Digimon Frontier S01E12

Roar, Vritramon! Defeat Gigasmon! (JP)
Fear and Loathing in Los Arboles (EN)

Original Writer:  
Dub Writers: Seth Walther

Original Airdates:
June 23, 2002 (JP)
November 14, 2002 (EN)

Section: Summary

We asked, you answered. Fear and Lothing in Los Arboles is yet ANOTHER pop-culture reference. Ugh, you’re killing me, Disney.

A brief flash of light blocks out the instant that BurningGreymon hits Beetlemon in the head with a kick.

Section: Cut or moved footage

This was…odd, to say the least. When BurningGreymon throws Beetlemon at KendoGarurumon, the dub adds in a scene of BurningGreymon coming down for a kick, only to have him punch through a pillar. It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me…

Dialogue Deviation

More battlefield chatter is added to the fight scene. None of it qualifies as stupid dialogue.

Izumi: Garmmon is fighting… 
Zoe: Is [Koji] really going to fight [Takuya]? What if they hurt each other?

I’m not really sure where’s she’s been for the past ten minutes or so, but I think it’s safe to say they’re well past that point.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

KendoGarurumon’s attack has been changed from Solar Laser to Lupine Laser, and Speed Star has been changed to Howling Star.

BurningGreymon’s attack has been changed from Corona Blaster to Pyro Barrage. Oh, and just to make it official, Vritramon has been changed to BurningGreymon.

Dialogue Deviation

Garmmon/KendoGarurumon uses Speed Star/Howling Star to cut down the burning trees. This is presumably to stop the fire from spreading. In the original, this is not explained, however. In the dub, it is treated like KendoGarurumon accidentally cut down the trees from being reckless. While I’m not fond of how it was handled in either language, I’d rather it go unsaid than said wrongly.

Beetlemon: Oh, man! If this keeps up, they’ll have to rename it the “Burnt to a Crisp Kingdom!”

The Homeowner’s Association strongly objected, but the name change motion ended up passing after they were all set on fire.

Section: Cut or moved footage

We lose seven seconds of BurningGreymon stomping the crap out of Beetlemon. In the dub, Takuya comes to his senses before he starts stomping.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: The spirit is confusing him! He has to learn how to control it! 
Bokomon: Sooner or later, he’ll have to learn how to control it.
Neemon: It’s the later I’m worried about!

(BurningGreymon appears, roaring) 
Neemon: When’s sooner gonna get here?!

Bokomon: Now we have to run! 
Bokomon: Back to the burning forest! I can’t believe I just said that.

In Tomoki’s flashback, there was no dialogue from the bullies, only their laughter and the bullied kid’s cries. In the dub, they added some taunting and insults to it. It works fine, however, unless you count the bad acting.

When Tommy goes to confront BurningGreymon, the original and the dub have the other characters giving varied reactions. In the original, Garmmon and Blitzmon yell for Tomoki to get away from BurningGreymon. This seems like the natural response if you were to see a little kid standing in front of an out-of-control Perfect-level Digimon. However, in the dub, KendoGarurumon and Beetlemon agree with Tommy rather than trying to protect him or trying to convince him to run. Makes less sense, but I lowkey think they want to be rid of Tommy once and for all, so maybe they’re just letting whatever happens, happen.

Blitzmon: Tomoki! 
Beetlemon: Come on, Tacky! It’s us!

I know I’d attack anyone who said I was Tacky. That’s got to be one of the worst nicknames ever.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub adds 15 seconds of footage from Welcome to my Nightmare during Tommy’s flashback scene than there originally had been.

Dialogue Deviation

A lot of inner monologue is added to Takuya’s recovery scene.Also, I should mention that the roaring effect they add to BurningGreymon isn’t all that bad. I’d even venture to say it sounds better than the original.

Section: Cut or moved footage

There were some shifted scenes. There was an extra scene of Takuya talking added in the dub, and the scene with Zoe and J.P. was pushed forward a bit.

Dialogue Deviation

Takuya: I was under Vritramon’s control. 
Takuya: What good is it going to do us to get our spirits back if we can’t even control them?!

You and Koji are the only ones who have lost control so far, Takuya. Watch where you’re pointing fingers.

Side Note

That lovely little maze puzzle thing that the kids are on…I’ve seen it before. It wasn’t explained in either version, but it’s a garden-variety puzzle in which you trace a path down the vines, and you have to make a turn anytime it’s possible. That’s how most of them ended up on the wrong vine in the end.

Dialogue Deviation

Takuya: You’re Grottomon! 
Takuya: It’s Grumblemon! No!
Grumblemon: It Grumblemon yes!

I think I prefer “no.”

From what they’re saying on here, the dub is calling the vine maze a “race.” It’s probably the only concise way of doing it. The Japanese version uses the term ‘amidakuji,’ which is a net-like device that kids use to make decisions. We don’t have anything like that in the States, so I guess they did the best they could.

Grumblemon: (to Neemon) If you no quiet, you find out hard way it hammer smashing time!

Image result for hammertime"

Gigasmon: If play hide and seek, really need seek, you know!

If speak English, really need pronouns, you know!

Agnimon: (screaming) Agunimon: This is gonna hurt!

How many people yell “This is gonna hurt!” while they’re falling a long distance? I don’t have statistics, but I’m sure the number roughly correlates to the number of people who scream “This is gonna make me less hungry!” before diving into a plate of nachos.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Yet another bizzare change. In the Japanese version, Gigasmon cuts one of the ropes binding Tomoki, and Takuya yells at Gigasmon before evolving to Vritramon.

In the dub, Gigasmon cuts one of the ropes on Tommy, then swings away, deep into the forest. Takuya monologues for a little bit while he’s getting away, then Spirit Evolves. Then, after he transforms, somehow Gigasmon is still right in front of him.

Side Note

And I probably should have mentioned this sooner, but the dub BGMs for Beast Spirit Evolution is slightly different from that used for Human Spirit Evolution.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Are they going to stop? Now they added a pan of Agunimon slamming his fists together, a shot of him jumping up into the trees, a shot of him grabbing a vine to swing on, and a close-up shot of him swinging, all of which were not present in the original.

Then, several seconds later, the dub adds a shot of Agunimon sliding down a tree.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Vritramon’s Flame Storm is now BurningGreymon’s Wildfire Tsunami.

Ranamon was retained. The Legendary Warrior of Water now has a ‘southern belle’ accent.

Mercuremon is now Mercurymon (pronounced the same way). The Warrior of Steel doth speaketh in Shakespearean Tongue.

Arbormon was retained. The Legendary Warrior of Wood is apparently now from Brooklyn, riiight?

Duskmon was retained. In both versions, he was mentioned, but had no lines.

Final Verdict

Could have been worse.

The biggest thing in this episode was all the weird cuts and shifted scenes. It made the fight a bit hard to follow when things were happening twice, or not at all.

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