Digimon Data Squad S01E05

Break into the Digital World! Drimogemon’s Trap (JP)
Digital World, Here We Come! (EN)

Original Writer: Yamatoya Akatsuki
Dub Writer: Jeff Nimoy

Original Airdates:
April 20, 2006 (JP)
October 22, 2007 (EN)

Section: Summary

Thomas and Gaomon perform an illegal Digital Dive, travelling to the Digital World with the intent of finishing off Drimogemon. Marcus attempts the same, though Yoshi catches him. Threatening to break the machine if he doesn’t get his way, he coerces Yoshi into sending him into the Digital World after Thomas to stop Drimogemon himself. After falling into a cave-in, Marcus reunites with an injured Thomas, the two travelling together to get back to the surface. Marcus wrangles Drimogemon and the four travel above ground. Drimogemon digivolves to Digmon, but with the combined power of GeoGreymon and Gaogamon, he is defeated and reverted into a DigiEgg just in time for the two DATS members to make it back home to Earth.

Side Note

Both episodes start with a recap of the previous episode. The original is recapped by a narrator, while the dub is done in first person by Thomas.

Yoshi: Make sure you’re both back to your port of entry by 0500!

Military time?! In my cartoons?!

The original’s music while Marcus and Agumon are exploring is kind of mystical, fitting for a brand new world. The dub uses more suspenseful music, making the scene seem more dangerous than wonderous.

The rumbling sound that serves as a prelude to Drimogemon’s appearance starts a few seconds earlier in the dub.

Commander Sampson kind of sneaks up on Yoshi and casually asks, “What are you doing?” Jamieson Price, his dub voice actor, nails the casual delivery and the scene is hilarious as a result.

Dialogue Deviation

Satsuma: What are you doing?
Yoshino: Searching for an idiot! Jeez, why me?
[Yoshino and Lalamon freeze when they realize he’s standing there]
Yoshino: Captain…!
Kudamon: Seems like you’re looking for something, but just what are you searching for?
Yoshino: Um… a rich bachelor? …just kidding. La-Lalamon…?
Lalamon: I think I’ll stay out of this…
Sampson: What are you doing?
Yoshi: Just helping the hopeless. Why does this stuff always happen to me?
[Yoshi and Lalamon freeze when they realize he’s standing there]
Yoshi: Commander…!
Kudamon: Looks like you’re searching for something. What, exactly?
Yoshi: It’s um… hmmmm… an… earring! That’s… it… Right, Lalamon…?
Lalamon: I think I left my bathtub running!

The dub’s line delivery was funnier to me (though I may just not get the intonation in the original as well), but the writing in the original was a bit funnier, what with the bachelor thing.

Side Note

I know I said it before, but god, Drimogemon’s voice is awful in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Agumon: We’re pretty tough, Aniki!
Agumon: At least we had these soft rocks to break our fall!

Tohma’s injury is bleeding in the original. This was painted over in the dub.

Side Note

Why is everyone’s breathing so much more labored in the dub?

Dialogue Deviation

Sampson is way angrier than Satsuma. He’s screaming at Miki and Megumi, even though none of this was their fault. When they inform him that the static is interfering with their efforts, he shouts “No excuses!” even though that’s a perfectly legitimate reason why they can’t pick up the signals.

Satsuma, by contrast, sounds like he’s trying to impart that their mission is urgent, but he’s not shouting at them like they’ve done something wrong.

Having seen the entire series, I understand Sampson’s anger, and how it could be foreshadowing, but I’m not sure. Could just be dramatic effect.

Masaru: No, not that way! *yanks on Drimogemon’s fur*
Marcus: How do you steer this thing?! *yanks on Drimogemon’s fur*

In the original, Masaru’s intentions to steer Drimogemon to the surface are more intentional. In the dub, it’s a bit more ambiguous as to whether he planned it, or if it was just an accident.

The dub keeps saying the coliseum is made of ice, but they don’t say anything about it in the original. But if it’s ice, how would that stop Drimogemon from escaping? It would make more sense if it was made of a hard crystal of some kind, which more appears to be the case based on the visuals.

The censors are starting to not make sense. The moment Marcus’ fist hits Drimogemon is kept, but they censor the moment Marcus’ fist gets near the camera with a bizarre impact screen.

Digmon’s name is translated.

Side Note

While Satsuma/Sampson is screaming at the field team, Miki, Megumi, and the two PawnChessmon are typing furiously. I can only imagine they’re on a word processor typing gibberish trying to look busy so they don’t get screamed at anymore. XD

Final Verdict

Total Footage Lost: Less than 1 second

The blood was censored, and we got a flash impact screen. Outside of that, the dialogue was almost exactly translated, the story suffered no major changes, and the acting was great.

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