Digimon Frontier S01E11

Defeat Me! The Legendary Warrior Vritramon Runs Wild! (JP)
A Hunka Hunka Burning Greymon (EN)

Original Writer:
Dub Writer: Dave Wittenburg

Original Airdates:
June 2, 2002 (JP)
November 11, 2002 (EN)

Section: Summary

Seriously, these Digimon names are being changed solely to make puns in the titles. Which seems really short-sighted, but I guess this is what happens when the Japanese version doesn’t put the names in the background of Evolution scenes. YA JUST LET THE DUBBERS RUN WILD, DIDNTCHA, TOEI?!

Nothing like opening an episode with some censorship. Near the beginning of the episode, Grottomon/Grumblemon casts a spell out by the ocean. Once he sprinkles his magic powder (whatever it is), the original shows a glowing red pentagram. The English dub, for religious reasons presumably, changes this to three glowing orange circles.

Screencap courtesy of mlseason4.

And this is the true reason Millennials are totally into witchcraft now. Great job, Toei.

Dialogue Deviation

Grumblemon: Good morning, new friend! How was nap?

The idea of Golemon, still cranky from just being awakened, suddenly smashing Grumblemon into a fine, sticky paste is all too appealing to me for some reason.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Golemon. A Digimon made out of 90% rocks and boulders. His special attack is a high-temperature gas that can reduce his surroundings to ashes in an instant; called “Curse Crimson.”
Ophanimon: Golemon. Made almost entirely of stone. His special attack, Sulfur Plume, is a blast of volcanic gas that turns his enemies to ashes.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: It’s nice to finally have some peace and quiet.
Neemon: Let’s have some fun and play charades!
Bokomon: I thought you said fun.

Charades would be great! That means they’d stop talking during the silence.

Neemon: Kouji evolved to Garmmon and helped us.
Bokomon: We can’t celebrate just yet.
Neemon: I’ve always wanted to try that thing where I’m trapped in an imaginary box!
Bokomon: (sighs) If only the box were real. And soundproof.

And you were in it with him. And throw Grumblemon and JP in there for good measure.

Section: Cut or moved footage

During Tomoki’s flashback, he is seen falling from the sky to the ground. Tommy, however, has a much better memory. They added a total of about 27 seconds of flashback from the previous episode, from the time that Gigasmon tried to take Tommy’s spirit, to the point where Zoe fell after her spirit was taken.

Dialogue Deviation

Kouji: There’s too much difference in our abilities now. Some time ago, we might have been able to do it.
Koji: That’s a nice sentiment, but we have more important things to do than fight a battle we can’t win.

You can always tell the Matt expy in a Digimon series by his unnecessary assholeness.

Bokomon: However, in Junpei’s opinion, we aren’t thinking of feelings! In this situation, we can’t give up.
Bokomon: (thinking) Do I dare reveal this great secret to you? Are you ready? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Listed as particularly stupid dialogue because the big secret turns out to be…”Wisdom has landed in a mud puddle.” That scene was completely messed up. Originally, Bokomon was talking about how the group was being divided up because they were taking sides in arguments.

Bokomon: Shamanmon is the wisest Digimon of them all.
Neemon: If I had said that, you would have said I was crazy!
Bokomon: You are crazy, but that’s beside the point.

Not one word of this was necessary.

Neemon: So who can tell fortunes?
Neemon: I had my palm read once. It took a week to get the paint off!

Gaomon, leaning in from Data Squad: Do me a favor. Just be quiet.

I actually think it was kind of funny how Vademon called J.P. “round one” in the dub. I think it was just the line delivery. Granted it’s yet another fat joke about JP, which just reduces his character to an overweight comic relief archetype in the dub.

In the original, Geckomon said that he will drink Sake and tell the kids’ fortune. In the dub, it’s changed to wart’s juice and earwax potion that is to be drank from a hat while standing on one leg. That’s just disgusting, teaching kids to drink things out of hats.

Section: Cut or moved footage

One of the Digimon at the fortune telling village, Sepikmon, explains that he uses his boomerang to tell the future by hitting people in the head with it. A little chibi-animation of him hitting Takuya in the head with it is cut from the dub and replaced by a recycled scene of Zoe talking, giving her an extra line. Also, the method was replaced with the “Carrywood” method; the kids carry sticks over and over again, and he predicts that they will become strong.

Dialogue Deviation

Junpei: What, Bokomon? Aren’t they all big idiots? J.P.: These fortune tellers are all fake! Neemon: Like my Grandmama’s teeth!

Neemon, even if a Digimon could have a grandmother, she wouldn’t claim you.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Shamamon. It’s job is to deliver the will of God. During the ceremony, it waves its staff and does the “Fushigi Dance.”
Bokomon: Shamanmon is a medium. This all-seeing Digimon does a ceremonial dance and uses his magical club to see into the future.

Side Note

This is one of the reasons I respect Dave Wittenburg’s writing most of the time. During the entire fortune-telling sequence, it’s kept pretty intact, despite frequent opportunities to add stupid crap to it. Mind you, this isn’t a consistent trait of his, but it’s certainly an improvement.

Section: Inconsistency

While they previously censored the pentagram from Grumblemon’s spell, they show it (or at least the partial view of it) right before Koji tries to Spirit Evolve to KendoGarurumon. I can only assume they weren’t able to digitally edit it out without affecting the scene as a whole.


And once again, during the fight, what is called Burning Salamander in Japanese and should be called Pyro Punch in English is called Pyro Tornado.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

It was finally translated: Gigasmon’s Earthquake has been translated to Tectonic Slam.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Bokomon clarifies that the Digimon that attacked Gigasmon was indeed Vritramon. In the dub, no one has any idea that the creature before them is a good guy at all, let alone BurningGreymon.

The dub changed Vritramon’s screaming into some kind of psychotic laughter, which Neemon makes a stupid comment about. When Vritramon/Shamamon asks for help, it’s more low key and less verbose. It also sounds like he’s talking while the Beast Spirit is roaring. When BurningGreymon/Shamanmon asks for help, it’s extremely overt and sounds pretty bad. The delivery of the lines is terrible, and the cry for help is yelled in the BurningGreymon deep voice.

Neemon: He…evolved?!
Neemon: Holy…SOCK!

You know what they say about guys with big socks…

Dialogue Deviation

I don’t know why they did this, but they added in a shot of KendoGarurumon howling after he Beast Spirit Evolved. This shot wasn’t there in the original (obviously, or I wouldn’t be mentioning it.)

The dub added in a bunch of dialogue for Beetlemon, mostly stuff he was yelling to get KendoGarurumon and BurningGreymon to cool down. None of it qualifies as stupid dialogue, but it wasn’t there in the original.

Final Verdict

Not too shabby.

A few minor cuts and censors, but aside from the usual Bokomon and Neemon nonsense, this episode was mostly on point.

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