Digimon Adventure S02E12

Duel on the Digimon Ranch (JP)
The Good, the Bad, and the Digi (EN)

Original Writer: Yoshio Urasawa
Dub Writers: Michael Sorich and Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Airdates:
June 18, 2000 (JP)
October 14, 2000 (EN)

Gear’s Notes: One of the downsides to the fact that I only watched this season once is that… well, I’ve only watched it once. Meaning if I missed an episode when the show was airing, I never saw it at all.

Basically, I realized I have never seen this episode in either language before. Weird.

Section: Summary

Being pursued by Ken’s army of Airdramon, Birdramon calls out to Sora for help. A blast reverts her to Biyomon, and she seeks shelter in an old west-style town, but ends up being captured by Starmon, who is under Ken’s control.

Sora manages to gather Davis, Yolei, and Cody to come to Biyomon’s aid, and they find themselves in the same town. At first, Starmon pretends to be on their side, but soon reveals he’s working for Ken, capturing and imprisoning the kids. Deputymon appears and agrees to free the kids… but only the girls, since boys cheat at cards, and he really wants to play cards. Yolei, Hawkmon, Sora, and Biyomon are taken to an open field to play cards, but are confronted by Starmon, who challenges Deputymon to a duel.

Managing to grab Starmon’s lunch, Armadillomon and Veemon are able to get some much-needed food, allowing them to become Digmon and Raidramon respectively. Digmon gets them out while Raidramon and Davis rush to the girls’ aid. However, an attack by Starmon reverts Raidramon back to Veemon. Getting a second wind, Veemon becomes Flamedramon and sends Starmon flying into the Control Spire, destroying it.

Dialogue Deviation

Kari had to race through that recap.

Side Note

The super casual music in the dub for the moment after Birdramon calls out for Sora (which, as always, she sounds comically terrible in the dub) completely obliterates the tension.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Sora is apparently at tennis practice, as she feigns an ankle injury, and her coach tells someone else to step up for drills. In the dub, Sora says she’s feeling dizzy, and whoever she’s talking to says, “What-EVAAAHHHH!” Sora then suggests someone else play, implying this is just friends playing together rather than an actual school activity.

Sora: It’s Piyomon in the Digital World!
Sora: It’s Biyomon… but how will I get to the DigiWorld!

Carpool with other season pass holders?

Side Note

It isn’t clear in either version how Biyomon was able to remain in Birdramon form while being pursued by the controlled Airdramon. If there was a Control Spire or the Dark Digivice in the area, she should have reverted to Rookie. If there wasn’t, the Airdramon shouldn’t be under the Emperor’s control.

Dialogue Deviation

Tailmon humming
Gatomon: <That catnip rinse makes my ears look too stiff.>

You’re bathing in catnip? This early in the morning? Gatomon, you may need an intervention.

Hikari: You’re always grooming!
Tailmon: Is that so bad? Stop teasing me!
Kari: Why are your ears standing up?
Gatomon: It’s a new look. It’s all the rage in CAT-mandu.


Hikari: But we’re just going for a walk!
Kari: You know, most cats like mice, not mousse.

Rather than directly painting over the e-mail, they apparently used a shot from a different scene or episode in the dub and just painted over that.

Side Note

Upamon in the Japanese is super goofy and fun.

The music in the next scene sounds… Irish? Not sure why. Meanwhile, the dub music is the same as ever.

Very subtle, Iori.

Dialogue Deviation

Cody: <Note to self: think of better way to sneak Upamon out of apartment.>


Miyako: Iori, it’s you! It’s not like you to rush.
Iori: I got an e-mail from Takenouchi Sora-san!
Upamon: Dagyaa!
Miyako: From Sora-san?
Yolei: Cody, what have you been eating lately? You must’ve gained 20 pounds!
Cody: It’s Upamon.
Yolei: You ate Upamon?!
Cody: Forget it! Sora sent an e-mail saying Biyomon’s in trouble!
Upamon: [squawk!]
Yolei: Your tummy’s growling.

I take it back. If everyone in that world is as dumb as Yolei, Cody’s technique for hiding Upamon is actually brilliant.

Cody: The only way not to look suspicious is to sneak quietly!
Yolei: Right!

The dub is hell-bent on hanging lampshades everywhere today.

Miyako jokes that maybe the missing Hikari and Takeru are on a date. Daisuke reacts with surprise, and Miyako insists she’s just joking.

Yolei suggests maybe the batteries in their D-Terminals are dead, and Davis counters that maybe TK is taking a bath (weird, but okay).

As always, the dub fills the silence with blather.

Side Note

Both versions have piano music playing, which alerts the kids, but the dub composed its own.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Starmon! A planetary Digimon with his trademark star-shaped armor suit and star-marked gloves and boots. His special attack is Meteor Squall.
Hawkmon: Starmon is a law-and-order Digimon that keeps the peace, but if you break the law, his powerful Meteor Shower will rain down swift justice upon you!

Side Note

Surprisingly, Starmon serving “Welcome Milk” to the kids is not a dub invention, but rather what actually happens in the episode.

Section: Cut or moved footage

No idea why, but they cut the shot of Starmon spitting his milk out, replacing it with more footage of Sora talking.

The dialogue is slightly different, with the original focusing more on whether or not Piyomon would ever do something that would result in her getting in trouble with the law. In the dub, Sora says that as a law mon, he should protect Bioymon from the “Digital Emperor.”

Dialogue Deviation

Starmon in the dub keeps talking even as the camera pans across the room to show everyone is gone, like he somehow doesn’t notice for several seconds even though he’s looking at the room. In the original, his speech stops as he notices they’re gone.

Starmon: Guess I’ll go make a scaffold in the graveyard for you.
Starmon: Here’s the rules. No cookies in your cell. No loud music after eight. And no shucking oysters in months without an R. Enjoy!

Halfway? That was quick.

Why do I get the feeling the second half will be worse?

Section: Cut or moved footage

A shot of the lamp is cut as the dub returns from commercial break.

Dialogue Deviation

Sora: Shh, don’t talk. What happened?
Biyomon: You just said “don’t talk,” didn’t you? I wish you’d make up your mind.

So do we, Biyomon.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub cut Starmon putting his boot to Piyomon’s head, but kept the next shot where the act was still visible. However, the froze the shot so the pressure he was putting on her head isn’t visible.

Then they cut the scaffold Starmon built for the kids.

Dialogue Deviation

Iori: That’s right, we didn’t have breakfast.
Cody: Boy, Yolei, I sure wish we had some snacks from your store.
Yolei: I’ll call my dad! He delivers!
Hawkmon: But Yolei, we’re in prison in the Digital World.
Veemon: You’re right! If it’s more than five miles, there’s a delivery charge!

Making people say dumb things and then immediately calling them out for it isn’t funny, it’s just robbing me of snarky remarks to make.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Revolmon! A gun-shaped mutant Digimon. He may have strong morals, but he loves to gamble. His special attack is Justice Bullet.
Armadillomon: Deputymon is a barrel-chested Digimon that shoots from the lip, but usually he’s helpful and harmless.

Was that an intentional malaphor, or did they actually mean “shoots from the hip“?

Though Hawkmon is considered to be male, his dub counterpart claims to be female. This might be him just trying to stay with Yolei by lying, but I honestly think the dubbers just couldn’t make up their minds.

Section: Cut or moved footage

We’ve got some Pokémon-style cuts here because of the guns.

Four second cut of Starmon finishing the scaffold.

Dialogue Deviation

Revolmon frees the girls because he wants to play cards with them, but offers no direct explanation as to why only the girls. I think it’s implied to be a sexual thing, bolstered by the fact that he actually got naked in front of them (it was a strip search for a Dark Ring that was surprisingly kept in the English version). In the dub, he says he wants to play cards, but refuses to let the boys out because boys always cheat at cards.

Side Note

The boss health meter added in for Starmon’s is funny but also really lacking context.

Dialogue Deviation

In the dub, they play Old Maid. Sora asks Yolei if she knows how to cheat at that game, and Yolei confirms she does.

In the original, Revolmon’s cards go flying when Starmon shoots them out of his hand. In the dub, the sound of the gunshot is omitted, making it seem like he just dropped his cards in surprise.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Five seconds: an upward pan of Revolmon.

Dialogue Deviation

Daisuke tells V-Mon not to eat the food because he already got to eat that morning. Davis tells Veemon that Digmon is their best bet for the moment. The dub dialogue makes slightly more sense here, since the original doesn’t explain why V-Mon doesn’t just Armor Evolve to break them out. The dub implies that Veemon’s too hungry as well, though we still saw that he ate a ton of food for breakfast earlier in the episode, so there’s no telling why he’s hungry again.

Section: Cut or moved footage

To make up for some of the lost time, Digmon and Raidramon get Lengthened Evolution Sequences (LES). Basically, the dub used the full evolution stock footage, while the original abbreviated it.

Revolmon shoots Starmon before the duel is over, but the shot is covered up in the dub. Deputymon never actually shot Starmon in the dub, but he just turned around early.

This leads to 19 seconds being cut as Revolmon starts blasting when Starmon isn’t ready, and keeps doing so until he runs out of ammo.

Also, the original frequently refers to the fact that the kids are going to be executed by Starmon. In the dub, it’s changed to various versions of imprisonment or destruction.

Side Note

Update – 19 Oct. 2020: At some mild urging, I’ve attached the full video of the duel in Japanese.

Dialogue Deviation

V-Mon: Daisuke! This time I’ll attack as Fladramon!
Veemon: Davis! Digivolve me into Flamedramon! He’s a better fighter!

Better how?

Section: Cut or moved footage

The stock footage for Flamedramon was slightly extended in the dub.

Side Note

Let’s Kick it Up! is playing in the background of the dub and I hate it.

Section: Cut or moved footage

A split second of footage is lost when they cut the hangman’s scaffold from the dub, but the footage continued when Starmon crashed into it, so you can still see the noose.

About 3 seconds are cut of scenes that have nothing to do with anything, so no idea why.

The scenes of Ken and the Spiral are moved to the end of the episode.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, the group is playing an unspecified card game when Starmon and Revolmon decide they want to play Old Maid. In the dub, they’re apparently playing poker, with Cody getting two pairs… of aces. Dumb joke, but acceptable because I don’t know many 8 year olds who understand poker that well. Then the two Digimon decide they want to switch to Go Fish.

Side Note

In the original, a cow can be heard in the background. In the dub, it’s switched to an elephant… for some reason.

Total Footage Lost: ≈ 35 - 40 seconds.

This episode was filler, and not particularly interesting filler to be honest. That said, the dub made extensive cuts because of the guns and the noose, though not as much of the dialogue was changed as usual, so it’s a trade-off.

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