You wouldn’t!”
Tai: “It’s tempting…”
Gomamon: “Better not.”

Tai is back to his old self with his terrible parenting, and Gomamon has forgotten he is semi-aquatic. Nice to see things are looking up!

[Taichi and Jou have landed at the shore, and they are now looking up at a huge castle]
Taichi: “That’s…”
Jou: “It’s a castle…”
Joe: “Wow, that palace is huge!”
Tai: “And way up there, as if my legs weren’t tired already…”

Trivia: today, I learned that the difference between a palace and a castle is that a palace is a house in which some glorified jackass lives, and a castle is a fortified house in which some glorified jackass lives. Neat! We see later that this particular structure has an outer wall and a drawbridge, making it technically a castle!

[Taichi looks at his Digivice for the source of the beepery]
Taichi: “The signal is inside there!”
Tai: “But there’s no doubt about it: that is Mimi, so up we go!”

I’d recognize that faint red dot anywhere!

Then Tai and Joe huff and puff their way up the stairs, and Joe wonders, “how do they get their mail?” It’s called fitness, Joe. You need to work on your endurance!

[They let themselves into the castle because that’s not super-rude or anything]
Taichi: “Frogs and tadpoles…?”
Jou: “What are they doing?”
Tai: “Is this a palace or some kind of looney bin?”
Joe: “Seems like it’s both!”

Yeah, Tai. Why can’t it be both?

Gekomon: “So busy, so busy!”
Gekomon: “Her Highness is getting angryyy!”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Gekomon: it might not be apparent, but they love music. The three holes on their tongues are used to play the horns around their necks for their special attack, Crush Symphony.”
Gomamon: “Oh, these are Gekomon? I’ve heard of them. They really love music – not surprising since they’re born with those horns.”

Narrator: “Otamamon: amphibian Digimon. Their special attack, Lullaby Bubble, lulls one to sleep.”
Agumon: “And I’ve heard of the other Digimon. They’re called Otamamon!”

Super informative, Agumon.

Side Note

Gekomon and Otamamon have the verbal tics of adding “geko” and “tama” into and at the ends of their sentences in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

Otamamon: “So busy! So busy!”
Otamamon: “HURRY – before she blows her top!”

Maybe she’d be less stressed out if you all weren’t running around frantically!

The dub completely botched the princess’s lunch order, for which they will undoubtedly be sent to the gallows.

Original princess was claimed to have ordered:

  • gomoku chahan – five-ingredient stir-fried rice – a staple dish in Japanese households
  • ice-cold yaki udon, which many of you may know is stir-fried udon noodles – udon being delicious, thick wheat-flour noodles. They are indeed popularly served cold in Japan, especially in the summer
  • Mediterranean-style okara miso soup, okara being soy pulp (residue from the filtration of soy milk and tofu), and miso being the tasty and pasty seasoning made from fermented soybeans and salt and other goodies. What is the Mediterranean style? I have no idea, but if involves falafel, I’m in!

These orders were completely mixed up with:

  • a triple hot fudge sundae (that was my order)
  • a bacon chili cheeseburger with fries and a super-sized milkshake (also my order)
  • a garden-fresh salad with low-fat dressing without dessert (what? it keeps me regular)

That’s the last time I order through DubHub…

They just repeated the food orders in bewilderment as they heard each of them.
Gomamon et al.: “We’d like to ask a question if you don’t mind.”

They do mind. This is a very important discussion!

[The Gekomon continue their argument about our lunch orders]
Taichi: “Hey, hey! What about just making them all?”
Otamamon: “That’s all wrong!”
Jou: “What this now?!”
Tai: “Excuse me! Have you seen a girl in a hat?”
Otamamon: “Hey, we’re ordering lunch here!”
Joe: “Well, then I’ll have a burger!”

Joe, that’s terrible for your heart! Don’t forget your many fictional medical conditions… But good for you for seeing an opportunity and taking it. You’ve come a long way!

The dub retained the princess’s desire for a polka-dotted dress – in the original, it was specified that she wanted a gaudy one, but I’m sure that’s what she’s getting in the dub anyway.

The other item she wanted was, to the best of my translation abilities, an antique-style, costume jewellery finger ring (“battamon no yubiwa” 「バッタモンの指輪」, with “battamon” being slang for cheap items among antique dealers, and “yubiwa” is just “finger ring”). The dub writers may have had as much trouble with the translation as I did, and it’s changed to “pink leather pants with matching boots and accessories”, which is definitely easier to work with, and they can be worn on a finger if she’s determined enough, so it’s practically the same thing.

Given that my translation skills are nothing to write home about, I could be completely wrong, and she was actually asking for a Batman ring as I thought she said at first. Feel free to submit a comment if you have more insight on this topic.

[Jou and Taichi concur that the princess sounds like a total dick]
Agumon: “Hey, weren’t you all in a hurry?”
Agumon: “I wonder what happens if they don’t do what she says.”

Guillotine. Same thing that happens to anyone who enters her castle without knocking or wastes her servants’ time with stupid questions – pretty standard.

In the original, the Gekomon and Otamamon disperse because Agumon reminded them that they’re on the clock. In the dub, they disperse because the princess is coming.

[The princess arrives]
Brass instruments and no dialogue.
Tai: “Cool, we’re gonna get to meet the princess!”

Play it cool, Tai!

Princess Mimi: “Oh, everyone!”
Princess Mimi: “Oh, bummer. Hm.”

Tell me about it…

[The dub faded out for a break after the last scene.]
Princess Mimi: “It’s been a while!”
Princess Mimi: “What a surprise.”

Agumon: “So that means the selfish princess…”
All of them: “It was MIMI!”
Princess Mimi: “What do you mean, ‘selfish’?! How rude!”
Agumon: “So you’re the spoiled princess we’ve been hearing about!”
All of them: “We should have known it was Mimi!”
Princess Mimi: “Don’t call me ‘Mimi’ anymore! That’s ‘Princess’ now!”

Dub Mimi is just owning it. XD She’s my fave.

[Meanwhile, PicoDevimon discusses his assignment with Vamdemon, who seems to have forgotten to attach his head properly]

PicoDevimon: “It’s always an honor. This is PicoDevimon.”
Vamdemon: “How are the defenses?”
PicoDevimon: “Everything is going well.”
Vamdemon: “What about things at the castle?”
PicoDevimon: “It’s all right. All of the Gekomon are treating her like a princess. If they keep this up, the Crest of Purity will never activate.”
Vamdemon: “You know what will happen if you repeat your mistakes, don’t you?”
PicoDevimon: “Y-Yes, of course.”
Vamdemon: “I’m expecting results.”

DemiDevimon: “Don’t you worry, your mighty wickedness, this time we cannot fail!”
Myotismon: “‘WE’?! You’d better not fail!”
DemiDevimon: “It’s in the bag — piece o’ cake!”
Myotismon: “Is the plan at the palace working?”
DemiDevimon: “Couldn’t be better! The Gekomon are spoiling her rotten, and she’s eating it up! If she keeps this up much longer, her Crest of Sincerity’s gonna be useless, master!”
Myotismon: “Do you know what will happen if you disappoint me again, DemiDevimon?”
DemiDevimon: “I got a vague idea…”
Myotismon: “Good, then see that you don’t.”

I can’t overstate how much I am loving the sass from Myotismon.

I think this is also the first time Mimi’s Crest is referred to by name in the original. It’s Purity in the original, Sincerity is the dub. What’s the difference? … I don’t know. It’s not like I would know “purity” if it walked up and bit me in the face.

[After a brief discussion, Princess Mimi has refused to abdicate her position, citing the many comforts that accompany it]
Princess Mimi: “Besides, I’m the princess of this castle!”
Princess Mimi: “It’s like having a birthday every day – I am a princess! And you want me to give this up? I don’t think so!”

[Taichi and Jou respectfully disagree with her wishes]
Taichi: “You’ve got to be kidding! You think we’ll just say, ‘yes, you’re right’ and go back?”
Jou: “That’s right! Besides, you don’t know what all we went through to get here!”

Tai: “You are coming with us! Get down off that high horse of yours and shift your rear into high gear!”
Joe: “Yeah, come on! Why do you think we almost killed ourselves trying to find you? ‘Cause you are part of the team!”

Joe, it was a food service job… Don’t undersell it — you went through HELL.

[And so Princess Mimi respectfully kicks them the fuck out]
Princess Mimi: “These people said they want to leave, so show them to the exit!”
Princess Mimi: “I desire these rude and bothersome peasants to be removed from my boudoir at once!”

In French, a “boudoir” is a lady’s private dressing, sitting, and/or bedroom. In a way, on this section of the site, you’re all in my virtual boudoir!

Get out.

[And out they go!]
Taichi: “That hurt!”
Gomamon: “Be more courteous to your guests!”
Jou: “In any case, I wonder what happened to Mimi…”
Taichi: “Those frogs are spoiling her too much! There’s no doubt about it, I tell you!”
Gekomon: “It’s as you say.”

Tai: “I won’t dissect frogs in biology, ok?”
Gomamon: “If that’s the way you treat your guests, we’re never coming back!”
Joe: “Now what’re we going to do? She’s totally into this digi-fairytale!”
Tai: “I wonder what she could’ve done to get them to wait on her hand and foot like this?”
Gekomon: “You really wanna know?”
Tai: “Uh… Sure!”

Listed for the implication that a) frogs are dissected in elementary school, which Tai is in; b) Tai could do well enough in Biology to be trusted with frog dissection; and c) that Mimi did something nefarious to enslave the Gekomon and Otamamon. I mean, yeah, she did, and it’s not cool, but it’s a little more complicated than that…

[Gekomon is guiding the crew]
No dialogue.
Joe: “You’re not taking us to an evil Digimon, are you?”

Don’t be racist, Joe!

No dialogue.
Tai: “What if Mimi catches us?”
Gekomon #2: “She won’t.”

She’s busy. Princess stuff*.

*definitely not code for ‘pooping’

Side Note

TonosamaGekomon is ShogunGekomon in the dub, because if children don’t recognize one Japanese word, they’ll definitely recognize another Japanese word! ShogunGekomon either takes no issue with his subordinates forgetting his complete name, or it’s really fortunate for that Gekomon that he’s asleep right now!

His dub name is officially ShogunGekomon, but in this episode, they keep calling him Shogunmon. Lip flaps? General laziness? We may never know.

ANYWAY, tonosama 「殿様」 simply means “lord”, as in the lord of a temple or estate. A shōgun 「将軍」 was an appointed military dictator in Japanese history. The dub gave him a bit of a promotion there.

Dialogue Deviation

[The Gekomon show Taichi et al to a HUGE, unmoving Digimon]
Taichi: “Whoa, that’s a huge statue!”
Tai: “Woah! Somebody’s had a few too many donuts!”

Tai, don’t be rude! Can’t take you kids anywhere, I swear…

[The huge Digimon is TonosamaGekomon, and only one with a voice more beautiful than the one that beat him in a karaoke competition 300 years ago can wake him]
Gekomon (1): “So, we’ve been having karaoke competitions every year, but there’s never any sign of reviving him.”
Gekomon (2): “Of course, this made us think that the legend is really a lie…”

Gekomon (1): “For centuries, we’ve tried, but every song’s failed…”
Gekomon (2): “We Gekomon love music, but unfortunately not one of us has a voice that would be considered beautiful.”

They’re all beautiful – don’t let the haters put you down!

Otamamon: “At that time, we heard there was a human girl who was good at singing, and we welcomed her like a princess.”
Otamamon: “Then we got a break; a strange little Digimon spoke of a girl with a pretty voice. He told us where to find her, and we did!”

In my head-canon, Etemon is the one who beat TonosamaGekomon at karaoke.

Side Note

Mimi is singing I Wish, the ending theme, in the original, which is performed by her own voice actress, Ai MAEDA.

The song she sings in the dub is not a song, it doesn’t count as a song, even when sung, and Gear keeps repeating the lyrics to me in our Discord conversations, and MAKE IT STOP.

When I wish on a star
and set my pride on the wind,
I’ll be able to see a tomorrow that can’t be erased by today
I’m sure of it
♪ I wanna sing a song
A song that’ll wake you up
And when you hear my voice
You’ll call me a sweet buttercup
Just give me a listen ♪
As always, bold words are ones that were spoken in English (Engrish) in the original.

The dub’s music for it isn’t bad! It has a peppy, funky disco vibe to it.

Dialogue Deviation

The flashback of Mimi’s false starts is pretty much the same, but her original complaint about the room’s decor being awful is changed to wanting hair styling, make-up, and costumes.

Gekomon: “At first, the princess sang for us once every three days, but now she’s become so selfish!”
Gekomon: “We’ve done all she’s wanted. We’ve even redecorated the entire palace for her. I used to like pink, but now I can’t stand to look at it!”

Pictured: a lot of not-pink.
I think you missed a couple spots…

Jou: “So that’s how Mimi got so selfish…”
Joe: “Unfortunately, you’ve given Mimi the life she’s been accustomed to, and then some!”

You’re just jealous.

Section: Eyecatch

Gear made the logo. I made it worse.

Side Note

When Taichi proposes his flawless plan to sing in Princess Mimi’s place, the Gekomon are horrified and dumbstruck. In the dub, the Gekomon laugh at him with their mouths agape in horror. He’s not self-conscious enough to be laughed off the stage, unfortunately.

In both versions, the characters botch the song lyrics with wonderful results:

When I wish on a star
and put pudding on it,
If today’s no good, I can take tomorrow!
I’m sure of it
♪ I’m gonna sing a song!
A song that will wake you up!
I’m gonna belt it out!
Shogunmon is gonna get UUUUUAAAUAUUUUAAPP ♪
Hey, wake up!
With all these eels
And fried potatoes in the wind
There’s no choice but to blow off my sweat
♪ I’m attempting to sing a song
A song that’ll awaken you and aid all the Gekomon that are loyal to your world view and the idea of you being in charge
I’m attempting to sing a song
A song that’ll awaken you and aid all the Gekomon… ♪
Agumon & GomamonAgumon & Gomamon
When stars shake in the wind
things will move along
Today won’t come, so tomorrow will come
I’m sure of it
♪ I croon this song to you!
A tune from now until June!
When you hear us sing
You’ll call us singing fogHOOOORRNS
We just wanna wake you up!
So don’t close your ears!
Or you can sleep for years! ♪
I could go for some fried wind potatoes…

The Gekomon politely applaud Taichi after he sings. They do not do the same for Jou and Gomamon and Agumon, probably because Jou was doing the sarcastic jerk-off motion the entire time, which is rude, and Gomamon and Agumon are just terrible together.

You’re on thin ice, buster.

Dialogue Deviation

Jou: “It’s really useless to try to revive him unless it’s Mimi.”
Tai: “After that he may not wake up for another three hundred years!”


[They are found by Palmon]
Palmon: “I was worried about you. What happened?”
Agumon: “What do you mean, ‘what happened’? Haven’t you noticed Mimi’s been strange?”
Palmon: “Strange? Hmm… That is it! I’ve also been thinking she’s being strange!”
Taichi: “Hey…”
Gomamon: “At least notice that much…”

Palmon: “Why did you all disappear like that? It’s like you weren’t even happy to see us!”
Agumon: “What are you talking about? In case you hadn’t noticed, Mimi’s gone nuts!”
Palmon: “Yeah? Mmm…hmmm… Now that I think of it, she has kind of gone off the deep end – I mean, even for her!”
Tai: “Oh, uh, you noticed?”
Gomamon: “You’re so observant.”

[Princess Mimi fell not for the old karaoke-recording trick, and she has the perpetrators imprisoned]
Taichi: “Mimi, Open your eyes!”
Gomamon and Agumon: “Mimi!”
Jou: “Don’t you realize what sort of thing you’re doing?”
Princess Mimi: “Oh? Should I not do this?”
Jou: “You can’t even understand that anymore? Don’t you feel anything by doing something like this to your friends?
Agumon: “It’s not just us! You’re causing a lot of trouble for the Gekomon too!”

Princess Mimi: “So, you thought you could pull a fast one on Princess Mimi, did you?”
Tai: “That’s Princess Meanie!”
Agumon: “Yeah!”
Joe: “Who do you think you are, anyway? Don’t you remember we’re your friends?”
Princess Meanie: “I remember you tried to trick me…”
Tai: “We tried to trick you because we’re trying to save you! Have you completely forgotten about the Crest of Sincerity?”
Agumon: “Have you completely forgotten it’s not nice to lock people up in your dungeon? Where’s your manners?”

Agumon, where are your manners?! In the Digital World, it’s illegal to record people without their permission! You belong in there.

[Palmon disapproves]
Palmon: “Mimi, doing something like this is too horrible! The Mimi who would do something like this… the Mimi who would do something like this… I HATE HER!”
Princess Mimi: “I see. Well, I hate you, too!”

Palmon: “Uh, before you go, I have something I wanna tell you. Nobody likes you more than I do… it hurts me deeply to have to say this, but…you’re a spoiled brat!”
Princess Meanie: “Is that a fact? Well it’s nice to know how you really feel! Hmph!”

Gone is the “oof” factor of “I hate you”, which has to really hurt coming from a best friend and Chosen partner. 🙁

The mysterious Sora-shaped silhouette with Sora’s voice adds, “What can I do?” in the dub. She just silhouetted mysteriously in the original.

[Princess Mimi has a nightmare filled with enemies, unhelpful subordinants, and even less helpful friends – even Palmon!]
Palmon: “I hate you, Mimi.”
Palmon: “I gotta go now, Mimi. Goodbye…”

[“I have a salon appointment for my weird leafy not-hair…”]

[Princess Mimi has awoken from her nightmare to find that Sora is STILL looming over sleeping people like a creep]
Princess Mimi: “Sora..?”
Sora: “You understand what you’ve done, right?”
Princess Mimi: “I… I’m sorry!”
Sora: “Then you know what you have to do, right?”
Princess Mimi: “Yeah.”
Sora: “That’s good. You’re really a good kid, Mimi.”

Princes Meanie: “Where am I? What?”
Sora: “Do you have any idea what that horrible dream was trying to tell you, Mimi?”
Princess Meanie: “That I should order directly from the restaurant and pick it up instead of going through DubHub…”
Sora: “Not that dream.”

Princess Meanie: “I’m sorry! Oh, I really am!”
Sora: “Well, then you know what you have to do to make things right.”
Princess Meanie: “Yes…”
Sora: “That’a girl! I knew you’d find yourself again!”

Listed for the disturbing implication that Sora can see into peoples’ dreams, which I guess is why she looms over them while they sleep. Good thing Mimi wasn’t having the kill-all-your-friends dream again!

[The Gekomon gather in the castle’s Lord-naptime-spot/disco chamber]
Gekomon (1): “What does she want from us so late at night?”
Gekomon (2): “It must be more difficult orders…”

Tai: “Is she gonna chop off our heads?”
Joe: “Don’t even joke…”

Don’t get our hopes up, Tai.

Mimi apologizes. In the original, Palmon and the Gekomon cheer for her to sing. In the dub, she tells them she wants to sing for them. Then she sings the full version of her not-song:

When I wish on a star
and set my pride on the wind,
I’ll be able to see a tomorrow that can’t be erased by today
I’m sure of it
I wish
Why are we here?
Please tell me soon
Things we can see aren’t everything
I’m shivering with the cold, so I wrap my arms with a jacket
Before I know it,
it turns into hope
♪ I wanna sing a song!
A song to bring Shogunmon around!
When he hears my voice,
I hope he likes the sound!
He has to listen,
Listen to my sincere heart!
I’ve learned my friends are friends even when they’re apart!
I’ve asked my friends to forgive me from the bottom of my heart!
If it’s my choice, his eyes will open wide,
And the Gekomon will be cheering-
Cheering with pride… ♪

“Why did we even bother writing lyrics and a setting up a karaoke machine?”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “TonosamaGekomon: as his name says, he is the lord of the Gekomon. The fist-like, low-frequency waves, Fist Tone, are his special attack!”
Gekomon: “Don’t panic! It’s our lord and master Shogunmon, finally restored to us after so many centuries!”

Fist Tone is frequently localized to “Kobushi Tone”, but kobushi 「こぶし」 means “fist”.

TonosamaGekomon has the same tic of adding “geko” that the Gekomon do.

Dialogue Deviation

[TonosamaGekomon is awake!]
TonosamaGekomon: “I was having a wonderful nap. Who woke me up?!”
ShogunGekomon: “I was having such a nice sleep. Which one of you clowns woke me up, or should I just squish all of you?”

Oh COD, there are CLOWNS in the palace, too?!

[TonosamaGekomon starts thrashing]
Gomamon: “What’s going on?! He’s destructive?!”
Jou: “We didn’t hear he was a tyrant!!”
Gekomon: “We wouldn’t have woken him up if we’d known!!”

Gekomon: “Women and Gekomon first!”
Joe: “And I thought I was cranky when I first wake up!”
Gomamon: “Give me the mean Mimi back any day!”
Gekomon: “Whose idea was this?! Remind me never to listen to them again!”

HAHA, plot twist! Mimi was PROTECTING them from their horrible tyrant through her terrible ways! Eat it, M. Night Shyamalan!

TonosamaGekomon: “Fist Tone! ♪ I want you to leave me out in the rain ♪”
ShogunGekomon: “You wanna hear some music?!
♪ The ground will shake
When you hear the noise I make
Because I’m glad to be awake… ♪

Not what I usually listen to, but I can dig it!

[Palmon has evolved into Togemon and catches Mimi]
Togemon: “Are you okay, Mimi?”
Mimi: “Togemon, I’m sorry.”
Togemon: “It’s okay now.”
Mimi: “Togemon… I really like you, Togemon.”
Togemon: “I like you, too, Mimi.”

Togemon: “That was a close one.”
Mimi: “Can you forgive me?”
Togemon: “Of course I can!”
Mimi: “Togemon… you’re the best! Oh, thank you!”
Togemon: “I’m just glad old Mimi’s back.”
Mimi: “Really? You mean it? Then let’s take care of this out-of-tune goon!”

Tune goons aside, this is listed for the loss of “I like you”s. 🙁 Why can’t we have a little love, dub?!

TonosamaGekomon: “Fist Tone! ♪ That is a woman’s nature ♪”
ShogunGekomon: “Now it’s showtime!
♪ Now why’d you try that?
‘Cause I’ll knock you flat
And now you’re gonna feel it ♪

The dub gave these parts a funky beat, and it’s pretty good!

Now, you might be wondering: what the fuck is TonosamaGekomon singing about? You’re not alone. If you intend to find out, though, you are more alone, because I sure as Myotismon’s Dungeon don’t want to know.

Taichi: “What was that?!”
Jou: “He looks foolish, but he’s actually pretty strong!”

Tai: “Did you see that?”
Joe: “Yeah, he gives new meaning to the term ‘flat note’!”

Don’t make the same pun, Joe. Come up with something sharp or give it a rest!

TonosamaGekomon’s froggy jump is a bonus attack, Tonosama Jump. In the dub, he just says, “Watch out below!” Nice of him to offer a warning!

Side Note

Ugh. Greymon evolves to MetalGreymon, and that “Hey, Digimon” nonsense plays in the dub again. Bring back ShogunGekomon and his funky beat – I liked that better.

Dialogue Deviation

[The Gekomons’ lord and home and lives are destroyed, and there’s only one thing left to say to TonosamaGekomon…]
Mimi: “Sleep for the rest of your life!”
Mimi: “He deserved to hear that last flat note, don’t you think?”

She straight-up killed him.

[… So Mimi et al depart before the police arrive]
Narrator: “After being honest with herself, Mimi’s Crest of Purity attained its light. However… Why doesn’t Sora show herself in front of the others? The only thing we know for sure is…”
Tai: “Well, ready to go, Mimi?”
Mimi: “Yeah, but do you think I could take some of my princess clothes with me?”
Tai: “Mimi!”
Mimi: “Well, it just seems such a waste! The jewels at least?”

Yeah, dude, just take the clothes with you! It’s not like the Gekomon are going to wear them! … maybe… I mean…

[PicoDevimon roasting on an open fire]
PicoDevimon: “Hot! Hot! Hot! Help me!”
Narrator: “… that PicoDevimon was getting what he deserved.”

Myotismon: “Didn’t you say you knew what would happen if you failed?”
DemiDevimon: “Well, when I said I knew, I didn’t really mean I knew ‘knew’, you know what I mean? But now that I do know, if it’s not too much trouble, sir, could I bother you for a glass of water?”

Nice try, DemiDevimon! He’s not falling for that twice.

The Digi-Verdict

As far as accuracy, this episode’s script was pretty dang good! Just about every detail was kept, even if they got the dub’s unique spin. And let’s face it: “Princess Meanie” is always a winner! I give it an A, for “abolish the monarchy”, which Mimi kindly took care of. Nicely done, Morris and Chamberlain!

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  • AegisP says:

    I will say this, I dont mind the change to ShogunGekomon. I dont thinks its just replacing one Japanese word with another but rather a COMPLICATED ONE for a simpler one. I think even Japanese dubs of western media simplify complex english words like that.

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