Digimon Adventure S02E06

Dangerous Picnic (JP)
Family Picnic (EN)

Original Writer: Yoshio Urasawa
Dub Writers: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Airdates:
May 7, 2000 (JP)
September 2, 2000 (EN)

Gear’s Notes: Given how badly my family events go, I have to wonder if maybe the two titles are actually both true.

But yay! It’s a Mimi episode with Daisuke in it! I can’t wait to see what the dub does with that! T_T

Section: Summary

The kids plan to take advantage of a day off to have a picnic in the Digital World. They sneak into the school to access the Gate, but are caught by Mimi, who returned to Japan for a short time. She’s invited on their picnic, but she and Yolei get separated from the rest of the group and attacked by Otamamon and Geckomon, all of whom have been hit with Dark Rings. Palmon comes to their rescue, but they’re attacked by the Roachmon Brothers.

Halsemon and Yolei distract the brothers while Mimi and Palmon use spotlights to blind them. They crash into and destroy the Control Spire, allowing Palmon to Digivolve to Togemon and defeat them. Togemon stays in that area, vowing to protect it from the Emperor’s machinations.

Dialogue Deviation

I was going to type out all of TK’s narration with the emphasis capitalized like before, but that is so much work.

Upbeat music and plane landing sound effects
Flight Attendant: Attention, passengers! East-Meets-West airlines welcomes you to Tokyo! Again, we apologize for the pilot stepping out for popcorn during the in-flight movie!

I feel like I could dedicate half the length of one of these comparisons to deconstructing everything that makes that joke not funny.

I won’t, but I could. Remember that.

Upbeat music and luggage sound effects
Security Officer over PA: Would the owner of the gray 747 parked outside the window please return to the cockpit? Your lights are on.

…same comment as above.

Mimi: I haven’t been to Japan in so long. [changes time zone on Digivice] It’s still morning. Alright… [yawns] I’m so sleepy!
Mimi: It’s so bright out and I’m wide awake! What time is it? 8:54 in the morning?! I’m still on New York time! I better change my watch. [changes time zone on Digivice] There. Now I’m caught up. [yawns] I’m so exhausted!

So in case you didn’t pick it up from just the text rendition, Mimi was wide awake until she changed the time on her Digivice, and then immediately became sleepy.

Also, Mimi, that’s your Digivice. It’s not a watch, it doesn’t order pizza, you can’t get Donkey Madness on it, it’s a DIGIVICE.

This is going to be a loooong episode.

Side Note

Chibimon’s voice is so much cuter in the original. DemiVeemon just sounds like Veemon, just slightly higher pitched.

In the original, Daisuke’s alarm clock is going off throughout the entire scene and he can’t hear it. In the dub, there’s no alarm clock going off.

Dialogue Deviation

Daisuke: My stomach kinda hurts…
Davis: Next time I tell you to wake me up, be a little quieter so I can get some sleep.

Yay. Mimi and Davis… same episode… yay…

In the dub, Cody’s dialogue is mostly accurate during the “Where’s Upamon” scene, but he adds in that if his mom finds Upamon, she’ll think he’s a rodent.

Also, not sure why, but the Ode to Joy is playing in Iori’s apartment.

In the original, Iori’s mom is making Kanpyōmaki, a kind of sushi that uses a gourd called Kanpyō in place of fish. In the dub, Cody says it’s just sushi. And that’s fine. At least it wasn’t a brownie, or pudding, or a corn dog, or donuts…

Side Note

While packing her backpack, Hikari hums Break Up!, the evolution theme for the season. Kari just talks about making Gatomon a soft bed in her backpack.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Patamon (inside Takeru’s backpack) complains that Takeru nearly forgot him and almost left him at home. In the dub, TK actually calls out for Patamon loudly (good job keeping it a secret) and Patamon’s complaint is that TK’s gym socks from yesterday are in the bag with him.

Miyako: Three with tuna-mayo, two with bonito, one orange drinklike I said, this is for the Computer Club picnic.
Miyako’s mother: Three tuna-mayo, two bonito, one orange drink… and where are you going?
Yolei: I think I’m packed. Besides the usual, I’ll be taking potato salad, macaroni salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, fruit salad, and three-bean salad.
Yolei’s mother: Actually it’s only two-bean salad today. I’m out of the third bean.

This is the official joke of the Digimon US English dub. I’m not kidding, they make this joke across multiple seasons and for some reason they think it’s hilarious.

Miyako: Add two jam buns… I told you we haven’t decided yet.
Miyako’s mother: That’s kind of suspicious.
Miyako: No it’s not! <beat> Bye mom!
Miyako’s mother: Miyako!
Yolei’s mother: That’s an awful lot of food for one girl to have for lunch.
Yolei: I told you, I’m having a picnic with the computer club today. Sooooooo I offered to bring salad for everyone!
Yolei’s mother: And who’s paying for it?
Yolei: Yeah, I need to talk to you about that. <beat> Talk to you later! *runs*
Yolei’s mother: Yolei, wait!

Is it one of those individualistic vs collectivist cultural things that the dub is the only one concerned with the cost of Yolei’s snacks? The original either doesn’t mention it, or implies she just has to work hard at the store in exchange.

Poromon: Miyako-san!
Miyako: Oh no! Poromon, are you okay?
Poromon: I’m fine, but please try to be gentle!
Miyako: Sorry! Sorry!
Takeru: What are you doing, Miyako-san?
Iori: Come on, let’s go!
Poromon: Yolei, hurry! Open up! Open up! This is an emergency!
Yolei: What’s the matter, Poromon?
Poromon: Sitting on this coleslaw’s getting a little messy! And what’s in here that has such a foul smell?!
Yolei: Deviled eggs!
Poromon: PU!
TK: Poromon’s right, I can smell them from all the way over here!
Yolei: I guess the mayonnaise has gone bad!

So everything but the salads are “the usual” according to Yolei, so her daily lunch is day-old deviled eggs and coleslaw? Ick. She must be popular to sit next to in the lunch room.

At some point between scenes, Yolei stopped at a drinking fountain to give Poromon a bath.

Davis keeps telling everyone to crouch loudly while they’re sneaking around. Yolei says it’s Saturday and there’s no one around, so she refuses to crouch, and Cody points out he’s so short that he doesn’t need to. In the original, they’re sneaking because it’s a school holiday and no one is allowed on campus.

So why are the doors not locked?

Side Note

In the dub, a school bell goes off while they’re sneaking. Saturday school? In Japan, up until 2002, students had to go to school on Saturdays. So… they were wrong, but it wasn’t really their fault? Though we still don’t see anyone on campus and yeah I see your eyes glazing over, let’s move on.

Dialogue Deviation

Daisuke: Miyako, let’s go.
Davis: Hey, I wonder if the Digital World is open on Saturdays!

Yes, but only by appointment.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Tachikawa Mimi! She resides in the US East Coast and came here to attend her cousin’s wedding!
Mimi: I’m Mimi! I’ve set my sights on success in the fashion world in New York City! Don’t think I’m just a strawberry-blonde beauty who knows she’s beautiful!

I don’t know why Mimi got a Digimon Analyzer screen, but okay…

What’s weird is that the Analyzer screens are identical in both the Japanese and English versions, but the dub still redoes it in a slightly different font.

Dialogue Deviation

Miyako: Sora-san told us about you!
Mimi: Was it something weird?
Miyako: …bingo.
Mimi: What’s with that?
Daisuke: We’re the Chosen Children now.
Mimi: Looks like it. Patamon and Tailmon look well, too.
Yolei: Hi, Mimi! Sora told us all about you!
Mimi: I spoke to her! She told me about you, too!
Davis: Hi, Mimi. My name’s Davis, but you can call me… uh, Davis.
Mimi: Yeah, she definitely told me about you.

You have no room to talk Mimi. No room.

Miyako: You should come too, Mimi-san!
Mimi: My cousin’s wedding is tomorrow. Do you think that would be alright?
Yolei: Maybe Mimi can come with us!
Mimi: I haven’t been there in so long. Do you think it would be okay?

What, did your Digi-Passport expire?

In the original, Daisuke points out that Miyako can’t make the decision to let Mimi join by herself, but Iori, Takeru, and Hikari agree that she should come. In the dub, Davis says they don’t have enough soda for an extra person, but Cody, TK, and Kari all donate their sodas to Mimi, leading Davis to comment that now no one else has anything to drink.

Side Note

While travelling through the Digi-Gate, the Power Rangers’ DigiDestined’s backpacks appear, neatly color coordinated with their outfits.

Section: Inconsistency

In both versions, Mimi acts like she’s never heard of the Digimon Kaiser/Emperor, even though Hikari/Kari e-mailed her about it per the second episode.

Dialogue Deviation

Both Mimis say that their teams would have never thought to have a picnic in the Digital World, but dub Mimi adds it’s because they’d be worried about “giant-sized digital ants.”

In the original, Miyako reveals that it’s Golden Week in Japan. Golden Week is a string of holidays all concentrated at the end of April and the beginning of May. It’s kinda like Spring Break, except with enough cultural impact that adults often get the week off, too. In the dub, it’s just Saturday.

And what a coincidence that this comparison was released on the first day of Golden Week 2020! Seriously, we didn’t plan that at all, I’m as shocked as you are.

In both versions, Miyako/Yolei offers Mimi a rice ball. In the original, it’s tuna-mayo. In the dub it’s… a chocolate-covered… rice… ball.

That doesn’t look like the right color…

And it makes a disturbingly loud crunch in the dub when Mimi bites into it. O_o

(After Armadimon throws the food to Hawkmon but misses)

Hawkmon: M-my kanpyōmaki!
Iori: <to Armadimon> My mother made this food, you shouldn’t treat it like that!
Armadimon: Iori… sorry.
Hawkmon: OHHH! Come back, little sushi!
Yolei: Wait, Hawkmon, come back! It’s just a California Roll!
Hawkmon: Yes, but it’s rolling all the way back to California!

I admit that joke made me laugh as a kid.

In the original, the Geckomon and Otamamon are just chattering and not really saying anything. In the dub, they’re chanting “Princess Mimi! Princess Mimi!”

Section: Cut or moved footage

When the Geckomon and Otamamon leap towards Mimi, Hawkmon, and Miyako, the shot pans up to the dark sky with their screaming echoing in the distance. Then it cuts to commercial. In the dub, the shot of the sky is removed. I won’t try to speculate on the impetus for this cut.

I guess we should just be grateful that Davis and Mimi don’t share that many scenes.

Dialogue Deviation

Palmon shouts “Poison Ivy!” in the dub. She doesn’t call her attack in the original.

I’d recognize that itchy face rash anywhere!

(both are crying tears of joy)
Mimi: It felt like you were calling me, Palmon!
Palmon: I also knew you’d come to the Digital World somehow… You came to help us, right?
Mimi: No, to picnic.
(music stops, screen freezes, Palmon pushes Mimi away)
Palmon: The forest is under the Digimon Kaiser’s rule, and the Otamamon and Geckomon have Evil Rings on them… and you came to picnic?!
Mimi: Oh, I’m so happy to see you!
Palmon: I’m happy too!
Mimi: Ohhhh I’ve never been this happy my whole life!
Palmon: I’ve never known what happiness was until today!
(more crying)
Hawkmon: Please stop it. If you get any happier, I’ll start to cry.
Mimi: I’m caught in your vines!
Palmon: I’m caught in your hair!
Mimi: On three. One, two, three! (both push away from each other)
Palmon: Enough reminiscing, Mimi, we’ve got trouble! This area is called the Night Forest, and the Digimon Emperor has taken control of all the Geckomon and the Otamamon!

While Hawkmon’s voice actor in the dub is a lot less dignified-sounding, he certainly knows how to deliver a joke. In both versions the jokes are kinda dumb.

Dub Mimi says that destroying the Control Spire and freeing the Digimon should be easy compared to getting a taxi in New York.

In the original, the group is calling for Hawkmon, Miyako, and Mimi when Daisuke picks up Miyako’s signal on his Digivice. In the dub…

Davis: Hawkmon! Yolei! Where are you?!
Everyone else: Hawkmon! Yolei! Where are you?!
Davis: Haw–huh?! This place has some echo!
Kari: Oh boy.

TK: She MUST be nearBY! But in WHICH diRECtion?!

Gonna take a random stab at this TK, but probably…

…that way. What with the built-in radar and all.

Kaiser: Looks like this will be a fun Golden Week.
Emperor: What a wonderful way to spend a relaxing weekend… removing unwanted weeds from my garden.

Ugh, I feel like I need a shower after that line read.

Gokimon Brothers: Hey, ladies! What’s got you down?
Roachmon Brothers: No answer?! We didn’t even hear the question!

Side Note

Hawkmon and Palmon both shout “It’s the Roachmon Brothers!” in unison, but the line read sounds so weird. It’s almost like the two voices are just anathema to one another and it hits your ear wrong.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Gokimon! These insect Digimon have an endless power to survive! They’re nimble and masters at running away. Their special attack is Dream Dust!
Roachmon1: Hi, I’m Roachmon!
Roachmon2: And I’m his twin brother, Roachmon!
Roachmon1: I use my Garbage Dump attack to trash my enemies!
Roachmon2: And I use my Yard Sale Bombs to wipe out my enemies and clean out my garage!

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, the Gokimon Brothers want to go on a date with Yolei and Mimi, but are offended when they react with disgust and horror. In the dub, they bicker about how many kids there were supposed to be.

The Gokimon Brothers get along very well and each urges the other to take out the Chosen Children. In the dub, they argue and bicker over whose plan is better.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Dream Dust is localized as both Garbage Dump and Yard Sale Bombs. Garbage Dump is just the low-power trash that buries Yolei and Mimi. Yard Sale Bombs are the part of the attack that drop pianos, shelves, and refrigerators from the sky. In the original, it’s all one attack.

Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: This is just garbage!
Mimi: This is a designer blouse!

Oh, Mimi…

Side Note

In both versions, Mimi asks Palmon to Evolve, but she says she can’t as long as the Dark Tower/Control Spire is up. I’m curious to know how she knows that, since the other Digimon had no idea that the Control Spires were linked to Digivolution until they accidentally discovered it, and apparently no one’s been in contact with Palmon for a while.

Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: Miyako-chan… you look kinda cool!
Mimi: Wow! That Armor Digivolution is so fashionable!


They call Red Sun/Eagle Eye “Tempest Wing” again.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Gokimon Brothers Kick becomes Roachmon Flyswatter in the dub.

Gokimon Brothers Chop and Gokimon Brothers Crash both become Roachmon Exterminate in the dub.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub cuts four seconds where the Roachmon actually crash into the Control Spire.

My first thought was, “They cut a scene of something flying into a tower.” My second thought was, “Wait, this aired in 2000, well before that happened.” Then my third thought was, “Did they edit this in later broadcasts and I’m watching one of the newer ones?” Then my fourth thought was, “I don’t really care that much.”

Side Note

Still gonna harp about the fact that Brave Heart playing offers a nostalgia trip for Japanese viewers while Digimon Are The Champions offers a trip to the bathroom at best.

Ugh, and that Digivice screeching.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Four seconds lost to this cut.

I’m starting to think my “later broadcasts getting cut” theory is right. It’s bolstered by another change that I swear was made in the first broadcast of a later (also Mimi-focused) episode, but I’ll talk about that when we get there.

Dialogue Deviation

Kaiser: I’m going home.
Wormmon: Ken-chan. If you only grew up a little…
Emperor: I’m going home. Lock up when you’re done!
Wormmon: About time. Now I can watch my Saturday cartoons.

I don’t recommend the second season of Digimon: Digital Monsters. It’s not very good.

In both versions, the Gokimon/Roachmon Bros. start arguing like mad when the Dark Rings are removed. It’s comical in the Japanese version because it means the Rings were causing them to get along and be very gracious to one another. In the dub, their personalities were just the same, whether under Ken’s control or not. Mimi and Miyako say with a bit of guilt that maybe they were better off under the Kaiser’s control. Mimi and Yolei, on the other hand, muse that they’d be better off if their parents hadn’t had kids at all.

Miyako: This can’t be!
Yolei: Hey, here come Davis and the others!

Note that her facial expression doesn’t make sense in the dub:

Total Footage Lost: 8 seconds.

A few days after writing out this comparison, I went back to Speedwagon’s original comparison of this episode that he wrote in 1897 and those 9/11 cuts weren’t listed, meaning he was working off a different set of videos, or he somehow missed all those cuts, which I’m not inclined to think. I’ve seen comments online that are consistent with the notion that after 9/11, shots of Control Spires crumbling were cut, but I haven’t seen an official source yet. If the trend continues, I won’t be showing images every time it happens, mostly because it’s a recurring thing in Zero-Two, and that will be a lot of cuts.

As for the episode itself, it could have been a lot worse. This episode was actually an improvement over the last two with far less censorship (though that could be attributed to there being less violence in this episode), the dialogue was closer in most places, and Mimi’s characterization, while still not as competent as the original’s, is at least consistent with Season 1’s characterization.

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  • DarthSanguine says:

    You’re right about the scenes being removed as a result of 9/11 – I have season two on DVD, and the scenes aren’t cut. It must’ve just been cut from TV broadcasts.

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