Digimon Fusion S01E10

Taiki, Become a Knight! (JP)
The Rival Champions! (EN)

Original Writer: Riku Sanjō
Dub Writer: Mark Ryan

Original Airdates:
September 14th, 2010 (JP)
November 17th, 2013 (EN)

Section: Summary

So the gang comes to this luscious forest area which is named the Lake Zone, but because Shoutmon, and to an extent Jeremy, smoked what was like a huge fat blunt on their way here, they confuse the area for a Vacation Resort Zone. Because being high as balls is totally leader-like. Upon discovering the frozen corpses of resident Pandamon and ToyAgumon, they suspect that Bagramon’s Army is here as well. Logical thinking saves the day, well except for Mikey who can hear voices of the F***ING DEAD apparently! So he guides him and the rest of the crew, naturally reluctantly, to a frozen lake that was split open by a battle between the defending forces and the attacking forces of the Bagra Army.

Mikey knows the Digimon who is named Knightmon is in there, just giving up on life upsets him greatly. He takes off his vest and says: “I’m having none of that f***ing bullsh**.” before diving in. Rescuing him but nearly drowns, only to be saved by one of his aquatic companions from the Island Zone. While sitting around the campfire, Knightmon serves his thanks to the general and offers him his loyalty in battle. Going off to finish the battle his citizens were fighting with Mikey and his gang by their side. The gang soon follows him and his crew of WhitePawnChessmon to a mighty castle where the sleeping feline Digimon Beastmon lay.

Where she wakes from her slumber to thank Mikey for saving her kingdom. When Knightmon offers him as their military general, she notes she had a person in mind before falling back to sleep. Like b**** what? That person is no other than Christopher, much to the gang’s surprise. His intention of getting the Code Crown apparent to the gang. Meanwhile, IceDevimon comes back to find none of the Meteormon are listening to him, when Laylamon shows up and tells him they’re under her command now. Because she could totally do this with her high rank to anyone and not Bagramon apparently- With that, she conducts a plan with him and Reapmon to stop the Fusion Fighters once and for all.

As the gang stuff themselves full with Digi-Bytes, much to Cutemon’s concern, Mikey and Christopher talk for a few moments outsides before they get interrupted by a few of his friends. Christopher walks off with Mikey being concerned. Upon being asked why he cares for someone like him, he gives a rather personal story as the answer. Not too long after that, the attack resumes and they appear to be winning in the fight outside of the castle in conjunction with an apparent sneak attack within the castle; but thanks to Mikey’s intelligence and strategizing, they were able to prevent the Code Crown from being captured and drove off the Army for now.

Christopher leaves the area, letting Mikey have the win while he gets pampered by the princess. However, he shortly collapses amidst a possible counter-attack from the Bagra Army. Unbeknownst to the crew, Laylamon was pissed beyond belief at their plan being a failure (rightfully so) and decides to use their ultimate weapon the 3rd time around. Leaving the team confused and panicked on what they should do.

Side Note

I love how in the previous episode dub summary, Mikey says that he deep down, knew Dorulumon was just okay. Like really Mikey? He’s not your friend or anything? Just an okay guy? Pfffttt-

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: What is this, the Vacation Resort Zone?
Ballistamon: It’s the Lake Zone, actually.

In your wildest dreams, fakery king.

Ballistamon: Pretty place.
Shoutmon: Whatever, I love it!

As usual, the “king” takes the spotlight front and center…

Shoutmon: Hey! Give me the lowdown of this Zone!
Shoutmon: Hey-hey! Where do we check-in? Do we a get free fruit place?

Hey Shoutmon, did you by any chance smoke something on your way to the next zone? Cause you’re imagining something that isn’t there.

Shoutmon: Is the Bagra Army causing trouble here too? What’s the problem? We’re not a bunch of weirdos or-
Shoutmon: Hello? Yoohoo! Oh, they’re just statues, I thought they were the concierge.

This confirms the theory from the last deviation. Shoutmon’s f***in’ high folks!

Jeremy: Some resort…

Oh don’t tell me you smoked a blunt too!? You’re too young to be doing that!

Zenjirou: You think this is…
Jeremy: If I were those guys, I’d demand a refund!

Oh come on~! You can put em to good use! Put them in a drink and have a nice cold one! That about seems on par with what you both believe!

Shoutmon: I did?

You seriously don’t remember the time you were on death’s door and that your general, Mikey, came and rescued you from the brink of death?! I think we know how you really feel Shoutmon-

Side Note

Also, the PawnChessmon that is speaking sounds like the typical obnoxious and comical jester voice we see in medieval era shows/movies. Either that or a younger Grover from Sesame Street.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

PawnChessmon (at least the white variant) retains its name in the dub since it first appeared from Data Squad.

(Shameless plug but if you haven’t seen the recent comparison from Gear of that season, go check it out here: https://www.digimonuncensored.com/digimon-data-squad-s01e11/)

Dialogue Deviation

PawnChessmon (White): If we don’t get him out, he’ll die!
WhitePawnChessmon: And he’s so ashamed, he won’t come out!

Wait, hold up. So you’re telling me that instead of struggling to surface, he instead is choosing to commit suicide? Damn Digimon. That’s the OPPOSITE of censoring! Haha!!!

Taiki: Knightmon…
Mikey: He won’t?
WhitePawnChessmon: No.
Mikey: Huh.
WhitePawnChessmon: Oh, woe, is I.

Pffffttt- That interaction was quite amusing. Mikey just got shot down!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Knightmon retains its name from the original.

Dialogue Deviation

Knightmon: Who calls my name?
Taiki: *gasp* I’m Taiki Kudou! I’m a human!

Knightmon: A distant voice calls out… Art thou a spirit?
Mikey: *gasp* Not yet! I’m a human! I’m Mikey!

This really isn’t a dialogue deviation as it is pretty much the same thing, but I thought it was an amusing response, okay?

Knightmon: How regrettable… If I had met you sooner,
Knightmon: I have been tested and found wanting.

Side Note

Most of this scene in question is just flavor text and about he’s a pitiful knight. Not really going to comment on it all cause it’s just not worth it.

Though here we really see Taiki/Mikey’s selfless and stubborn personality shine. (This is where the preview image is taken from, by the way!) Knightmon is just clearly giving up because he is too weak, but our protag obviously is sick of that mentality of giving up when you’re at your lowest, so he takes matters into his own hands without regard to his own wellbeing. Diving into the lake below to rescue him. If you’re looking for examples of his personality, this scene is an obvious standout!

Dialogue Deviation

Taiki: Don’t start making last requests!
[Everyone is stunned and gasps.]
Zenjirou: Hey, don’t tell me you’re…
[Taiki takes off his red vest off-screen and throws it at Zenjirou’s face.]
Taiki: I can’t turn my back on this Digimon!

Mikey: Okay, I see I’m gonna have to do this the hard way.
[Everyone is stunned and gasps.]
Jeremy: Meaning what, exactly?
[Mikey takes off his red vest off-screen and throws it at Jeremy’s face.]
Mikey: Whattaya think? Time for a dip.

Even though I said both versions show how selfless and stubborn he is… That doesn’t mean they both do it well. The original is just such MORE powerful and impactful compared to the dub which is pitifully weak in its delivery.

Mikey: Maybe I should’ve taken a bigger breath when I dove in… Oh well!
[Mikey captures Knightmon with his Fusion Loader.]
Mikey: Got him! Ulp-! Uh oh..!

Mikey is later found dead at the bottom of the lake, ending the series.

Side Note

By the way, ChibiTortamon gains a nickname in the dub. It’s Chibi. This might explain why they changed his name, in case you were still wondering Gear…

Guess what censor it is? Yup! The stereotypical censor for this series, the infamous no-hit star screen! What does it cover up this time? A strange choice this one. It censors Angie hitting the top of Mikey’s head. Well then…

Dialogue Deviation

Akari: I know that’s Taiki’s best quality. But it’s also why we can’t get back to our own world.
Angie: Long as Mikey keeps playing the DigiHero, we’ll never get home. I never thought I’d say this… But I actually miss Mom’s pineapple upside-down meatloaf surprise cake.

Looks like Angie’s recovering from the massive heart attack she got from earlier! Also, can we arrest her mom for food crimes because MY GOD is that one textbook example of a Frankenstein monster!

Side Note

Also, there would be another dialogue deviation here if it weren’t for background noises, or the lack thereof. You see, the original has Taiki carry on a conversation he was having with the PawnChessmon White variant, even though there was no audible background chatter? Like we could’ve still heard some mumbling in the background when Akari was internally ranting. So the dub did it better by having Mikey START a conversation rather than following up on one.

Dialogue Deviation

Cutemon: He’s so cool!
Cutemon: And he’s not even rusty!

Woah there Cutemon, he’s not THAT old, jesus christ!

Side Note

Oh my god, Knightmon’s schtick of speaking in Shakespeare is so painfully forced, it’s making me laugh out of misery! Just to show you an example, and yes this also counts as a Dialogue Deviation, here’s the original line: “Thank you, Master Taiki. I owe you my life. Please come visit our Bastia Castle. Our princess has been searching for the legendary General.” It sounds very gentlemanly and noble-like, right?

Now compare this to the dubbed version: “My thanks, Mikey. Thy bravery hath restored me and my spirit. Come now to the castle, where our princess awaits. She will be most pleased to meet the mighty champion of legend who is destined to save her realm.” Like why did you ruin the noble-like aspect of his character in exchange for a cheap shtick?! Ugh!!! It’s very annoying and an issue with this dub.

Oh and also, Blastmon calls Tactimon, Tacty in the original. That’s a very cute nickname for someone who is a very intimating enemy

Dialogue Deviation

Blastmon: Oh, is that what you call getting totally whooped?

DAAAMMNNNN- Bagramon dragging Tactimon’s lifeless body through the mud here!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

The Digimon name, IceDevimon, has retained its dub & original name since Frontier. (Also go check out that season comparison, ALSO done by Gear!)

Dialogue Deviation

IceDevimon: *chuckles*
IceDevimon: Forward, my frosty minions! The castle is ours! *chuckles*

So four frosties to go, got it. Anything else you want with your meal, sir?

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: About 1 and a half seconds – Seems like the dub skipped over a shot of Dorulumon coming out of a blast near some Bagramon Digimon.

Dialogue Deviation

IceDevimon: Wh-Who are you?!
IceDevimon: Shivering blizzards, who are you?!

This man can only see perpetual blizzards. May god bless his soul.

Shoutmon: Why’d you have to take over on the best part?!
Shoutmon: Hey! Watch who you’re callin’ a pawn, you walking trash compactor!

Snrk- Bahaha! Okay, that’s pretty hilarious. Though always love to see when Shoumon doesn’t get the royalty treatment he thinks he “deserves”.

Side Note

Oh god, ToyAgumon’s voice sounds like Mabel from Gravity Falls and now I can’t unimagine it! HELP

Also, while the dub has its problem of not giving an audience a chance to breathe, I think the original has a problem of not making scenes flow together smoothly. Like for a recent example, when the cast shows up to back the castle army up, the original line announced that their general is back and they got their “hero” before just randomly charging forward? While in the dub, they got that worded slightly different then having the ToyAgumon yell “Forwards!” which makes a whole lot more sense than the original. The dub does a pretty good job at catching these moments which deserves some praise.

Dialogue Deviation

Taiki: Everyone join forces with the Digimon in the castle and run off the enemy!
Mikey: All right! We’ve got the enemy forces caught in between our forces! Let ’em have it!

Going a bit aggressive there, Mikey. You sure it won’t backfire?

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: About 3 seconds – Apparently the dub thinks that the explosion that occurred with the Meteormon and Bagramon’s created Digimon didn’t happen at all.

Oh? A non-star hit censor? Finally! This one makes more sense than the other one. They changed the colors of those guns that masked Digimon were carrying from grey & brown to golden all over. Gotta make it look like a toy after all so we don’t get those Karen-esque complains rolling in!

Section: Inconsistency

However, this also creates an inconsistency because not all the times the guns appear in the episode get their colored changed, such as this frame when these guys first appear along with the Meteormon.

Dialogue Deviation

IceDevimon: Time for the running!

Shoutmon: I love panicking fleeing!

Jesus f*** Shoutmon, how sadistic are you?!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

The Digimon name, Bastemon, has been changed to Beastmon in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Knightmon: That is our leader, the princess of Bastia Castle, Princess Bastemon.
Knightmon: Her Highness Princess Beastmon, our beautiful, virtuous, wise and noble sovereign.

Is there something that you aren’t telling us Knightmon? Like perhaps some feelings for the furry princess? No, not like that! Pervert.

Zenjirou: Does she have low blood pressure?
Jeremy: You left out sleepy.

Oh no, please don’t tell me Zenjirou is as big of an idiot as Jeremy! Oh god no..!

Knightmon: As you can see, the princess lives at her own pace. She spends two-third of each day sleeping.
Akari: Is she a real cat?!

Knightmon: Yes, Her Highness sleeps most of the day, when she’s not coughing up furballs or scratching the furniture.
Angie: That’s why I prefer dogs!

Haha, very funny stereotypical bad cat things. Sooo funny. Also Angie, I don’t think that face matches what you’re saying. It is ALSO not the time to state preferences!

Bastemon: Forgive me Sir Taiki. I am the princess Bastemon.
Beastmon: Sorry I missed your big victory, but I was dreaming about a ball of yarn.

Look at me, I’m trying to be cute so that the cute human can fall for me just like the fairy tales~

Bastemon: *yawn* How shall I decide?
Beastmon: *yawn* What a purrdicament. I better sleep on it.

Please don’t make any more cat puns I swear TO GOD.

Akari: She just tossed her problems at us and then went back to sleep!
Angie: Quick! Somebody give her a catnip mouse!

Thought you were a dog person Angie?

Shoutmon: You!
Shoutmon: Blondie!

Hey! Don’t insult me based on my hair color! I can’t help I’m a dark blond!

IceDevimon: Hey, I’m thirsty! Where’s my special Absolute Zero drink?!
IceDevimon: Hey! It’s me you bums! Let’s see some bowing and scraping before your lord and master!

Now now, that’s not how you get respect from your soldiers.

Lilithmon: I’m drinking it.
Laylamon: I’m in charge here now.

Damn! How much power does she have to the point that she can take over over other armies without permission?!

Here’s probably the most infamous censor the dub has made to the season. Laylamon’s tit crack have been noticeably covered up by a cloth rather than being exposed like the original. Obvious censor but very infamous in the Digimon community.

Dialogue Deviation

Lilithmon: When are you going to steal the Code Crown that’s supposedly hidden in the castle?
Laylamon: What you’ve done, you useless snowcone, is fail to capture the Code Crown. And I can’t stand failure.

Whewww… She’s one scary lady when she becomes snake-like! Also a perfectionist, somehow.

Lilithmon: And what brings you here, filthy Reaper?
Laylamon: Oh, Reapmon, is that you? I thought I smelled something rotten.

And back to the smelly jokes…

Lilithmon: It seems he has already given this dimwit enough grief.
Laylamon: I’ll take you ice skating and we’ll use this clown as the rink.

Christ almighty Laylamon is cold, gives no f***s to those below her at all!

Side Note

The opening in the original finally plays at 9:34 in the episode.

Dialogue Deviation

Cutemon: He’s head over heels for DigiNoir.
Akari: And he’s the one who was just shouting at us not to let our guard down so Kiriha won’t do anything bad.
Cutemon: Oh, I hope they don’t get a tummy-ache.
Angie: I think a tummy-ache’s gonna be the least of our problems… It’s that creepy Christopher I’m worried about.

Oh Cutemon… Never change, stay pure.

Taiki: This is the one food in this world that’s actually pretty good.
Mikey: I wonder if I keep eating all these Digi-Bytes if they’re gonna give me Digi-Gas.

OH MAN! GROSS HUMOR! AHAHAHAHAAAA- (Please, for f*** sake, stop this… And that sentence isn’t grammatically correct!)

Kiriha: That weird princess threw me off course. The Bagra Army is easier to deal with than she is.
Christopher: Can you believe that princess of theirs? Spends all of her time napping. She won’t even miss it when it’s gone.

You really are a sociopath aren’t ya?

Side Note

Why did they change the scene from them spying on the pair with Kiriha noting how his ranks have grown, to a scene where Mikey was going to “ambush” Christopher and make it all about strength? It makes no sense whatsoever and it only makes Christopher even more of a sociopathic, power-hungry person.

Dialogue Deviation

Knightmon: I do not sense the warmth in him that I do in Master Taiki.
Knightmon: Forsooth, he is no champion. A champion stinker, perhaps…

Oh screw off with your shtick, will ya?

Zenjirou: You’re not going to say you can’t turn your back on him too, are you!? Why are you always like that?!
Jeremy: Ya think?! It’s probably something really bad like he robbed a bank or a hair salon! Come on Mikey, get real!

You know, based on how he’s currently written, this wouldn’t be too farfetched.

Taiki: I heard that he’d taken a bad hit to the head in a game. He was out of school for half a year.
Mikey: It turned out that kid had gotten really sick after soccer practice. He was fine by the next day…

Wait, so you’re telling me that this kid who was out in the street, got sick from SOCCER practice and had to go to the hospital? his is some amusing change to the script because nothing from the original was serious enough to cut out! I guess people can’t be seriously injured or be hurt for long periods of time in this dub!

Zenjirou: Taiki Kudou…
Jeremy: Woah, that’s heavy.

PFFFFTTT- After THAT moment, we have that line come out in that tone?! Completely ruined the moment there! Bahahaha!

Taiki: In that moment… My heart goes back to that rainy day.
Mikey: Even someone… As obnoxious as Christopher.

Oh I think he’s MORE than obnoxious my friend.

Taiki: Oh, stop… It’s nothing that special. It’s just… What do they call it? Past torugafu?
Zenjirou: I love fugi sashimi.
Mikey: Oh well, let us not goeth overboardeth. Listen, now you’ve got me talking like you Knightmon!
Jeremy: Well if the shoe befitteth, wear it!


Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: About a second – Seems like the dub skipped over a scene where a couple of large ice chunks land near a Pandamon and a ToyAgumon for some bizarre reason

Oh well would ya look at that, another gun recoloring!

Also, if you look carefully at the center guy with its claws visible behind the Meteormon, you can notice the censorers actually mistakenly filled in one of the claws to be gold as well! Whoops!

Dialogue Deviation

Meteormon: Let me know when it’s over!

Oh the ship has FAR from sailed to be given pity at this point, random Meteormon.

MailBirdramon: Want to try that again? It’s been a while.
Kiriha: Yeah. Let’s show Taiki a Blue Flare DigiXros.

MailBirdramon: I enjoyed that, can we do it again?
Christopher: No. Mikey’s watching. Let’s give him a show to remember.

Thus proving just how sadistic Team Blue Flare really is.

Side Note

Seems like the background for Blue Flare Digi-Fusing got lightened up just a bit- Interesting. Wonder why they did that? Possibly to match the Fusion Fighter’s backgrounds? The darker colors are way cooler than the dub’s.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: About 4 seconds – Seems like the dub realized just how savage and brutal Blue Flare is through this MetalGreymon scene where he rampages through a crowd of Meteormon and thought it’d be better to tone it down and cut it out altogether.

Oh? Another cut back to back? Awesome!

Cut: About 3 seconds – Looks like these two scenes of carnage after his signature attack got axed from the dub as well, visualizing the chaos and calamity that ensued.

Section: Inconsistency

They forgot this quick scene where the created henchmen had regular guns just before the next scene where their colors are colored in! Whoops!

Side Note

God IceDevimon’s awkward sounding voice makes him such an interesting villain character I’d never thought I’d ever seen again since the days of Etemon from the original season!

Dialogue Deviation

Bastemon: Oh no. How awful… A battle broke out while I was sleeping?
Beastmon: Oh no, I did it again… Slept through the whole battle.

Yeah, at this point, you honestly deserve to lose your kingdom due to your lackluster ruling practices.

IceDevimon: You will tell me where the Code Crown is.
IceDevimon: Hand over the Code Crown and you can go back to sleep-

Please don’t tell me this is going to keep happening with Beastmon…

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: About a few frames – Looks like the Meteormon got “vaporized” in the dub instead of being blasted away. What’s with this dub and trying to make death as little of an element as possible?

Dialogue Deviation

Shoutmon: We saw through your plan!
Shoutmon: Hm! I had a tummy-ache and- I mean I saw right through your plan!

Okay look, Cutemon got a pass because it was very cute, but you don’t pull off the same factor, so how about you go back to being a badass instead of being cute and leave it Cutemon, okay?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Dorulumon’s attack, Drill Buster, has been changed to Drill Bit Blitz in the dub.

Ballistamon’s attack, Horn Breaker, has been changed to Ram Slammer in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Baalmon: Sorry, but I need you to die, boy with the Xros Loader!
Reapmon: You won’t be covering him with anything!

Nothing really offensive here, as obvious censor, but hot DAMN was Baalmon just so brutal with that line! Pretty much an assassin!

Side Note

So you know the Dorulu Cannon edit that I mentioned last comparison? Well, they reused that clip over this one except they added a reddish-orange background that looks like they’re in a hellish inferno instead of the foreground of the last Zone.

But that’s again, not the only thing that’s changed. And hoo boy is this one REALLY F***ING BIZZARE. Remember the thing that dub added which was like an action-focused shot? WELL GUESS WHAT APPEARED IN THE ORIGINAL?

And no, it isn’t a case where the dub then used the opposite version this time like the last comparison, no. They used it again! SO WHY DIDN’T THE ORIGINAL USE THIS THE FIRST TIME AROUND?!?! I’m now so f***ing confused and this only further confuses me as to why the DUB used this last episode but the original didn’t!?

As you can see, I’m very broken right now, let’s just move on-

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: About a second – Apparently those lions explode on impact and DON’T wait for a few moments before exploding. Honestly, dub is preferred. Not sure why they had this in the original. It’s not a major villain or anything, so why bother with the slow mo? Should just get right on it.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Knightmon’s group attack with the WhitePawnChessmon, Checkmate Break, has been changed to Storm of Steel in the dub.

(Honestly, horrible choice. The original attack name is MILES better than the dub’s. What a shame…)

Dialogue Deviation

Knightmon: PawnChessmon, art thou ready?! Storm of Steel!!!

No, please don’t add cheesy lines to his attacks too… We don’t want another Mikey DigiMemory moment again…

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: About a second – I guess their attack is laser based and not physical based like it was implied?

Dialogue Deviation

IceDevimon: I’ll remember this!
IceDevimon: Great, now I’ve got freezer burn!

Wait, IceDevimon were edible all this time? Ewwww, yuck. I would never want to eat the cooked flesh of IceDevimon. Who would do such a thing?

Knightmon: The remaining enemies are retreating! Victory is ours!
Knightmon: Behold, the enemy flee-eth! Victory is ours!

- shut the fuck up please shut the fuck up Hair Eyewear Chin Neck Blond Hairstyle Nose Cheek Mouth Glasses Human Lip

Bastemon: *cat noises* You are the true General, Sir Taiki! I don’t need that other guy!
Beastmon: Nyaaa~ Who needs that other guy? I knew it was you all this time! You’re my champion, Mikey-wikey-

Knightmon: I am impressed! This is a great honor for you!
Taiki: O-Oh, it is?

Knightmon: The princess liketh thee! Do I heareth wedding bells~?
Mikey: Oh, well, I don’t know, I-

(Okay, I’ll stop with the JonTron reaction clips now-)

Knightmon: Master Taiki!
Knightmon: What hath befallen him!?

Hmm… I don’t know sir. Why don’t you go and HELP instead of standing around?!

Shoutmon: Someone get him off me, please…

No, I actually quite like where you are with him right now~ Heheh!

Monitamon 1: They are in a bind.
Monitamon 2: A bind indeed.

Monitamon 1: We got news for him.
Monitamon2: Bad news.

Either everyone’s so blind you’re actually stealthy or you two are such dumb***es that you’re lucky you aren’t caught.

And this wraps up the actual episode, but like always, it is time for the Digimon Data Files!

Section: Inconsistency

This is an inconsistency with the actual show and the Closed Captioning of the dub. It’s very clearly stated to be ChibiTortAmon but the Closed Captioning writers thought it was ChibiTortOmon. More so specifically, they mix it up with both names. In the Data File, they use Tortomon! How do you mess THAT up?!

For the future, ChibiTortomon is used just for the sake of consistency, as I don’t wanna keep making the comparisons inconsistent with each other if the show keeps mixing them up.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

ChibiTortomon’s attacks, Pointer Arrow and Met Tackle, have been changed to Armored Arrow and Torto-Tackle respectively in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Monitamon: But why does he wear a helmet?
Shoutmon: Just look at him and think about it!!

Monitamon: And a gung-ho attitude! But his ultimate weapon is his adorableness! He’s the most adorable member of the Fusion Fighters. Well, Cutemon’s pretty adorable too, but still-
Shoutmon: Hey, what am I?! Chopped liver?! Come on!

Quite literally, yes you are Shoutmon. Quite literally.

Also, I need Gear’s ruling on what Monitamon said. IS his ultimate weapon adorableness? Gear, please give me a comment explaining if you agree or disagree. I gotta know since he’s in one of your covered series! Hahah.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Shifted: About 10 seconds – You know why if you’ve been reading on my comparisons. Overly long joke.

Final Result

Total Footage Lost: A second and a half, along with a few frames.

We dropped in quality sadly, mainly because Knightmon gets reduced to a medieval speak schtick which ruins the charming and noble character he has in the original. Not to mention I have a feeling Beastmon will also be reduced to lazy cat joke syndrome. This is what we should expect from Fusion though. A mix of highs and lows regarding episode quality. Unless you can stand Knightmon’s annoying shtick, don’t watch this. Please I beg of you.

We also broke the record for the longest comparison yet! Fun. Goes to show you how the quality varies from episode to episode.

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