Digimon Frontier S01E30

Soaring! Warrior of Darkness, Velgemon! (JP)
O, Brother, Who Art Thou? (EN)

Dub Writers: Terri Lei O’Malley

Original Airdates:
November 3, 2002 (JP)
February 19, 2003 (EN)

Section: Summary

Beowolfmon is still chasing a fleeing Duskmon from a couple of episodes ago. Duskmon ducks into a canyon, then enters a hollowed-out outcropping of rock that looked like it used to serve as a home. Beowolfmon follows, and they begin to talk. Duskmon tells Beowolfmon that his presence is painful to him, and therefore, the light must be extinguished by the darkness. A fight ensues, and the floor breaks underneath them, causing them both to fall into a shallow underground pond-like area, where their fight resumes. Beowolfmon gets the upper hand and is about to blast Duskmon point-blank when Cherubimon interferes, attacking Beowolfmon. He then takes Duskmon away, and reminds him of the darkness in his heart when everyone, his father, grandmother, and Koji himself wouldn’t pay attention to him.

With the darkness in his heart renewed, Cherubimon erases his memory and gives him Velgemon, the tainted Beast Spirit of Darkness. Velgemon attacks, nearly destroying Beowolfmon, but this time, Ophanimon interferes, restoring Velgemon’s memory. Velgemon remembers being a boy named Koichi, who was told by his Grandmother while on her death bed that he had a brother named Koji. The day Koji left the human world, Koichi followed him to the train station, but missed talking to him by only a few seconds when an elevator closed before he could get there. Seeing that the elevator was going down, Koichi ran to the stairs and began to run down, only to misstep and fall. His last memory of the human world was lying on the ground, badly injured, barely able to say Koji’s name. Freaked out by his new memories of the human world, Velgemon retreats, leaving an injured Koji behind with questions and no answers.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Beowülfmon’s Zwei Händer becomes Beowolfmon’s Frozen Hunter.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub adds an extra scene of Takuya, JP, Zoe, Tommy, Bokomon, Neemon, and Patamon from the previous episode right after Beowolfmon and Duskmon blow up that section of the canyon.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: Most likely, that way over there! (points)
Neemon: Yeah, but you know…
Bokomon: I saaaaaaaayyyy….that way! (snaps Neemon’s waistband) 
Bokomon: Yes, let’s not go rushing off in all directions! (points)
Neemon: You can do that?!
Bokomon: Let’s see! (snaps Neemon’s waistband) All that work to add in a joke, and the scene doesn’t even make sense in the end. Why was dub Bokomon pointing forward if he wasn’t suggesting a direction?

Patamon: Pata pata!
Patamon: I pick this way!
Takuya: Works for me! Beats standing around yakking!

Because you people ever do anything else.

In the original, Patamon lacks full speaking ability, only able to say a few words, but mostly “Pata pata!” In the dub, he speaks on the average level of a Rookie Digimon.

Beowolfmon: Looking for me?

Takuya: Hey! How is it? 
Takuya: Dying of curiosity down here!

Doesn’t take much to kill Takuya, apparently.

Blitzmon: Same for me! Really, that Kouji. Where could he have gone? 
Beetlemon: No joy. He could be anywhere! Or nowhere.

No joy? Sure, it means “no luck,” but what middle-schooler uses that kind of military jargon?

Neemon: Don’t go ahead. 
Neemon: You might get more lost than us!

I wouldn’t worry. I’m pretty sure Patamon’s smarter than all of you put together.

Patamon: The Big Brother of Light is this way! 
Patamon: The Light Boy’s this way!

Koji definitely looks like he could afford to gain a few pounds. Maybe a trip back to Hamburger Village?

Patamon: The Light Boy! The Light Boy! The Light Boy, buddy!

Reasons Takuya should never have kids.

Bokomon: What?! Hey! Don’t go without me!
Neemon: Eeeeh! Don’t leave me, too! 
Bokomon: Beans, they’ve gone off without us again!
Neemon: Did you say they have beans?! OOH! Beans would be really good right now!

Unfortunately, we’re out of the third bean.

The group is a lot ruder to Patamon for his slow flying in the dub. Of course, Patamon doesn’t get it.

Final Verdict

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