Digimon Adventure S02E15

Shurimon’s Martial Arts (JP)
Big Trouble in Little Edo (EN)

Original Writer: Atsushi Maekawa
Dub Writer: Rebecca Olkowski*

Original Airdates:
July 16, 2000 (JP)
November 4, 2000 (EN)

*I guess “Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz” went on vacation?

Section: Summary

Yolei suggests that the group travel to the Digital World since she needs time away from her family. They agree, but find that Ken has been busy, having taken over dozens of zones since their last visit. The group arrives in a town that resembles the Edo period to find themselves swarmed by Mushroomon and Floramon, all under Ken’s control. The group escapes when they run into the Gekomon, who lead them to ShogunGekomon’s palace. Unfortunately, they’re followed by Ninjamon, who wants do duel Shurimon for the title of Hokage or something like that.

Ninjamon attaches a Dark Spiral to ShogunGekomon, but the kids can’t remove it. TK and Kari lure ShogunGekomon to the Control Spire and trick him into blowing it up, releasing all the lesser Digimon from Ken’s control. Meanwhile, Shurimon is challenged by Ninjamon, and the two duel. Though the Dark Ring comes off during the duel, the two continue their fight, with Shurimon coming out victorious after snapping Ninjamon’s sword. He then joins the others and their combined attacks destroy the Dark Spiral.

Dialogue Deviation

Oddly, it’s the dub recap that mentions that Digitamamon’s Dark Spiral was destroyed. In the original, the recap ends when Hawkmon becomes Shurimon, offering no resolution on Digitamamon’s fate.

Wormmon: Ken-Chan, you’re taking over this area too?
Wormmon: Those kids can forget this area. It’s all yours, Boss!

[Guy throwing laptop gif here] Can someone please tell me Wormmon’s alignment in all of this? Jeez.

Side Note

Oh look, it’s that satellite dish from last season!

Pictured: still not a satellite dish.

Daisuke’s parents are watching something with a laugh track or a live studio audience. In the dub, that effect is left out. It seems like a minor thing, but the laughter from the TV masks the laughter from the bathroom while DemiVeemon is getting a bath from Davis.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

I guess this technically qualifies. The original refers to the character as Ichijouji Ken, per usual. The news snippet in the dub, however, calls him Kenneth Ichijouji, which I’ve not heard in the original to this point.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, the anchor says the police believe Ken is in trouble, and are continuing their search. In the dub, the police believe he plotted his own disappearance, which actually fits better with the note he left on his computer. So either the original news cast is being polite and/or not doing their research, or the Ichijoujis kept the note a secret from the police.

Side Note

In the original, Miyako’s dad changes the channel to some kind of action show, which continues to play in the background as he tells her to go to bed. In the dub, the channel changes, then the TV is turned off entirely so the sound stops which doesn’t make any sense.

Why does Yolei’s brother dry his hair in the living room? And where is that thing plugged into?

Note that what Yolei claimed to be typing is nothing like what she actually typed.

Dialogue Deviation

Cody: Yolei’s brother needs us!

That is not what anyone said. Aren’t you supposed to be the smart one?

Daisuke: Lights out!
Davis: Better snooze!
DemiVeemon: Or we’ll lose!

Side Note

The D-Terminal beeps a lot for no reason in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Geckomon ends his sentences with “-gecko” as a verbal tic. There’s no equivalent in English, though they give him this weird habit of making a slobbering noise every time he has to make an “s” sound, like he’s Sylvester the Cat.

Side Note

The music during the Geckomon sequence is accompanied by traditional Japanese music. I don’t know anything about music so I asked Grynestyr, Logicae’s resident music expert. He says the music uses a koto, which gives it that easily-identified classic Japanese sound.

The dub uses the normal stock music.

Dialogue Deviation

While the Lord of the area (name is coming in a bit) babbles incoherently in the original, the dub version has him expositing about the Digimon Emperor taking over the territory.

Side Note

Oi, I’m changing headings with every note at this point. I’m starting to get whiplash.

The Dark Rings descending from the Control Spire are accompanied by the sound of thunder in the dub for some inexplicable reason.

Dialogue Deviation

Hikari: Since he made Agumon Dark-Evolve, he hasn’t faced us.
Kari: I know one thing: he’s not afraid of us, or he wouldn’t keep fighting after losing all those battles.

The point of the scene is that Ken has retreated entirely into his work and isn’t going after the kids, instead focused solely on expanding his empire. The dub says the exact opposite because… shut up.

Hawkmon: It’s like the place we saw on TV last night.
Hawkmon: It’s reminiscent of the Samurai Era, back in ancient Japan.

Weird flex to have Hawkmon just know that, but kudos to him, I guess.

Hikari: The Kyoto Uzumasa Studio?
Miyako: Isn’t it like an old Edo town?
Iori: No, without a doubt, it’s the Digital World.
Kari: It could be a film set from an old TV show!
Yolei: My dad watched one of those last night!
Cody: I think this is definitely the Digital World!

Why was that in question? Seriously, you kids just passed through the Digital Gate on purpose to come here, and you thought you time-traveled or ended up in Hollywood somehow?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Floramon! A Child-level Digimon with a flower-like face. Her special attack, Allergy Shower, sends a pollen storm.

Oh god those voices are awful. I think I’m allergic.

Narrator: Mushmon! A Child-level Digimon shaped like a poisonous mushroom. With his special attack Poison Smash, he throws mushroom-shaped bombs.
Mushroomon: We’re Mushroomon! You definitely don’t want us in your veggie omelette! We may be cute as buttons, but our Fungus Cruncher will leave you scratching your head!

Yeah, I’m scratching my head now. Fungus Cruncher? And who thinks Mushroomon are cute?

V-Mon’s second attack, Boom Boom Punch is unadapted. He just shouts stuff like, “Move it! Coming through!” and such.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: 4 seconds. Patamon slaps a Floramon, Armadimon attacks a Mushmon with Scratch Beat.

Dialogue Deviation

Floramon: Allergy Shower!
Floramon: You’re not match for me, Gatomon!

Gatomon: Do I know you?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

I do not remember this attack… weird.

Tailmon’s Cat’s Eye becomes Gatomon’s Cat’s Eye Hypnotism.

Section: Inconsistency

Hawkmon’s Feather Slash, which was previously localized as Beak Buzzsaw, gets called “Hawk Beam” here for some reason.

Side Note

Beautifully seamless.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Igamon! An Adult-level Digimon who roams the Digital World training. His special attack is a powerful shuriken strike, the Iga Style Shuriken Throw!
Hawkmon: I should’ve known! That dart belongs to Ninjamon! He’ll attack at the most inappropriate moment! He’s a rather vulgar Digimon if you ask me!

We didn’t ask you. Also, it’s a shuriken, not a dart.

Section: Inconsistency

Armadimon’s Scratch Beat, previously localized as Claw Chop is called “Diamond Shell” in this episode.

Side Note

The chase scene was more comical in the original. The dub played it straight for a change.

The original plays a neat low-key version of the theme song.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, the Gekomon and Otamamon live there normally, so I guess their trip to that forest a few episodes back was just a vacation, or a shopping run? In the dub, they’re hiding out there after what happened, which is impressive that they built such a fancy palace in such a short time.

Like the Geckomon, the Otamamon end their sentences with “-tama.”

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub adds an establishing shot of the Geckomon palace after the commercial break.

Dialogue Deviation

V-Mon: Piece of cake! Easy as a V!
Veemon: Most of them would rather toss a salad!

Your MOM would rather toss a s– never mind.

Miyako appears to have a more significant reaction to the earthquake. Maybe she has a phobia? In the dub, it’s played down as the quake reminding her of how her brother wakes her up in the morning.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: TonosamaGekomon! As his name implies, he’s the lord of the Geckomon, a Perfect-level Digimon! His special attack is a super low-frequency blast from his horns, the Samurai Tone.
TK: I’ve seen him in action before! ShogunGekomon is an Ultimate Digimon! You may think he just toots his horn, but he can play a note so flat, it’ll flatten everything around him!

I see TK’s brain is still being eaten. He wasn’t present when they fought ShogunGekomon in Princess Karaoke, instead spending time with Matt and Izzy at the end of No Questions, Please.

Despite this, the dub does manage to correct an error from last season. While his name was localized on the Analyzer as “ShogunGekomon,” the characters all called him “Shogunmon” for some reason, like the “Geko” part was silent or something.

SHOGUNGEKOMON | Digimon, Baseball cards, Cards

The prefix for his Japanese name, “Tonosama” refers to a feudal lord. “Shogun” is closer than it seems, since politically, Shogun (military commanders) tended to have more power than the Emperor did in Japan’s feudal days.

Side Note

Is “The Samurai Tone” just a fancy name for the Brown Note?

I was playing both versions at the same time to check for differences in evolution sequence length, and the American version kept jumping ahead, and I kept having to resynch after each sequence. I think the dub is making microcuts to the footage to try and get ahead of something.

Section: Inconsistency

The Mushroomon shout “Laughing Smasher” when they attack because no one cared at this point in the dub.

Side Note

Ninjamon’s voice is so unnecessarily bad.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: 9 seconds, then 1 second. Part of the battle between Shurimon and Igamon is cut for no reason I can deduce. The first nine seconds are here:

Then after Yolei talks, they cut Igamon’s attack.

Section: Inconsistency

Then the dub starts the battle with this shot:

…making you wonder where that shuriken dart came from.

Dialogue Deviation

Miyako: Shurimon!
Yolei: Hey, you’re supposed to win this!


Section: Digimon Analyzer

Like last season, TonosamaGekomon’s Samurai Tone becomes ShogunGekomon’s Musical Fist.

Shurimon (original) yells out some techniques I’m not certain are actual moves. In the dub, he just quips.

Dialogue Deviation

Davis calls TK “T.I.”

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: 9 seconds. Some of the fight between Igamon and Shurimon is removed yet again.

Just this once, I made you a video. Enjoy.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Igamon’s Iga Style Cloning Technique goes unnamed in the dub.

Shurimon’s Leaf Hiding becomes Ninja Wind in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Daisuke: But I said it was a joke! Hikari-chan, I was just kidding!
Davis: I’m so sensitive I use a special toothpaste so my teeth don’t hurt when I eat ice cream!

Side Note

Ah, it wasn’t until his last line of the episode that I recognized ShogunGekomon’s VA. He’s Bob Papenbrook, and I mostly know him as Rito Revolto from the third season of Power Rangers.

Final Verdict

Total Footage Lost: 14 seconds

…plus whatever we lost on the evolution sequences. All in all, it’s not bad by Zero-Two dub standards, even if many of the cuts didn’t make sense. My video for Zero-Two clocks in at just under 20 minutes. Was the show crafted with extended commercial breaks in mind, so they had to just make cuts for time? Most episodes of shows run for 22 minutes.

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