Digimon Frontier S01E34

Decisive Battle! Rose of Venus: Ophanimon’s Rescue Plan! (JP)
Operation: Free Ophanimon (EN)

Original Writer:
Dub Writer: Michael Sorich

Original Airdates:
MONTH DD, 2002 (JP)
MONTH DD, 2003 (EN)

Section: Summary

Our heroes march triumphantly to the Rose Morning Star. Upon arriving at Cherubimon’s castle, they are guided by Oryxmon to the chamber in which Ophanimon is being held. She explains that years ago, Cherubimon had turned evil in his pursuit to protect the beast-type Digimon, who he felt Seraphimon and Ophanimon were ignoring. Ophanimon and Seraphimon met privately to discuss how to reconcile their views with Cherubimon’s, but he saw them meeting, and mistakenly believed they were plotting against him. To save Seraphimon’s life from Cherbuimon’s brutal attack, Ophanimon agreed to become a prisoner of the fallen angel Digimon. Beetlemon and Kazemon both fail to release Ophanimon from her cell, but before another attempt can be mounted, Cherubimon shows up, explaining that he allowed the kids to arrive at his castle without destroying them for the sole purpose of acquiring their spirits, combining them with the data he’d collected, and using that nearly insurmountable power to crush any and all opposition to his complete rule.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: Huh? How fast! But how?! 
Bokomon: Careful, this altitude could cause a nosebleed!

The original was much funnier, seeing as they kept it a surprise that Fairymon was carrying Patamon. That said, it took us four minutes to get to the first bit of bad dialogue in the dub, so… yay?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Phantomon. With their great sickle-and-chains, these are like the Digimon gods of death. The pendants hanging from their necks can hold spirits captive. They can see through dying creatures. 
Bokomon: Phantomon always carry a scythe and know how to use them. They wear crystals around their necks that give them clairvoyant power. And they’re just dying to see into the future to know who their next victim is going to be.

Phantomon’s Soul Chopper is retained.

Dialogue Deviation

Wolfmon: Löwemon? 
Lobomon: Hey…nice shot.

…he missed.

Fairymon: Thanks, Chakkumon! 
Kazemon: You sure froze him out!

He missed too! Everyone’s being so supportive today, I guess.

Loewemon: To react quickly, I must clear my mind.

You might also want to stop talking. It helps too.

Side Note

In the original, the creatures trapped within the fractal code sold their soul to Cherubimon for his cause. In the dub, they fell prey to Cherubimon’s treachery, making them victims rather than prisoners.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Goatmon. He protects the ruins from the great darkness. He’s programmed with the duty of caring for important data, to protect the Digital World from grief. 
Bokomon: Oryxmon is a great black goat who acts as a sentry. He is programmed to hold large amounts of data which help him protect the secret treasures and ruins of the Digital World.

Side Note

Okay, Cherubimon’s frog voice is even less appropriate for his golden celestial Digimon form.

Final Verdict


Overall, it wasn’t all that bad, believe it or not.

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