Digimon Frontier S01E16

Strength Does Not Matter! The Beautiful Warrior Shutumon (JP)
The Swiss Family Digimon (EN)

Dub Writer: Seth Walther

Original Airdates:
July 28, 2002 (JP)
November 20, 2002 (EN)

Section: Summary

The title is a reference to The Swiss Family Robinson, a reference that’s lost on anyone who wasn’t of reading age in 1812. It’s a novel that follows a family that gets shipwrecked on an island. That is something that happens in the episode, but it’s not the central focus and therefore it’s just another hollow reference for a title.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Near the beginning of the episode, the dub adds several seconds of the ToucanmonxRanamon fantasy stuff where the Japanese version was much more abbreviated.

Dialogue Deviation

Takuya: That was great, wasn’t it? 
Takuya: Calmaramon?! Where?!

Note how he was smiling as he said this…

Side Note

The music during the scene where they imagine Fairymon/Kazemon’s beast form was a lot funnier in the original. The dub has no music.

Section: Cut or moved footage

A shot of Izumi holding Neemon by the neck is cut, making it look more like she’s pushing him away, rather than dropping him from her grip.

Dialogue Deviation

Toucanmon: Now stay close! I don’t want to have to go looking for you guys once we land! Why am I still talking?

His name is Seth Walther. He added an additional shot of the Toucanmon leader talking mid-flight…it’s a little odd, because the shot is placed after they started sweating and panting, but the shot itself came from before that, so he’s not sweating all over the place. Therefore, the scene never happened in the original.

The Gomamon in the original said “Goma” at the end of their sentences.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Gomamon–it’s really curious and very cute, but once it gets mad, its hair stands on end and it attacks you! 
Bokomon: Gomamon are cute and curious, but if you get them mad, they won’t hesitate to attack. But then again, what does around here?

Dialogue Deviation

Silence and evil music 
Calmaramon: Well, well! I’m the belle of the Beast Spirit Ball!


Mercuremon: You finally obtained your beast spirit, yet you can’t control it. It’s a rather useless treasure, isn’t it? 
Mercurymon: Thou art a true powerhouse, Calmaramon. ‘Tis awe-inspiring how thou canst knock thyself to the ground.

Okay, that was funny. XD

Gomamon: That island, Gomatou, was where we Gomamon lived peacefully, Goma. 
Gomamon: We wouldn’t be very good friends if we let you go out there!

Ugh, more of that friendship-freak stuff. Seems more common during Disney’s reign over the show than it did in previous seasons.

[Added 3 February 2010]
Macho Duck: as garmmon points out, “Goma-tou” just means “Goma Island” in Japanese. “-tou” is a suffix that identifies islands (File Island was called “File-tou” in Adventure, for example).

In the original, the end result of trying to pass the whirlpools was drowning. In the dub, one could get smashed into the walls of rock surrounding the island. Does it count as a censorship if they replaced one method of dying with a more violent one?

In both versions, the group has no clear plan on how to stop the whirlpools. However, in the original, Izumi says that they could do it because of all the power they wield. In the dub, Zoe doesn’t make any mention of even planning to stop the whirlpools.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub version adds several seconds to the originally abbreviated Fairymon/Kazemon evolution sequence.

Dialogue Deviation


She was underwater, and this took place before she came in contact with her Beast Spirit, so she couldn’t breathe yet.

Takuya: Again, it’s Izumi!
Ranamon: Oh, well. You will have to do. 
Takuya: You’re toast, Lady!
Ranamon: *yawn* Thanks, but I already had my breakfast.

A tad reckless, threatening Ranamon without your D-Tector, isn’t it, Tacky? And do Digimon even eat toast? Digi-toast? From Digi-Toasters?

Izumi: Watch this! My Beast Spirit! 
Zoe: Yes, I’m back! And I brought…a little friend!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Shutumon, the Legendary Beast Warrior of Wind, has become Zephyrmon in the dub.

(A zephyr is a poetic word for a gust of wind.)

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Ranamon was babbling about how Shutumon wasn’t stronger than she was. In the dub, she was babbling about how Zephyrmon wasn’t prettier than she was. Either way, she’s shown to be somewhat manic and delusional.

Side Note

Zephyrmon’s voice is excellent. She sounds very mature and in control. Makes it all the more tragic that she doesn’t get to keep it, and ends up sounding more like Kazemon in her subsequent appearances.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub adds a few extra shots of Zephyrmon after the commercial break.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Ranamon’s Jealousy Rain becomes Dark Vapor in the dub.

Shutumon’s Gilgamesh Slicer becomes Zephyrmon’s Plasma Pods.

Dialogue Deviation

Junpei: She’s beautiful!!! 
J.P.: Boy, Howdy!!!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Calmaramon’s Nero Corso becomes Acid Ink in the dub.

Shutumon’s Wind of Pain becomes Zephyrmon’s Hurricane Gale.

The Akiba Market (goma) has become the Autumn Leaf Fair.

Final Verdict

Only lost 1 second of footage

Aside from strangling Neemon (which is a scene we really should have kept, especially in the dub), the episode is largely intact. Not the worst Seth has done. Boy Howdy!

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