Digimon Tamers S01E12

Ruki and Renamon – Crisis of the Bond! (JP)
Divided They Stand (EN)

Original Airdates:
June 17, 2001 (JP)
October 6, 2001 (EN)

Section: Summary

Ruki/Rika and Renamon are still fighting. We get a bit of backstory on Impmon. Truly heartbreaking stuff. And Guilmon makes a new friend!

Dialogue Deviation

Reika: “However, we did detect a slight disturbance in the waves.”
Yamato: *Silence*
Reika: *Silence*
Yamato: “So that’s what’s been going on.”

Riley: “Sir, I”ve detected a disruption in the Network Data stream.”
Yamato: “Origin..”
Riley: “Uhmm I’m sorry sir, I’m not sure.”
Yamato: “Those kids are a nusience”

Heaven forbid Dub lets any screen time go by with silence. They even included dialogue from the flashback.

Takato: Playing already? Let me join!”
Takato: “Why did you guys go straight home the other day?”
Hirokazu: W-why?” *Flashback* “Was that thing real?”
Takato: “Thing? Do you mean Guilmon?”
Hirokazu: “Guilmon…”
Takato: “Huh? What’s wrong?”
Hirokazu: “Quit playing weird jokes on us.”
Takato: “Jokes?”
Hirokazu: “That thing has to be fake!”
Takato: “He’s not a fake! Guilmon is a real Digimon! What the heck! He’s really real! Tch, you guys were the ones who practically begged me to see him!”

Takato: “Aww man, you started without me!
Takato: “Whats wrong guys? Why did you run away yesterday?”
Kazu: “Umm stuff you do…you know.” *Flashback* “How’d you make him look so real?”
Takato: “Well he looks real…because he is real.”
Kazu: “Yeah right..”
Takato: “Hey, I just got here. Don’t put it up.”
Kazu: “You’re beginning to freak us out dude.”
Takato: “What do you mean?”
Kazu: “I mean you made a Digimon out of rubber eyes and a flashlight and you’re trying to mess us up with it.”
Takato: “You’re crazy! Why would I do something like that? Come on guys…I know it’s freaky but he’s a real Digimon! You begged to see him then ran away before he could even say Hi!”

For once the Dub made a decent explanation for how Takato could have made up Guilmon!

Yamaki: *Silence, lighter clicking*
Ruki: *Silence, while looking for Renamon*
Megumi: “A Wild One has been detected. Gigabit tracer is in pursuit”
Renamon: *Silence*
Culumon: “Culu…Flop.”
Renamon: *Silence*
Renamon: *Silence*
Renamon: “Ruki, Card Slash the-“
Renamon: *Silence*
Jenrya: “Ruki! What are you doing? Who’s inside? Could it be…Renamon?”

Yamaki: “Those fools don’t realize what a dangerous game they’re playing. It’s time to enlighten them”
Rika: *Thinking* Is she really gone? I knew all that partner stuff was nonsense. She never cared about me now matter what she said. If she cared…she’d be here. She was just using me.
Tally: “A Wild One…it appears erratic. Tracer set to monitor progress.”
Renamon: “Things no what they seemed?”
Rika: “Renamon!”
Calumon: “Rika….What’s wrong?”
Renamon: “One down, that was easy enough.”
Renamon: “Ahhh…where’d that come from” *pop*
Renamon: “Rika..where are you?”
Renamon: *After a commerical break* Rika’s not coming. I have to do this alone.
Henry: “Rika, why are you outside?!” You’re missing the fight. That’s not like you. Where’s Renamon.”

Section: Cut or moved footage

For some reason the Dub decided to add in a scene where Calumon tells Rika that Renamon needs her.

Dialogue Deviation

Jenrya: “Rika!”
Terriermon: “Culumon!”

Henry: “Rika!”
Terriermon: “What’s with her?”

Aww, no one likes Calumon, even Dub Terriermon refuses to acknowledge his existence.

Renamon: “That’s right even without Ruki around, I am still strong.”
Ruki: “Renamon only needed me to help herself evolve. That’s all.”
Culumon: “Step, step, step, step, stop?”

Renamon: “I did it. I destroyed them without Rika’s help”
Rika: “Renamon just wanted my help to Digivolve. Well I’m not falling for it anymore. I don’t need her.”
Calumon: “Awwww, humans can be so silly. Sometimes they’re up, sometimes they’re down. They gotta learn to go with the flow.

The sub had some Cowboy Beebop esque sounding music while Renamon was destroying those guys. The Dub had an instrumental Digimon soundtrack/theme playing. They both worked well, not sure which I like better. Dub sucked all the joy and cuteness out of Calumon, by having him say something stupid about humans.

Jenrya: “Renamon…Ruki was here just a moment ago.”
Renamon: “Ruki..”
Terriermon: “I’m sure she’ was worried about you.”
Renamon: “Worried, I’m not sure I understand.”
Jenrya: “Renamon, won’t you go back to being Ruki’s partner again?”
Renamon: “Partner..”
Terriermon: “Culumon! Welcome back”
Renamon: “What does it mean to be a partner? If you know, I’d like you to explain it to me.”
Jenrya: “Well, I consider Terriermon to be my friend.”
Renamon: “Friend?”
Jenrya: “I don’t know if Ruki shares the same opinion as me, though.”
Renamon: *Silence*
Terriermon: “Oh yah! Why don’t I teach you tai chi chuan?”
Culumon: “Tai chi..culu?”
Terriermon: “Like this.”
Culumon: “Culu”
Jenrya: “But I just know that it isn’t a coincidence that you became Ruki’s partner. That’s the one thing I’m sure of.”
Terriermon: “That’s it, now just lift your leg a bit higher!

Henry: “Renamon, Rika was just here, I think she’s worried about you.”
Renamon: “She is? Are you sure?”
Terriermon: “She was all white faced and jumpy ya know. She was in a bad way.”
Renamon: “Rika..I doubt it.”
Henry: “Renamon, you two fit together. You should be partners not enemies.”
Renamon: “Partners..”
Terriermon: “Bout time! I wanna play!”
Calumon: “Me too!”
Renamon: “Partners…you keep using that word. Am I supposed to know what that means?”
Henry: “It’s like this. Terriermon and I are both friends and equals.”
Renamon: “Equals.”
Henry: “Exactly. We know each others strengths and weaknesess.”
Renamon: “Hmmm.”
Terriermon: “Henry taught me Tai Chi! Do you wanna learn?”
Calumon: “How do you do it? Hm?”
Terriermon: “You start like thiiiis.”
Calumon: “Like this?”
Herny: “Both you of you must have had something in common or you wouldn’t have become partners in the first place. It was no coincidence. I’m sure of it.”
Terriermon: “This is gonna take longer then I thought.”

I forgot that Henry and Renamon form some kinda friendship or respect for each other. I wonder how they would interact as Tamer and Digimon.

Jenrya: *Silence*
Takato: “Guilmon? Yeah I think of him as my friend. You might even call him my better half. But I wonder how it is between Ruki and Renamon..You know, I really have no idea what goes on inside Ruki’s head sometimes.”
Jenrya: “Yeah.”
Takato: “Do you think she likes staying away from Renamon?”
Jenrya: “She probably doesn’t think its right but..”
Takato: “Whats wrong?”
Yamaki: “Takato Matsuda-kun?”
Takato: “Yeah, that’s me..”
Yamaki: “Then you must be Kenryo Lee-kun”
Jenrya: “It’s Jianliang.”
Yamaki: “The two of you were at Shinjuku Oogado Crossing yesterday weren’t you.”
Jenrya: “Wait!! Who are you”

Henry: “It was a weird conversation that’s for sure. What would you have said?”
Takato: “About Guilmon? I don’t know, it’s hard to put into words. He’s not exactly you’re average Digimon..huh. He’s my friend. I can rely on him no matter what. But Renamon and Rika, they don’t seem to understand that. I wish we could help.”
Henry: “Me too.”
Takato: “It’s so weird, I bet its just eating her up.”
Henry: “I bet. I imagine that it is, but with her you just never know.”
Takato: “Hey, what’s the hold up?”
Yamaki: “are you Takato Matsuki?”
Takato: “Uh..yah..yah..that’s me.”
Yamaki: “That must make you Henry Wong.”
Henry: “What about it?”
Yamaki: “You were hanging around the Shinjuku Guardrail yesterday, weren’t you. You’ve been under observation. This game you’ve been playing is dangerous. I suggest you find a new hobby.”
Henry: “Just who are you anyway?! And what do you care what we do. Huh?”
Yamaki: “Consider this a warning.”
Henry: “What do you mean by warning? This isn’t exactly normal adult behavior you know!”

Yah Henry! You tell em! But also, how do you know what is normal adult behavoir? You’re just a kid.

Takato: “Lee-kun!!”
Jerri: “Takato-kun.”
Takato: “Katou-san”
Jerri: “Hey, what happened between you, Hirokazu-kun, and Kenta-kun at the park?”
Takato: “Ehhh?”
Jerri: “I heard that you showed them something.”
Takato: “Showed them…?
Jerri: “Something about a real Digimon.”
Takato: “You heard all that?”
Jerri: “What did you mean by a real Digimon?”
Takato: “Hirokazu said that he wanted to see him no matter what, so…”
Jerri: “Can I see him too?”
Takato: “Hahhahaha uhh”

Takato: “Wait Henry!”
Jerry: “Takatoooo!”
Takato: “Hii Jerry.”
Jerry: “Hi. I know it’s not nice to listen to other peoples conversations but I just coudln’t help it.
Takato: “Whaaa”
Jerry: “Why were you arguing with Kenta and Kazu?”
Takato: “Arguing?”
Jerry: “It sounded like you were arguing about a real Digimon.”
Takato: “A real Digimon?
Jerry: “Would you stop repeating me..is it true?”
Takato: “If I told you it was true would you belive me? You wouldn’t be scared?”
Jerry: “I belive you! I wanna see him. Pleaaaase?!”
Takato: “Whaaa haaaah-huh?!”

Sub Takato sure catches on quicker then his Dub counterpart. Who can’t help but just sit there dumbly and parrot anything Jerry says. The way Sub Jerri looks at Takato and the accompanying sparkly sound effects gives some indication that a relationship/crush may be budding between the two. In the Dub it’s just…awkward.

Takato: *Silence*
Juri: “He’s in here?”
Takato: “Y-Yah!”
Jerri: “A real Digimon?”
Takato: “That’s right! I came up with him myself.”
Juri: “You? What kinda Digimon is he?”
Takato: “Well, he’s really strong! His attack is the Fireball and-“
Takato: *Thinking* “She’s scared?”
Takato: “Uh, I was lying about the real Digimon! SOrry for bringing you all the way out here for nothibgn,””
Juri: “But..um..”
Takato: “U-um I…”
Guilmon: “Takato, I’m hungry. Did you bring more bread?”
Juri: *Screams and points*
Guilmon: “What’s wrong Takato?”
Jerri: “You’re so cute!!”
Takato: “Cute? Don’t you mean cool?”
Guilmon: Takato, who is this girl?”
Juri: “I’m Juri Katou. Nice to meet you.”
Guilmon: “I’m Guilmon, nice to meet you. Is she your friend Takato?”
Takato: “Y-Yeah.”
Juri: “Oh! Let me give you something nice! If I put this sticker on here, you’ll look even cuter!”
Guilmon: “I’m cute! Right Takato?”
Juri: “So cute!”
Takato: “C-cute…”
Guilmon: “I’m cute!”
Takato: *Silence*

Takato: *thinking* “This may be the absolute dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”
Jerry: “Does he live here?”
Takato: “oh..yeah, thats right!”
Jerry: “A real Digimon?”
Takato: “Amazing huh? Wait till you see him. I created it you know.”
Jerry: “You did! Woaaaw. What kinda Digimon is he?”
Takato: “He’s tough…and baby can he fight! Hs special attack in Pyro Sphere!”
Takato: *thinking* “Whooops, this could get ugly.”
Takato: “Um I was just kidding! It’s fake! Ya know, rubber eyes, flashlight. I had you going didn’t I? You know how us boys are.”
Jerry: “Huh..but you…”
Takato: “I’m sorry if I…..”
Guilmon: “Hey Takato….I’m hungry, did you bring some bread?”
Jerry: *Screams and points*
Guilmon: “You brought a friend instead.”
Jerry: “Cuuuuute!”
Takato: “Did you say cute? You mean cool didn’t you?”
Guilmon: “I don’t mind cute, but who is she?”
Jerry: “Oops, I’m sorry. I”m Jerry. “
Guilmon: “I’m Guilmon. Nice to meetcha. Is she your girlfriend.”
Takato: “Uhh…well she’s a friend.”
Jerry: “Guess what..I’ve got a present for you! I’m gonna put it right here!”
Guilmon: “Not bad! What do you think?”
Jerry: *Silence*
Takato: “It’s cute alright.”
Guilmon: *Laughing*
Takato: *Thinking* ” I Can’t believe I just said that.”

Besides the last bits of internal dialgoue, the Dub stuck pretty close to the Sub. Well…minus Takato calling Guilmon an ‘it’. But at least they’re consistent with his characterization of seeing Guilmon as a pet or a thing…and not a real living sentient being.

Renamon: *Silence*
Impmon: *SIlence*
Little Girl: “I get to play with it first!”
Little Boy: “Why? Mama said it’s mine.”
Little Girl: “Don’t lie!”
Little Girl: “Mako-chan broke my toy. Punish him!”
Mako: “How can you say that? You took my toy first!”
Little Girl: “You used mine without my permission!”
Mako: “But Mama said I could play with it this time!”
Little Girl: “I never heard that! Mako-chan is a liar! Get him Impmon.”
Mako: “Impmon, don’t listen to her!”
Little Girl: “Do it! You have to do what I tell you.”

Renamon: *Thinking* “I won the fight..why do I feel like I lost. Something doesn’t feel right. Something is missing. Now what is he up to?”
Impmon: *Thinking* “Humans..look at em..dogs have more sense.”
Little Girl: “Let go!
Little Boy: “No way! Mama said he’s mine.”
Little Girl: “You gotta share!”
Little Girl: “Mako broke my toy so you gotta go and teach him a lesson.”
Mako: “It was broken in the first place! Besides what about the video game you took from me?”
Little Girl: “I did it because you took my towy without asking my permission!”
Mako: “Mom said I could use it first! So take that Fat Face!”
Little Girl: “You’re a liar! I’m gonna send Impmon after you to teach you a lesson!”
Mako: “Impmon, she’s a liar and a brat!”
Little Girl: “Don’t listen to that weasel! Get him Impmon before he breaks something esle.”

Sub Impmon is starting to grow on me. I feel really bad he had to deal with those brats. But also, why did he get two Tamers…who were so little?

Impmon: “What?”
Renamon: “What were you looking at?”
Impmon: “None of your business”

Impmon: “Well what?!”
Renamon: “What is wrong with you??”
Impmon: “Not a blessed thing toots, now toodles!”

Talk about a difference in Renamons characterization. Dub made it out that she was disgusted at whatever Impmon was looking at. Sub she sounded genuinely curious.

Impmon: “Stop following me!”
Renamon: “I want to ask you something.”
Impmon: “You? Ask something from the great moi?”

Impmon: “Well, I suppose it’s only natural. Since Digimon like you have been domesticated into living with stupid humans, you must be curious about the vast and worldly knowledge I possess.”
Renamon: “Why don’t you have a partner? What does having a partner mean to us Digimon?”
Impmon: “Nothing at all. Thinking about that in the first place is a waste of time.”
Renamon: “Waste of time?”
Impmon: “Humans are selfish creatures. I’d never ever let one of them try to keep me on a leash. Digimon posers like you probably wouldn’t understand.”
Renamon: “But we can’t evolve and grow stronger without a partner.”
Impmon: “That kind of thinking is why you’re so useless. You can get strong without having to evolve!”
Renamon: “How?”
Impmon: “What are you stupid? That’s something you have to figure out by yourself. Don’t ask me.”
Renamon: “I see.”
Impmon: “What do you mean you see?! What the hell did you figure out from that?! Damn it! That ‘I know everything and you don’t’ face of yours really pisses me off.”
Renamon: “I’m sorry for disturbing you.”
Impmon: “Wait! What’s up with that? Hey! If I say wait you wait.”

Impmon: “Quit following me!”
Renamon: “I have a question.”
Impmon: “And you think I care? Actually I’m suprised I care cause I’m sure its something stupid!”
Impmon: “I learned not to expect much from you human loving Digi-duds but maybe there’s hope for you darling, coming to yours truly for the answers. So tell me foxy, what can I do you for.”
Renamon: “Why don’t you have a partner? Why should a Digimon have a partner?”
Impmon: “You got me. No self respecting Digimon needs a partner. Specially not a human.”
Renamon: “Are you sure?”
Impmon: “Of course I’m sure. Humans are selfish. I’d stay far away from them if I were you. They’re trouble with a capital T. I’m sorry fox face, did I go to fast for you? Ah forget about it.”
Renamon: “How can we Digivovle or increase our strength without a partner?”
Impmon: “Aw come on, you’re not really buying that one! The powers inside of you! Forget the rest.”
Renamon: “How do I find it?”
Impmon: “I guess you’re not very bright. Don’t expect me to tell you what to do. You gotta figure it out for yourself.”
Renamon: “I see…I think I get what you’re trying to say.”
Impmon: “You think you get what I”m trying to say? You’re annoying just like the rest of them…I get it, I get it. You’re not einstein. You make me sick to my stomach.”
Renamon: “I’ll leave you alone then.”
Impmon: “You’ll what? Hey! I got a lot more to say! Don’t you wanna hear? Ah…baboom…”

Dub Renamon was pretty close to her Sub counterpart. Dub Impmon…is at least consistent with the characterization of his Dub self. Annoying as he is with the sexist nicknames he gives Renamon.

Yamaki: *Silence*
Renamon: “What does it mean to be a partner?”
Grandma: “Welcome home! You’re back late. Could you take a quick run back outside to buy some potatoes? I didn’t realize I’d run out.”
Ruki: “No.”
Grandma: “No? I can’t make meat and potatoes without them.”
Ruki: “I don’t care. I’m not hungry anyway.”
Grandma: “You never tell me anything in times like this. There are some things you have to speak about if you want others to understand. Even though I’m your grandmother, I often don’t know what you’re thinking. You never say anything.”
Ruki: “I don’t care if you don’t know.”
Grandma: “Perhaps you think you can solve all of your problems Ruki..but none of us, not even you, can live their entire life on their own.”
Renamon: “I will become stronger on my own.”

Yamaki: “How quaint.”
Renamon: “Do I need Rika to fulfill my destiny?”
Grandma: “You’re back late. Where have you been? Hey would you mind running back out and getting some potatoes? I need them for a special recipe I’m making.”
Rika: “Why.”
Grandma: “Well because it wouldn’t be potato soup without them. Aren’t you hungry dear?”
Rika: “I hate potatoes and I don’t need any food.”
Grandma: “Would you like to talk about it? You barley ever speak to me. How am I supposed to know what you want. I’m trying to understand you but you always treat me like the enemy. I was your age once you know. If you give me a chance I might be able to help you out. Please Rika. Tell me whats wrong.”
Rika: “Just forget it. You wouldn’t understand. “
Grandma: “Maybe you’re not old enough to understand this, but no one can make it in this world on their own. People are expected to work together. YOu’re expecting way to much of yourself Rika.”
Renamon: “I hate to admit it, but Impon could be right.”

Besides the dumb edit of the potato soup, the Dub did a pretty good job conveying everything. Then we get to the last line with Renamon, and it’s completely different. The theme of hte episode is ‘doing stuff on your own.’ Not that Impmon was right.

Renamon: *Silence*
Juri: “See you! I’ll come by to play again.
Takato: *Silence*
Guilmon: *Silence*
Jenrya: “I lost sight of that man.”
Takato: “The one in the black suit?”
Jenrya: “I wonder who he is.”

Renamon: “I must rely on the power of ME. I am alone in this world.
Jerry: “See you, I’ll come visit again.”
Guilmon: “Bye bye”
Takato: “Guilmon…do you think she likes me?”
Guilmon: “Well….”
Henry: “He got away from me. Whoever he is, he sure is sneaky.”
Takato: “Yeah I noticed.”
Henry: “He knew waay too much about us.”

Both Takato are dumb here lol. Sub…who else would Henry be chasing? And Dub, what kinda response is thata?”

Terriermon: “That’s a Digimon.”
Culumon: “It’s making a sound, culu. Why. Why won’t it stop culu?”

Ruki: *Silence*
Culumon *Silence*
Takato: “It’s Renamon!”
Takato: “Harpymon, Armour type, Phantom Beast Digimon. Shje has wings of a bird and the upper body of a woman. Her attack is Wind Seeker.

Terriermon: “That’s either a Digimon or a train wreck.”
Calumon: “Ooooo I better see what it wants. It’s not saying much, but the light sure is prettyl”
Rika: “Give it here.”
Calumon: “But Rika…Whatever it said, didn’t go over very well.”
Takato: “Renamon’s in a fight!”
Takato: “It’s Harpymon! That’s one nasty Digimon who has a screech like nails down a chalk board! Renamon’s gonna have a tough time dealing with her Wind Seeker attack.

They kept the attack names the same. Even though the description was different. Don’t even get me started on Terriermons dub line…ugh.

Can’t show Renamon punching the bad guy…girl? Harpy.
Section: Cut or moved footage

Because of the Dub cutting out Renamon punching Harpymon, the Dub put Rika’s inner monologue after Harpymon got knocked to the ground.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “What’s wrong with Renamon?”
Jenrya: “She isn’t loading her enemy’s data like she walways does.”
Renamon: “I will be beat opponent after opponent and load their data. But for what purpose?”
Jenrya: “What are you doing?”
Ruki: “Are you going to load it?”
Kyubimon: “No.”
Ruki: “Why?”
Kyubimon: “I don’t need to.”
Ruki: “Don’t need to.”
Kyubimon: “I don’t need to..because I have you.”
Kyubimon: “Becase we’re partners.”
Ruki: “We coudln’t help it. I guess that’s all there is to it.”
Jenrya: “They’re not being honest about themselves. What they’re really saying is that they couldn’t hlep but take a liking to each other.”
Takato: *Silence*
Jenrya: *Silence*
Yamaki: “Mere computer data is acting as if they are living beings in this world. Such impossible phenomena ca be rectified by earsing them so that they had never existed in the first place. Your dangerous playtime is over.”

Takato: “Look at her! She’s just standing there frozen like a statue.”
Henry: “Isn’t she going to finish Harpymon off and load her data?”
Renamon: “I could load the Data of every Digimon I fight and take them apart one by one. But what’s the poin after its all over?”
Henry: “Rika come back!”
Rika: “You’re not loading her data?”
Kyubimon: “Nooooo”
Rika: “But why not?”
Kyubimon: “Because I don’t need it anymore.”
Rika: “I don’t understand.”
Kyubimon: “I don’t need an oponenets data because I have you.”
Kyubimon: “You were just repaying a debt?”
Rika: “That’s not what I meant. You’re my partner.”
Henry: “It’s obvious they were worried about each other. Problem is they’re too hard headed to admit and and are too busy playing silly games soi much until one of them drops.”
Takato: “I’m always honest with you right Guilmon?”
Guilmon: “Yah. You told me I was cute.”
Henry: “No way..he must have meant you were cool. Right Takato?”
Yamaki “Can’t they see the danger? Data walking around like living breathing creatuers. I can’t allow these obsenities to continue. There’s simply too much at stake. I’m sorry children, your time is up.”

Renamon is only standing there cause she’s thinking you dork. And of course the Dub had to add in more unneeded dialogue, when silence would have been golden. And Yamaki is such a creep syping on kids.

Final Result

Final Result

85% retained. Shaved off points for censoring of Renamon beating up a Digimon. And for changing around a bit of the characterization, especially dumbing down Takato.

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  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Dialogue Deviation 1b: I’d only give Hirokazu a C for effort, as I don’t just rubber eyes and a flashlight would be believable enough ;)!

    Dialogue Deviation 2g: wow, the insults from Mako in the dub – personally, I felt that Impmon only had one Tamer, Ai, but perhaps I’m wrong, as Impmon says “just wanted you guys to meet my Tamers” in a later episode, in the dub at least, whilst Takato in the Digimon Tamers 2018 audio drama also refers to “Impmon’s Tamers”.

    Dialogue Deviation 2j: how special can Potato Soup be, and how can you forget potatoes, if you’re making Potato Soup?

    Dialogue Deviation 2k: yeah, if Takato had said that in the dub, Jenrya would have likely replied “no, the other suspicious man I was following- Of course I meant the man in the black suit.”

    Dialogue Deviation 2l: maybe they didn’t want to accused of “encouraging” kids to look into alluring mythical creatures, similar to Xander in Buffy the Vampire Slayer looking at books of witches for the pictures.

    Censor 1: can’t “encourage” the beating up of (bird) women to kids.

    Again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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