Digimon Adventure S02E07

Hikari’s Memory (JP)
Guardian Angel (EN)

Original Writer: Atsushi Maekawa
Dub Writers: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buccholz

Original Airdates:
May 14, 2000 (JP)
September 9, 2000 (EN)

Gear’s Notes: I usually prefer to use a non-titlecard image to represent the episode, but I really like this one a lot. That photo they took at the end of the first season is very important not just to the show, but to sequels like Tri as well.

Section: Summary

The DigiDestined attack a domed city in hopes of taking down its Control Spire. Unfortunately, the city is filled with Gardromon, mechanized Digimon sporting Dark Rings. With their greater numbers and heavy artillery, they’re able to force the DigiDestined into retreat. Unfortunately, while most of them are able to get away, the DigiGate is destroyed by a Gardromon before Kari and Gatomon can escape.

TK and Davis warp to an adjacent zone to save her while Yolei and Cody run to play interference with their families. Matt spins a story to explain Davis’ disappearance, but his sister Jun sees through his lie and blackmails him into a date.

TK and Davis approach the dome, which is guarded by a single Gardromon. Because they’re in an area without a Control Spire, Patamon Digivolves to Angemon and takes out the guard, only to revert once entering the dome. The two go on a scouting mission with Pegasusmon and Flamedramon, managing to find Kari just as Nefertimon is shot out of the sky. Digmon and Halsemon appear to help as well, but they’re beset upon by Andromon – the same Andromon the kids knew from years ago. Also wearing a Dark Ring, he attacks the team, knocking out the Armor Digimon with a single hit due to his superior level and strength. But Kari reaches out to Andromon and with a burst of light from her Digivice, his memories are restored and he breaks the Dark Ring off his own neck.

Section: Cut or moved footage

What I can only assume was an image of a Control Spire crumbling in the last episode recap was replaced with a still image of an intact spire.

Side Note

In that same recap in the English version, they weirdly cut the end shot so it looks like it repeats itself. Probably just overlooked, but basically Yolei and Mimi turn to look at each other, then the image snaps back to them facing the camera and turning again.

The English theme song in this episode is missing its sound effects track. This happens sometimes in both seasons (and possibly in Tamers too, I don’t remember), so it’s just the song without all the screeching and explosions.

Dialogue Deviation

The dubbed Digimon shout “Rosetta Stone,” “Tempest Wing,” and “Star Shower” when they attack the Control Spire. In the original, they don’t say anything.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Jeez, these 9/11 cuts are weird. The attacks strike the control spire in the dub and… do nothing. You hear the explosion, the kids celebrate, but… nothing.

Don’t get me wrong – I love all of you. Just not enough to synchronize these shots so they are the exact same length.

If I want to finish these comparisons before the 100th anniversary of the series, I need to stop pointing these cuts out each time they happen, but… jeez, they really have some weird effects on the show.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, the narrator opens by explaining that the Chosen Children have been taking out Dark Towers since the end of the previous episode. Koushirou is then giving orders to the others, tactically deploying their forces. In the dub, rather than giving orders, Izzy’s just… sitting at a computer narrating. Telling his invisible friend what the other DigiDestined are doing for some reason. Guess he picked it up from Tentomon’s tendency to narrate from afar.

In the original (jeez, I start a lot of sentences that way), the group mentions that a few of them can’t come back the next day due to obligations. In the dub (and I start just as many sentences that way), they’re discussing a strategy to break one more Spire before going home. The facial expressions don’t match at all, though, since it makes it seem like Matt is jealous of Tai and Greymon, and Tai’s oddly happy that Greymon’s too far away from a Control Spire to wreck it. Weird.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Guardromon! An Adult Digimon with extremely high defense. His special attack is Destruction Grenade.

And based on that alone, I’m sure we’re getting plenty of 9/11 cuts.

That said, I honestly got confused when loading the images into this comparison. I thought “Gardromon” was the Romanization, since I’ve always seen it spelled “Guardromon” in English materials. But that’s not the case. Weird.

Dialogue Deviation

Daisuke: What’s with these guys?!
Miyako: They keep coming and coming… do they ever stop?!
Davis: There must be a hundred of them!
Yolei: Wow, you counted that high without even taking off your shoes and socks!


Originally, Iori suggests they retreat and regroup. In the dub, it’s TK. Yolei adds in that they “can talk to Izzy!” as if that will help somehow. I dunno, maybe having their actions narrated back at them will help them contextualize the problem or something.

At least when Takeru eventually says they should talk to Koushirou, that makes a little more sense, especially when Hikari points out that Tentomon, who’s been scouting for them, might have new information for them.

Daisuke: Why are you guys being so weak?! The Dark Tower is right there!
Fladramon: I’m getting hungry…
Digmon: Me too…
[Both Devolve back to Child]
Davis: Are you guys out of your minds?! Quit now?! I’ve never been a quitter!
Flamedramon: I agree! Davis, let’s regroup!
[Digmon and Flamedramon revert to Rookie]

That scene makes ZERO sense in the dub. It sounds like Flamedramon is agreeing with Davis… by doing the exact opposite. Then they revert back to Rookie mid-battle for no reason whatsoever even though the fight is still ongoing and they’re still in danger.

Side Note

The amount of energy let off by the Digimon does not at all match the amount that is siphoned back into the D-Terminal.

Dialogue Deviation

[Guardromon blows up the TV, the kids land on their butts in the computer room]
Miyako: D-Did something just explode?!
Yolei: OUCH! Hey, shouldn’t we put pillows here if we’re gonna keep doing this?!

I admit, that was pretty funny.

Side Note

There was a citywide klaxon blaring in the original version. No such effect in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Hikari: …and sent.
Kari: I’ll send the others a message saying we’re okay. I don’t think this has spell check.

Oddly, the screen with her e-mail on it was not censored in the dub.

Tailmon/Gatomon reassures (Hi)kari that she can still Armor (Digi/E)volve in case there’s trouble. Hikari thanks her, but Kari says she should “save that for a special occasion.”

Subsequently, the Emperor’s new strategy was to put party hats on all the Gardromon so the Armor Digimon tire themselves out rising to the occasion.

Iori: Daisuke-san! It’s not Takeru-san’s fault!
Daisuke: Shut up kid!
Iori: Please don’t talk to me like that.
Daisuke: S-sorry.
Cody: Stop, it was no one’s fault! It just happened!
Davis: What do you know?! You’re a little kid!
Cody: Yeah, but I still know when someone’s being a jerk!
Davis: Augh, I guess that’s me.

Damn! It took one stern expression and a polite phrase, and Daisuke backed right down, stammering an apology. Badass.

And of course they had to make a running joke out of it.

Seriously, the only words you were in danger of misspelling were the ones you added apologizing for potential misspellings.

Dialogue Deviation

TK: I’ll be back soon!
Patamon: I’m going, too!

Was Patamon’s participation in question?

[Iori explains that they need to tell Taichi and the others about Hikari going missing and Takeru and Daisuke leaving so they can cover for their families.]
Miyako: You’re right… I’m the oldest, so I should know better.
[Cody explains that sometime “between the green salad and the green gelatin, their families are going to wonder where they are,” and they should tell Tai and the others.]
Yolei: Cody, I know you’re just a kid, but sometimes you have the wisdom of an old man of 20!

That terrifies me, having known many 20 year olds with the wisdom of 8 year olds.

Daisuke: The sun’s going down already. You can go home.
Takeru: It’s fine. My mother is coming home late today. Won’t your parents worry if you don’t go home?
Daisuke: They won’t care.
Davis: This was a great idea, crossing the desert without any water!
TK: Look, I didn’t ask for your help.
Davis: There’s the city!
TK: Looks like one of those things you shake and it starts snowing!

An avalanche?

One of the detriments to this being the first time I’ve watched this series in Japanese is that I can’t tell if Daisuke’s offhand comment about his parents not caring matters or not. It looks like foreshadowing for additional problems at home (he’d hinted at his issues with his sister a few episodes ago), but it’s left out in the dub. So if it does turn out to be important, I’ll be back with a scathing tirade. If it doesn’t… well, never mind.

The issue between Daisuke and Takeru is more subtle in the original, where they try to tell each other to go home, but kinda make it sound like it’s out of concern for one another, even if it’s not convincing and no one believes it. In the dub, they’re actively arguing with each other.

Side Note

Uh no, Daisuke, that’s tails. And why are you flipping an American coin?

In both versions it’s a trick coin, but the dub corrects it to a two-tailed coin, while the original says both sides are heads.

Dialogue Deviation

Takeru recognizes the trick coin because it’s sold at a local shop. TK recognizes it because he used to do the same thing to Matt.

Takeru: Let’s go together.
Daisuke: Alright.
TK: Let’s both go.
Davis: Okay, TM.

I can’t tell which is greater: Davis’ stupidity or his jerkitude.

Davis: Did you really use one of those coins on Matt?
TK: Yeah, that’s how I got all my baseball cards and his old guitar!

…I actually like that change. Makes TK a little more interesting, even if it doesn’t go anywhere.

Patamon: Why didn’t they do that from the beginning? How silly…
V-Mon: Don’t say that. He just wanted to look cool.
Patamon: TK and Davis sure argue a lot. How come?
Veemon: Something about Kari. Human girls make human boys act sorta weird.

And despite Kari wanting to save it for a special occasion, Nefertimon is flying them around the dome, looking for an exit.

Nile Jewelry is again mistranslated (or I guess, mis-localized) as Rosetta Stone.

Side Note

Friggin creepazoid.

Dialogue Deviation

Kaiser: I had a good idea… let’s test him.
Emperor: Since she’s… all alone…

Ugh, that line read made me want to take another shower. In HCl.

Wormmon: That code… not Perfect-Level!
Wormmon: Oh no you can’t! Anyone but him!

That line fails so badly. In either version, there’s no way for Ken to know about the group’s history with Andromon. So Wormmon’s line in the original encapsulates that his concern is that a Perfect-Level Digimon would be an incredibly brutal move at this point against a single Armor-Level target. In the dub, you could say he’s just pointing out the brutality of Andromon specifically… except he’s really not that brutal. It more comes off like Wormmon thinks its cruel to pit them against their friend… but Wormmon can’t possibly know that.

Side Note

Surprisingly, the Japanese text on the shopfront is unaltered in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Miyako’s Father: Miyako, when your brother or your sister gets back, can you ask them to watch the store?
Yolei’s Father: You know, Yolei, with all the snacks and drinks you take to give your friends, it’s a wonder this store shows any profit at all!

See my earlier note about the differences here. The dub always focuses on the money aspect. In the original, it’s all about her duty to the family.

Miyako: Okay, got it!
Yolei: Put it on my tab, Daddy!

[just getting out of the shower] Oh COME ON, I barely have any skin left to scrub! [grabs the lye]

In the original, Taichi tells Iori he doesn’t have to apologize for what happened to Hikari. In the dub, his concern over his sister doesn’t show at all, with Tai instead saying that he’ll take care of everything. His tone and word choice implies he’s more concerned with keeping Kari’s activities a secret, rather than her well-being.

Taichi: Hikari’s at a friend’s house playing. I’ll go pick her up!
Tai: Kari’s at a friend’s house doing a science project on gravity, and they need to see how long I can stand on my head. See ya!

Side Note

Did they really need to switch back to their school uniforms to leave the house?

Dialogue Deviation

Tai: …but first I have to make a stop by Davis’ apartment. I have to make up a story to tell his family that he’s gonna be a little late tonight.

Hopefully it’s better than the BS you tried to sell your mom.

Then again, this is a woman who makes beef jerky milkshakes, spinach cookies, and potato juice to wash it all down with, so I can’t say I’m surprised he’s not willing to put in much effort on that front.

In the original, Yamato suddenly remembers he was supposed to make dinner for his dad, but then decides to blow it off because his mission is more important. In the dub, he’s got Mimi on hold and rushes back to save her from a massive phone bill.

Iori: I called my house and said I would be late. What about you, Miyako-san?
Miyako: Well, I think my dad asked me to do something… oh, well. Let’s go.
Cody: I told my mom we were working on a rescue project. She said she’s glad we’re helping stray cats in the neighborhood.
Yolei: Yeah, my dad was just glad I left without filling up another bag!

Cody’s extreme guilt over lying to someone is the focus of an entire upcoming episode. Just… remember that.

Side Note

I swear, I’ll lay off this critique eventually, but Patamon’s evolution to Angemon is so much less amazing in the dub because they couldn’t come up with new Digivolution music to use for Armor Digivolving and it’s infuriating!

At least the new animation helps a little.

But then the music in the dub says “Digivolve… into Ultimate!” which is very clearly not what’s happening.

Brave Heart keeps playing after the evolution scene ends and… it’s hard to explain, but it just works better for making the scene into an event for longtime viewers. Not that it isn’t still cool in the dub (or it was when I was a kid), but the sheer impact the original has dwarfs the dub by a mile, and it’s all done through music. This is why I harp on this point so much.

The song ends just as Patamon loses his form due to the Control Spire… which is an interesting implication. The spires, and by extension the Black Digivice, not only stop Digimon from Digivolving, but also revert Digimon back to their natural evolution level. This means either the Digivolution is supported through constant connection with the Digivice (which seems to be refuted by dialogue in previous episodes where Garurumon and Togemon claim they’ll remain to guard those areas), or there’s a “natural level” Digimon are at, and any deviations from that are considered artificial and are reverted. That also means their evolution from In-Training to Rookie back in Season 1 was a natural evolution, and not a direct result of the Digivices, or that the Rookie level is a “hub” for these special Digimon.

Not sure about the Japanese version, but the dub never expounds on this.

Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: Alright! You were able to evolve normally!
TK: Angemon! Haven’t seen you in a while!

He talks like Patamon and Angemon are two completely different entities.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

When Angemon throws his staff, he remains silent in the original. In the dub, he’s given the attack Angel Rod. I’d complain that his mouth clearly wasn’t moving, but the Japanese version does that all the time with attack names, so there’s really no room to criticize.

Angemon’s page on the Digimon Wiki indicates this is a real attack called Holy Rod in Japanese. The attack was never named in the Anime before from my recollection.

Dialogue Deviation

Angemon: Hurry! Let’s go!
Angemon: I nailed him!

Nailed him. With your Holy Rod. [is shot]

Davis: Angemon and Angewomon?! […] One question: is there an AngeBabymon, too?

Daisuke: V-Mon! You have to become UltraAngemon! Do it! You have to! Put your mind to it!
V-Mon: But that’s impossible!
Takeru: Don’t tease him like that.
Davis: Veemon! Tell me right now if you can Digivolve into Ange-Something, too! AngeDinosaurmon?! AngeSoccerPlayermon?!
Veemon: I just don’t have it in me!
TK: He’s still got a lot to learn…

Yamato’s conversation with Jun goes the same in both versions, though the dub adds that people who lie tend to blink a lot. The scene cuts to Matt blinking and stammering. Either way, Yamato’s stuck going on a date with Jun.

Poromon: This is not a kanpyomaki!
Miyako: Don’t be selfish!
Poromon: How come he gets more candy than I do?!
Yolei: Stop complaining, there’s plenty more.


Iori: Yagami-san is here!
Taichi: Sorry I made you wait.
Cody: I brought some reinforcements!
Tai: Let’s get to work.

That’s your idea of reinforcements? The guy who stands on his head for science?

Wormmon: Please hold for the Digimon Emperor. Line one for you, Sir.

Halfway done…

Side Note

I should point out that while I typically prefer the direction and interpretation of the characters’ voices in the original, the performances in the dub aren’t bad, save for a few outliers. In particular, Steve Blum is fantastic as Flamedramon. Nefertimon, voiced by Edie Mirman, sounds great, too. I like her better as the evolved forms of Gatomon than the voice she uses for Gatomon herself.

But again, that’s direction, not acting. Acting issues result in stuff like TK’s weird staccato pronunciations.

Dialogue Deviation

Throughout the episode, the Gardromon (dub) talk more than the Guardromon (JP), calling their attack names and shouting things like “INTRUDER! DESTROY!” when their Japanese counterparts are silent.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Pegasmon’s Silver Blaze becomes Pegasusmon’s Equus Beam.

Image result for equus play
pew pew

Needle Rain is incorrectly localized as Star Shower again.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Andromon! A Perfect-level prototype cyborg Digimon. He uses his arms for his special attack, Spiral Sword.
Andromon: I am Andromon! I have one mission: seek out my enemy and destroy him with my Lightning Blade.

Dialogue Deviation


I mean, it’s hard to argue with that logic.

What the–? So, the attack called Fire Knuckle, which is a flaming punch, is Fire Rocket in the dub. But then the attack called Fire Rocket, which is a flaming lunge, becomes Flaming Fist?

Side Note

Weird animation error. It’s shows V-Mon reverting to V-Mon, as they reverted his model before they added the glow.

The dub adds a “BONK” sound when Veemon lands headfirst on the pavement.

Dialogue Deviation

V-Mon: It’s the first time I’ve seen such a strong attack!
Veemon: You’re kneeling on my tail…!

Patamon: I knew Perfect Level would be too strong!
Daisuke: Perfect Level? What’s that?
Patamon: I’ll have a large cheeseburger and an order of fries…
Davis: That didn’t work… so what now?!

Too bad important plot information isn’t as crucial as bad jokes!

Side Note

The absolute silence when Andromon is analyzing Hikari sends a very different message than the general “bad stuff is happening” dub music.

Dialogue Deviation

Andromon: Yes… everyone… we took a commemorative picture together…
Andromon: Faces… long ago… DigiDestined… I love jigsaw puzzles…


Section: Digimon Analyzer

Consistent with the first season, Andromon’s Gatling Missile becomes Gatling Attack.

Section: Cut or moved footage
Dialogue Deviation

Andromon: And then… we will protect this city so the Digimon Kaiser will never have his way again.
Andromon: Actually, one I reprogram the Gardromon I’llstayheretoprotectthemincase the Digimon Emperor returns!

Breathe, Andromon.


This episode brought to you by

Image result for summer's eve

Koushirou: Yamato-san told me what happened. I checked the gate sensor on my computer and found the gate was still open. If a teacher found out and turned off the power, what would you have done?!
Taichi: Hey, let’s leave it at that. You just wanted to come too, didn’t you?
Koushirou: Taichi-san!
Izzy: Matt just called and told me what had happened with Kari. And I’m really upset that you guys have left me out of the loop! Cody called Tai for help, and Tai called Matt. But nobody ever calls me until the adventure’s all over with!
Tai: Come on, Izzy, don’t be like that! There was just no time to call you! You know you’re a big part of the team!

How do you expect to go a whole episode without long-distance narration, Tai?! Don’t be so short-sighted!

Koushirou: I had asked him for an analysis of Miyako-kun and the others’ Digivices…
Izzy: I may not be as strong as you or Matt…

Wait, Tai and Mat are strong?

Koushirou: …and he sent me the results.
Izzy: …but I’ve gotten us out of just as many jams with my particular skills.

Like being unable to find a door, or producing metallic paint from your pocket somehow.

Taichi: A friend in America?
Koushirou: He helped me in the past.
Taichi: Ah, I remember!
Tai: I’m sorry we forgot to call you.
Izzy: Now that’s what I call respect, okay I forgive you.
Tai: Well that was easy.

What was the point of all this?

Koushirou: Digital, Detect, and Discover. Names with those meanings were stored as information.
Izzy: I examined the new Digivices and determined they have three different settings: Digital, Detect, and Discover.

Just like Izzy to take credit for something he didn’t do. At least this time he actually did have an American friend!

Side Note

The stomach growling sounds were omitted from the dub, so the characters just go bug-eyed for no apparent reason.

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: We should go home now or we’ll be in trouble!
Tai: The food’s probably all cold and soggy by now, but for my mom, that’s an improvement!

I can’t imagine flourless cakes taste better when cold.

Yamato’s father comments that dinner was really late, and he would have gotten something else to eat if he’d known. In the dub, he mentions that Jun called and made reservations for their date at the most expensive restaurant in town.

Ken: So to control Perfect Digimon… Evil Rings aren’t enough?
Ken: Those blasted Digivices are becoming a nuisance to me! I have to get them away from those kids!

The fact that Andromon was a Perfect/Ultimate Digimon is an important plot point down the line, as it results in Ken upgrading the Dark Rings. However, the dub decided it was going to remove all references to Andromon’s evolution level because shut up.

Devimon: What is the Digimon Emperor’s plot against the DigiDestined?!

He LITERALLY just said he was going to separate the kids from the Digivi– damn it Devimon, you’re fired as narrator!

Final Result

Total Footage Lost: A few seconds, replaced by still frames.

This wasn’t a bad episode either, though it’s going to fluctuate from episode to episode.

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