Digimon Tamers S01E14

Stand Up, Tamers! MegaloGrowmon Super Evolution! (JP)
Grow Mon Grow (EN)

Original Airdates:
July 1, 2001 (JP)
October 20, 2001 (EN)

Section: Summary

Violence is never the answer! Except it is! All the time. And when you’re too weak to fight, just Digivolve to fight the bad guy!

Dialogue Deviation

Culumon: “Quickstep-“
Culumon: *Cries*
Calumon: “Leave me alone!!!!”
Calumon: “What do you want from me you big bully?”

English Dub grinds my gears so so much.

Section: Cut or moved footage
The Dub felt it a good idea to cut out the bit where Calumon gets stepped on. But keeps the fireball…It’s wrong to step on someone. But it’s fine to whip fireballs at them.
Dialogue Deviation

Impmon: “I’m going to load you now.”
Terriermon: *Growling*
Ruki: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*
Yamaki: “Farewell, barbarian agents of chaos.”
Takato: “Guilmon, hurry up!”
Guilmon: *Silence*
Takato: “What..w-whats going on here?”
Takato: “What just happened to you, Guilmon?
Guilmon: “Something feels wrong. I feel pulling and boiling inside me.”
Takato: “What was that Guilmon?”
Guilmon: “Takato!”
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “W-what’s going on?”

Impmon:” Nothing pal-ey just your data!”
Terriermon: “Must…go..now..”
Henry: “Terriermon are you okay?”
Rika: “Move! Out of my way!”
Takato: “Whoa! Looks like the sky’s on fire!”
Yamaki: “Good bye… beasts of mayhem. Bye bye. Time to go away. The world will soon be free of this pestilence forever.
Yamaki: “Well, look who’s come to marvel at my brilliance.”
Takato: “Hurry!”
Guilmon: “I am!”
Takato: “We’re almost there!”
Guilmon: “About time!”
Takato: “What’s going on here? Guilmon they’re all leaving!”
Taktao: “Hey are you alright? You don’t look so good buddy.”
Guilmon: “Thanks a lot, but I do feel weird!”
Takato: “Guilmon! Hey, are you moulting or something?”
Guilmon: “This is bad….”
Tkaato: “It’s like some huge Digimon vacuum cleaner!”
Takato: “What’s going on?!”

Not gonna lie those Digimon getting sucked into the sky, and screaming terrified me. I jumped in my chair.

Megumi: “No…what is this? It’s scary!”
Reika: “Shaggai will complete purging of all Wild Ones within the night eighty seconds.”
Takato: “The Digimon are….”
Yamaki: “No matter what the case…all foreign elements that appear in our world must be exterminated.”
Takato: “Exterminated?! Are you saying that hole is deleting the Digimon?”
Yamaki: “The same goes for you!”
Guilmon: HISSS
Yamaki: “Your little playmate here isn’t just a friend. It’s a cheap artificial life form.”
Takato: “Don’t talk about him like that! Digimon are!!! Digimon are….There are a lot of Digimon who are friends with humans! But you….”

Tally: “Ahhh! That sounds, make it stop!
Riley: “Hold on! It’ll be over in about eighty seconds! We have to finish this!”
Takato: “Why is this happening?”
Yamaki: “We had no other choice.”
Takato: “What’s going on?
Yamaki: “We had no other choice.”
Takato: “Huh?!”
Yamaki: “Let’s just say we’re controlling an infestation. All vermin must go.”
Takato: “But you can’t just destroy all the Digimon. Guilmon’s my best friend!”
Yamaki: “Really? This FOUL beast?!”
Guilmon: RAAAAA
Yamaki: “Hmph, you naïve little boy. This thing isn’t capable of friendship. It’s nothing more then a dangerous artificial life form.”
Takato: “Wait a minute!!! That’s not true! Digimon are… Digimon are… well Digimon are cool, that’s what! And this one happens to be my best friend! Lots of them are friendly! Hey! Are you listening?”

I know it’s a kids show…but DAMN did the Dub have to make Takato so….stupid? Is this why we’re failing our kids in the United States cause we’re keeping them dumb with cartoons? Did I crack the code?!

Reika: “Something is Realizing within the Shaggai Hole!”
Yamaki: “T-that can’t be! That shouldn’t be able to happen at all!”

Riley: “An anomaly has infiltrated the Juggernaut. It’s coming through the vortex!”
Yamaki: “That’s impossible! I designed this program myself! Nothing can get through there. This cannot be happening! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! ARGGG”

There goes the Dub, making things all dramatic.

TV: “Bases loaded, two players out. Will they let this chance escape or will they win the game? The pitcher winds up…”
Unknown Digimon: “O humans who have created us… O humans who have created us..We obey none but our own God.”
Yamaki: “What do you mean?”
Unknown Digimon: “Humans now exist only to aid us in our eternal evolution.”
Yamaki: “Don’t be ridiculous! Humans exist to help you?”
Unknown Digimon: “This is the proof. A human has opened a gate to the Real World for us.”
Takato: “Our world and the Digital World are overlapping!”
Takato: *Silence*
Yamaki: “Damn it! That means what I’ve done-I made a hole for them to come and go into our world freely!”

TV: “Two outs, bases loaded. This could be it..there won’t be..Here we go again..”
Unknown Digimon: “Humans created us but now we are free! The time has come to claim our place in the real world! You have but one purpose..to serve the Digimon!”
Yamaki: “No! You’re wrong! Who are you?”
Unknown Digimon: “hahaha I am only a representative of those who will be your masters.”
Yamaki: “I can’t let you do this! I will NEVER be a servant to any of you data scum!”
Unknown Digmon: “Its because of YOU that all this happened. I should thank you. You have opened up a portal to the real world for all of us!”
Takato: “IF our worlds overlap we could all be destroyed!”
Takato: “We gotta find a way to plug up that hole!”

How does Dub Takato already know what will happen if the worlds overlap? Maybe nothing will be destroyed. Dub also messed up Yamaki’s characterization majorly! In the dub they’re trying to build up the fact that he hates the kids and that its all their fault.

Section: Cut or moved footage
Dialogue Deviation

Terriermon: “What???”
Ruki: “Who was that?”
Jenrya: *Silence*
Yamaki: “It’s all your fault. You’re the ones responsible for disrupting the order of this world.”
Terriermon: “How rude.”
Takato: “What Digimon is that? Renamon?!”
Guilmon: *Silence*
Jenrya: “Wait! Renamon went ahead to scout the situation.”
Ruki: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*
Ruki: *Silence*
Renamon: *Silence*
Jenrya: “There’s nothing there?”
Takato: “But the Digital Field is up!”
Ruki: “Wait…there it is. What’s up with this gy? I’m not getting its data. What kind of Digimon is it?”
Terriermon: “Jump! I’m going in. You’ll let me evolve right?”
Ruki: “No. Renamon can handle it. She can evolve now!”
Takato: “Ruki! Use this evolution phase card.”
Ruki: “Card Slash! Super Evolution Plug in S! Go Kyubimon!”
Kyubimon: *Silence*

Terriermon: “Huh?? Leave him alone!”
Rika: “Hey..who’s the thug?”
Henry: “Trouble”
Yamaki: “You ignorant Digmon loving freaks! You and your disgusting pets! Now look what you’ve done!”
Terriermon: “That was definitely rude.”
Takato: “We gotta get up there. Renamon!”
Guilmon: “That’s the way up!”
Henry: Don’t go up yet!”
Takato: “Why not!?!? What’s up!”
Rika: “Not you!”
Takato: “I meant up there!”
Rika: “So did I, now be quiet.”
Renamon: “Where are yoooou.”
Rika: “There’s nothing there…”
Henry: “It doesn’t make any sense!”
Takato: “It’s a Digital Field, there’s gotta be something there.”
Rika: “Hold on..there you are. But why am I not receiving any data? What kinda Digimon is this?”
Terriermon: “Who cares! What’s he gonna do? Fight me? We can take him. You ready?”
Rika: “Wait! Renamon will handle this. I’ll make her Digivolve!”
Takato: “Rika! You can use this card!”
Rika: “Digi Modify! Digivolution activate! Oh yah! Now we’re talking!”
Kyubimon: “How about a dance big boy? Tough guy huh!”

The Sub seems to be more straight forward in its explanation and dealings with everything going on. The Dub takes the toned down route as not to offend kids. I’m also confused as why they made Dub Yamaki so hostile to the kids, much more so then his Sub counterpart.

Ruki: “Kyubimon!”
Takato: “No way!”
Terriermon: “Jiyan, I’m going!”

Rika: “Come on!”
Takato: “Kyubimon!”
Terriermon: “That’s it, I’m going Henry. That tiger is toast.”

Talk about different characterizations. Dub Rika is angry that the battle isn’t going well and TAKATO is the one that is worried for Kyubimon. While the Sub, Ruki is worried about her partner and Takato is just in shock.

Section: Side Note

The Dub changed the name of Gargomons jumping attack from Dum Dum Jump to Gargo Laser. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense in context.

Dialogue Deviation

Ruki: *Silence*
Renamon: “Perfect form..possibly Ultimate.”
Ruki: “Ultimate?”
Jenrya: “Just who is he?”
Takato: “R-Renamon was beaten so easily.”
Guilmon: “I’m going to evolve!”

Rika: “Renamon…are you…”
Rika: “Don’t try to talk.”
Takato: “Is Renamon alright?”
Henry: “Nothing…there’s just no data on this guy at all! We’re fighting blind here!”
Takato: “If Kyubimon was defeated that easily. Then we don’t stand a chance.”
Guilmon: “I’m going! I’m going to need a lot of peanut butter after this.”

Another massive characterization change. Instead of Dub Renamon warning the others that the foe is a higher level then them, it’s just saying he’s strong and she can’t move. There’s also no music or sound effects from the Sub, which makes the situation seem even more precarious. The Dub has the trademark battle music.

Jenrya: “Our enemy always looks around before he attacks!”
Takato: “Where am I? When Growmon got bit on the shoulder, I felt it too.”
Growmon: “Tamer…Tamer..I did my best.”
Takato: “We’re still lost.”
Growmon: “Tamer, let me fight more.”
Takato: “But…”
Growmon: “I haven’t lost yet. I can’ still fight…I want to fight more Takato! Lewt me fight more, and more, Takato! You’re my Tamer right?”
Takato: “I’m a Tamer….”

Henry: “We might have a chance! He always circles around before making an attack! That’s when Growlmon can get him!”
Takato: “Is this a dream? Why am I feeilng pain when Growlmon got hurt?”
Growlmon: “Tamer…Tamer, it’s not over yet.”
Takato: “Growlmon! You’re alive! Wait…you don’t recognize me do you?”
Growlmon: “This seems like such a series moment.”
Takato: “WEll yeah…but don’t do that again.”
Growlmon: “Sorry..Okay…well…like I was saying, you have to let me fight again. So we made a few mistakes. No big deal. I know I can take him. But I’m really gonna need your help this time. Are you in? Takato..I need you.”
Growlmon: “Takato..I need you.”
Takato: “I’m..not worthy.”

Way to tear someone down Dub. Instead of Takato realizing he’s a Tamer and is strong, he says he’s not worthy.

Culumon: “You’re very energetic, culu.”
Ruki: “You fainted out of no where and had us all worried!”
Calumon: “Did anyone ever tell you you talk in your sleep?”
Rika: “What a wuss, I can’t believe you fainted!”

Although Rika says her line in a loving but still mean/sarcastic tone, its still different then what Ruki said and meant. Ruki seemed actually worried, while Rika not as much.

Takato: ” Because…I’m you’re tamer..
Growmon: “Atomic….”
Yamaki: “The creature I brought into this world was destroyed by children… who thought it was just a game.”

Takato: “Right… time to take the Tiger by the tail!”
Growlmon: “You’ve been a naughty kitty… Atomic…!”
Yamaki: “That creature was destroyed by kids… all this time I thought they were playing some stupid game. This is going to require additional research.”

I don’t understand the changes to Yamaki’s character in the Dub. Especially leaving out the part that HE brought the Digimon into the real world.

Final Result

Final Result

Lots of changes to characterization.

One Comment

  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Episode title: you didn’t comment on it, though to me personally, it seemed more in place for the first episode Guilmon evolved into Growmon, rather than Growmon evolving into Megalo Growmon – I thought “War, huh!” would have been a better title.

    Cut, Added and Shifted Scenes 1: kids can step on other kids, but they can’t summon fireballs from their fingers ;)!

    Dialogue Deviation 2b: I like the interaction between Megumi and Reika in the dub, as in the original it seems like Reika just ignores Megumi’s breakdown due to the horrible sounds she’s hearing.

    Dialogue Deviation 2d: he’s all brokey, and blaming other people for his own failings.

    Cut, Added and Shifted Scenes 2: violence towards children is a no-no.

    Side Note 1: I was going to say wasn’t Dum Dum Jump an uppercut, but I think that was Dum Dum Upper, and not sure if that was only for Wallace’s Galgomon.

    Dialogue Deviation 4b: plus the fact Growmon jokes about something being a “serious moment”, just reminds me of Robot Chicken Star Wars were the ghost of a Jedi Tauntaun appears to Han’s recently deceased Tauntaun going “Maurice, Maurice, you must go to the Dagoba-, oh I missed my window.”

    Dialogue Deviation 4d: he doesn’t want to admit his failings.

    Another fairly short post, but again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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