Digimon Adventure S01E06

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Palmon’s Evolution of Anger (JP)
Togemon in Toy Town (EN)

Original Writer: Yoshio Urasawa
English Writers: Michael McConnohie and J.M. Morris

Original Airdates:
April 11, 1999 [JP]
September 20, 1999 [EN]

This is one of the oldest comparisons on the site and is due for revision.

Good lord, this episode felt like it dragged on forever. I thought I wasn’t going to make it for a moment.

This episode was written by Michael McConnohie and J.M. Morris. Most of the dialogue is accurately translated, but some of it is re-arranged and re-distributed among the characters to make way for jokes. It really is not that bad, though. There were a few cuts, nothing major.

Izzy is still a douchebag, Matt is still a butthead. Mimi manages to be a ditz even though most of her lines are paraphrased from the original script. Palmon is just screwy this episode.

The voices are getting settled in and sounding about how they will for the rest of the series.

Snip snip!

[00:04] A doll is seen floating in the water, making a few squeaky doll noises.

Cut because it was eeeeeeeevil.

No dialogue.
Mimi: “Of all the strange things we saw on Digimon Island…”

Digimon Island?

Mimi: “… I never expected to find a secret admirer in the sewers.”

……… what?

Needless to say, the song about Digimon fighting and eating and so on is a dub invention. Originally, the kids are playing a variation of the game shiritori, in which you take the last syllable of a word and come up with a word that starts with that syllable. The next person does the same with the word you came up with. Only nouns are used, and if you end a word with the syllable 「ん」 (“n”), you lose because no words begin with “n”.
So if you start with the word “shiritori” (which you normally wouldn’t do because it’s not a noun), you take the ‘ri’ at the end and think of a word. Example: shiritori –> risu (squirrel) –> suisei (comet) –> iinadzuke (fianceé) –> keitaidenwa (mobile phone), and onward. But if someone had picked “suien” (pancreas) instead of “suisei”, that person would have lost because it ends with “n”.


The singing version the kids are playing is choosing a line from a song, and the next person starts a line from another song beginning with the previous song’s ending syllable. If everyone in the group knows the song, they sing it together. The Digimon sang a line that ended with the syllable 「い」 “i”, prompting shock and horror from the Chosen Children. Then Mimi took up the mantle with a song that started out “ikenai hito~” (wrong or incorrect person), which is apparently from an Enka song that her dad sings at karaoke. No one else recognised the song, though, so Koushirou offered up a different lyric and they went with that one instead.

Side Note

Sora cries out suddenly because some water dripped onto her and surprised her (and because ew, sewer water).

In the dub, she just randomly starts crying and claims the singing made her homesick. Or maybe the terrible singing made her sick in general. I wasn’t paying attention.

Taichi is still wearing his goggles on his head in the bath. What is wrong with that boy?!

Nothing during the cutscene.
Yamato: “Takeru, this isn’t the time to be thinking about video games! (laughs)”
T.K.: “I wasn’t far from beating Matt in my video games…”

Way to crush his self-esteem, Matt. Just grind what’s left of his fragile self-confidence into that sewage drain with your heel.

Yamato: “I shouldn’t laugh at him… What I want… sizzling yakiniku…”
Matt: “Well, now that you mention it, I’ve… been dreaming about Sunday… when mom grilled STEAKS.”

YOUR MOM GRILLED– okay, I’ll stop. Anyway, Yamato doesn’t live with his mum — his and Takeru’s parents are divorced, remember? Yamato lives with their dad and Takeru lives with their mum.

Mimi: “I want to drink an ice-cold Cola!”
Mimi: “I miss going on vacation! Nothing beat having a cold drink on a summer day at the beach! I just love the ocean air!”

Mimi, you are on vacation. That’s what summer camp is. And after that tidal wave that came out of the bleeding nowhere hit, there was even an ocean and a beach! Don’t you remember?

Koushirou: “I want to e-mail my friends on the Internet.”
Izzy: “Get a grip! I miss accessing satellites to look at stars and the planets.”

Izzy doesn’t have any friends. And when he runs around telling other players to “get a grip” during moments of nostalgia, it’s no wonder why.

No dialogue.
Agumon: “They really do come from another world!”

Thanks, Agumon.

Tentomon: “…th-those voices…”
Tentomon: “Quiet! Listen, everyone!”

[Tentomon: “The background music suddenly got ominous!”]

Jou: [Agumon just told them that Numemon are among the most hated in the Digital World] “The most hated…?”
Joe: “Then what do you say we leave? Or am I the only one who doesn’t want to get stomped by stinky sewer-dwellers?!”

You’re the only one, Joe. The rest of us are going to have ourselves a great time.

Digimon Analyzer: “Numemon: weak slug Digimon that reside in dark, clammy places. They attack with their own *ick*… poop.”
Mimi: “These sewer-dwelling Numemon were, like, totally hygiene-deficient! They love throwing ‘nume-sludge’ at you, and they have bad breath, too…”


Side Note

It’s kind of funny when you think about it, but the Japanese background music in this scene is comical and cute, which is an amusing contrast to the kids’ horror at the situation.

In the dub, the background music is all dramatic and tense, which is an amusing contrast to the fact that they’re having doo-doo thrown at them.

No dialogue.
Mimi: “Thank goodness! We finally escaped those Numemons once we got outside!”

One Numemon, two Numemon.

No dialogue — why the hell is Mimi narrating, anyway? Izzy didn’t narrate last episode (thank cod).
Mimi: “We didn’t see anything else for miles until we saw the strangest thing…”

So, you didn’t see anything until you saw something, eh? Nice.

No dialogue.
Mimi: “There must be thousands of them!” (the vending machines)
Joe: “I’d say under a hundred.”
Izzy: “OR maybe just fifty.”

Fifty is under a hundred, friend. This line is listed because cod damnit, Izzy is a douche!

The brief discussion where Tai mentions that the vending machines don’t work wasn’t in the original, but it’s not a big deal.

Palmon: “Mimi… you can’t possibly want a drink, do you?”
Mimi: “Of course I do!”

Palmon: (in response to Tai’s suggestion) “Hey, that could be! I bet it’s a trick, Mimi!”
Mimi: “I won’t accept that!”

Listed because I see no reason for Palmon to assume it’s a trick just because there are a bunch of vending machines in the desert. I mean, really, who would do that? “I have a cunning strategy to lure those Chosen Children into a trap — NYAHAHAHO! I’ll dump ALL of the vending machines from the employee break rooms into this random patch of desert they may or may not pass! Surely, they will be thirsty and purchase a drink, and then I will take all of their quarters MWAHAHAHAHHAHOHAAA!!!”


Sora: “It can’t be helped; she’s still a child.”
Sora: “You can’t stop her; she’s so stubborn!”

OH RIGHT MIMI’S LIKE TEN. Haha, normal juvenile behavior!

Numemon: “Oneechan!”
Palmon: “Numemon!”
(Numemon laughs a bit)

Numemon: “Hey, cutie-pie! HYUH HYUH!”
Palmon: “It’s their leader!”

What– how the hell do you know that? They all look alike!

Mimi: “Their leader?! He couldn’t lead a pack of show poodles, even with his doggy breath!”

You tell her, Mimi!

Side Note

The Numemon’s dub voice is an appropriate match to the original, although the original is less forced and sounds cuter — or it would if it weren’t inclined to throw solid waste.

Also, he calls Mimi “oneechan”, which means “big sister” in Japanese. In Japan, it’s common to refer to someone you aren’t related to as big brother/sister or aunt/uncle to address them informally or affectionately. Mimi will also be called “ojousan” (princess) later, which is more formal.

Palmon: “Mimi, he’s hitting on you. What are you going to do?”
Mimi: “Eh?! Nothing! Why would I date a low-life like him?”
Palmon: “I think he likes you. It’s gotta be the hat!”
Mimi: “What? What are you thinking?!”

Listed because it’s creepy that dub Palmon doesn’t seem to have a problem with the feces-flinging slug putting the moves on her partner.

Mimi adds a bunch of adjectives to insult Numemon in the dub. Originally, she just calls him a low-life.

Numemon: “Who are you calling a low-life?! NOW I’M PISSED!”
Numemon: “How dare you call me short?! The date’s off!”


Dub: the Numemon yells out “party time!” before the other Numemon come out of the vending machines.

Dub: Numemon calls Mimi a heart-breaker and a “jilter” when he throws the “sludge” at her. He doesn’t say anything in the original.

Side Note

Monzaemon’s name is correctly pronounced “Monza-eh-mon”, sounding like “Monz’eye’mon” when said quickly. The dub pronounced it “Monzehmon” and “Monzymon” interchangeably.

His Japanese voice is deep and smooth-sounding, and when he walks, there’s a drumbeat type of sound that accompanies his steps. In the dub, it’s just a crashing sound.

Digimon Analyser: “Monzaemon: a stuffed animal Perfect-level Digimon. His attack, Lovely Attack, makes even his enemies happy.”
Mimi: “Monzaemon looked like a cute, big old teddy bear, but he wasn’t very cuddly…”

Cod damnit, this episode is slow…

[Note from Gear]: In the original media (the virtual pets) Monzaemon was renamed “Teddymon” presumably to Americanize it. It’s interesting (and a little odd) that the dub opted for the Japanese instead, since it typically prefers to do the opposite whenever it can.

Side Note

Dub Palmon’s explanation of Monzaemon is mostly accurate, but she adds in that he takes care of “abandoned Digimon toys”. They’re human toys, actually — it’s explained later that Monzaemon was trying to show people how important toys are, and that’s why he only targeted the children instead of their partner Digimon.

Monzaemon: “It’s an honor to meet you!”
Monzaemon: “Why are you running? Did I startle you? Sorry!”

Its all right. Just don’t let it happen again.

Numemon: “Oneechan, over here!”
Numemon: “Come here, Cookie! I’ll protect you!”

XD Cookie.

Monzaemon: “Let’s play together!”
Monzaemon: “How about a kicking game of soccer, you two?”

A kicking game… indeed…

Numemon: “Such a blunt girl…”
Numemon: “Wow, she’s so feisty! What a girl!”

Oh, Numemon. Don’t worry. One day, you’ll find a… similarly androgynous digital life form just waiting for you to sweep… it… off its… foot.

Slug foot

Koushirou: (running by) “I’m happy, I’m happy. I’ve never been happier.”
Mimi: “He doesn’t look happy at all…”
Izzy: “Oh joy. What a delightful activity. This activity is really delightful.”
Mimi: “…Hey, Izzy doesn’t talk like that.”

I choose to interpret that as an in-joke referring to the fact that Izzy does talk like that.

Mimi: “It looks like everyone lost their emotions. Why?”
Palmon: “It’s strange. Agumon and the others should be with them.”

Mimi: “That’s weird. Everybody sounds like a bunch of zombies. How strange!”
Palmon: “They do.”
Mimi: “Oh well. They always were a little weird.”


Monzaemon: Lovely Attack –> Hearts Attack.

[Monzaemon: “Heart Attack: those two!”
*Tai and Agumon go into cardiac arrest*]


[00:03] Before showing Sora and Piyomon’s scenario, there’s a shot of the Digimon inside the box.

Side Note

[Monzaemon: “Heart Attack: those two!”
*Sora and Biyomon go into cardiac arrest*]


[Monzaemon: “Heart Attack: THEM ALL!”
*they all go into cardiac arrest*

This is better than Death Note!

Monzaemon: “The Digimon will go in the toy box. The children will have their emotions erased and become toys for the toys!”
Monzaemon: “So all of you will now serve us! You’re all going into our community toy box! Our toy box is only filled with children!”

Well, then you did it wrong!

Palmon: “What happened to Monzaemon?”
Palmon: “Agu, tell us. What changed Monzaemon?”

[Agumon: “Who the hell is ‘Agu’?”]

Gabumon: “Before us, go help Yamato first!”
Gabumon: “It’s UP to.. you TWO now! You MUST be… the HEROES this time!”


Palmon: “How?”
Piyomon: “You have to beat Monzaemon!”

Palmon: “Just what do you mean?”
Biyomon: “You must defeat Monzaemon!”

Listed for the line delivery. Biyomon sounds almost spooky and poltergeisty when she says her line.

Palmon: “What should we do?”
Mimi: “I don’t know either.”

Palmon: “We have to do this.”
Mimi: “Oh, do we have to?”

Technically, no. You could just leave them in the box.

Palmon: “Monzaemon’s Lovely Attack is happiness-filled hearts. It’s supposed to be a happy attack.”
Palmon: “Monzaemon’s hearts aren’t supposed to attack — only give heart hugs, which give people such a good feeling that it makes them want to help others.”

It’s a mind-control attack? AWESOME.

Mimi: “Hey, Yeti Petty!”


Mimi: “Whatever! I don’t know what happened to you, but you can’t just take my friends’ emotions! Give them back!”
Mimi: “Whatever you’ve done to my friends, fix it NOW! You’ll be in big trouble! You understand me?!”

I know! You can’t have them running around like that after recovering from heart attacks! Jeez, Monzaemon!

Monzaemon: “Please enjoy yourselves!”
Monzaemon: “Now, now! Don’t run away from Toy Town!”

What, now you decide to start following medical advice?

Mimi: “The Numemon are fighting for my sake…”
Mimi: “Well, Palmon, what can I say? When you’ve got it, you’ve got it!”

._. Ew?

Mimi: “Even though all they can do is throw poop…”
Mimi: “Oh no, I don’t think the nume-sludge is working!”

NO SHIT– wait…

Palmon: “They’re cowardly and useless, but they’re dedicated to protecting Mimi…”
Palmon: “Time to take it to the next level! I may be a lady, but I am not a pushover!”

This line is so non sequitur and stupid, I have nothing to say about it. I think I lose brain cells every time I read it. I’ll never get those back…

She’s evolving. Just evolving.
Palmon: “Time to teach this Digimon some manners!”

No dialogue.
Togemon: “You’re going down, big boy!”


Togemon: “You wanna dance with me?!”


Togemon: Prickly Bang Bang –> Needle Spray

“Needle Spray” is the dub’s official attack name, but Togemon will often add more words to the attack name. It’s because the original attack in Japanese is pronounced “CHIKUCHIKU BANBAN”, so just saying “Needle Spray” doesn’t match up with Togemon’s mouth animation. In today’s episode, she called it “Digimon Needle Spray”.

Side Note

None of Togemon’s fight is edited, which is fun because they are just punching the hell out of each other.

Mimi: “Palmon! You’re wonderful!”
Palmon: “erk… painful…”
Mimi: “Palmon, you’re fabulous!”
Palmon: “My… stem is bruised…”

Wha– why– wh– does Palmon say anything relevant in this episode?

During Monzaemon’s explanation:
Mimi: “‘The social status of toys’?”
Jou: “I think he means making them important.”
Monzaemon: “That’s correct. Toyed should not be toyed with, but played with.”

Mimi: “How? By turning kids into zombies?”
Jou: “I don’t think he really intended to do that, Mimi.”
Monzaemon: “You’re right, Joe! I didn’t mean for that to happen. I REALLY am sorry about it! Please accept my apology; I’ll never do that again! REALLY.”

Sounds sincere to me.

Taichi: “So that’s why you had us play for the toys.”
Monzaemon: “I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

Tai: “Monzaemon, we know that you would never hurt us on purpose!”
Monzaemon: “Of course not! <.<“

Completely trustworthy.

Taichi: “That gear must have been making Monzaemon act that way!”
Tai: “You know, I’m beginning to take this whole black gear thing a little personally!”

It’s all about you, isn’t it, Tai?

Side Note



Total Footage Kept

Total episode retained: 99%

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