Digimon Adventure S01E14

Departure - To A New Continent!

Departure for a New Continent (JP)

Departure for a New Continent (EN)

Written by:

EN: Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz

First aired:

JP: June 6, 1999
EN: October 2, 1999

Section: Summary

Okay, so what had happened was: some kids were at summer camp, and it snowed, and then it ocean’d, and then they were at a VERY different kind of summer camp on an island with monsters and fighting instead of camp counselors and… camping. So they wandered around a desert and a bird bulb village and an open-air factory with no doors (due to the aforementioned open-airness), and they ate a bunch of eggs and then went to like a lodge of some kind where Agumon farted for the rest of his life. Then Devimon showed up and got mad and he broke the island and they were like, “dude, not cool,” and T.K. had several babies. Then they fixed the island and confronted Devimon about his anger issues, but then it turned out Patamon also had anger issues and evolved into Angemon and he punched Devimon to death, then he evolved into an egg, which is the indeed the next evolutionary step in his phylogenetic line. Then an old guy showed up and yelled at them to get off his lawn.

I have not actually watched this show in like 10 years, but I am confident that this recap is fully accurate with no omissions or substitutions. Let’s do this.

Side Note

Tai: “No matter how many times they tried, our Digimon_ couldn’t stop him!”
Tai: “After the Digimon_ defeated Devimon…”

Okay, now they’re dropping the pluralization with the ‘s’ just to fuck with me.

Gennai is pronounced “Jennai” in the dub. It has a hard ‘g’ in the original, like “grandpa”, which he is because he’s old and that’s the only criteria. I can’t remember if his name is spelled with a G or a J in the dub, but I’m going to use “Jennai” as his dub name so I don’t get confused.

Dialogue Deviation

Yamato: “Are you Devimon’s ally?”
Gennai: “Don’t worry; I’m on your side.”
Matt: “Are you a friend of Devimon’s?”
Jennai: “Fear not, for I am a friend to all, and yet a friend to none.”

That is not in the slightest bit comforting.

Gennai: “Well, I am a human and not a human.”
Mimi: “Are you a ghost?”
Gennai: *shoots her a dirty look*
Jennai: “I am human, and yet, I am not human.”
Mimi: “This is confusing.”
Jennai: *shoots her the same dirty look*

What the Myotismon’s Dungeon was that for, Jennai?! Don’t act like you’re being all crystal clear and upfront with them and then get all offended when you’re called out for being a dink!

Gennai: “Until now, I couldn’t contact you. I’m glad to finally meet you.”
Jennai: “I couldn’t send you this transmission during your battle with Devimon, but now the lines are clear and only 10¢ a minute!”

In this episode, we learn that Devimon was on the phone the entire time during his battle, tying up the lines. The worst kind of evil!

Sora: “Mr. Gennai, for how long have you been there?
Gennai: “I’ve been here since the beginning.”
Sora: “Talk about a long-distance call! How long have you been here?”
Jennai: “Since before the beginning, and ’til after the end.”

You stop that.

Side Note

Mimi asks who brought the group to the Digital World, and in the original, Gennai takes a long pause before admitting that he doesn’t know who brought them to the Digital World, and the kids react promptly.

In the dub, Jennai takes a brief pause before admitting he doesn’t know, and the kids take a long pause before reacting, making them all look like dinguses.

Dialogue Deviation

After Gennai asks for their help:

Koushirou: “Even so, we don’t know that place.”
Gennai: “Ah, that’s right. I’ll send a map to your computer now.”
Izzy: “That’s crazy when we don’t know your exact location!”
Jennai: “Good point; I forgot you’re from out-of-town! Let me create a map for you on your computer.”

Izzy, don’t call the clearly mentally unhinged old man crazy.

Listening to Jennai’s line, I like to think he’s being super sarcastic and sassy about it. Like, “OH, I didn’t think of THAT. Here, genius, let me put a map on your computer right now.”

Jou: “But there’s no way we can beat an enemy stronger than Devimon!”
Joe: “What if your enemies are humongozoid? Do you think we can beat anything tougher than Devimon?”

Don’t body-shame his enemies, Joe.

Side Note

When the transmission starts to break up, Gennai’s speech isn’t really discernable after “Devi–” and “interference”. There is a hilarious-sounding “AAAAAAAAAH” from him when the audio stutters that sounds kind of like a bored scream.

Jennai, however, sounds like he’s having a bad time over there:
“Oh no! Devimon – oh no! You must come! Aaarrrgh… Errgh! Come! Quickly! I’ll be waiting… on Serveerrrrr… … Peace out!”

… Okay, he probably doesn’t say “peace out”, but that’s what it sounded like to me.

ANYWAY, he’s not actually under attack when the transmission breaks up. He just opened up his phone bill and saw how many minutes Devimon racked up during the battle.

Side Note

It occurs to me that I am what the youth these days refer to as “old af”, and so it behooves me to enlighten the young’ns on days gone by, back when phones were used to call people.

Skip this mess if you don't want the joke explained for you.

IN MY DAY, long before smart phones but some time after tin cups and string, all phones were landline, meaning they were hardwired through that weird square port in the wall that does not charge any of your electronic devices. In these dark times, only one call could be made per phone line – if every phone on a household was on the same line and you picked up a phone in the house, you would join the conversation. In other words, only one person could be on the phone at a time without being a huge, nosy jerkface.

Modems, rather than transmitting data through the cable or the Wireless Fidelity, were connected to the phone line. This means that in a household with one phone line, if someone wanted to use the phone, nobody could be connected to the Internet! These days, this wouldn’t be a problem, but back then, people actually used phones to call other people.

They truly were dark times.

Dialogue Deviation

No dialogue.
Tentomon: “Jennai’s transmission ended rather abruptly!”

10¢ a minute adds up quick!

Taichi: “For now, let’s get off this mountain. First, let’s eat something, and then we’ll go from there!”
Tai: “I’ve got a fool-proof plan!”

Oh no.

Tai: “First we’ll eat something, and after that, I’m open to suggestions!”


[Something has been eaten]
Agumon: “I’m stuffed!”
Piyomon: “I feel relaxed now!”
Tentomon: “A full stomach really makes you sleepy, eh?”
Agumon: “That was delicious!”
Biyomon: “I was so hungry!”
Tentomon: “Now that my stomach is full, I’m ready for lunch!”

Don’t even think about it, Tentomon! I haven’t forgotten your scheme. o.-

[Takeru tends to his egg]
Yamato: “Your Digimon will be back with our friends soon.”
Matt: “Don’t sweat it, little bro! When your Digimon hatches, it will be the coolest one yet!”

Seriously, he said that RIGHT as Gabumon walked up. What a jerk!

Takeru: “Yeah, that’s right!”
T.K.: “EGGsactly!”

Don’t rub it in, T.K..

Koushirou: “If this map is correct, it’s pretty far from here.”
Mimi: “I can’t even swim past 25 meters. It’s impossible!”
Izzy: “Well, according to my calculations of longitude and latitude, I’d say Server is quite some distance from here.”
Mimi: “I can’t even swim across the bathtub, let alone an ocean! I’ll never make it!”

The implication that Mimi has a bathtub large enough to swim in at all is what gets me in this exchange. I want a huge bathtub…

Jou: “Can we really believe what this Gennai guy said?”
Joe: “Why should we believe what this weirdo Jennai guy says?”

Absolutely accurate in the context of the dub. A+

Koushirou: “Besides that, how can we cross the ocean to get to the continent?”
Izzy: “And even if we wanted to go, what mode of transportation could we utilize?”

I miss not remembering how annoying you are, Izzy.

Mimi: “There might be weird Digimon over there, too!”
Mimi: “We don’t even know what the fashions are like on Server!”

Mimi, seriously…

YOU bring the fashions TO Server. Show them how it’s done. Jeez!

[Agumon is sure the Digimon can protect the humans when they have the tags and crests, and…]
Taichi: “Agumon!”
Tai: “You da ‘mon!”

This is a terrible idea.

Tentomon: “We’ll make it somehow, right?”
Tentomon: “Our chances for success are extremely high!”

We’re all going to die.

Side Note

In the original, the raft-building montage is accompanied by the song “Seven”, sung by Kouji WADA, and you have to go find it because copyright law, and if I send traffic somewhere that posts it, it could result in the account that posted being suspended, and that’s not nice!

In the dub, it is accompanied by half-dramatic, half-whimsical nonsense.

Then, when Leomon shows up, it switches to full dramatic nonsense.


He sounds different. Same actor, but he’s lost the rumbly, serious majesty of his voice from before. It’s not bad – it makes his voice sound younger and less serious, which is fair now that he doesn’t have the fear of Devimon looming over the island. He actually sounds a lot like the original voice actor. It was just weird to hear after 10 years.

Koushirou recognizes Elecmon. Taichi recognized Centalmon. Takeru recognizes Yukidarumon. Those pairs of individuals did not meet.

Dialogue Deviation

Elecmon: “We’re here to help, too!”
Elecmon: “Yeah! … Hi… What’s up?”

Is he breaking into song again?

In the original, when Yukidarumon walks by him, Jou complains, “It’s cold!” In the dub, he goes, “Huh-rh-rh-rh-uh” like he’s shivering… or DISGUSTED.

Side Note

The music is now triumphant in the dub, still Seven in the original.

Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: “It looks like it balances well!”
Izzy: “It’s hydrodynamically designed!”

… not hydrodynamically built, but sure. Hydrodynamically designed!

Jou: “Is this really all right?”
Taichi: “It’s already done. We have no choice.”
Jou: “I think I’m getting seasick already.”
Tai: “Get a grip, Joe. It’ll have to do!”

Yeah, Joe! There will be plenty of time for seasickness later!

Narrator: “The seven children learned to survive on their own strength, fighting with other Digimon, and more, forming friendships with other Digimon. And so, the children left File Island.”
Tai: “So we sailed away from File Island, where we had some really cool adventures! When we had to survive on our own, we grew up very fast — except Joe; he just threw up very fast – hehah! But he came around, too! We don’t know what’s waiting for us on the other side of the ocean, but we’ll face it as a te–“
[Joe: *vomits*

Section: Eyecatch

Please stand by while Tai cleans off his shoes…

Dialogue Deviation

After departing on the raft, Joe assesses their food situation and adds, “The salt air is killing my sinuses,” which is not a thing that happens.

Koushirou: “I didn’t think it would be this rocky…”
Izzy: “I didn’t calculate these waves being so rough…”

Yeah, P-chem’s a bitch.

[HUGE tidal wave!]
Yamato: “What caused that?”
Koushiro: “There’s no wind for that kind of wave!”
Matt: “That had to be 12 feet tall!”
Izzy: “18.3, to be exact!”

This episode has been pretty decent as far as accurately translating dialogue, but it’s nice to see their commitment to reminding us that Izzy is a douche.

Sora: “That’s no island; it’s a space sta– No, that’s not an island!”
Sora: “Since when does an island have fins?!”

Section: Inconsistency

(+0:05) We return from commercial break to find some familiar footage! Namely, the shot with them on the raft just after hitting the wave, followed by Taichi yelling, “an island!”, in which he shouts “heads up!” in the dub, an order which is promptly defied by the Whamon tail that ruins their day.

Side Note

Whamon’s appearance on-screen is accompanied by whale noises in the original! I think it’s just called singing. Whatever. Whale noises!

Dialogue Deviation

Gabumon: “Why?!”
Gabumon: “It was massive!”

Gabumon, this is no time for your fishing stories!

Tentomon: “Whamon is a powerful monster, but it always stays in the ocean!”
Tentomon: *clearly reading from a reference manual* “‘A Whamon can sometimes be fierce,’ but I’ve never seen one act this aggressive!”

Not a lot of Whamon in the middle of File Island, where you’ve spent your entire life, eh?

Mimi: “No, don’t eat us!”

At least she tried.

[Whamon eats them]
Koushirou: “This must be Whamon’s esophagus [shokudo]! Of course, ‘shokudo’ can also mean restaurant!”
Jou: “We know that!!”
Mimi: “He ate us after all!”
Sora: “I hope we don’t give him a sore throat!” (how considerate!)
Izzy: “Technically, it’s not the throat; it’s the esophagus that leads to the stomach!” (the throat is the opening to the esophagus, you pantload!)
Joe: “He thinks we’re fast food!”


Sora: “How far is it until the exit?!”
Koushirou: “The exit is his butt!”
Mimi: “I don’t want to leave from there!”
Palmon: “Like poop…”
Mimi: “DON’T SAY IT!”
Sora: “Sooner or later, this has to lead to an exit!”
Izzy: “It does, but you don’t have to go there!”
Mimi: “This is damaging my hair all the way to the roots!”
Palmon: “Use my roots.”
Mimi: “You’re a plant!”

Hahaaaa… poopy.

[Time to digest!]
Taichi: “Why is that attacking us?!”
Tai: “What is that gross, gooey junk?!”


Sora: “We ended up somewhere spacious.”
Sora: “Finally, we stopped. Is everyone okay?”

I’m feeling great! Thanks for asking.

Jou: “We’ve got to hurry out of here before we’re in danger!”
Joe: “We’d better get out of here before we give him a major ulcer!”

The true ulcer is inside your heart, Joe.

Takeru: “Poyomon, are you okay?”
Poyomon: “Poyo…”
T.K.: “Poyomon, talk to me!”
Poyomon: “I got nothin’ to say to you, punk Poyo…”

[They locate and destroy a black gear inside Whamon’s stomach. All good now!]
Whamon: “I’m sorry about my violent behavior.”
Whamon: “Sorry about that. I must have had a tummy-ache or something.”

“Felt like a swallowed a bunch of idiots— HEEY who wants a ride?”

Taichi: “Whamon, do you know how long it takes to get to Server from here?”
Whamon: “Yes. It takes me five days.”
Tai: “Don’t mention it, Whamon! It was our pleasure!” (WAS IT?!) “By the way, do you know how far it is to Server?”
Whamon: “Yes. It would take me five days… Uh, make that three and a half without traffic.”

Whale traffic.

Whamon: “I’ll take you there as thanks for getting rid of the Black Gear.”
Whamon: “I’ll take you there myself! It’s not every day your lunch saves your life!”

Well… it keeps it going…

Whamon’s conversation with the group re: something being sealed deep underwater and they can ride inside him and it’s not suspicious at all is mostly the same, but in the dub, he adds, “But NO tickling!”

[Arrival at aforementioned deep underwater-sealed-something’s location]
Whamon: “As I can’t go any farther, I will wait for you here.”
Whamon: “I’m so out of shape! I have to rest here for a while. I gotta drop a couple of thousand pounds!”

It’s cool. You also cannot go on land, which is a fine excuse.

Side Note

How does T.K. know what a Drimogemon is? You silly dub!

Dialogue Deviation
[A Drimogemon attacks!]
Ikkakumon shoves Drimogemon into the store, breaking the entrance:

Jou: “Ikkakumon, please watch out!”
Joe: “Ikkakumon, you’ve got him down! Get him!”

Good work destroying the structure we’re in, Ikkakumon!

[Drimogemon is de-black gear-ified, and they retreat]
Drimogemon: “I-I’m very sorry!”
Drimogemon: (with zero sincerity) “Please forgive me for attacking you.”


Gabumon: “Wait! Where are the tags?”
Drimogemon: “T-they should be in the middle [of the store]. Good luck!”
Gabumon: “Pardon me; do you know where the tags are?”
Drimogemon: “The tags should be in the convenience store, next to the turkey.”

The extremely expired, underwater turkey.

Final Result

The Digi-Verdict:

No cuts, very little whale traffic. A fine job! Typical amount of silly jokes, but all the story elements were kept. Jennai shooting Mimi a dirty look for remarking on his bullshit is great, and I love his old-man sass. I give it a B, for “bill of the phone”, for which you need not be concerned – Jennai’s phone company offers very flexible payment plans.

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