Digimon Adventure S01E16

Dark Evolution! SkullGreymon

Dark Evolution! SkullGreymon (JP)

The Arrival of SkullGreymon (EN)

Written by:

EN: Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz

First aired:

JP: June 20, 1999
EN: October 5, 1999

Section: Summary

So then Tai was feeling emboldened because he got away with stealing a wall, so they went to a coliseum so he could see what other structures there were to pilfer. Unfortunately, he got everyone stuck in a soccer goal somehow. Everyone’s favorite TV show, Etemon’s Ètagére, came on the big screen, and a Greymon came over to watch. Greymon got jealous because Greymon was wearing a cool goth collar, so they fought, and Joe decided to steal the coliseum’s sub-floor heating tile. It turned out it was load-bearing, so the floor caved in and they crawled out through a wiring hole thing. Then Greymon died and became a skeleton, and he killed Greymon and most of his friends, and then he ran into the desert and caught on fire. The combustion catalyzed a chemical reaction that reconstituted his body as a baby. Tai realized that stealing is wrong, but Joe’s career in larceny has only just begun.

Dialogue Deviation

[We open to Taichi giving Agumon a pep talk]
Taichi: “You’re the only one who can evolve one more level! You’ve got to do your best on the battlefield!”
Tai: “You’re the only one that can Digivolve further, so either you try to get to the next level and save us from Etemon, or I’ll go an get myself a new Digimon!”

JEEZ, Tai! Nice pep talk! Jerk.

Tentomon: “We’re counting on you.”
Tentomon: “Not much of a choice.”

No joke. Ditch him, Agumon! You deserve better!

Side Note

In the original, Etemon’s trailer is honking as it drives through the desert. Honking at whom? No one.

Absolutely no one.

Dialogue Deviation

[Sora’s flashback to Taichi TOTALLY passing the ball and not just losing it because he tripped]
Taichi: “I wouldn’t do something like that!”
Tai: “Remember: there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’!”

There’s no ‘Tai’ in team, either. Get out.

Sora: “Since Taichi got that Crest, he seems like a different person.”
Sora: “Tai’s personality seems to have changed ever since he got a hold of the Crest of Courage.”

… How did YOU know what Crest it was?! What else do you know?! Are you in cahoots with the old man? WHAT ARE YOU HIDING FROM US?

Side Note

Wow. Taichi’s telescope’s been working out! … And he’s been practicing with his mascara! Lookin’ good, you two!

Dialogue Deviation

[Etemon found their location because SOMEONE hit a Dark Network cable]
Etemon: “You know! I hold an annual concert there! To find them there…”
Gazimon: “Eh, that’s pretty far…”
Etemon: “That’s where I hold my annual ‘Tribute to Me’ show! I wonder what they’re doing all the way over there. You got any idea?”
Gazimon: “Well, maybe they wanna get good seats, boss.”

Obviously! Taichi ruined your last show for them; they have to make sure this one’s perfect!

Side Note

Ugh, I have to describe music again. So in the dub, the scene panning over the coliseum is great. It’s quiet, sets the “awe” tone it’s meant to, and the music conveys the feeling of something ancient. The background song in the original is one I don’t think we’ve heard yet in the series. It’s violin-y and… some other string instrument-y. Gives the feeling of being in a fancy old place looking at antiques or art and popping your monocle out of your eye socket when someone insults your inability to describe music.

So, Sora asks if anyone wants to play soccer, and in the original, Takeru replies, “That sounds fun!” He said the same in the dub, but in two voices. I think the second voice was meant to be Tokomon chiming in, but you can clearly see he’s not moving his mouth. Ventriloquiiists! *shakes fist*

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi disapproves of unauthorized sports!]
Taichi: “Think about what we’re after!”
Tai: “Will you use your heads for something other than hitting the ball?!”

[On the hunt for a crest]
Gomamon: “Is it reacting?”
Jou: “It should be around here…”
Gomamon: “Your tag is reacting again.” (it’s making that terrible squealing we hear when they evolve in the dub)
Joe: “Yeah. The Crest must be around here somewhere.”

Slight context change.

[And now they’re stuck in a goal somehow]
Etemon: “Gooaal! I’ve got you now!”
Etemon: “Gooaal! I sure did it! I scored a goal!”

… why did they run into the goal…?

[You’ll get hurt if you touch the clearly electrified net]
Etemon: “Why, you ask? That net has high voltage electricity running through it!”
Etemon: “You see, there’s electricity running through that net! It’s a shocker, I know.”

This episode is a breeze, script-wise! I could get used to this!

Side Note

In the original, baseball organ music/a theme/a jingle/whatever it is plays during Greymon’s introduction.

Dialogue Deviation

[‘sup, Greymon?]
Etemon: “You are surprised! What an ace I am!”
Etemon: “See? I knew you’d be surprised! Waaah, I’m so evil!”

Etemon: “So, let’s begin! IT’S SHOWTIME!”
Etemon: “Let’s get started; it’s time to go! Okay, here’s the show!”

That’s just an unfortunate product of lipflap-syncing…

[Greymon battle!]
Takeru: “Don’t lose to that fake!”
T.K.: “Don’t lose to that phoney-baloney!”

I’ll have you know the baloney is authentic! And don’t call the other Greymon a fake! That’s so mean. I’m disappointed in both of you!

Section: Eyecatch

100% totally-not-fake baloney! Or bologna. Which one is it?

Side Note

The dub adds in a terrible-sounding laugh from Greymon #2. Then when it comes back from the commercial break, they add Greymon #1 doing some kind of stuttered groan. It was… interesting.

Then they added a shot of Tai yelling, “Digivolve Greymon! You’ve got to!” before the fight resumes.

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: “Evolve! Greymon, evolve!”
Tai: “What’s he waiting for? Why won’t he Digivolve to the next level?”

Taichi: “Do a Mega Flame!”
Greymon: *BELCH*
Greymon: “Nova Bl–eeuugh.”


Mimi: “No! How could you burp at a time like this?! “
Mimi: “He certainly doesn’t have any Digi-manners! At least say, ‘excuse me’!”

That line doesn’t even work if he didn’t burp!

[Elsewhere, Gazimon answers the phone]
Etemon: “Don’t just stand there! The victory celebration! Prepare the fireworks – and step on it!”
Etemon: “You silly rabbit, stop carryin’ on like a trained seal! Get the fireworks ready so I can celebrate my victory!”

That is definitely not a rabbit…

[“Where do the Marching Fishes come from?” Nobody knows except Agumon’s nose, but it won’t tell…]
Gomamon: “I don’t understand hard stuff.”
Gomamon: “I don’t know, but if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”

The Marching Fishes rescue is glorious.

Believe it or not, Izzy’s “dimensional rift” ass-pull was Koushirou’s ass-pull as well. Koushirou was just less dickish about it.

[Sora: “Hey, maybe you shouldn’t run head-first into certain death…”]
Taichi: “Please, don’t get in my way!”
Tai: “Please, mind your own business, Sora!”

[Sora: “… on second thought, go ahead. Knock yourself out. Possibly literally.”]

[Taichi has run head-first into certain death]
Etemon: “Well, trying to act cool now? Fine! Since that’s what you want, that’s what I’ll give you!”
Etemon: “What do we have here? A dope who thinks he’s a superstar? You got it! Now start singing your final number!”

Side Note

Wow. I’d forgotten how bad dub Birdramon’s bird-roar sounds.

AGH the Digivice screeching. Why does the dub have the Digivice screeching?!

Anyway, in the original, Brave Heart is playing as Piyomon and Gabumon evolve. Then Greymon starts to evolve, and the song gets kind of muffled. Not quieted or distorted – it’s subtle. Then it fades until the “bad time” music takes over.

In the dub, it’s just “bad time” music all around.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “This horrifying form reduces other Digimon to trembling. Of course, his power is hugely destructive. He attacks persistently in battle. Perfect-level Digimon.”
Tentomon: “SkullGreymon: the sight of him makes other Digimon tremble! He is a fully Digivolved Digimon whose explosive power causes him to constantly search for battle!”

He seems fine right now.

Dialogue Deviation

Oh, there he goes…

Taichi: “SkullGreymon, did you really evolve from Greymon?”
Tai: “Listen to me, SkullGreymon! If you’re really the Digivolved form of Greymon, then you can’t hurt me!”

Tai, again: not how any of this works…

[His network is ruined]
Etemon: “My network is ruined!”
Etemon: “They’re destroying everything that I worked so hard to create!”

Welcome to the IT industry, Etemon.

[SkullGreymon gets it out of his system and reverts to Kormon. You okay, Koromon?]
Koromon: “Yes, but… it looks like I did something horrible to everyone… I couldn’t stop myself…”
Koromon: “Well, yes, but… I’ve done some terrible, horrible things… I attacked three of my fellow Digimons…”

Yes, starting that nonsense again IS a terrible, horrible thing and don’t you DARE.

The Digi-Verdict:

A solid episode all around! Most of the dialogue was translated completely accurately, and the only changes were adaptation-related – either matching mouth animations or adding to a character’s personality. If only they could all be so easy! I give it an A, for “authentic baloney”, which is the only kind we serve here.

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