Digimon Adventure S01E07

Silhouette of a large, hairy dog-walrus monster with a horn over a blue background with white, snow-like speckles

Roar! Ikkakumon (JP)

Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Torpedo (EN)

Written by:

EN: Rebecca Olkowski and Eddie Leiner

First aired:

JP: April 18, 1999
EN: September 21, 1999

Section: Summary

The kids go frolicking through a field of snow before stumbling across a hot spring, where a conveniently placed refrigerator entices them with its tasty, protein-filled contents: eggs! The subsequent and inevitable gassiness drives Joe and Tai mad, and they begin picking fights with the others (but not each other, strangely). To escape the fumes, Joe decides to hike up the nearby mountain, where he finds a pretty flying pony minding its own business. He immediately insists upon riding the pony, is predictably thrown off, and Gomamon evolves to the ever-fluffy Ikkakumon to break his fall. The fanciful pony ride cured Joe of his madness, as they do, and Tai was so amused by the whole thing that he got over his own. They reach the top of the mountain to find the vista somewhat unimpressive and not really worth the hike.

Dialogue Deviation

Narrator: “Under the Numemons’ attack, the children found themselves in Toy Town. Monzaemon, being controlled by a black gear, took the childrens’ emotions and locked Agumon and the others in a toy box. He was opposed by many Numemon, Mimi, and Palmon.”
Palmon/Togemon: “Palmon, evolve! Togemon!”
Narrator: “The childrens’ journey continues…”

Mimi narrates: “We were underground when we met the most disgusting creatures ever: the Numemon! We get outside, and there’s this, like, GIANT stuffed bear named Monzaemon attacking us with his floating hearts! Me and Palmon got away, but the rest of the kids got, like, hypnotized and taken to Toy Town! Here, the toys play with the children! Things were totally, like, bad! That’s when the icky Numemon came to help. Palmon digivolved to Togemon — which kind of freaked me! — and saved the day!” *giggle* “Not bad for a plant, huh?”

I wouldn’t take that if I were you, Palmon.

[The Children and their Digimon walk through a forest. It’s cold af]
No dialogue.
Gomamon: “I know this is no day at the beach, Joe, but you’ve got no reason to be a worry-wart about an’ make all your friends unhappy!”

He didn’t saying anything.

Takeru: “It’s cold…”
Palmon: “I think I’m wilting!”
Gomamon: “Pardon the pun, but chill out! Only you have a problem with the cold! Right, guys? Everyone: think warm!”

Jou: “These two [Gomamon and Gabumon] are happy, though, aren’t they?”
Joe: *whine* “I’m allergic to fur…”

You are going to LOVE what your Digimon partner evolves into!

[Taichi declares that the snow isn’t such a bad thing (he’s wrong)]
Koushirou: “No way! Go easy on us, please!”
Izzy: “Perhaps not, if you’re a polar bear or a penguin!”

Taichi: “If we get any snow, we can have a snowball fight!”
Mimi: “Snowball fight!”
Palmon: “What’s a snowball fight?”
Patamon: “Well?”
Koushirou: “A snowball fight, huh…?”
Tai: “Yeah, but if it shows, we’ll throw some snowballs!”
Mimi: “And make snowmen!”
Gomamon: “Who do you think Snowmon is?”
Gabumon: “A Digimon from their planet!”
Izzy: “It’s difficult to explain…”

You roll up snow and anthropomorphize it. Done. Don’t know what “anthropomorphize” means? Not my problem; my work here is done.

[Koushirou explains the art of snowball warfare to Tentomon, who had asked if it was food. It is not]
Tentomon: “Eh… what…”
Tentomon: “You throw food?!”

You can catch the snowballs in your mouth, if that helps…

Yamato: “It’s been a while since I’ve had a challenge (/match)!”
Taichi: “I won’t lose!”
Sora: “It sounds like fun…”

Matt: “We could even build a snow fort!”
Tai: “You’ll need one!”
Sora: “I bet I could beat you both – blindfolded!”

Sora would kick both their asses long before any such fort came into existence.

Jou’s line: “You guys are taking it too easy. If it snows, it’ll be unbearable” is spoken softly in the original, as Jou was saying it to himself. Joe says it loudly in the dub.

Sora: “Jou, why are you standing over here by yourself with such a serious face?”
Jou: *sigh*
Sora: “Lighten up a little, Joe! We’re just trying to look on the positive side of things!”
Joe: “BLEH!”

Yeah! BLEH!

Side Note

In the original, we see Taichi, Yamato, Takeru, and their Digimon chatting happily and laughing, but we don’t actually hear what they’re saying. Instead, Jou explains his concern over that shot, and it creates a contrast to their carefree-seeming attitudes. In the dub, they get an added conversation — with Joe as a target, for some reason! So they’re not taking a moment for much-needed relaxation; they’re just being jerks.

Jou: (over his friends talking) “Of course I’m being serious! Think about it! If the temperature drops, it’ll become more difficult to set up camp!” (in focus) “In cold weather, finding food becomes difficult, too… My head hurts!” (over his friends laughing) “I have to protect everyone…”
T.K.: “Hey Tai, when’s it gonna snow?!”
Tai: “Probably any second now!”
T.K.: “That’ll be so funny!

Animation of Jou looking sad as snow falls lightly and exclusively on his head


Tai: “I can’t wait to see his face!”
Joe: (off-screen) “You know, if the temperature drops any lower than it is already, we won’t be able to camp out anymore. We’ll be frozen Digi-treats!”
[They laugh.]
Joe: “That’s right! Go ahead and laugh! But when your tootsies freeze, don’t go crying to me! I’ll just say I told you so!”

When all of the tootsies have frozen, THEN who will be laughing?!

Dialogue Deviation

[Continuing from his lament]
Jou: “… I’m the oldest…”
Joe: “It is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry! Think first! Hmph!”


[They wander into a field of snow]
No dialogue.
Gomamon: “What’s that white stuff?”

Gomamon, get out of Izzy’s bag.

Side Note

The Digimon know what snow is.

Dialogue Deviation

No dialogue.
Mimi: “It’s a field of snow! There’s bound to be a ski resort nearby!”

Sound logic. Doesn’t help us in any way, but the deduction is solid.

[Taichi suggests walking deeper into the snow field]
Yamato: “Heh? In this snow field?”
Matt: “If we walk across the field in our sneakers, our toes will go numb!”


Taichi: “Then what do we do? In front is a snow field, behind is that mountain. Whatever direction we go, we still have to keep going.”
Tai: “So what are we supposed to do, just stand here like a bunch of dorks?”

Continue to stand there like a bunch of dorks!

[Agumon suddenly smells something weird and it wasn’t me this time]
Yamato: “Is that it? This smell is…?
Matt: “She’s right. But what’s it coming from?”


[They arrive at a very hot spring]
Mimi: “I can’t take a bath in this…”
Mimi: “There go my big dreams of a nice, warm bath!”

Never let go of your dreams, Mimi.

Palmon: “But it’s warm!”
Yamato: “At least the cold is gone…”

Palmon: “It looks so inviting!”
Matt: “Well, it would be inviting if you were a vegetable.”

Well, Palmon is kind of a vegetable…

Jou: “Stop taking it so easy! What are we going to do for food?! There’s no food here…”
Takeru: “There is!”
Joe: “What’s a little dirt compared to starving? We need to find something to eat, and there’s nothing in sight!”

Calm down, T.K.! Don’t end up like your brother.

Yamato: “I wonder what’s inside.”
Matt: “Where there’s a fridge, there’s grub!”

You can find those in the dirt, Matt. The fridge is for food!

Mimi: “Some jelly would be nice!”
Mimi: “I want hot cocoa!”

You’re not going to find that in a fridge, Mimi.

Agumon: “Eggs!”
Agumon: “There must be a zillion of ’em!”

That sounds like an outrageous… EGGS-aggeration to me.

Taichi: “Looks like today’s dinner is decided!”
Tai: “Yeah! Grub on!”

You don’t need to eat grubs; there are eggs right there in the fridge!

Tai: “These’ll keep us all fed for a month!”

An eggs-travagant claim, indeed.

[Jou protests eating the eggs, as they are questionably edible]
Taichi: “It’s fine! I’ll test them for poison!”
Tai: “Then I’ll be the guinea pig — if I turn purple, you’ll know they’re not edible!”

Approved. I’ll get the camera.

[Jou now protests that eating the eggs would be theft]
Yamato: “It can’t be helped. We’re hungry.”
Matt: “Unless you’re into eating rocks, we don’t have too much choice!”

Salt is a rock. You could eat both!

Tentomon: “Dinner is settled!”
Tentomon: “Rationalize away!”

Do you have something better to eat, Tentomo– nevermind, forget I asked.

[Egg preparation has begun]
No dialogue.
Sora: “Sunny-side up eggs are my specialty!”

They’d better be. You don’t have a spatula.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(3 sec) A brief close-up of Jou whittling the groups’ chop sticks with his pen knife was cut.

Dialogue Deviation

Mimi: “Hey, what do I do with this?”
Jou: “Everyone’s so carefree… I can’t be like that. I’m the one with the responsibility.”
Tai: “Hey, come on man, how are those chopsticks coming?”
Mimi: “Hurry, we want to eat!”
Joe: “Sorry. This just makes me feel uncomfortable. We’d be in big trouble if someone got sick — no doctors, you know. Why do I always have to be the one to think about these things?”

Well, you’re screwed if you get sick for non-egg-related reasons, so you might as well die not-hungry.

Side Note

All together, the children announce “itadakimasu” 「いただきます」, which means “I humbly accept”. Japanese custom is to say itadakimasu before eating a meal and gochisousama deshita 「ごちそうさまでした」 (casually just gochisousama; means “that was a feast”) when you’re done. There’s no direct English equivalent, so it’s usually adapted as “let’s eat” and “thank you for the meal” respectively.

Dialogue Deviation

[Chow time!]
Children: “Let’s eat!”
Mimi: “Très gourmet!”

Stop that.

Sora: (replying to Mimi) “It’s your turn next time!”

You know, I like Mimi and I wouldn’t trust her with my food.

Taichi: “Yummy! It’s been a while since we’ve had a real meal!”
Tai: “Oh yeah! I haven’t had a meal like this in a long time! My stomach’s CHIMIN’!”

If you think that’s chimin’, just wait until those eggs digest.

Yamato: “This would be perfect with some white rice.”
Takeru: “Soft rice and eggs!”

Sora: “That sounds good!”
Matt: “If we had some ketchup to go with this, it would be perfect!”
T.K.: “I LOVE ketchup and eggs!”
Sora: “That sounds pretty gross to me!”

Ketchup is for one specific preparation of potatoes, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

[Jou proceeds to bum everyone out]
Sora: “Hey, everyone. What do you like to put on top of your eggs?”
Sora: “Cheer up! Tell me how you like your eggs, and I’ll try to do my very best!”

Little late for that, isn’t it? They’re already cooked. And you still have no spatula.

Side Note

And now, the real reason you’re all here: egg toppings!

Jou / Joesalt and peppersalt and pepper
Taichi / Taisoy saucesoy sauce
Yamato / Mattmayonnaisehot salsa
Sora / Sora“sauce” (possibly the brown sauce served with takoyaki or yakisoba, which is often just called “sauce”)a reality check
Koushirou / Izzyponzu (citrus juice mixed with soy sauce)mustard and jelly beans. What the fuck, Izzy?
Mimi / Mimisugar and natto (fermented soy beans; it’s polarizing because of its strong odor and slimy texture, hence the other kids’ reactions)maple syrup and, occasionally, a cherry on top

What eggs you on– er… what’s on your eggs?? A poll:

EDIT: so… if you voted in the poll more than once, your duplicate vote has been removed. I assume people were doing it just to look at the results out of curiosity, so there is now a link below the poll to display the results without voting. I probably won’t continue removing the duplicates because it doesn’t matter in any capacity, but if you only want to see the results, you can just scroll down a little and click “Poll results”.

If you vote in the poll, it will show you the new results. The in-page results below, however, require a page refresh before they’ll show the new vote. Don’t be alarmed if they don’t match.

ANOTHER EDIT: SO… the poll thingy was uninstalled by accident and I didn’t see that until now. We have to rebuild our egg toppings from scratch!

If you’re curious: the top response had been salt and pepper (a classic and effective combination), followed by a reality check (a delicacy in some parts!). If I remember correctly, every option had at least one vote except for maybe sugar and natto, because we’re all a bunch of weirdos and/or philistines. I found a place where I can buy natto, so I will get around to trying it at some point. If I survive, I’ll let you know how it went.


Poll results

salt and pepper 2
40 %
a reality check 2
40 %
mustard and jelly beans 1
20 %
soy sauce 0
mayonnaise 0
hot salsa 0
mystery sauce 0
ponzu 0
sugar and natto 0
maple syrup and optional cherry 0

You’ll notice “ketchup” is not an option. That is because eggs are not any kind of fried potatoes, let alone the one variety upon which ketchup is permissible.

Dialogue Deviation

Jou: “You guys put all that weird stuff on your eggs?! I’m shocked! It’s the collapse of Japanese culture!”
Joe: “What? You’re making me completely lose my appetite! I just like plain eggs! I wish we could talk about something other than egg recipes!”

Joe, I think you should take it… OVER-EASY??

Yamato: “Hey, Jou…”
Taichi: “Who worries about stuff like that? … Well,
natto might be something to worry about…”
Matt: “Come on! Join the party!”
Tai: “I think it’s really too late for him! I think Joe thinks we’ve gone a little crazy over these eggs!”

Are you saying he’s… CRACKED?!

Side Note

In the original, the slow, solemn rendition of Seven begins to play as Jou bemoans the adulteration of eggs happening before his very imagination. I’m sure it’s not intended to be funny, but he’s whining over eggs to sad music, so…

Dialogue Deviation

Gomamon: “Oh boy… Jou just isn’t flexible.”
Gomamon: “I’m afraid Joe’s just not the kind of guy that’s meant to be adaptable!”

Gomamon: “It’s true, isn’t it? You’re getting worked up over something that doesn’t matter.”
Jou: “How am I not flexible?!”
Gomamon: “See?? You’re getting angry!”
Piyomon: (over Gomamon) “It’s started…”
Jou: (unintelligible because of Piyomon’s profound rudeness)
Gomamon: “You wanna go?!”
Gomamon: “Face it Joe, you’re kinda of a stick in the mud, if you get my drift.”
Joe: “I’m just practical!”
Gomamon: “You’re stuffy!”
Biyomon: “It never stops. Here we go again.”

This has never happened before.

Joe: “Someone has to have a head on his shoulders.”
Gomamon: “You wanna fight? huh? huh?”

I wonder how Jou would have reacted to ketchup on eggs. He probably would have died instantly.

[Gomamon has picked a fight, so Yamato lightly grabs Jou’s arm to keep him from kicking Gomamon into the fire]
Yamato: “Hey, Jou, calm down…”
Jou: “Shut up!! I am calm! I always am…”
Joe: “I am calm; he’s the one who’s dingy! …. and why’d you squeeze my arm?!”

Yamato gently holds Jou's arm with a hand on his shoulder

Behold the gentle brutality

Yamato: “What’s going on with you today? You must be tired.”
Jou: “I’m not tired! What’s going on with all of you?!”
Matt: “You don’t seem like yourself today, Joe. You’re a basket case!”
Joe: “I am just trying to be careful, unlike the rest of you weirdos. I’m telling you: you’re all asking for trouble!”

Pro tip: calling an agitated person a “basket case” will not make them less agitated.

[Jou has moved away from the group and is throwing rocks into the hot spring]
Jou: “I have it together. I… have it together!”
Joe: *sigh* “I’ve got to be the cautious one around here. I have to be… the voice of reason. I have to.”

Under normal circumstances, it would have been a smart move for Jou to sit away from the group, because eggs make people fart. They already established that the hot springs smell of sulfur, however, which is the source of fart odor. It was a dire miscalculation on Jou’s part.

As Yamato and Taichi argue over something, Tai throws in that Matt is a chicken. Matt does not bring out the timeless, “I’m not a chicken, you’re a turkey!”, which, as we know from 90’s anti-drug commercials, is the ultimate, insurmountable burn.

[Taichi and Yamato are arguing about climbing Infinity Mountain]
Tentomon: “That big mountain over there.”
Tentomon: “Infinity Mountain’s a doozy, that’s for sure!”

[Tentomon: “We’d better get going while it’s still dark! That way, if you fall off the edge, no one can see who pushed– errr… I mean…”]

Side Note

The voice-over technique is used again with Sora explaining Taichi and Yamato’s disagreements In the dub, they just use the footage for Tai and Matt to argue. This time, it doesn’t particularly change the scene.

Sora: “Taichi says that if we go there, we can see the whole area.”
Jou: “That’s true. On a mountain that tall, we could see everything.”
Sora: “But Yamato is against it because it’s dangerous.”
Tai: “It’s the perfect spot! We’ve got to climb up there. It’s the best view of the island!”
Joe: “You’ve got to admit: he’s got a point there!”
Sora: “That’s not how Matt sees it.”
Matt: “Nobody would make it up that peak! It’s much too big of a gamble!”

Dialogue Deviation

Piyomon: “That mountain has a lot of ferocious Digimon on it.”
Biyomon: “He might be right, Joe. There might be lots of evil Digimon up that peak.”

Might be. There also might be friends and good times up that “peak”! Let’s get going!

[Taichi insists on letting natural selection do its thing]
Yamato: “You’re going to put everyone in danger recklessly doing whatever you want.”
Matt: “Put your fists down when you talk to me and stop acting like you can just bully your way into being the leader!”

He’s not trying to be the leader; he’s trying to get you all killed so he doesn’t have to be the leader!

Side Note

In the dub, they keep referring to the mountain as a “peak”. The peak is the top of the mountain, or the summit. You don’t climb a peak because once you get to the peak, there’s no place higher on the mountain to go. If you keep climbing, something is terribly wrong. Stop it.

Dialogue Deviation

[Jou intervenes to stop the conflict and fails]
Jou: “Calm down!”
Yamato: “You’re the one getting heated up, Jou!”
Jou: “What? For all of you, I–“
Joe: “Don’t be difficult!”
Matt: “What? You are the most difficult person I ever met!”

This is such a weird reversal from Jou/Joe losing it over the eggs… Like… in both versions…

Taichi: “So it’s fine to go!”
Yamato: “How do you figure?”

Tai: “You’re just a big old chicken, Matt!”
Matt: “Tai, you better take that back!”

Matt continues to keep “you’re a turkey” in the holster. Just use it, Matt. Put an end to this madness!

Sora: “STOP!
You three, that’s enough!”
Joe: “Enough already! You’re giving me a headaaaache!”
Sora: “Put a cork in it, you three! Now grow up!”

They’re children!

[Their Digimon friends remark that they can continue the discussion tomorrow]
Sora: “Everyone else looks worried, too. Right?”
Sora: “First of all, we need to find a good place to sleep. Let’s head for the cave.”

Wait, what cave? Nobody mentioned a cave. I certainly didn’t see a cave anyw–wait a minute. The sudden coolness. The strange hat. The mysterious unseen cave…




Sora is Batman.

Section: Eyecatch

To the Sora Cave!

Dialogue Deviation

Oh wait, there’s the cave. Nevermind, everyone! False alarm!

[That night, following his utter failure to resolve any disagreements or protect eggs from strange toppings, Jou decides to venture up the mountain himself]
Jou: “For everyone’s sake, I’ll do it.”
Joe: “I’ve always been good at climbing. I’ve got the best chance of making it to the top.”

The animation from a previous episode of Jou climbing a cliffside extremely quickly

That checks out!

When Gomamon appears in Jou’s way, his dub lines are the same as his original lines, but he voices them with genuine concern instead of his original flippant faux-indifference.

Jou: “Gomamon? … It’s pointless to try to stop me.”
Gomamon: “Right… Well, go on!”

Joe: “Gomamon?”
Gomamon: “Yep. Forgotten me already?”

You tried to fight him.

Joe: “Why don’t you go get some sleep?”
Gomamon: “Not happening!”
Joe: “Yes it is!”
Gomamon: “I don’t think so!”
Joe: “UH, EVENTUALLY it is!”
Gomamon: “That’s not clever or funny.”

[Jou relents and permits Gomamon’s company]
Gomamon: “You’re just not honest with yourself, Jou.”
Jou: “What about?”

Gomamon: “Sometimes I just have to trick him!”
Joe: “Did you just say something?!”

I mean, you could have just been honest about your feelings. Just sayin’. It was an option.

Gomamon: “You felt helpless by yourself, didn’t you?”
Jou: “Don’t be stupid.”
Gomamon: “It’s fine! Don’t worry about it!”

Gomamon: “Uh… yeah, nice night for a walk!”
Joe: “You’re nuts.”
Gomamon: “What so bad about that? I sure have more fun!”

Yeah, come on, Joe! We’re just trying to get you to come out of your… SHELL??

[Mountains are hard]
Gomamon: “Giving up already?”
Gomamon: “Are you ready to quit? We could turn around!”

You told him you had business to take care of on the mountain. You can’t just turn… ACORN-er and go back on it now!

[Gomamon tells Jou to tell him if ever needs “a hand”, and Jou teases him about his claws not being hands]
Gomamon: “So Jou also makes jokes…”
Jou: “Eh?”
Gomamon: “Nothing! Well, let’s go!”

Gomamon: “I think you actually have a sense of humor!”
Joe: “What?”
Gomamon: “Well, maybe not. Let’s go!”

I think the same of some of the… GOOBERS that read this site!

[Gomamon dangles on a cliff]
Jou picked him up without being asked.
Gomamon: “I could use a lift!”
[Jou: “…” *kicks Gomamon off the mountain* “THAT’S FOR SAYING I’M UNADAPTABLE!”

[After further cooperation, they’re about halfway up the mountain and stop for a quick break]
Gomamon: “You’re pretty good.”
Jou: “You are, too.”

Gomamon: “We make quite a team!”
Joe: “Actually, we do!”

[A bunch of black gears fly out of a crack that opened up in the mountain]
Jou: “Why did they come out of there?”
Joe: “They’re coming from the top of the mountain.”

That’s the side of the mountain, Joe. Have you finally… CRACKED??

Wait, I already made that pun…

Jou: “Let’s go look! We might figure something out!”
Joe: “I guess there’s no running away this time. Let’s go!”

First of all, there is PLENTY of running away to be done…

[Jou and Gomamon go over to where the gears emerged]
Gomamon: “I don’t see anything like an underground dwelling.”
Gomamon: “Would it be too much to hope they [the black gears] disappeared all-together?”

… probably not!

[Gomamon and Jou now spot a new friend]
Jou: “A horse?”
Gomamon: “It’s Unimon! He’s a wise and docile Digimon!”

Joe: “Oooh, that’s just great — a flying horse wearing a mask! This can’t be good!”

To be fair, Unimon looks like this:

A white unicorn with long ears, a yellow mohawk-mane, and a red mask with a rectangular visor in in the front (not reaching out to where horses' eyes are), and a mouth that extends out to the bases of his ears - far larger than a horse's mouth.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 When the last eagle flies over the last cruOH COD OH JEEZ WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Unimon: a sweet Digimon whose appearance a mix of the legendary beasts unicorn and Pegasus. Its special attack is a fireball, Holy Shot.”
Gomamon: “That’s not your everyday-kind of flying horse, Joe. He’s a wise old Digimon. I never knew he lived in these mountains. He’s not much of a talker.”

That’s all right, Gomamon. It’s what we have you for.

Holy Shot is renamed “Aerial Attack” in the dub.

Side Note

Unimon’s appearance is accompanied by the soft, gentle Sentimentality (kanshou)「感傷」 in the original. It makes him seem all mystical and less terrifying-looking. In turn, it makes the entrance and assault of the black gear much more severe – poor guy was just minding his own business!

Dialogue Deviation

[Before Unimon goes anywhere near the stream, Gomamon assures Jou that Unimon is nice and they don’t need to hide. Some dialogue is moved around in the dub]
Jou: “That Digimon information you guys give us never turns out to be right.”
Joe: “He must be coming down to have a drink.”

You don’t know that; it’s barely noon! Just because he flies doesn’t mean he starts drinki– oh, you meant the water, didn’t you?

[Unimon gets a drink of water, and Jou admires the pretty flying horsey]
Gomamon: “See, I told you it’s all right! Let’s get a closer look!”
Gomamon: “Maybe Unimon will tell us what we need to know! Then we can go back to our friends!”

You said he wasn’t much of a talker; let’s hope you’re wrong.

[Gomamon bounds towards their new friend]
No dialogue.
Gomamon: “Hello, Unimon! It’s me, Gomamon, it’s been a long time since–“

Oh, so he’s an old friend of yours, and you didn’t know he lived around here? Some friend you are!

Side Note

Gomamon has never met Unimon before. He knows of Unimon because of whatever weird Digimon knowledge they all seem to have.

Dialogue Deviation

No dialogue.
Gomamon: “Something’s coming toward us. Can’t you see it, Joe? Look!”

The sun

Look into the sun, Joe.

Side Note

The dub continues its use of poorly done animal voices. Unimon sounds more like a pig than a horse in the dub.

I don’t know if the Japanese studio just has a really talented crew available to do the animal voices or if they use recordings of actual animals, but they sound good. I say that now; I’m sure there won’t be a hilariously bad, obviously fake cat voice in like 24 episodes.

Dialogue Deviation

[The sun held terrible things, as it does, and Unimon received a black gear directly in his spine]
Jou: “Oh no…”
Joe: “Gosh! Think he’s in trouble?”

He’s probably fine.

Gomamon: “H-his eyes… His eyes have gone crazy!!”
Gomamon: “Uh, we’ll have to see. Woah, look at his eyes! I think we’re the ones that are in trouble!”

Unimon's visor glows red

Guess he was flying on the… RED-EYE???

Unimon, with a TERRIFYING voice: “Hello, Gomamon! Aren’t you happy to see me?”


Side Note

Unimon’s dub voice sounds HORRIFYING. He doesn’t even talk in the original!

Dialogue Deviation

[Meanwhile, back where Jou’s friends are sleeping peacefully, Sora has awakened]
Sora: “Jou’s gone. He must be up already.”
Sora: “I wonder where sleepy Joe is. JOE~, where’d you go~?”

Sora is way too chipper for having just woken up.

Jou’s impeccable dirt-penmanship is translated accurately.

sugu modoru
konoba o ugokazu
mattete kure
“I’ll be back soon.
Please stay here and
wait for me.

… The edit looks pretty good, doesn’t it? They had a good editing team for the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Back where nobody is sleeping peacefully or ever will again after hearing Unimon’s dub voice]
That voice is seriously the most terrifying thing to ever come out of this dub.
Unimon: “Having a good time, dear guests? I’m in the mood for a game of Aerial Attack!”

That doesn’t sound like a fun game at all when you say it that way!

[Unimon traps Gomamon and Jou between himself and a new dead end]
Jou: “It’s no good! We’re trapped!”

Unimon: “You’re not think of leaving, are you? That’s a perfectly safe route if you’re thinking of flying away!”

Still safer than being trapped with that voice!

[Taichi and Sora have arrived on Birdramon to save Jou’s keister. Birdramon got Holy Shotted away, and Greymon proceeds to get his ass kicked]
Taichi: “Greymon, are you all right?”
Tai: “Greymon, are you gonna be all right?”
Greymon: “I’m STYLIN’, dude!”


[Unimon flies over Sora and Birdramon, who have fallen from the cliff]
Unimon: “What do we have here?! Another uninvited guest?!”

In your garden?

Well, that’ll be my nightmares for the next ten years…

[Jou spots the black gear in Unimon’s back and boards him to pull it out]
Jou: “This…”
Gomamon: “JOU!”
Jou: “I have to pull this out…”

Joe: “Come on, now.”
Gomamon: “Hang on!”
Joe: “Oh no! It won’t budge!”

Well, at least Joe wasn’t being strangled while Gomamon told him to hang on.

Gomamon: “Jou, stop! It’s useless!”
Jou: “No, I’ll do this! I have to protect everyone! I’m the oldest… I’ll protect everyone!”

Gomamon: “Joe, stop! Don’t try to be a hero!”
Joe: “I know, but I just have to do this one thing!”

I like how Joe is so casual about it. Like he just has to go pick up eggs or nuts at the supermarket.

Joe: “I’m not gonna stop until it’s done!”

The eggs are in the back by the dairy products. Or at the front by the bread; it depends on if the Digimon World pasteurizes the shells or has to keep them in the cooler.

Joe: “I have to think positive! I’m responsible! I’ve gotta do it!”

I hate going to the store, too, Joe.

Side Note

Ikkakumon’s Japanese voice is essentially Gomamon’s voice, slightly deeper and with an echo added to it. Most of the Digimons’ evolved forms have voices like that.

In the English version, their voices change more dramatically, and get deeper, gruffer, and forced-sounding.

Dialogue Deviation

[One dramatic scream later, Gomamon has evolved to Ikkakumon]
No dialogue.
Ikkakumon: “Hold on tight, Joe, ’cause we’re going for a ride!”

Watch out, Ikkakumon. Joe’s allergic to fur, and I’m pretty sure he’s got motion sickness, too.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Vulcan becomes “Harpoon Torpedo” for the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Joe backseat-drives Ikkakumon’s battle:

[Unimon dodges]
Joe: “You missed him! He’s much too fast for us!”

[Harpoon Vulcan hits the black gear directly]
Joe: “The black gear just dissolved! Yeah, you did it!”

[Ikkakumon has destroyed the black gear in Unimon’s back with his ballistic missiles, which probably really hurt, and Unimon flew away]
Greymon: “Taichi, are you all right?”
Greymon: “Hope I didn’t shake you too much, Tai!”

Never, ever shake a Taichi.

Jou: “Good, everyone’s safe!”
Joe: “Good job! That’s what I call ‘pulling it together’!”

And all you had to do was almost die!

Taichi: “I want everyone to know, I’m sorry about yesterday.”
Sora: “Your courage made Gomamon evolve, Jou”

Tai: “Wow, Joe! You were jammin’ out there! You’re a pretty cool dude after all!”
Sora: “You were so awesome, it made it possible for Gomamon to digivolve!”

Totally tubular.

Gomamon: “It’s wasn’t Jou’s courage, but my own hard work! Probably!”
Gomamon: “It’s because I’m just a nice guy, and besides, Joe would have fallen on his head! That’s why!”

Thanks, Gomamon! That would have made a huge mess!

Gomamon: “No, it was! There’s absolutely no mistaking it!” *Jou crouches in front of him and stares weirdly into his soul* “What? Wanna go?”
Gomamon: “I didn’t have anything better to do anyway.” *crouch and stare* Hey, if you don’t believe me, then put up your dukes and let’s fight about it!”

Violence is the answer!

Jou: “Thank you, Gomamon. We were saved because of you.”
Gomamon: “Eh? Uh… Oh.”
Joe: “Just chill, Gomamon! You’re the best, and heroes don’t have to fight!”
Gomamon: “Um… oh. ‘Heroes’?”

“Wish you’d told me that before I fired missiles at my so-called ‘old friend’…”

[Taichi, Sora, Jou, Agumon, Biyomon, and Gomamon reach the top of the mountain to find they did get a great view of…]
Narrator: “Taichi and the others became discouraged when they found the File Island was a solitary island in the middle of the vast sea.”
Joe: “So Gomamon and I fought all the way to the top to see what was there, and we found… well, nothing… but I think we discovered quite a bit on the way up.”

I mean, there was also the winged unicorn, mountain full of black gears, and the fact that you’re on an island in the middle of nowhere… No, you’re right – those aren’t important! Forget I brought it up!

Section: Side Note

As AegusP pointed out in the comments, I missed a big story-telling element here at the end of the episode! They reach the summit of Infinity Mountain, look upon the landscape around them, and find that they’re stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. The name “File Island” wouldn’t have tipped any of the kids off to their situation – Japan itself is a country made up of islands, and for all they knew, they were on a small one they’d never heard of. The islands of Japan are close together, so the possibility of returning home safely was always within reach.

Reaching the top, looking around, and finding their island surrounded by nothing but vast ocean crushes their hopes of getting home! How could they have gotten that far from their camp site? How could they have gotten that far from Japan?? What the hell was that tidal wave??? The original scene emphasizes the mystery and gravity of their situation, and unfortunately, the dub didn’t quite deliver with Joe’s “we got to the top and found… well, nothing!” You found that you’re DOOMED, boy! DOOOOOOMED!! He does react appropriately in the next episode, but it’s hardly “nothing” they’ve found!

The dub also seems to have forgotten that the purpose of the climb was to be able to see their entire surroundings, so Joe found exactly what he set out to find. That was also pretty important; very concerning that he already forgot about it.

The Digi-Verdict

This was a pretty standard script for the dub – the overall story is retained, but there’s added comedy, and the characters are being eased into to their English adaptations. It’s still early, so we’re getting a feel for everyone’s personalities in both versions. In Joe’s case, he’s more of an outspoken negative Nancy but not yet leaning fully into the dub’s “scaredy cat” portrayal of him. In Tai’s case, he’s more of a bully, as called out by Matt. In Unimon’s case, he’s more of the stuff nightmares are made of. The Flanderization, like the tootsie reckoning, has yet to begin.

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  • AegisP says:

    I have to say this in the most blunt and honest way. There is very little actual commentary and way too many jokes that say nothing useful or insightful. And you even get rid of the jokes I did like like the yelling GERBILS. I dont know if that’s intentional or not.

    • I have no idea what kind of jokes you like, but yeah, that sounds like something I would do. I’m kind of a pissant. You can still yell “GERBILS” when you leave for school, though — nobody can take that from you.

      For me, this episode didn’t really lend itself to deeper commentary. That’s pretty typical for some of the character-establishing episodes where the majority of alterations end up in the dialogue – especially for Joe, since the dub’s caricature hasn’t fully bloomed yet. If you wanted to offer some commentary, start a discussion, or ask on something specific, feel free to leave more comments!

      • AegisP says:

        The ending of the episode is a pretty big wham in the Japanese Version. The kids are truly alone and without any way of getting of out File Island. Maybe some sort of comment on that would be welcome.

        • That’s true! That’s a pretty significant oversight on my part – thanks for pointing it out! I’m moving house this week, but I’ll find some time to write up a block for it soon. I’m sure I’ll get sick of packing long enough to form coherent thoughts eventually.

          Thanks again! I appreciate the feedback!

        • I was right; I’m sick of packing! Coherency of thought is another matter, so no promises there!

          If at any time you would like to change or remove the attribution to your comment, please let us know in the comments and I’ll take care of it as soon as I can!

  • Guest says:

    “What eggs you on– er… what’s on your eggs??”
    “Podravka Vegeta” only. This is how my grandmother cooked.

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