Digimon Adventure S01E44

Jureimon of the Lost Forest (JP)

Trash Day (EN)

Written by:

JP: Atsushi Maekawa
EN: R.D. Chamberlain and Sean Abley

First aired:

JP: January 16, 2000
EN: April 1, 2000

Section: Summary

Matt’s post-huff departure takes him on a long walk with Gabumon as his friends wonder what the heck his deal has been lately. Implicitly finding it better company than Gabumon, he strikes up a conversation with a particularly helpful tree, who tells him to beat the ever-loving crap out of Tai. Matt hesitates, knowing there are diminishing returns on the enjoyment of punching Tai in his stupid face, but Gabumon encourages him to follow his dreams. They return to their friends, quickly help resolve a minor dispute with the local waste management company, and get down to business.

Section: Side Note

As of this writing, this dub episode is available on Hulu but erroneously titled “Yamato and the Forest of Delusion”. The official title is “Trash Day”.

Dialogue Deviation

Narrator: “Taichi and the others’ hearts ached for the Digimon who continued to die for them. However, yet another enemy appeared: the second of the Dark Masters, Pinocchimon of the Wind Guardians. After Takeru was taken away, Yamato was distraught. When he saw that Takeru somehow saved himself, Yamato disappeared from the others with Gabumon.”
Matt: “MetalSeadramon had followed us from the underwater channels and was now in a fierce battle with our Digis. In the midst of all of it, he released his River of Power and hit Whamon with a devastating blast. WarGreymon had no other choice but to use his Terra Force to finally put an end to MetalSeadramon. Sadly, our friend Whamon was reconfigured as well. As the ocean started to disappear, we took it as a sign that things might get back to normal. The odds of that happening anytime soon? Not good.”

“Reconfigured” indeed! Henceforth, the show’s euphemism for death will be “being reconfigured”, or even better: “reconfigured and uploaded to another server”! Could be a horrible server, like the one that’s constantly on fire, or the server where all pickles are sweet pickles. Anyway, you’ll never see them again, so they’re dead to you if nothing else.

Section: Side Note

In the original, Pinocchimon is referred to as “Pinocchimon of the Wind Guardians” — with “Wind Guardians” said in English. It’s the name of the class of flying or plant-type Digimon that comes from the original trading card game and handheld toys, but those names have never been explained in the show. MetalSeadramon had his Deep Savers Dark Corps (water Digimon), Mugendramon controls the Metal Empire (machine Digimon), and Piemon controls the Nightmare Soldiers (scary Digimon).


Dialogue Deviation

[Yamato is missing. Where could he have gone?!]
Taichi: “How should I know? What’s with that guy?”
Tai: “Matt’s a big boy; he can take care of himself.”

He got himself enslaved at a diner once.

[Maybe Pinocchimon kidnapped him]
Koushirou: “Judging from his abrupt disappearance, that’s a likely conclusion.”
Izzy: “Yeah, he might have been… or something worse!”

Oh no, he went to the sweet pickle server, didn’t he? Matt, you tragic fool…

[Pinocchimon did not kidnap him, as Jou knows and did nothing to stop]
Jou: “Because I thought he’d only be gone a little while. I’m sorry.”
Taichi: “… Well, it’s fine. At least we know now that he wasn’t taken by Pinocchimon.”

Agumon: “But where exactly did he disappear to, then?”
Tai: “Huh. This is weird. I mean, it’s one thing if he was kidnapped, but why would he just disappear on us like this?”
Agumon: “I’ll say! He’s been gone way too long for just a potty break.”

Look, not everyone has your hypersonic bowel movements, Agumon!

Sora: “Now that you mention it, Yamato has been acting a bit strangely.”
Piyomon: “It seemed like Gabumon couldn’t evolve that time, didn’t it?”

Palmon: “But even so…”
Sora: “Wait a minute. Is it just me, or has Matt been kind of strange lately?”
[over flashback] Izzy: “He has been acting a little high-strung.”
Biyomon: “Remember when Gabumon had that digivolving problem?”
Palmon: “Yeah! I bet there’s a connection!”

Can we not talk about Gabumon’s digital dysfunction behind his back? That’s private.

[Hikari heard a voice again]
Taichi: “I don’t hear anything. Were you just hearing things?”
Tai: “I don’t hear anything. Come on, Kari, don’t you start losing it, too!”

… “too”?

[Cut to Yamato wandering away from the group]
Gabumon: “Yamato! What’s wrong? Yamato!! Yamato…”
Gabumon: “Matt, come on! I’m all for exercise, but I’m really not built for long distances. Matt, where are we going?”
Matt: “Just away. I need some space.”

Gabumon is just not taking the hint…

Pinocchimon: “That guy is stupid for taking off on his own! It’s like he’s asking me to kill him.”
Jureimon: “As you say.”
Puppetmon: “Aw, the poor little kid needs a little space. Someplace far away from his nice little friends and closer to me!”
Cherrymon: “I agree completely.”

Pinocchimon: “Since I know that he won’t play with me, I’ll do as he wishes and kill him!”
Jureimon: “Please wait, Lord Pinocchimon! I have an idea. While you take care of the other children, leave this one to me, Jureimon.”
Puppetmon: “I’m not waiting. I’ll put him out of his misery! Those DigiDestined kids really bug me!”
Cherrymon: “Wait a minute, Puppetmon. I have a better idea. You can take care of those other DigiDestined children if you want to, but as for this one, leave him to me! I’ll have him climbing up a tree before I’m through with him!”

That seems like it would be really awkward…

Side Note

Jureimon is renamed Cherrymon in the dub. Jurei 「樹齢」 is the word for the age of a tree, so I guess he’s an old tree, or he’s a tree that figures out the ages of trees. Maybe he’s also a cherry tree? He has red berries in his foliage that may or may not be cherries. I’m not a tree doctor!

He sounded like your standard deep-voiced old man in the original, but in the dub, he gets a Marlon Brando-Godfather impression for a voice… which… yeah, I can see it! He’s voiced by our boy, Jeff Nimoy, who also plays Tentomon and his evolutions, Izzy’s Bad Dad, and young Jennai. That’s some impressive range!

“I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse. I don’t know what it is yet, because the idiot writing this joke never actually saw the movie.”

Dialogue Deviation

[Yamato settles in to share his feelings]
Yamato: “I… I’ve always thought about Takeru. I thought he wouldn’t be okay without me.”
Matt: “You ever felt like a fifth wheel, Gabumon? That’s what I feel like. All this time, I thought I had like, a purpose, you know? To look out for my little brother. I thought T.K. wouldn’t be able to survive without me watching over him.”

“The only reason I even stuck around this long is because I thought he’d be dead within the hour if I left, and I couldn’t think of a way to explain that to our mom!”

[Yamato laments that unlike his friends, he hasn’t changed at all]
Gabumon: “That’s not true! You’ve also-“
Yamato: “What am I doing?? Am I okay the way I am?!”
Gabumon: “You may not see it, Matt, but you’ve changed a lot.”
Matt: “Oh, please! Gabumon. Give me a break. I’m the same jerk I always was.”

Don’t say that, Matt! You’re way more of a jerk than you used to be!

Side Note

Yamato, on the other hand, is not a jerk at all! He’s almost always been the one standing up for his friends when they need to rest, and he calls Taichi out for being insensitive to the others. Really, Matt’s only a jerk because he’s sassy in a shitty way and not a fun way.

Dialogue Deviation

[Jureimon intrudes on Yamato’s “I have to get stronger alone” angst session]
Jureimon: “I’m called Jureimon.”
Yamato: “Jureimon?”
Cherrymon: “Well, well, well. Look what we’ve got here. Greetings, nature lovers. What, you mean you’ve never seen a talking tree?”
Matt: “Not many.”

“Not many” is not “zero”…

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Jureimon: known as the King of the Trees, a Perfect Level Digimon who lives deep in the forest. His special attack is Cherry Bomb.”
Gabumon: “Be careful, that’s Cherrymon, Lord of the forest, and the best reason for the existence of termites!”

Very morbid and uncool of you, Gabumon.

Dialogue Deviation

Gabumon: “You’re one of Pinocchimon’s friends, aren’t you?!”
Jureimon: “Now, calm down! I didn’t particularly come here to fight. I only want someone to talk to.”
Gabumon: “Stop right there, or I’ll turn you into toothpicks!”
Cherrymon: “You really shouldn’t be that rude. Calm down; my fighting days are over. I only want to talk with you. In fact, you might even say I’ve turned over a new leaf!”

Cherrymon does not get enough tree puns. He should really branch ou–OW!

[Back with the other kids]
Tailmon: “Maybe we should wait and rest for a bit. Everyone wants to be alone once in a while.”
Gatomon: “You know, I’m not so sure we should be trying to find him. Everyone needs to be alone sometimes. I should know.”

“Just ask my friend, Wizardmon!”

So alone… and loving it!

Taichi: “We have to find Yamato quickly. We can’t do anything without all eight of us!”
Tai: “I’m not gonna let him break up this team. We’re gonna find him whether he wants us to or not!”

He isn’t breaking up the team. You ditching everyone and going home was breaking up the team.

Jou: “But everyone is tired. Why don’t we rest our legs here?”
Mimi: “Because all eight of us have to be together and fight… Everyone …”
Palmon: “Mimi…”
Joe: “We’re always walking around, searching for someone. I’ve never done so much walking in my life except for months before we got back to the Real World!”
Mimi: “Yeah, it’s disgusting. My calves are starting to look like a bodybuilder’s!”
Palmon: “Like a what?”

A bodybuilder’s calves. That’s what their babies are called.

[A wild Pinocchimon appears!]
Pinocchimon: “Hey, Takeru! I’m glad to see you again!”
Takeru: “Well, I’m not! I won’t play with you anymore, so don’t even bother asking!”
Patamon: “That’s right!”
Pinocchimon: “Don’t be stupid. Playtime is long over! Get them, Garbamon!”
Puppetmon: “Hi, everybody! Hey, T.K., did you miss me?”
T.K.: “No! Not at all. And I’m not gonna play with you anymore, either!”
Puppetmon: “No? Well, fine. You’re not a lot of fun, anyway. Front and center, everybody!”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Garbamon: filthy Digimon. Their special attack is Poop Bazooka! They are Perfect-Level!”
Palmon: “Uh oh, Garbagemon! There as tough as they are mean! And they don’t smell very good, either.”

Your words are hurtful, Palmon!

The Garbamon are renamed “Garbagemon” for the dub, and Poop Bazooka is renamed to “Junk Chuckers”. Whoever failed to name it “Ba-Poo-ka” has been sacked.

Their name in katakana is GAABEMON 「ガーベモン」 to match the pronunciation of “garbage”, but the canon romanisation is “Garbamon”.

Side Note

Once again, the fecal onslaught is accompanied by comical music in the original and dramatic music in the dub. Both are appropriate in their own ways.

Dialogue Deviation

[Fire the Ba-Poo-ka!]
Mimi: *catches it in her hand* “What is this?! Enough already!!” *throws it back*
Mimi: *catch* “I won’t budge! Let’s let them do the running for a change!” *returns*

That was badass.

When Sora grabs her to run, dub Mimi adds, “Yeah, good idea. I must be nuts; I touched that stuff!” She’s wearing gloves, though; it’s fine.

[Meanwhile, back where Yamato is]
Yamato: “Sorry, but I don’t want to be the person you talk to.”
Matt: “No offense, but even if I felt like talking, it wouldn’t be to a tree. See ya around.”

Way more of a jerk than before…

Jureimon: “Now, didn’t I tell you to wait? It’s nothing to get so worked up about!” *chuckles* ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Am I okay the way I am?’ It is important to take time to reflect on oneself.”
Yamato: “You heard that?”

Jureimon: *chuckles* “It doesn’t matter if I heard it. There is nothing I do not know!”
Cherrymon: “Young man, didn’t anyone ever tell you you should listen to your elders? Or was it redwoods you should listen to?”

Redwoods have a way better track record when it comes to giving advice…

Cherrymon: “I can never quite get those two straight. But anyway, I digress. So, you’re still stuck in the same place. Still the same old jerk you always were.”
Matt: “GASP.”
Cherrymon: “Surprised, huh? Ah, I know all about it. Must be tough being in such a rut.”
Matt: “You’ve been spying on me, huh?”
Cherrymon: *laughs* “Listen to me, kid: I don’t need to spy because everyone knows you’re a jerk and there’s nothing that happens in this forest that I don’t know about, which is a nice way of saying I spy on everything.”

Yamato: “Then… please tell me! What should I do?”
Jureimon: *sinister* “‘What’… you ask..? Children these days want an immediate answer for everything! They don’t want to come up with answers on their own. That’s the problem, isn’t it?”

Matt: “Huh. Alright then, if you’re so smart. What am I supposed to do? Tell me that.”
Cherrymon: *mocking* “Ahh, simple as that, eh? Kids – you want all the answers just handed to you on a mahogany platter. But you never wanna do the hard work of looking deep within yourself where all the answers truly lie.”

All those answers are just “punch Tai”, and that isn’t working!

Gabumon: “Yamato! You don’t have to listen to this guy! Let’s go!”
Gabumon: “Let’s go. Don’t you listen to that talking firewood, Matt. Come on!”

That’s a very wood-specific epithet. Is Gabumon a tree bigot? How does that even happen?

Jureimon: “Is that all right? If you want to become stronger, you must look into yourself!”
Yamato: “‘Look into myself’?”
Jureimon: “Indeed, but it is easier said than done. For that, prepare to be relentless.”

Yamato: “I’m ready… Please tell me! What should I do?”
Cherrymon: “That’s right, go on. But you’ll never learn how to change. You’ll always be what you are, right now.”
Matt: “I wanna change.”
Cherrymon: “Yes, of course, we all want you to change, but are you really ready? After all, change isn’t always a pleasant thing. You might find out a few things that you wish you hadn’t.”
Matt: “I’m ready. More than ready. Enough talking, big guy! If you’ve got some answers, let’s see ’em!”

Step one: stop being such a little pissant.

Jureimon: (thinking) “Seems I’ve done it [deceived a vulnerable child like a complete asshole].”
Cherrymon: (thinking) “Heh heh. He fell for it like an overripe fig.”

Figs are well-known for being the most gullible fruit.

Jureimon: “Go over to that lake and take a look. The rival you must defeat will be shown to you.”
Cherrymon: “There, in that lake, you will see the face of the one who is preventing you from becoming as strong as you could be.”

This line works really well in the dub’s context. It adds an element of blame on the part of the “rival”, and giving vulnerable people someone to blame for their problems and fears is a common manipulation tactic. It’s a little too real, actually. Like somebody on the writing team got taken in by a Marlon Brando tree…

Yamato: “The rival… I must defeat…”
Gabumon: “Yamato..?”
Yamato: “Th-This is…!”
Gabumon: “Where are you going?”
Matt: “I know it sounds pretty bogus, but might as well look.”
Gabumon: “Listen, Matt. You don’t really believe him, do you?”

Matt: “Damn, my reflection is handsome!”
Gabumon: “Matt, that’s Tai.”

Matt: “Tai? Come on! What kind of trick is this?”

Section: Eyecatch

That happens at that lake a lot more often than you might think.

Section: Side Note

Who the hell was Yamato/Matt expecting to see in the lake? “Aaawwww, shit, I have to beat Sora?! She’s BATMAN! What am I gonna dooo??”

Dialogue Deviation

[Meanwhile, the group is being taken out by the trash]
Garbamon: “Don’t think you can escape from us! Take this!” *they spin around and launch poo into the treeline for some reason*
Garbagemon: “Don’t you know that wherever you go, there will always be garbage? Okay, ready guys? Make a mess!” *rotary shitstorm for some reason*

The Chosen Children were running some distance ahead of the Garbamon before they circled up and started firing poo into the trees. They hadn’t split up or anything. But hey, what do I know about strategic shit-slinging?

Side Note

Today’s Prickly Bang Bang is “Gangway for Needle Spray!”.

Dialogue Deviation

After the Garbagemon appear to be defeated, Joe finally sees an opportunity to deliver the pun he’s been holding in for twenty minutes:

Joe: “That trash is thrashed!”

Good effort, Joe.

[The Chosen Digimon fight back in their Adult forms to no effect]
Pinocchimon: “Did you think that unexpected attack beat them? Look behind you.”
Puppetmon: “Wait, you’ve totally ruined my garbage fun I’m beaten I’m going home PSYCH! Look behind you!”

Don’t do the “psych” thing. Please tell me kids don’t still do that. That was stupid when I was a kid.

[Mimi looks behind you– er, her]
Mimi: “N-No…”
Garbamon: “I’ve got you!” *aims Ba-Poo-ka right at Mimi*
Mimi: “It’s trash! Look out!”
Garbagemon: “Here’s mud in your eye!” *aims*

Oh, it’s just mud.

Wait, this isn’t a reversed pretending-it’s-another-brown-semi-solid situation, is it?

The previous scene replays after a fade-out for ads, and the dialogue changes for whatever reason:

Mimi: “Oh no! Help!”
Garbagemon: “Junk Chuckers!”

[Lilimon saves Mimi and charges the Garbamon, but another appears]
Garbamon (2): “You fell for it!”
Lilimon: “No way!”
Garbamon (3): *appears* “There’s more!”
Garbagemon (2): “Twice as nice!”
Garbagemon (3): “Trash that petunia!”

[Lilimon steps on one of the Garbamon’s faces as she evades them]
Garbamon: “She used me as a stepladder!”
Garbagemon: “That chick is heavier than she looks!”

Side Note

The glorious scene in which Greymon evolves to MetalGreymon, fires a missile into the face of a Garbamon, and knocks his powerless feces onto Pinocchimon’s head is made a lot less glorious by “Hey, Digimon”.

Dialogue Deviation

[Meanwhile, Yamato is still checking out the image in the lake]
Yamato: “Taichi… my rival..?” *laughs* “Sorry, but I’ve never that of him that way even once!”
Cherrymon: “Behold: the face of your rival!”
Matt: “So you’re saying I have to fight Tai. Is that it?” *laughs* “Nice try, foliage face! You had me going there! But you’ll have to do better than that.”

Well, you’ll have to do better than “foliage face”, kiddo!

Jureimon: “That lake peers into the heart of the person who looks into it!”
Cherrymon: “I had nothing to do with it. The Lake of Truth reflects only what is in a person’s heart, hence the name.”

Speaking of “of Truth”, that’s not its name. Its name is Blake. Blake the Lake, and it shows pictures of flakes.*

*The lake doesn’t have a name, but it does show pictures of flakes.

Section: Side Note

A slow, acoustic version of Seven plays in the background as Yamato struggles with the idea that he might have to KILL defeat Taichi. Now that Hikari has joined the group, there are eight children, and therefore Yamato has to either leave the group or murder Taichi to restore order to the universe.* In the dub, we get no special music for Matt’s conflicted feelings.

*Yes, that’s a lie. The song says, “seven try to be free.” Only seven of them have to try to be free; the last one can do whatever.

Dialogue Deviation

Yamato: “What did you say?! … What am I even hearing?”
Jureimon: “Do not avert your eyes. Face yourself properly!”
Yamato: “…”
Jureimon: “I know. You are both Chosen Children, yet everything about you and that boy Taichi are opposite each other. Whatever Taichi says or does, you can’t help but react with, ‘what’s with you??’.”
Matt: “You’ve gotta be kidding.”
Cherrymon: “Sorry, kid. It’s never wrong.”
Matt: “That right? Well, I’ve got news for you: it’s off this time – way off!”
Cherrymon: “Well, you can argue with me all you want, but you’re really only arguing with yourself.”

He’s arguing with the lake.

Matt: “Huh.”
Cherrymon: “It’s about time you faced the truth. The one you call Tai is your leader. Everything he says, you do. Everywhere he goes, you follow, and yet in your heart, you resent it because you know you’re just as qualified to be the boss as he is.”

I don’t know if a week as a line cook really qualifies Matt to be the boss, but it is more than Tai has…

The flashback showing Yamato and Taichi arguing was silent in the original, but the dub cannot help but throw in things that were not actually said:

Tai: “Stop it!”
Matt: “Who do you think you are, huh? Who died and left you in charge of the world?”
Tai: “Huh? What do you mean?”
Matt: “I’ve just about had it!”

I think you mean, “who was reconfigured and left you in charge of the world,” Matt.

Jureimon: “That’s how big of an existence Taichi has become within your heart. Unless you overcome those feelings, you will never grow beyond who you are now. You must fight Taichi! Free your heart from hesitation and be born anew!”
Cherrymon: “Do not be ashamed of your resentment. Do not hide it. Embrace it, for in your anger lies your strength. Only when you recognize that will you at last be free to grow – to change. So face your rival and prove you are his equal, or better, by defeating him!”

[Yamato asserts he and Taichi are a team after being helpfully reminded by Gabumon]
Jureimon: “‘A team’, you say? You don’t really believe that.”
Yamato: *gasps*

Jureimon: “You can’t lie to yourself.” *laughs* “I’ve hit the nail on the head, haven’t I?”
Cherrymon: “‘Friend’? Ha! Now that’s a good one. You don’t even believe that such a thing really exists!”
Matt: “Huh?”
Cherrymon: “Not in your heart of hearts, anyway.” *laughs* “Hit the nail on the head, didn’t I?”

More like heart of FARTS! Hahahaha– okay, sorry, but “heart of hearts” is just so stupid…

Jureimon: “‘Teammates’, ‘friends’, ‘friendship’… Nice, neat words. Such a thing is just fantasy – nothing but fleeting emotions. Don’t let yourself be trampled over for the sake of such things! Am I wrong, Yamato?”
Cherrymon: “‘Friendship’. ‘Loyalty’. ‘Comrades’. Fine-sounding words, but that’s all they are: words. Delusions. And you’re wise enough to see that now. You know that ultimately, the only person you can depend on is yourself. Isn’t that right, Matt?”

He got himself enslaved at a diner once.

[Yamato doesn’t know]
Jureimon: “It’s fine, I will say it again. If you want to improve yourself, then fight Taichi! If you aren’t prepared to do that, you will never be able to change yourself. Unless you overcome this trial, you will never become the person you want to be!”
Cherrymon: “All right, then! That’s enough moping around for now! Look, kid, stop staring at your shoes. The choice in front of you is simple! If you truly want to change, to reach your full potential, you must defeat Tai. It’s either that or be content to live your life following in the shadows of him forever!”

[Yamato questions his Crest assignment, so his friend offers him support]
Gabumon: “Yamato…. I understand, Yamato. You should do what you think is best.”
Yamato: “Gabumon…”
Gabumon: “Just running forward, like Taichi, can’t be the only answer. I know there are things that only you can do, Yamato.”
Yamato: “Things that only I can do?”
Gabumon: “Let’s find them together. When you need me to… I will fight for you, Yamato!”
Yamato: “Gabumon…”
Gabumon: “… Even if it means treating the others as my enemy, I will always be with you, Yamato!”
Gabumon: “Matt… There’s one thing he’s right about: whatever you’re going to do, do it!”
Matt: “But do what?”
Gabumon: “You’ve got to hear what your own conscience is telling you, and not listen to anybody else. Not Tai or Cherrymon or me. You got to have faith in yourself, Matt!”
Matt: “But my conscience is telling me to beat up Tai. What if I make the wrong decision?”
Gabumon: “Beating up Tai is never the wrong decision. I know that whatever it is, it’ll be the right one, because I have faith in you! And whichever path you take, I’ll be there with you.”
Matt: “You mean that?”
Gabumon: “You do have a friend. Never forget that! I’ll always be there, Matt, no matter what.”

Wow, original Gabumon was way on-board with turning against his friends, wasn’t he?

Side Note

The close-up of Jureimon as he ponders the strength of Yamato and Gabumon’s bond is accented by weird, robotic beeps in the dub, perhaps because his eyes are glowy and flickering a little. He’s not beep-booping in the original; he just has spooky tree eyes.

Dialogue Deviation

[Cherrymon reconvenes with Pinocchimon]
Jureimon: “WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon – the two Ultimates are going to fight one another!”
Cherrymon: “You should have seen it – I played that trusting sap like a violin! He’s gonna do our dirty work for us, Puppetmon.”

“Punch the shit out of Tai for free.” Who could say ‘no’ to that?!

Jureimon: “If those two fight seriously, neither of them will come out unharmed… No – they should successfully kill each other. Without the strongest two, the rest will follow.”
Cherrymon: “Any second, now we’ll hear the sounds of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon locked in Mortal Kombat.”
Puppetmon: “You’re serious? I love that game!
Cherrymon: “Oh, yeah. With any luck, they’ll destroy each other. With the two strongest Digimon out of the way, the rest will fall like rotten fruit.”

After warning Pinocchimon not to underestimate the Chosen Children, Pinocchimon straight-up kills Jureimon. Cherrymon adds, “oh, the horror!” as he dies to Puppetmon’s attack in the dub. Is that a Godfather thing? Does Marlon Brando cry out, “oh, the horror” when a puppet sets him on fire?

[After setting Jureimon ablaze]
Pinocchimon: “No matter who it is, I won’t forgive anyone who makes fun of me!”
Puppetmon: “Huh? Man, that kind of negative attitude really brings me down.”

… is Puppetmon confused that he just murdered Cherrymon? “Huh, he disintegrated after I set his entire wooden body aflame. Must have had someplace to be.”

[Elsewhere, Garbamon feigns surrender, but then he reveals his final attack!]
Garbamon: “There’s a black hole in here [his garbage can]! It’ll suck all of you in!”
Taichi: “Damn it, he still had that on hand!”
Garbagemon: “Trash day, everybody in the can. If you’re lucky, you’ll get recycled!”
Tai: “This nasty little creep’s really starting to get on my nerves!”

Seriously! That’s the wrong bin for recycling!

Section: Inconsistency

In the dub, the Garbagemon that surrenders has a different voice than he had earlier in the episode – you can tell because this one has a footprint on his face from being stepped on by Lillymon.

Side Note

MetalGarurumon arrives to save the day, and his Cocytus Breath is “Ice Wolf Claw” again, still lacking claws.

Dialogue Deviation

[Taichi and Agumon are relieved (and grateful) to see Yamato and MetalGarurumon. Yamato and MetalGarurumon do not return the sentiment]
MetalGarurumon: “Agumon, I challenge you! Evolve to Ultimate!”
Agumon: “No! Why do I have to fight you?”
MetalGarurumon: “What do you think? It’s a challenge. You might want to digivolve, and fast!”
Agumon: “What have you been eating out there in the forest, and can I have some? You want to fight me?”

Mon, Hikari must be like, “what the FUCK is going on in this world?!” All their friends keep dying and turning against each other, there are weird noises that only she can hear, poop is a deadly weapon that their enemies are eager to deploy…

Section: Cut or moved footage

(7 sec) Pinocchimon has arrived on the scene and, having learned nothing, sits atop the same tree as when he got poop thrown on his face last time.

It’s call the “splash zone” for a reason, Puppetmon.

The Digi-Verdict

Script-wise, this episode was good! It was on-and-off with the accuracy of the translations again, with the “off” being the humor and pretending the poop isn’t poop, but it’s all consistent with the dub’s style. The most important elements are the details driving Yamato’s motivations, and they are translated faithfully. Matt’s gullible, sure, but Michael Reisz and the writers saw to it that his uncertainty and willingness to punch Tai didn’t come across as a total ass-pull.

The BIG contrast here is the soundtrack, with the dub’s limited selection really underselling the emotional impact of these scenes. The original tracks, the slow, acoustic Seven rendition and Where There Are Tears, do so much to depict mood for Yamato’s loneliness and desperation. The dub tried with the more solemn tracks they had, but it just doesn’t hit the same way. I give it a B, for “Blake the Lake”, which is the real MVP of the episode.

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