Digimon Tamers S01E13

The Order to Capture the Digimon! The Sinister Foreboding (JP)
Juggernaut (EN)

Original Airdates:
June 24, 2001 (JP)
October 13, 2001 (EN)

Section: Summary

We learn all about friendship this week! And how to communicate when something is bothering someone to their friend. Then we get a cliffhanger!

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “Guilmon Card Slash!”
Takato: “Alright! We won, Guilmon! Well done!
Guilmon: *Silence*
Takato: “Get more and more stronger, so you can evolve, okay?”
Takato: “What’s that!?
Helicopter: “Target found, keep on standing by alpha bravo.”
Guilmon: “Takato, do you want me to fight it?”
Takato: “This will end up bad. Maybe we should run.”
Guilmon: “Why? Are we doing something wrong?”
Takato: “No but…”

Takato: “Ready Guilmon….Digi-Modify!”
Takato: “Dark Lizardmon was one tough cookie, but you did it!”
Guilmon: “Mmmm did you say cookie?”
Takato: “I can’t believe you’re thinking of food right now.”
Takato: “Whaaa!? What’s going on?”
Helicopter: “Target confirmed, strike team standing by. Initiate retrieval sequence.”
Guilmon: “Are we supposed to fight them Takato?”
Takato: “No! I mean, I have no idea…Maybe we should scram before we find out.”
Guilmon: *Silence*

I LOVE that the Subs included some native English, and the pronunciation is pretty good! Better then most anime that have their voice actors speak English. For once, the Dub cut a line that the Sub originally had.

Dark Lizardmon: “I will be in the world…Let me..evolve.”
Guilmon: “Takato!”
Yamaki: “Digimon Tamer. I believe that’s what you call yourselves. There’s nothing wrong with playing with cards…but keep involving yourself in this dangerous game, and your parents will send you to your room.”
Takato: “Game? It’s not a game.”
Yamaki: “Then what is a boy like you doing out here in the middle of the night?”
Takato: “Some dangerous Digimon are coming into our world and-“
Yamaki: “What do you call that partner of yours then? Isn’t it a Digimon too?”
Takato: “Guilmon is different! Guilmon is my-“
Takato: “What are you gonna do to him?”
Yamaki: “I could take that red monster there too, if I wanted.”
Takato: *Silence*
Yamaki: “So you aren’t just a scardey-cat after all.”
Helicopter: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*

Dark Lizardmon: “I will live….Let me Digivolve.”
Guilmon: ” You okay?”
Yamaki: “Well, aren’t you going to thank me? After all I saved your life. That deserves something. This is dangerous work little boy, shouldn’t you be napping?”
Takato: “Who are you?!
Yamaki: “I’ll ask the questions!! Who do you think you are, attacking Digimon on your own? Do you think this is a game? They are leathal creatures who should be contained. In fact I think for your saftey we should take your little red friend there too.”
Takato: “Leave him alone! He’s nothing like Dark Lizardmon!”
Yamaki: “So young, so naive.”
Takato: “Who you calling naive?!”
Takato: “I don’t believe it…he’s alive.”
Yamaki: “And dangerous…maybe I should take your friend. He could become dangerous too.”
Takato: “NO! You’ll have to go through me!”
Yamaki: “Well, probably more trouble then he’s worth. Right? Don’t say I didn’t warn you little boy.”
Helicopter: “Mission Complete, returning to headquarters.”
Takato: *Thinking* Who is that guy?”

Sub of course seems a lot more sinister in its delivery of dialogue. The Dub tries to make it some sarcastic humor that falls flat. There’s also the additional Dub dialogue which I thought was a nice touch for once.

Takato: “Good night Guilmon. See you tomorrow.”
Guilmon: “You want me to get stronger, right? You want me to evolve more right?”
Takato: “I do-“
Guilmon: “I will get stronger! I want to evolve. I wonder how much I’ll change.”
Takato: “Change? I don’t want you to change!”
Guilmon: “Why? I thought you wanted me to evolve and change. That makes you happy, doesn’t it?”
Takato: “Anyway..just don’t!”
Guilmon: “I’m confused, Takato..”

Takato: “You uhhh did great tonight Guilmon.”
Guilmon: “I’m getting better, huh, Takato? If I keep getting stronger and stronger, I can Digivolve again, just like you want me to.”
Takato: “Yah…sure you will.”
Guilmon: “Waiting hard, I wanna Digivolve right now! I wonder when I’ll change again.”
Takato: “Change?? No more fights!!”
Guilmon: “Huuh? No more fights means no more data. How will I get stronger? I thought you wanted me to Digivolve.”
Takato: “I don’t! You’ll change!”
Guilmon: “What’d I do Takato..”

Dub Takato doesn’t seem all that sure that Guilmon did a good job. A big note about the characterization here between Dub and Sub Guilmon, regards to changing. Sub seemed like he’s curious about what will happen to his mental/mind when he Digivolves, while the Dub took it to mean literally changing from Guilmon to Growlmon.

Section: Side Note

The Sub had a beautiful piano piece playing in the background as Takato runs through the street, with the Hypnos Tower looming in the background. Sad the Dub took it out for a more practical route. Sub also did a good job fading out the piano music and bringing in alarm sounds for Hypnos.

Dialogue Deviation

Reika: “Hypnos had detected a Wild One.”
Megumi: “Supervisor Yamaki?”
Yamaki: “Forget about the small ones.”
Reika: *Silence*
Megumi: “What’s that?”
Reika: “What’s up?”
Megumi: “The Tracers is acting strangely. It’s circling around the route circumference instead of going after the Wild One.”
Reika: “What does this mean?”

Riley: “I’m seeing something move. Here I thought we were going to have a quiet night. It looks like a Wild One. I can’t be sure. The signal is almost unreadable.”
Tally: “Hmm, maybe it’s a glitch in the program. Those engineers are so unreliable. Now the tracer is acting erratic.”
Yamaki: *Silence*
Tally: “I’m telling you, it’s those engineers always going to karaoke instead of checking the equipment like they should.”
Riley: “According to the tracer its right under us, but…that’s impossible.

This was a bit hard to follow, as I can never remember who’s talking unless they show their faces. For once the Dub cut out a line of Yamaki talking, probably cause it didn’t really fit the scene.

Culumon: “This place is so big, culu! I’m hearing lots of voices, it’s so much fun, culu!”
Megumi: “That is so cute!!”
Yamaki: *Silence*
Megumi: “Huh? Where’d it go?”
Reika: “SO, who does it belong to?”
Megumi: “What do you mean?”
Reika: “I mean, who brought that stuffed animal in here?”
Megumi: “It was a stuffed animal?”
Reika: “The talking ones are popular these days aren’t they?”
Megumi: “I Guess..But I never heard of one that can move on its own..”

Calumon: “Calumon zoom zoom, Calumon zoom zoom. Under here… zoom!”
Tally: “Ohh soo cute.”
Yamaki: *Thinking* Those clueless Tamers and their Digimon. So oblivious to what I’m cooking up in my little lab. Well, they’ll find out soon enough, and won’t they be surprised.”
Tally: “Hello? Where’d it go? You saw it too right?”
Riley: “I think that leftover enchilada you had for lunch is making you see things. Come on, give it up.”
Tally: “I’m telling you it walked and talked…and rhymed.”
Riley: “And I’m telling you it’s your lunch. Serves you right for eating four day old food.”
Tally: “Maybe you’re right..”

I groaned as soon as Calumon appeared on screen. He really is insufferable. Culumon on the other hand I can’t get enough of. The Dub somehow made it creepy that Tally/Megumi thought Calumon was so cute. How do you mess that up!? The silence and ominous music of the Sub makes the scene so much better then in the Dub. We don’t need to know what Yamakis literal thoughts are. Also, why did the Dub have to change the scene, which made perfect sense originally into something stupid about lunch causing hallucinations?

Dark Lizardmon: *Silence*
Scientist: “These particles are a pattern that occur during the Realization process when a Wild One materilerzes from the net.”
Dark Lizardmon: “Release me..I will live in this world.”
Yamaki: “Huh..No matter where you choose to live, you are nothing more then a program created by us humans. A.I beings that old man had once dreamed about, an imitation of real life. The fact that you appear in the Real World is nothing but an accident.”
Scientist: “The composition of its body is clearly made up of pseudo-protein. However its molecular composition is highly unstable and fragile. That’s to be expected from an imitation.”
Scientist: “Quantification noise rising. The mass within the gauge is rapidly decreasing.”
Dark Lizardmon: “Hear me, my God! Repaint this world to our ways!”
scientist: “God?”
Other Scientist: “It must be referring to us humans. Oh..it’s disappearing.”
Yamaki: “Do you have all of that data just now recorded?”
Other Scientist: “Yes sir.”
Yamaki: “Then wipe out the last remnants of this stray.”
Other Scientist: “Wipe out? Uh yes sir.”
Yamaki: “Wild One. Wild artificial life forms. Soon this world will be cleansed of you all.”
Dark Lizardmon: “What is this place…let me out!!! I don’t want to go back!!”
Scientist: “Sir..we’re ready to initiate the data scan but the creature may not survive.”
Dark Lizardmon: *Silence*
Yamaki: “Huh…you say that as if I should care. It’s not as if that thing down there is flesh and blood you know.”
Scientist: “Excuse me sir..but it has a real body and it’s a life form.”
Yamaki: “A worm is more of a life form then this thing. They’re just packets of data, computer code, zeros and ones. Their ability to appear in our world is a fluke. But our monstrous friend here is not without its use. By analyzing its data we can learn how Digimon are created, and how they can be destroyed. Proceed with the scan. I want full power.”
Scientist: “Its particles are dissipating”
Yamaki: “Don’t stop until we have all of its data. We’re only STEPS away from achieving our ultimate goal.”
Dark Lizardmon: “Ahhhhh”
Scientist: “It’s gone.”
Other Scientist: “Its data hasn’t disappeared though. Just the body. Should I save the data?”
Yamaki: “I don’t see the point. We got all the information we need through the scanning procedure. Eliminate anything that’s left.”
Other Scientist: “Wait…what??? Uh..yes sir, destroying all particles now.”
Yamaki: “Get used to it. We’ll scan as many as we have to. Till they’re all gone.”

The Sub is building up Yamaki’s character to be complex, much more then the Dub counterpart. I feel like the Dub is going for a literal villain, without any of the nuance of the Sub. Who knew a “kids” show could be so dark and complex so early on.

Takato: “Sensei! Good morning.”
Asanuma: “Good Morning Takato-kun. You haven’t brought anything strange, have you?”
Takato: “Strange?”
Asanuma: Things like toys and cards. Just don’t bring any of that to school, please. I don’t want to keep getting angry over every little thing.”
Takato: “Right- You don’t have to worry about that from me! Sensei?”
Asanuma: “Huh?”
Takato: “Why did you decide to become a teacher?”
Asanuma: “I thought it was a secure job position but now I think I might have made a mistake.”
Takato: “I think so to.”
Asanuma: *Glares*
Takato: “Excuse me..” *Runs away*
Asanuma: “What was that about? I can teach just fine.”
Gym Teacher” Asanuma-sensei! Good morning! Checking students’ personal belongings is a touch job, isn’t it?”
Asanuma: “Ahh Mori-sensei can you take my place? Thank you.”
Gym Teacher: “Huh??? Sure..”

Takato: “Uhhh morning Miss. Isaji”
Ms. Isaji: “Huuuh, ohhh it’s you Takato. Alright, what are you hiding under your shirt today?”
Takato: “Ohh, it’s just my lunch box. It’s really small because I”m on a diet.”
Ms. Isaji: “It’s too early in the morning to start causing trouble. I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee yet.”
Takato: “Ohh I won’t cause any trouble, not me.”
Ms. Isaji: “I’ve said this before, boys who break the rules grow up to become THUGS and ZOOKEEPERS.”
Takato: “But what’s wrong with being a zookeeper Ms. Isaji?”
Ms. Isaji: “Oh Takato, don’t be silly. For one thing you don’t get any respect. You have to work all day with animals who never do what you tell them to do.”
Takato: “Gee, that kinda sounds like what you do now.”
Ms. Isaji: “What?!”
Takato: “Ahhhh ehehehe…nothing! Bye Ms. Isaji!!!!!”
Ms. Isaji: “Well at least animals don’t make wise cracks.”
Gym Teacher: “Morning Ms. Isaji! And what a wonderful morning it is! Good to see you keeping the students in line.”
Ms. Isaji: “Put a sock in it Mori…”
Gym Teacher: “What’d I say?!?!? Ms Isaji??? Hellooo?

Good job Dub, teaching kids to diet when they’re in middle school. /s As and adult watching this, I now get that Kari…I mean Ms. Isaji was equating her kids to zoo animals. That’s actually pretty smart of the Dub, if a bit of a round about way. Guess its too harsh of the Dub to insult teachers.

Asanuma: “Shirakabaha was a literary movement of the Taisho era, with Saneatsu Mushanokoji as its theoretic leader. His talents laid not only in writing, but drawing as well. He is perhaps the best known for his realistic drawings of the pumpkin and eggplant that are always found alongside the phrase ‘Being good friends is beautiful.’ “
Takato: *Silent*
Asanuma: “Now everyone, read the words after me. Here we go ‘Being good friends is beautiful’. “
Class: “Being good friends is beautiful”
Asanuma: “Again”
Class: “Being good friends is beautiful”

Ms. Isaji: “Today’s topic is…vegetables. To many of you, vegetables are like homework assignments.”
Takato: *Thinking* I always wanted Guilmon to become stronger and Digivovle just like in the card game. But that man’s right, this isn’t a card game. Guilmon is totally different when he Digivolvoes. What if he ends up like the bad Digimon we fight and stops being my friend? I don’t want him to become a monster.”
Ms. Isaji: *Drowned out by Takato’s ramblings and the goofy music.*
Takato: *Thinking* “At least Jerry doesn’t think he’s a monster. Although she would scream like a banshee if she saw Growlmon. I hope Guilmon never changes.”

While I Have no idea who the artist is that the Sub mentions, it’s a lot more deep of a topic then vegetables. Which is suitable for like six year olds. Come on Dub…you’re failing me. Although I gues it makes more sense to have Takato’s inner thoughts for the Dub, since we are all too young to understand things from just visuals.

Terriermon: “I hope everyone’s doing well. Huh, I don’t remember these Digimon in here..”
Li: “Terriermon! You shouldn’t touch Jian-niichan’s computer without asking first or he’ll get mad at you! But Jian-niichan shouldn’t have left you alone in his room. Come with me, you’re going to be my baby now.”

Terriermon: “Stand back denizens of the Digital World! Terriermon’s back! Woaaah, must have pressed the wrong button.”
Suzie: “I wonder what I’ll find in here..Oh look…it’s an orphan. All alone in the world. No wone around to wove you or change your diapers. Suzie Sunshine will rescue you! I’ll bath you and dress you, and use a big powder puff on you. You’ll be my wittle princess pretty pants! Oh yes you will.”

Dub Suzie and Calumon have to be the worst. Like super super cringe.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The Dub added a few seconds of repeat video, of the Digimon appearing on screen.

Dialogue Deviation

Juri: “Hey, aren’t you going to play cards today?”
Kenta: “Cards? Do you mean Digimon-“
Hirokazu: Who cares if we don’t!”
Takato: “Um..I”
Hirokazu: “I’m starting to feel that Digimon is a game for little kids now. Huh Kenta.”
Kenta: “Uh..yeah…”
Juri: “A game for little kids?”
Takato: “When it’s a game you can quit whenever you want to because you don’t like it anymore.”
Juri: “Huh? I don’t think I understand. But..if Takato-kun’s friend Guilmon is a Digimon, then I like Digimon! Yah me too.”
Hirokazu: “Kenta, let’s go to my place and play video games.”
Kenta: *Silence*
Takato: “It’s not a game.”
Juri: “I’m sorry. I must have said something wrong.”
Juri: “Hey, are you going to play with Guilmon today?”
Takato: “I said it’s not a game!”

Jerry: “What are you boys doing today? Playing Digimon?”
Kenta: “No way, Digimon’s for kids.”
Kazu: “Yeah..it’s all pretend.”
Takato: “Well….Guilmons real.”
Kazu: “Oh not that again. Listen dude, you’re not scaring anyone with that oversized stuff dinosaur of yours. Okay?”
Kenta: “Yah.”
Jerry: “But Guilmons not.. a toy…”
Kenta: “Whatever, we’re not into playing Digimon anymore. It’s lame.”
Takato: “You don’t have to dump on it. If you don’t like it you don’t have to play.”
Jerry: “Uh oh..what’s wrong with them? I know..boy’s are silly! Sometimes they fight even when there’s nothing ot ifght about! It’s all just pretend right? Yah that’s right!”
Kazu: “Kenta, let’s go hand out at my place.”
Kenta: “Let’s leave Takato with his kiddie games.”
Takato: “It’s not a game.”
Jerry: “I’m sorry..did I say something wrong?”
Jerry: “Hey, are you going to play with Guilmon today?”
Takato: “Jerry I’m not just playing!”

I’m pretty sure the Dub added in an extra dialogue scene for Kenta and Kazu, which was kinda silly, but its the Dub. They’re not known for being serious.

Car CEO: “For now we must avoid anything that would give the impression to the public…that the network is dangerous.”
Lady CEO: “It’s a blessing that all media reports on the phenomenon of virtual life forms materializing or “Realizing” as you put it, from the network have been censored and suppressed at the moment.”
Yamaki: “Don’t forget that it was all made possible by our network of surveillance system, Hypnos.”
Lunch CEO: “Hypnos itself must never be made public knowledge either.”
Golf CEO: “Who created this Digimon thing anyway?”
Lady CEO: “Originally it was an open source project in the 1980s as an experiment from several young scientists all over the world. However that project was quickly brought to a halt and the creatures created from it were limited to becoming a mere popular game among children, or so we had thought. The original virtual life forms were only able to live within a fixed local area, and that should have been purged as well.
Yamaki: “However, these creatures have grown wild and now roam the network as if they own it. Not only that, they can also appear in our Real World with a physical body. Do you realize the potential danger they could pose upon us?”
CEOs: “The instincts of these Digital Monsters or Digimon are quite simple.”
Yamaki: “They turn their opponents into data, then load it in order to increase their own data. In that aspect we can say they are similar to our own wild animals. However our animals have a mortal lifespan. Digimon can live as a network pocket for an indefinite amount of time. They have evolved in this way on their own. Humans created them and thus humans must destroy them.”
Car CEO: “Supervisor Yamaki. About your result-“
Yamaki: “Shaggai, yes.”
Car CEO: “How would it affect the network if it is used?”
Lunch CEO: *Silence*
Yamaki: “It would cause some confusion for a short period of time. However because glitches occur within the network daily, the event will go unnoticed by most users.”
Lunch CEO: “Still that’s like our country firing a weapon at the rest of teh world! It may be taking place in the virtual realm, but it’s still a very serious matter.”
Yamaki: “Shaggai’s existence will never be uncovered by the other countries.”
Golf CEO: “I don’t know about that. Perform a test first. You won’t need our formal consent with a cover like that, right?”
Car CEO: “What do you say Supervisor Yamaki?”
Yamaki: “Very well. I will perform the test.”
Yamaki: “Cowards.”

Car CEO: “Yamaki, I’m very disappointed. We spent millions on Hypnos and what do you give us? One Digimon in a tank floating in your lab. If that’s all we needed, I would have hired a dog catcher.”
Lady CEO: “Catching them after the Bio-Emerge isn’t good enough. Can’t you keep them from appearing all together? If the media finds out about these so called ‘Wild Ones’, think of the panic it will cause.”
Yamaki: “Yes M’am. But Hypnos is the only reason there haven’t been any media leaks in the first place.”
Lunch CEO: “Enough, lets let the army handle it so I can get back to my lunch.”
Golf CEO: “I lost my briefing so I’m a little lost. What are these Digiman…or whatever they’re called.”
Lady CEO: “It’s DigiMON you twit. I’ll explain it again. Years ago, scientists created artificial life pr grams, also known as Digimon. Advanced life, in fact they were so smart the scientists couldn’t control them.”
Yamaki: “The program was shut down and became a mere children game, or so we thought. Somehow they survived and even worse, somehow developed the ability to synthesis proteins and take form here in the real world.”
CEOs: “They’re like a bunch of circus freaks, who cares.”
Yamaki: “Sir, these are not performing monkeys. They have unlimited powers of destruction and indefinite life spans. They’re a threat to humanity! You’ve rejected my proposal before, but the only solution is to eliminate them in the Digital World and here. I have a plan that uses the Digimons own data against them. It’s quite an elegant really, and there’s no cause for hesitation. It’s not as if we’re destroying ling, breathing creatures. They’re just faulty programs which never should have been created in the first place. Think of the lives we’d save, the chaos we could avert by striking early.
Car CEO: “This proposal. what’s it called.”
Yamaki: “Juggernaut.”
Car CEO: “The boundary between our world and the net is thin, how ill we know what effect Juggernaut will have on the real world?
Lunch CEO: “Yeah! How do I know you won’t blow up my swimming pool?”
Yamaki: “I wouldn’t worry about that. Juggernaut may cause some complications online but hang ups on the net happen every day. I doubt anyone would even notice.”
Lunch CEO: “Well these might not be simple complications. You know how I feel about your previous work Yamaki, but the Chief is right, it’s too risky. The general public is bound to suspect something.”
Yamaki: “Sir! No one even knows Hypnos exists.”
Golf CEO: “Well,I”m not getting in trouble over this. Can’t we just test this Jugger..whatever it’s called and see what happens? Well if Yamaki get’s discovered well then I don’t have anything to do with it.”
Car CEO: “Good idea. For once you’ve come up with something we can actually use. Got it Yamaki?””
Yamaki: “Yeah, I got it. We’ll continue testing.”
Yamaki: “Bunch of fools.”

Holy Moley! The Sub actually gives a backstory on how Digimon were created, and the Dub butchers it by adding in some propaganda about letting the army handle it! Are Japanese kids just so much smarter then us? When this aired originally I was in the 6th-7th grade, and had no idea what a network or a packet meant, never mind a ‘network packet’.

Little Girl: “This is funny!”
Guilmon: *Silence*
Takato: “Hey Guilmon? Remember when you evolved into Growmon?”
Guilmon: “I do.”
Takato: “I was scared of you back then.”
Guilmon: “I’ll always be me.”
Takato: “But you weren’t listening to anything I said. Whenever you’re like that, your eyes..”
Guilmon: “Takato we’re friends. I’m not sure what a friend is…but I think it’s this feeling I have now, of Takato being Takato.”
Takato: “Guilmon?”
Guilmon: “What?”
Takato: “That’s amazing. Wen we first met you were like a baby, b ut now you can think and speak your mind clearly..”
Guilmon: “That’s because I’m with you.”
Takato: “I..haven’t evolved at all.”
Guilmon: “Takato evolve!”
Takato: “I can evolve too!”
Takato: “Guilmon, I didn’t trust you enough. I’m sorry.”
Guilmon: “Why are you apologizing Takato?”
Takato: “There must be a reason why you evolve. I’ve done nothing but get scared all the time amd I don’t like that part of me..”

Little Girl: “Go on..see..he doesn’t mind.”
Guilmon: “You still mad at me?”
Takato: “I’m not mad. I’m just worried about cha, that’s all.”
Guilmon: “But why?”
Takato: “When you Digivolved you scared the pants off me. How you looked. Your eyes.”
Guilmon: “It was just me.”
Takato: “But you barley knew who i was. What if one day you like Quantum Digivovled and totally forgot me or who you’re supposed to be?”
Guilmon: “I wouldn’t forget you.You’re my friend. Takato, no matter how much you change, you’re still you. And I hope you know no matter how much I change I’m still me, too. Kay?”
Takato: “Guilmon…?”
Guilmon: “Yeah?”
Takato: “You are totally amazing. It feels like only yesterday you were thinking and talking like a baby but look at you now. You see things so clearly. Maybe even better then I do sometimes.”
Gulmon: “Heeeeh I get it all from you Takato.”
Takato: “Ya know what? I wish I could change to!”
Guilmon: Takato Digivovle to Takato!”
Takato: “Takato Digivovle to Mega-Takatomon!”
Takato: “Guilmon, I’m sorry for acting all weird, ya know, yesterday.”
Guilmon: “Why? You said you were only worried about me right?”
Takato: “I know..but I should have realized that even though you were Growlmon on the outside, you were still the same red snarffing goof on the inside.

Dub of course simplifying everything and making stupid jokes…maybe someday they’ll learn

Megumi: *Silence*
Reika: *Silence*
Megumi: “Excuse me, please don’t tamper with that too much. It’s hard keeping that one adjusted. I wonder what’s taking place here.”
Reika: “No idea.”
Ruki: *Silence*

Tally: “Hey Riley, w hat do you think that is?”
Riley: “Well, whatever it is, it aint pretty.”
Tally: “We sure didn’t get authorization for this.”
Riley: “Yamaki does what he wants. Just don’t ask questions. Just know all his projects mean bad news for someone.”

Dub once again reusing scenes to put some more unneeded dialogue in there.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The Dub chose to re-arange some scenes here. Not sure why. In the Sub we get Jenrya’s Dad coming home, but in the Dub we get Rika and Renamon having a conversation. When we get to the Dub scene with the DAd, they’re alot more direct then the Sub was. The piano track the Sub used for Renamon and Ruki’s conversation is relaxing though.

Dialogue Deviation

Culumon: “This is strange, culu. The sky is starting to look just like the place where Culumon came from, culu.”
Impmon: “What’s with that dumb look on your face you little brat? You and your culu-cuulu- can kiss my ass!
Culumon” Why’d you do that? That was mean!”
Impmon: “You piss me off! A little twerp like you being coddled by humans and smiling all the time and going culu-culu. Who the hell do you think you are? Aren’t you a Digimon? If you’ve got a problem with me then try loading me and evolving. Can’t do that?
Culumon: “Culumon can’t evolve, culu.”
Impmon: “What the hell are you talking about? I knew you were missing something, but this, t his is too much! You’re a disgrace to all Digimon. You leave me no choice, kid. I, the great Impmon-sama will just have to load you then. I doubt I’ll be even a smidge closer to evolving by loading a puny thing like you. But I guess every little bit helps.”

Calumon: “Is that the building I was in? I don’t like the look of it at all. There’s something funny about it. Something not nice.”
Impmon: “Ohh did I scare the adorable Calumon? Not so tough when you’re tumbling like a sack of potatoes. You sad face”
Calumon: “You’re a bit meanie weenie. No wonder why you don’t have any friends.”
Impmon: “What kinda friends? Ones who run around all cute and friendly‚Č• What’s that done for ya? You can’t even Digivolve. No Tamer even wants you, they just put up with you cause you’re…what’s the word I’m looking for? Oh yah. Pathetic.”
Calumon: “Impmon? Is there anyone you do like?”
Impmon: “Nah, you pretty much all make me sick. What a young Digimon like you needs, is not friends, but some advice. And it’s your lucky day, cause i’m in a sharing kind of mood. Life my friend is all about survival of the fittest. That’s when the best and brightest, me, wipes the floor with the weakest, that’s you. So if I blast you to kingdom come and absorb your data like I plan on doing, don’t take it personal it’s just nature taking its course.”

Not too much change here, just Impmon being a bigger a-hole in the Sub then Dub. But that’s to be expected.

Scientist: “Shaggai on startup.”
Reika: “W-what is this? It’s inverting the network’s flow!”
Yamaki: “The Wild Ones are just snapping up the data of the Digimon we’d captured earlier which I’ve used as bait. Once the Wild Ones are caught, this program disintegrates them completely. That’s Shaggai”
Megumi: “That’s incredible.”
Yamaki: *Silence*
Takato: “Maybe with this card you could evovle instantly? What do you think Guilmon?”

Scientist: “Opperation Juggernaught innitiate.”
Riley: “I’m getting an abnormal reading. Sir, is this all part of the project we’re testing? Juggernaught?”
Yamaki: “Yes, but it’s nothing to be concerned about. We’re just giving it a test run, using the Digimon we captured, I’ve constructed a Digimon repository to act as bait. Instead of us hunting them, they’ll come to us.”
Tally: “You’re brilliant sir.”
Yamaki: “Well that’s your first accurate observation”
Takato: “Hey Guilmon, now that we’re back on track, I have all these attacks I wanna try. Maybe we should have a team name too. Like Awesome Twosome, or Dynamite Duo.”

We end on a cliffhanger! With soem added dialogue for Yamaki. But the Dub stayed pretty close to how it was oiginally.

Final Result

Final Result

75% retained. This one was messy and hard to follow. And the Dub thought it best to shift scenes around for no reason, and give lots of extra dialogue in the Yamaki/CEO briefing scene. Had to pad that for time and commercials I guess.

One Comment

  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Dialogue Deviation 2b: wow Megumi, if that’s what counts as a rhyme in the dub, then I’m Shakespeare… 2b or not 2b, that is the dialogue deviation.

    Dialogue Deviation 2e: the dog eats them ;)? I guess it was just a case making a story out of the visuals they had, rather than trying to discuss something Japanese to American kids.

    Dialogue Deviation 2f: and Terriermon was never seen ever again, in the dub – if only ;)!

    Dialogue Deviation 3b: you missed out all that god awful bit where the Golf CEO kept comparing Digimon to his pet, by the end of it I was all for his pet or the Lady CEO or the both of them killing him off, also, I would assume as the pictures didn’t light up when they were talking during that bit of dialogue, that was all added into the dub with no equivelent in the original, poor consistency not lighting up the pictures – no wonder Yamaki is so angry in the dub, all but the Lady CEO don’t have a clue, and all, probably including the Lady CEO are poised ready to throw Yamaki under the bus at a moment’s notice.

    Dialogue Deviation 4b: Batman and Robin would like to have a copyright infringement talk with you, Takato.

    Another short post, but again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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