Digimon Frontier S01E31

Sleep in Darkness – The Trailmon Graveyard (JP)
Workin’ on the Train Gang (EN)

Original Writer:
Dub Writers: Seth Walther

Original Airdates:
November 10, 2002 (JP)
February 20, 2003 (EN)

Gear’s Notes: In a bizarre case of “the dub did it better,” the title of today’s episode is more fitting in English. The creepy title for the original is cool and all, but this is a comedic filler episode (and not even a particularly good one at that), so it wasn’t really necessary.

Section: Summary

Koji takes off as quickly as he had been found, determined to locate any information about Duskmon and their connection to each other. Takuya follows, trying to bring him back so the group can go to the Rose Morning Star. He instructs the remainder of the group to stay behind and wait for their return. Going against those orders (because this group’s survival to this point is astonishing given how disorganized and combative they are), JP suggests that he do some recon work. He is convinced that he can find some Digimon that live in the area who know something about the Rose Morning Star and what they will find there. Tommy and Zoe insist on going with him on his mission, leaving Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon behind.

The three take off into the darkness. JP, Zoe, and Tommy are unable to find any signs of life in the Dark Continent, and are about to give up when they notice a set of railroad tracks. Choosing to follow them, they find themselves in a junkyard of sorts, filled with various rusty pieces of metal. They run into an Angler-Trailmon who is clinging to the last bit of life he has left. He explains to the group that they are in the Trailmon Graveyard, a place Trailmon go to die when they aren’t able to continue on with their duties. JP asks Angler-Trailmon if he has any information on what’s under the Rose Morning Star. The Trailmon responds by telling them he’d been there before, but asks for a few favors before he tells them about it.

After Beetlemon sets him upright, and the three human spirit Digimon give him a bath, the group begins to get the idea that maybe he doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about, and is just manipulating them. He insists that he’s not, but caves in and says that he wanted someone to take care of him because he’d never had any friends before. He says that when one is born a Trailmon, they are treated like a utility, and not as a living creature. Evoking sad emotions in the group, they are willing to do a few more favors for him, regardless of his lack of knowledge of the Rose Morning Star. Trailmon reaches the last minute of his life, and he’s about to explain to the group that he had been to the Rose Morning Star, and was going to tell them what to expect. But in a big flash of red light, his metallic frame began to crumble, and he begins to die. The group is crying, upset that they’ve lost a friend, and when the red light fades…Trailmon stands there, good as new. He’d lost his outer shell, and had a new body, and was young again.

The group is enraged. MetalKabuterimon, Zephyrmon, and Korikakumon set to dent him up and beat him for lying to and manipulating them. He begins to cry, apologizing, and the group lets him go. He finally expains that he had been forced to go to the Rose Morning Star after the battle between the three Celestial Digimon; Ophanimon, Cherubimon, and Seraphimon. He said that with Grumblemon and Ranamon there to guard his cargo, he figured that one of the Celestial Digimon was inside. The three kids determine that Ophanimon was the one who was bound inside and was brought to the castle under the Rose Morning Star. They ride Angler-Trailmon to the place where they were supposed to stay to wait for Takuya and Koji.

Side Note

Velgemon sounds really good. Crispin Freeman does an excellent job disguising his voice.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: You were wise, Kouji-han. You would have been by no means a match for that Velgmon.
Neemon: Very wise. 
Bokomon: My boy, there aren’t very many who can stand up to Velgemon and walk away. I’m flabbergasted!
Neemon: Gesundheit!

Junpei: It’s about time. 
JP: Well, I’ve been ready this whole time.
Takuya: Yeah, ready to eat!


Neemon: I don’t recommend standing here for as long as we did before. 
Neemon: Well, maybe he thinks we’re all supposed to race each other there!

Yeah! That’s why he’s going the wrong way.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Censor/Cut: 4 seconds They cut a scene from the original, and covered up the time gap with extra recycled shots. It came from the comic strip that appears when Junpei is talking about the drama in the original, and the scary movie formula in the dub. The dub cuts out a shot that implies Takuya gets stabbed, a shot with the creepy lady, and a shot of Takuya’s chalk outline on the ground where his body was, complete with blood.

Sad, because it was kinda cool seeing the art shift.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: If it’s not one thing it’s another! 
Takuya: …and I’ll be back in a jiffy!
Bokomon: It had better not be a long jiffy!

It’ll be a long jiffy, for sure.

Junpei: The thing is, we only seem to run away. Either that, or we’re waiting. 
JP: I’m not going to wait here just because Takuya says we should. No siree.

Junpei’s reasoning was a bit more grounded than JP’s, considering JP just doesn’t like being told what to do, apparently. But that does at least fit with his dub character so far, even if that characterization comes at the cost of JP’s likeability. In the original, Junpei only brings up Takuya’s alleged leadership when pressed about it.

Junpei: Hey, Tomoki, since when did Takuya become our boss? 
JP: If Takuya told you to shave your head and run around in circles, would you do it?

I mean, the Army told me to do that, and I did.

Bokomon: What?! 
Bokomon: Oh, beans!

Maybe the writers have been eating too many beans lately. It would explain why the script stinks. *rimshot*

Neemon: Humans, huh?
Patamon: Some part [in the story]. 
Neemon: Maybe we smell!
Patamon: But I’m new…

*sniff* Nothing like that new Digimon smell.

Trailmon: Who’s there?! 
Trailmon: Ach, du Leiber!

Ah, there we go, I was starting to get too comfortable with this comparison. Thanks, Dave Wittenberg.

Side Note

The Trailmon actually sounds menacing in the original. The dub’s Trailmon saying “Who disturbs mein slumber?” with a German accent and high-pitched voice made the kids’ freaked out reactions seem unjustified. Also, the original has creepy music going with it, while the dub uses that goofball sounding music for when someone’s joking around. The entire mood of the scene was basically lost.

Also, apparently in the dub, all Angler-style Trailmon have a Pseudo-German accent with French influences. Because as we all know, Anglerfish are notoriously Franco-German.

Dialogue Deviation

In the dub, Trailmon don’t die. They simply “reach ze end of ze line und lack ze strength to perform zer duties.”

Angler-Trailmon: What? Even though I’m obviously dying and turning my eyes to the afterlife, you want me to tell you about things? 
Angler-Trailmon: Zhen ask, und leave me to mein dreams of Weinerschnitzel!

Angler-Trailmon: Over there…over there… 
Angler-Trailmon: Ach, Leiderhosen!

Robin: Holy Long Underwear, Batman!

Junpei: If that’s the case… 
JP: Anyzing! I mean…anything!

Crap, it’s spreading. Wear your damn mask!

Section: Cut or moved footage

Beetlemon’s evolution sequence was lengthened in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Angler-Trailmon: But in the end, you were my only friends. 
Angler-Trailmon: Just leave me alone to die…

Oh, now he’s dying? I was sure he was just condemned to Myotismon’s dungeon or something.

Angler-Trailmon: Very delicious. 
Angler-Trailmon: Like sweet milky kindess!

I think the censors fell asleep about two scenes ago.

Angler-Trailmon: Awesome! I have a whole new, shiny coach! 
Angler-Trailmon: Free to ride ze rails and eat tons und tons of Sauerkraut!

I’m reminded of when Thomas the Tank Engine tried to eat a fish and ended up getting sick.

Yes, I am that old.

In the original, the kids make Angler-Trailmon apologize. In the dub, he starts crying, and MetalKabuterimon comments that he’s too pathetic to beat up. Man everyone is a dick in this series.

Rika: Getting close, alright. But close to something good, or something bad? Gee…I wonder…

Thanks, Rika.

Final Verdict

Just not a great episode.

This was already a pretty bland episode in the original, and the dub compounds that with bad jokes. I wouldn’t recommend this as anyone’s introduction to Digimon unless you’re intentionally trying to scare them away.

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