Digimon Data Squad S01E06

The Masaru-Agumon Combo Terminated?! Hurricane, Garurumon (JP)
The Ultimate Team No More? (EN)

Original Writer: Inari Meihiko
Dub Writer: Seth Walther

Original Airdates:
May 7, 2006 (JP)
October 29, 2007 (EN)

Section: Summary

A fight over the last fried egg at dinner escalates into hurt words between Marcus and Agumon. When the two each claim they don’t need the other, they break up their team and refuse to work together. Yoshi and Thomas aren’t able to repair the damage and are forced to sit though their bickering.

Meanwhile, a Digital Gate opens in town, dropping off an Elecmon, who begins disrupting electronic devices all over the city, starting with the traffic lights. He eventually manages to absorb enough electricity to Digivolve to BlackGarurumon. Marcus is so intent on proving he can win the fight without Agumon’s help that he actively inhibits the battle so Gaogamon and Sunflowmon can’t attack. He hitches a ride on the Digimon’s back, being carried several miles away with the rest of DATS in pursuit.

The ensuing battle nearly ends with Marcus being eaten by BlackGarurumon, but once he finally realizes he needs Agumon, he’s saved with a Pepper Breath barrage. Agumon Digivolves to GeoGreymon and takes down BlackGarurumon, though the celebration is short-lived, as Yoshi goes after them for destroying the train station in the battle.

Dialogue Deviation

Agumon: Giving things to his follower shows off an Aniki’s generosity!
Agumon: Consider this an employee profit sharing program!

All this over a fried egg?

Chika: That’s because they saw it on TV yesterday.
Sayuri: Still, it’s amazing that they’re studying while watching TV!
Kristy: Why do boys have to act like boys?
Sarah: Oh believe me, Kristy, one day you’ll be glad they do!

I can name many women and men who would agree that we aren’t glad about any such thing.

Side Note

Hah. Yoshino is so done with this argument.

Dialogue Deviation

Driver: What’s going on? Is there an accident?
Driver: Get this traffic moving! I got a load to deliver!

Title of your sex ta– *is shot*

Elecmon: Screw the traffic lights!
Elecmon: So many toys to play with!

In the original, Elecmon was copying what the driver said, and it became his mission, or at least his point of focus. In the dub he’s just doing stuff to do stuff, I guess.

The triple-meat cheeseburger Megumi and Miki try to bribe Agumon with becomes a “cheeseburger wrapped in another cheeseburger with a cheeseburger for dessert” in the dub, and then it becomes “hot tea and fortune cookies” for some reason.

Tohma: It’s not something we should interfere with.
Thomas: I have better things to do than to second-guess those two.

Thomas is a bit cranky today.

Agumon: You wouldn’t understand.
Gaomon: That’s for sure. But that’s why I’m interested.
Agumon: Just drop it, you guys. You don’t understand!
Gaomon: It’s disgraceful. A member of DATS should take pride in his partnership.

Well, if that emotional-bond thing is true about Digimon, then at least they’re being consistent about it. Gaomon’s kinda cranky too, isn’t he?

Side Note

I love dub Gaomon’s voice so much, especially in this scene. He comes off as so regimented and formal in a way that wouldn’t come across to an American audience otherwise.

Characterization-wise, everything is well-preserved here. The dynamic between Marcus and Agumon matches the original, Thomas and Gaomon’s professional relationship is retained, and Yoshi and Lalamon are useless friends forever.

Dialogue Deviation

Lalamon: Yoshino’s always really lazy! She doesn’t clean up her room, she doesn’t fold her laundry, she has bad sleeping habits and– *gets flattened by Yoshino*
Lalamon: Even friends can annoy each other! Yoshi’s great, but she’s bossy and messy! And you should see what she does with her toenail clippings–
Yoshi: STOP! *smashes Lalamon*


Section: Digimon Analyzer

Masaru’s old “friend” Katsumata becomes “Boomer” in the dub.

Image result for ok boomer
Side Note

So Grandpa Digivice sets up a fortune telling booth on the side of the street Marcus is walking on so he can tell him that the things he needs will show up when he least expects it.

Marcus, I need you to hear me on this: get a restraining order.

The further I get into the episode, the more it seems that the Elecmon in the dub is being malicious, as he’s acting of his own accord. The Japanese version just repeats what people say when they complain about the traffic lights, then makes it happen. Maybe the dub didn’t want that childlike personality coming through if Marcus was just going to punch it to death anyway.

Dialogue Deviation

Satsuma: Where is Masaru?
Megumi: I can’t contact him!
Satsuma: No choice then. You two [Yoshino and Lalamon] get there right away.
Sampson: Where’s Marcus?
Megumi: I can’t get ahold of him!
Sampson: Alright, it’s up to you two, then. Head out now.

I love that Satsuma recognizes that he’s only sending Yoshi and Lalamon due to a lack of other options. XD

Unintelligible murmuring from the crowd
Bystander: Oh man! I still can’t believe no one was seriously injured!

That’s because this part of town is Power Rangers’ abandoned warehouse district. The monsters attack here on purpose so no one gets hurt.

While the dub keeps the scene of the car on fire, they add in firefighters talking about getting the fire put out. The original scene had no dialogue.

Side Note

Neither version addresses where Thomas has been this whole time. No dialogue or acknowledgement of him until he just pops out of the vehicle Yoshino’s driving.

Even he looks a little bewildered by the whole thing.

Dialogue Deviation

Yoshino: This is the worst…
Yoshi: Alright, let’s do this.

Definitely thinking the dub is trying to establish her as the field leader.

Kudamon: It’s a pity GeoGreymon isn’t there.
Kudamon: And GeoGreymon would have been perfect to battle him.

This is the closest the anime ever gets to addressing Digimon types and their effects in battle. BlackGarurumon (both versions just say Garurumon, though the original includes “Garurumon (Black)” as a label) is a virus type. Both Gaogamon and Sunflowmon are Data types, putting them at a disadvantage against it (and let’s face it, even if it were a Vaccine, what would Sunflowmon accomplish anyway?). The reason Kudamon says GeoGreymon would have been “perfect” for the battle is because he’s a Vaccine, which beats Virus in the paper-rock-scissors type structure.

Yoshino: Don’t be absurd!
Masaru: Even if I am, I’ll use it to cut a new path! That’s what a man does!
Yoshi: Are you kidding?! You’ll be toast!
Marcus: An ultimate fighter never quits! Let’s go, you overgrown puppy!

You might want to rethink that motto, Marcus…

Again, I don’t mind them adapting Marcus’ character to English (since in the West, a lot of his “this is what a man does” speeches come off as cringe), but the ultimate fighter stuff is just goofy.

Yoshino: That Masaru… facing off a Digimon on his own. How rash can he be?
Yoshi: Just great. Chasing something we may not be able to catch to save someone who doesn’t want to be saved!

Is it weird that I like Yoshi better than Yoshino? Her dialogue comes off as more realistic, and her bitter sarcasm toward Marcus is kind of refreshing. And unlike Yoshino, she seems like she has the attitude of an actual law-enforcer.

Masaru: Don’t underestimate me!
Marcus: WOOF.

Marcus is a furry? *adds to notes*

Side Note

Originally, Masaru’s flashback only contained voice, not sound effects. The dub adds the sound of Agumon’s Pepper Breath explosion to the scene, as well as the sound of Tortomon crashing through the wall.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

GeoGreymon’s Horn Impulse is retained.

Side Note

Oh my Gennai! YAY my favorite episode is next!

Final Verdict

Total Footage Kept: 100%

Any other season would have covered way more of the episode with impact screens and the like. This season still does it, but far less frequently (to the point of it being inconsistent). But don’t worry, next episode is all about censorship.

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