Digimon Tamers S01E08

Guilmon Evolves! Decisive Battle in West Shinjinku (JP)
A Question of Trust (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Terri Lei O’Malley

Original Airdates:
May 20, 2001 (JP)
September 22, 2001 (EN)

Laurie’s Notes: This was a pretty interesting episode comparison wise. Impmon had some pretty big adjustments made to his character which I found fascinating. I’m liking his Sub counterpart a lot more.

Section: Summary

Someone’s been pranking the couples at the park at night! Who could it be?? Guilmon? Impmom? Terriermon? NO one knoows.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “Umm let me think, he’ll have lots of spikes down his back.”
Takato: “Let’s see…what shall I call him?”

Takato: “Hmm lets see, I’ll just add a bunch of spikes down his back. And put a few stripes below them. Nah..that’s just dumb, now I can’t ride on his back.”
Takato: “Ahh well, he’ll still look cool. Now what will I call him?”

Sub Takato sounds a lot more proper with how he speaks, less like a kid. While his Dub counterpart is almost too much of a kid? If a kid can even act like too much of a kid LOL.

Takato: “Since he’s an evolution of Guilmon…Great…Gudomon! Growl…Grade..”
Takato: *Silence*

Takato: “Guillymon…Goaly…GROWLMON! Growlymon..Growlmon! Of course!!!”
Takato: “Now whats his attack?”

Adding in some extra dialogue is par for the course with the dub.

Business Man: “Yoshiko-san, the stars are pretty tonight.”
Business Woman: “Yes Yoshio-san. It’s a lovely night.”
Business Man: “Huh…my lighter…”

Business Man: “Umm I’ve been doing a lot of thinking…”
Business Women: “Oh!!”
Business Man: “Ohh…not about THAT.”
Business Woman: “It’s cold…out here.”
Business Man: “That’s it, exactly.”
Business Woman: “A fire would be nice.”
Business Man: *Laughs awkwardly.*
Business Woman: “And a comfy couch.”
Business Man: *Laughs awkwardly.*
Business Woman: “With me.”

Because Dub had to cut out the lighter/cigarette portion of the episode, it was just a bunch of awkward cuts and dialogue. They could have driven the anti smoking thing home, by having the Man say he wanted to quit anyway, so it was good his lighter didn’t work.

Can’t show anyone smoking on American TV, least kids get the wrong idea that smoking is cool. So this part is cut in the Dub, awkwardly replaced with laughing of the Business Man.

Dialogue Deviation

Impmon: “Here. A light.”
Impmon: *Silence* *Laughs maniacally.*

Impmon: “A fire? Allow me! BABOOM!!”
Impmon: “What..so I forgot the couch!” *Laughs maniacally.*

The first instance of Impmon’s catch phrase in the Dub. Joy. They could have just had him do his insane laugh like in the Sub, but I guess that was too much to hope for.

Guilmon: “Here it is.”
Guilmon: *Silence*
Impmon: “Hmph, it’s pretty good.”

Guilmon: “Ahh! Tasty, pretty bread.”
Guilmon: “Ooops, haha, come back here.”
Impmon: “Little dry ya know.”

Impmon grew on me when I originally watched this season, and I like his Sub counterpart even better.

Impmon: “I really hate it.”
Guilmon: “You sure are eating a lot of it though. Takato says when that happens, you should say it tastes good.”
Impmon: “You just don’t shut up about Takato, do you?”
Impmon: “This is why Digimon who live with humans make me sick.”
Impmon: “Man, you’re just too pathetic for words.”
Impmon: “Do you actually enjoy being locked up in here and handed food?”
Guilmon: “Yeah I do! Takato is my friend!”

Impmon: “What makes you say that?”
Impmon: “Um excuse me sir, you think you could leave a little for me, Takato won’t be back until tomorrow.”
Impmon: “Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?”
Impmon: “You DigiPets are all the same. Takato this, Takato that.”
Impmon: “You’re living in a cage my lumpish friend.”
Impmon: “Are you really happy being locked up like an animal in a petting zoo? Maybe you do, you are pretty simple.
Guilmon: “Course I’m happy, Takato is my friend and that’s pretty simple.”

Things were pretty much on par for Dub vs. Sub. Although I do love Sub Impmon so much more then Dub already.

Impmon: “Ghe, what the hell is that! I don’t belive it!”
Impmon: “You don’t have a drop of Digimon pride in you, do you?”
Impmon: “Of course you don’t.”
Impmon: “Aw man, now I’m seriously ticked off.”
Impmon: “I’m gonna go take a shit and get some sleep.”

Impmon: “What’d you say? Takato is your friend? Wrong buddy boy!”
Impmon: “Friends don’t lock up their little red pals in cages.”
Impmon: “Now look what you’ve done.”
Impmon: “You. Have made me. Sick to my stomach. I think I’m gonna have to go somewhere and puke my guts out.”

Woooow I didn’t know how crass and rude Sub Impmon is. He really doesn’t give a crap (pun intended) about anyone but himself. I’m also flabbergasted they said a swear word in a kids show

Ms. Asanuma: “There have been reports about a student playing pranks in Shinjuku Central Park late at night.”
Ms. Asanuma: “After school is over, go straight home and don’t wonder around outside after sunset. Is that understood everyone?”

Ms. Asaji: “Listen up kids, there have been numerous reports of a child playing in Shinjuku park after dark.”
Ms. Asaji: “I don’t think I need to remind you of this, but just in case I do, no wandering around after dark. Okay?”

Every time I hear Ms. Asaji’s voice all I can think of is Kairi. That this teacher is actually Kairi from Digimon Adventure. But who knows…

Hirokazu: “That’s why you use the High Speed Plug-in H at this point! When you do that…”
Kid: “I get it!”
Kenta: “That’s Hirokazu for you.”

Kazu: “Heh, hey guys guess what I heard? There’s some pint sized pyromaniac loose in the park. Wish I thought of that…”
Kid: “Me too!”
Kenta: “How do we know you didn’t Kazu?!

Gotta get those alliterations in to make the show more relatable to kids

Pigtail Girl: “I know more about what our teacher was talking about this morning.”
Black Haired Girl: “Huh? Like what?”
Pigtail Girl: “The kid she was talking about fools around by scaring the grown ups while they’re on their dates in the park.”
Pigtail Girl: “I bet it’s one of the boys in our class.”
Short haired girl: “Honestly!”
Hirokazu: “What the heck?!”
Kenta: “What did we ever do?”
Jerri: “Oh, they’re so gullible, Takato-kun. It’s just a joke.”
Takato: *Silence*

Pigtail girl: “So do you wanna know what I heard? This’ll really make you mad.”
Black Haired Girl: “really?? Tell us!”
Pigtail Girl: “Some kid…is going around….picking on couples in the park…while they’re kissing! Can you believe it!?”
Pigtail Girl: “It’s a boy alright…”
Short haired girl: “Confess!!!!”
Kazu: “Confess to what?”
Kenta: “Confess to what?! We haven’t done anything.”
Jerry: “No one thinks it was you. Don’t worry Takato.”
Takato: *thinking* Oh Guilmon, what have you gotten us into this time?”

Two similar conversations, yet vastly different outcomes. In the Dub there’s almost a ‘war’ brewing of girls vs boys with each side being hella angry. While the Sub is way less accusational. The biggest difference is of course adding some extra dialogue to the Dub when the Sub had nothing.

Terriermon: “I don’t know about that. It’s definitely the kind of thing Guilmon would do.”
Jenrya: “Quit trying to upset him.”
Jenrya: “Anyway..I heard the teachers will be taking evening shifts from now on to patrol Central Park.”

Terriermon: “Wise up guys..They think its a kid because it’s too small to be an adult.”
Henry: “Did I ask you?”
Henry: “I didn’t think so…anyway…I heard the principal tell the teachers they have to start patrolling the park tonight.”

Dub Terriermon is always full of sass. I wonder where he got it from..as his Sub counterpart is much more laid back.

Side Note

The music that plays for the Hypnos scene in the Dub was quite sudden, loud, and heavy. Like something big was going down. Meanwhile the Dub has no music, but made sure to include some hydraulic chair noises.

Dialogue Deviation

Yamaki: *Silence*
Takato: “You’re pretty into that now a days.”
Guilmon: *Silence*
Takato: “Anyway, you have to stay put in here for the time being, okay?”
Guilmon: “Okay! Guilmon knows.”
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*

Yamaki: *Thinking* It’s time for a more global approach.
Takato: “Logic is not your middle name.”
Guilmon: “Nope, don’t have a middle name.”
Takato: “Promise me you’ll stay inside tonight okay?”
Guilmon: “Okay.”
Takato: “I”m so late!”
Takato: *Thinking* Please listen just this once.

Again the Dub had to fill in the silence with dialogue. Eye roll here.

Ms. Asanuma: “Is it really necessary for us to spend out nights patrolling just because of one prankster?
Mori: “Well, I think it’s our duty to protect our students from passing through here at night…and seeing this outright display of debauchery and-Debauchry…and..”
Ms. Asanuma: “What am I doing here? I’m sorry, there’s something I must do.”
Mori: “Asanuma-sensei!!!”

Ms. Asaji: “Oh this is silly…”
Chops Gym Teacher: “Huh???”
Ms. Asaji: “It was really just a silly childish prank. You don’t see the principal out here patrolling the park do you?”
Chops Gym Teacher: “Ahhh Ms. Asaji..isn’t it our moral responsibility to see to the saftey of our charges, they’re so impressionable, so innocent..and this..isn’t…Ms Asaji!
Ms. Asaji: “oooo Mory, will you grow up. I think I left my oven on or something, I need to get home right away.”
Mory: “Don’t go, who will protect the children!”

The Dub really thought less is more here or something. Why they felt the need to dumb down the conversation I’ll never know.

Impmon: “Not tonight.”
Guilmon: “Maybe Guilmon should dig it up now…”
Impmon: “What the hell, are you think or something?! Your brains are leaking out of your ears cause you’re stuck in a cage like this.”
Impmon: “Cmon, do something fun with me!”

Impmon: “Hoping it will grow?”
Guilmon: “I never even thought of that.”
Impmon: “I was making fun of you pineapple head. Don’t you get it? But ow could you. How are you gonna learn anything locked up in this stupid cage?”
Impmon: “Come with me my little red disciple and have some fun.”

I guess Dub had to tone down how crass Impmon was, because his Sub counterpart seems a bit much for a kids TV show. But perhaps that’s the difference between the rest of the world and the USA.

Takato: “I hope Guilmon is okay..”
Cop: “Are you in elementary school?”
Takato: “Uh..yes.”
Cop: “What are you doing out here in the park so late?”
Takato: “Um..well.”
Cop: “are you the kid show’s been bothering the people here in this park lately?”
Takato: “No I’m not!”
Cop: “Then what are you doing here?”
Takato: “I was uh…”
Cop: “What’s the matter? Where do you live? What school do you attend?”
Takao: “Umm…”

Takato: “Something doesn’t feel right.”
Cop: “I say boy….are you the one?”
Takato: “The one?”
Cop: “The one interrupting the progress of human courtship.”
Takato: “Uhh I don’t know.”
Cop: “Boy, are you or are you not interfering with the oscillatory activities of consenting adults.”
Takato: “I don’t understand!!” [Neither do we Takato…neither do we….]
Cop: “What part don’t you understand?”
Takato: “Well…all of it.”
Cop: “You mean to tell me you don’t comprehend your native tongue boy?”
Takato: “Yes sir…no sir..whatever you want, and I mean that sir..”
Cop: “Boy you’re starting to annoy me.”
Takato: “Me too sir.”

Not sure why the Dub went with the Foghorn Legorn impression, but it makes this scene so cringe I could barley watch it.

Guilmon: *Silence*
Impmon: *Silence*
Guilmon: *Silence*
Impmon: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Hey! What’s this really fun game you were talking about?”
Impmon: “Just watch.”
Guilmon: *Silence*
Impmon: “Did you see their faces? Hey, that was fun wasn’t it?”
Guilmon: “It’s not fun.”
Impmon: “Man, this is fun!”
Guilmon: “Guilmon is going home”

Guilmon: “Are we there yet?”
Impmon: “No!”
Guilmon: “Are we there yet?”
Impmon: “No!…Yes”
Guilmon: “Excuse me..am I supposed to be having fun?”
Impmon: “Just watch.”
Guilmon: “Awww that’s nice.”
Impmon: “Did you see their faces, that was absolutely priceless!”
Guilmon: “Is that it?”
Impmon: *Laughing*
Guilmon: “I don’t get it, I’m going home.”

The Dub and Sub were actually pretty similar for a change. Points for the Dub for not straying too far from the source for once. Although they did include Impmons “catchphrase” of ‘BADABOOM!”

Takato: “Thank you Sensei”
Asanuma: “It’s okay, I mean it would be a problem for me if one of my students ended up getting into trouble.”
Takato: *Silence*
Ms. Asanuma: “Oh, but I Don’t believe you’re the prankster of course.”
Takato: *Thinking* “If that officer found Guilmon, I might never be able to see him again.”

Takato: “I don’t know what to say..”
Ms. Asaji: “Say you’ll stay out of the park from now on. How’s that for something to say?”
Takato: “Yes M’am. But I’m not the one.”
Ms. Asaji: “I never said that you were Takato, but you to admit it looks kinda of suspicious.
Takato: *Thinking* Suspicious? whats more suspicious then a big red dinosaur? They’ll lock him up and I’ll never see him again. Or worse, they’ll think he’s a vicious monster, a threat to society.”

This exchange was pretty similar in the Dub compared to the Sub. At least they got something right.

The Dub censored showing the image of the guns, yet still showed Guilmon getting shot. Not sure how cutting the initial shot of the gun makes it any more kid friendly. But it’s the Dub, they never make much sense.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “That’s not right!”
Takato: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Takato? What’s wrong?”
Takato: “Guilmon, what were you doing?”
Guilmon: “Well there was this game where we jump out at people and scare them, but that wasn’t much fun so Guilmon came back home.”
Takato: “Guilmon…then it really is you…Idiot! I was so worried about you!”
Takato: “Stupid Guilmon…I don’t care about you anymore!!!”
Guilmon: “Takato is mad at me…”

Takato: “I won’t let them do it!”
Takato: *Thinking* “I have to be the lousiest tamer on teh face of the Earth. Why’d I have to make him so big?”
Takato: “I’ll never see you again except for on the evening news. Digimon autopsy. “
Guilmon: “Who are you talking to..huh? You have a new friend?”
Takato: “Where have you been, you scared me to death!”
Guilmon: “Oh Takato I wish you had been there, I scared some people and they screamed really loud and ran away. It really wasn’t any fun so I came back home and here I am.”
Takato: “I can’t belive it…it really was you..THAT’S IT!! I really can’t take this anymore you hear me?!”
Takato: “I’ve had it with you! I’ve had it!!”
Guilmon: “Takato…what did I do wrong?”

Once again the Dub and Sub show this scene very differently. Sub Takato was worried and scared that something had happened to Guilmon. While Dub Takato initially seemed scared and worried, he now is angry. Sub Takato’s last words before running off cut deep. Saying he doesn’t care about Guilmon, when its the complete opposite.

Impmon: “Hey, what are you doing? You’re big and strong, but you can’t even get out of this thing? Talk about pathetic! You’re nothing but a blockhead.”
Impmon: “Check it out, you sorry lump! If you don’t like it, try coming out to get me! C’mon!”
Impmon: “You’re it! Catch me if you can!
Impmon: “You’d better not scare me like that again, moron!”

Impmon: “Hey four eyes, what you doing? Ohhh I’m sorry wittle baby Digimon can’t get out of the Digital field. Guess you’re not so tough now!! hahaha What do you say to that? Not. A. Thing.
Impmon: “Ohh I’m sooo scared! Big baby Drummon gonna take my head off, that’s so sweet.”
Impmon: “nanny nanny poo-poo, baby drum a doo doo, who’s a man, I am! Whos a baby, you are!”
Impmon: “Uhhh this is whats called a tactical error.”

The Dub was hard to understand even after listening to it a couple times. But the gist of it is the same as the Sub. Impmon always has to be picking fights with people that are bigger then him.

Side Note

The Sub gives Guilmon some heavy dinosaur like footsteps whenever he walks. Understandable as he is a dinosaur like creature. The Dub, does not. Which I feel takes away from the immersion factor? Or something. I don’t know, it’s a cool little thing the Sub did, that the Dub removed for no reason. Could they not find good enough Dino walking sounds? One may never know..

Dialogue Deviation

Ms. Asanuma: “What..was that?”
Renamon: “A Digimon has appeared.”
Ruki: *Silence*
Devidramon: *Silence*
Yamaki: “There’s the Wild One that just Realized.”

Ms. Asaji: “That’s no pigeon.”
Renamon: “Are you ready to fight Rika?”
Rika: “Is that a rhetorical question?”
Devidramon: “Who out there is worthy of me?”
Yamaki: “That’s enough. This is beocming a personal embaressment”

So much unncessry changes. Sub Yamaki didn’t think of it as an emabresmment as he did in the Dub. And Rika never spoke! Its stupid additons like this that grind my gears.

Takato: “The demon with compound eyes, Devidramon. An Adult Level with Virus attribute. Evil Dragon Digimon.”
Takato: “He uses his sharp, hooked claws to slice through the enemy with his Crimson Nail!”
Takato: “Devidramon, man he gives the evil eye a whole new meaning. Champion level, Virus Type.”
Takato: “That Crimson Claw attack of his looks nasty!”

Nothing too earth shattering here for a change, although not sure why they had to change his attack.

Renamon: “Wait..Ruki..That one is Guilmon’s prey.”
Jenrya: “Oiiiiii!”
Terriermon: “Come on, come on, duke it out!”
Jerya: “Stop it.”

Renamon: “Not this time..I can’t. This is Guilmons fight.”
Henry: “Riiika, where’s TAkato?”
Rika: “Up there.”
Terriermon: “Right in the line of fire! hahah”
Henry: “That doesn’t help.”

Renamons original line in the Sub was…cold almost. Like she didn’t see any humanity in the Digimon fighting.

Takato: “Boost chip!”
Takato: “White wings!”
Ruki: “What is he doing? That idiot has no idea how to use his cards effectively.”
Ruki: “What sense is there using High Speed in such a narrow space?”
Jenrya: “Could that be the only thing?”

Takato: “Power activate!
Takato: “Hyper wing activate!”
Rika: “SPeed is useless here! Does he havea ny idea what he’s doing?”
Rika: “Oh for goodness sake, he’s his own worst enemy.”
Henry: “He’s a basket case.

Poor Takato, freaking out that Guilmons about to get beat. He let his heart lead the battle instead of his head. But at least Rika/Ruki wasn’t a total witch.

Section: Cut or moved footage
Can’t show Guilmon getting stepped on, but guns are okay.
Dialogue Deviation

Impmon: “That guy is freaking strong! I knew it! When your body gets bigger, you have more power!
Impmon: *Silence*
Impmon: “Hey! DOn’t forget, the one who freed you is me! Impmon-sama! This is much more fun then scaring humans!”

Impmon: “Now that’s entertaingment! Ole pineapple head is getting sliced, diced, micned and…oop…”
Impmon: “Little less enthusiams old boy, less boom, more on the baa!”
Impmon: “Serves you right for walking away from me! I’ve outdone myself with this one! This is much more fun then scaring humans!”

I couldn’t catch the first part of what Impmon was saying the Dub no matter how much I tried.

Terriermon: “So you were the park’s prankster.”
Impmon: “Must have been my imagination. I wish I was big and strong too.”

Terriermon: “Mmmhmm I knew Guilmon didn’t have it in him. Not clever enough.”
Impmon: “I’m seeing things…either that or a dog eared bunny rabbit just blew by.”

What I wanna know is how Terriermon spotted Impmon from waaaay over there. Unless he has hella good eyesight. But now we know where Impmons insecurities come from.

Terriermon: “Takato, it’ wasn’t Guilmon who caused all that trouble in the park.”
Terriermon: “I just found out, some nasty Digimon called Impmon was doing it. It was his fault.”

Terriermon: “Heeeey Takato-mon, guess what I just found out!? Guilmons innocent, well mostly innocent.
Terrioermon :”He was set up by that nasty little puppy kicker Impmon. Now go tell him you’re not mad at him anymore.”

Two similar yet very different conversations going on between teh Sub and Dub. The Sub makes it sem like noneo of them have ever interacted or met Impmon before now, while the Dub implies that at leastr Terriermon has interacted with hhim before.

Takato: Guilmon…Growl…mon”
Culumon: “He changed again!!”

Takato: “Bullseye baby..Growlmon!”
Calumon: “That hurts my ears!”

That hurts my ears too Calumon. No need for cheesey phrases.

Yamaki: “That’s because the media will never learn about this. Shut down all transmission ssytems at once”
Reika: “Understood.”

Yamaki: “All Data…auto erase. The public will know nothing of this debacle.”
Yamaki: “Riley..you’ll be i ncharge of inventing a convinceing cover story.
Riley: “You’re joking right?”

I wish Yamaki was joking…

Devidramon: *Silence*
Takato: “Growlmon!”
Devidramon: *Silence*
Takato: *Silence*

Devidramon: “Back for more?”
Takato: “This is good”
Devidramon: “Going up!”
Takato: “Maybe it’s not so good.”

And thus ends the fight, with Growlmon delivering one final blow and roaring his head off. We also can’t have the baddie of the week not seem human, so Dub had to throw in some more lines.

Final Result

Final Result: 98% Retained

Not too bad for this episode. Had to cut out some violence, but leave in other..violence. I’d say the biggest changes between the two were how Impmon was portrayed. He had to be toned down to make the show more kid friendly in the Dub. But overall a good episode.

One Comment

  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Dialogue Deviation 1c: I like the similar names for these two characters, and whilst the dub doesn’t use names here, it does later on with Hiroko and Hiroshi, unless this came from the original, but you didn’t quote that dialogue in the comparison – it’s interesting how forward Yoshiko is in the dub.

    Dialogue Deviation 2a: are you sure he did not say it earlier than now? That said, been a while since I watched episode six now, I’m just going by your comparison for the episode.

    Dialogue Deviation 2d: did he really swear, or was it the subtitler’s choice of word? Don’t know if you’re fluent in Japanese, or following subs, though severity of swear words can differ between countries, as I believe the Japanese equivelent of “damn” is pretty high up on their totem pole.

    Dialogue Deviation 2f/g: you have Hirokazu acting all big in dub, then when he’s accused by the girls, he’s got his tail between his legs, also have you ever noticed that the girl with twintails and the girl with short hair (in dungarees) both featured in the Japanese opening (more so in the first version, but some of their appearances are retained in the second version)?

    Dialogue Deviation 3d: someone got a Thesaurus for Christmas as a joke, and they’re attempting to get their own back on the sender by using every page of it.

    Censor 2: maybe it’s because it’s like a firing squad, you can’t tell who fired the fatal shot, thus no specific person can be tried for murder.

    Dialogue Deviation 5b: maybe because humans have nails, whilst they don’t technically have claws, so prevents kids from trying a “Crimson Nail” attack at home ;)!

    Cut, Added or Shifted Scenes 1: can’t show anything bad happening to the heroes, well except being shot at, but that was only an imaginary scenario.

    Dialogue Deviation 6b: well Digimon are supposed to be able to sense or smell other Digimon, so perhaps that’s how Terriermon found Impmon – in a later episode of the dub, Terriermon infers that you can smell Impmon, or Terriermon can at least.

    Dialogue Deviation 6f: I feel that it’s believed that American audiences cannot accept an abstract villain, thus it needs to be something more, as you say, human.

    Again, as with the previous comparisons, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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