Digimon Adventure S01E07

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Roar! Ikkakumon

Roar! Ikkakumon [JP]
Ikkakumon’s Harpoon Torpedo [EN]

Original Writer: Akatsuki Yamatoya
Dub Writers: Rebecca Olkowski and Eddie Leiner

Original Airdates:
April 11, 1999 [JP]
September 20, 1999 [EN]

This is one of the oldest comparisons on the site and is due for revision.

The dub title sounds dirty.

This episode was written by Rebecca Olkowski and Eddie Leinor (‘Leiner’? The video I’m looking as is a bit blurry with the text). [Gear: It’s Leiner] This episode is actually pretty well-written! The plot is unchanged and most of the dialogue is accurate. There’s some instances of the kids ranking on each other, but their insults are actually in-context for once. XD All in all: well done, Olkowski and Leinor/Leiner! [Gear: Still Leiner.]

Side Note

Mimi’s summary of the previous episode is all right for the most part. She does throw in some “like”s and, you know, standard dub Mimi characteristics, but it’s an accurate summary. In the original, the narrator gives a brief overview of what happened last time, and he’s not as descriptive as the characters are in the dub. Just for the example, in today’s episode:

Narrator: “Under the Numemons’ attack, the children found themselves in Toy Town. Under the control of a black gear, Monzaemon took the childrens’ emotions and locked Agumon and the others in a toy box. He was opposed by many Numemon, Mimi, and Palmon.”
Palmon/Togemon: “Palmon, evolve! Togemon!”
Narrator: “The childrens’ journey continues…”

Mimi narrates: “We were underground when we met the most disgusting creatures ever: the Numemon! We get outside, and there’s this, like, GIANT stuffed bear named Monzaemon attacking us with his floating hearts! Me and Palmon got away, but the rest of the kids got, like, hypnotized and taken to Toy Town! Here, the toys play with the children! Things were totally, like, bad! That’s when the icky Numemon came to help. Palmon digivolved to Togemon — which kind of freaked me! — and saved the day! *giggle* Not bad for a plant, huh?”

I wouldn’t take that if I were you, Palmon.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but in the Japanese version, the summary of the previous episode is accompanied by the track “Aban”. It’s very nice — mellow and almost cheerful. It’s just one sample of many of what a nice soundtrack Digimon Adventure has. In the dub, I don’t think they use the same track every time, but it’s still early in the series and I don’t remember the later dubbed episodes well. Anyway, in today’s summary, it’s just a track that’s used as a regular part of the English soundtrack.

No dialogue.
Gomamon: “I know this is no day at the beach! You’ve got no reason to be a worry-wart about an’ make all your friends unhappy!”

Is that what you’re doing, Joe? Making people unhappy by caring about their and your own well-being?! For shame, Joe. SHAME. >:(

No dialogue.
Gomamon: “Pardon the pun, but CHILL OUT. Only you have a problem with the cold!”

Man, Gomamon is a bitch. Joe wasn’t even saying anything! He’s just keeping to himself, huddling up for warmth, and Gomamon’s right there with his cold, cold heart to take it away.

Takeru: “It’s cold…”
Palmon: “I feel like I’m drooping!”
Gomamon: “Right guys? Everyone: think warm!”


Gabumon: “In contrast, this one’s more energetic.”
Joe: *whine* “I’m allergic to fur…”

That really sucks, Joe.

Koushirou: “No way! Give me a break, please!”
Izzy: “Perhaps not, if you’re a polar bear or a penguin!”

You’re not either of those? I’ve been misled…

Mimi: “Snowball fight!”
Palmon: “What’s a snowball fight?”
Patamon: “Maa!” (he doesn’t know and wants to know. There’s not a specific word for that in Japanese, but that’s what Patamon’s sound effect is conveying. It’s like in English when people grunt as a response)
Koushirou: “A snowball fight, huh…?”

Mimi: “And make snowmen!”
Gomamon: “What do you think Snowmon is?”
Gabumon: “A Digimon from their planet!”
Izzy: “It’s difficult to explain…”

No it isn’t! You roll up big snow boulders, stack them on top of each other, and decorate it to anthropomorphize it! You’re just lazy.

(Koushirou/Izzy’s explanation is about the same in both versions)
Tentomon: “Oh…”
Tentomon: “You throw food?!”

[Tentomon: “I never thought of that! All I need is some bait… Where’s T.K….?”]

Yamato: “It’s been a while since I’ve had a challenge (/match)!”
Taichi: “I won’t lose!”
Sora: “It sounds like fun…”

Matt: “We could even build a snow fort!”
Tai: “You don’t need one!”
Sora: “I bet I could beat you both, blindfolded!”

My money’s on Sora. And Tai knows he’s going to get pwned regardless of Matt’s fortitude.

Jou’s line:
“You guys are taking it too easy. If it snows, it’d be unbearable.”
… was translated just fine, but it was spoken softly in the original, as Jou was saying it to himself. He says it loudly in the dub.

Sora: “Jou-senpai, why are you standing over here by yourself with such a serious face?”
Sora: “Lighten up a little, Joe! We’re just trying to look on the positive side of things!”
Joe: “BLEH!”

Stick it to her, Joe!

Side Note

In the part after Sora comes up to Jou and Jou starts explaining why so serious, the screen is showing Takeru and the others standing and talking.

In the Japanese version, their voices are inaudible and we just hear Jou’s voice-over. In the dub, they don’t bother with it and they just add in dialogue to go with T.K. and the others’.

Joe does, however, go, “BLEH!” right before this occurs, so all is forgiven.

Jou: “Of course I’m being serious! Think about it! If the temperature drops, it’ll become more difficult to set up camp! In this cold environment, it’ll be harder to find food, too… My head hurts! I’m the one who has to protect everyone… because I’m the oldest.”
T.K.: “Hey Tai, when’s it gonna snow?!”
Tai: “Probably any second now!”
T.K.: “That’ll be so funny!
Tai: “I can’t wait to see his face!”

Tai, stop lying to the poor kid. Matt, stop predicting weather patterns. We’re not paying you for this.

Now, part of Jou’s explanation is kept:
Joe: “You know, if the temperature drops any lower than it is already, we won’t be able to camp out anymore. We’ll be frozen Digi-treats!”
(They laugh.)
Joe: “That’s right! Go ahead and laugh! But when your tootsies freeze, don’t go crying to me! I’ll just say I told you so!”

That just means more Digi-treats for you, Joe!

Joe: “It is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry! Think first! Hmph!”

Think first? That’s crazy talk.

No dialogue.
Gomamon: “What’s that white stuff?”

Get out of Izzy’s bag, Gomamon! That stuff is not for you!

Seriously, though, snow occurs naturally in the Digital World. The Digimon know what it is.

No dialogue.
Mimi: “It’s a field of snow! There’s gotta be a ski resort nearby!”

For a flat field of snow? Not a very busy ski resort, I imagine.

Yamato: “Heh? In this snow field?”
Matt: “If we walk across the field in our sneakers, our toes will go numb!”

But they’re perfectly safe standing in the middle of the field not moving them! Take that, gangrene!

Taichi: “Then what do we do? In front is a snow field, behind is that mountain. Whatever direction we go, we still have to keep going.”
Tai: “So what are we supposed to do, just stand here like a bunch of dorks?”

Continue to stand there like a bunch of dorks.

So they stand around, wondering what the odd smell in the air is, and…:

Yamato: “Is that it? This smell is…?

Matt: “She’s right. But what’s it coming from?”


Mimi: “I can’t take a bath in this…”
Mimi: “There go my big dreams of a nice, warm bath!”

I wish more people held hygiene in as high a regard as Mimi does.

Palmon: “But it’s warm!”
Yamato: “At least the coldness is gone…”

Palmon: “It looks so inviting!”
Matt: “Well, it would be inviting if you were a vegetable.”

Well, Palmon is kind of a vegetable…

Jou: “Stop taking it so easy! What are we going to do for food?! There’s no food here…”
Joe: “What’s a little dirt compared to starving? We need to find something to eat, and there’s nothing in sight!”

What? There’s plenty of dirt, but what does that have to do with food?

Takeru: “There is!”

Woah, T.K.! Simmer down, there. We don’t want you to turn out like your brother.

Yamato: “I wonder what’s inside.”
Matt: “Where there’s a fridge, there’s grub!”


Mimi: “Some jelly would be nice!”
Mimi: “I want hot cocoa!”

You’re not going to find that in a fridge, Mimi.

Agumon: “Eggs!”
Agumon: “There must be a zillion of them!”

That sounds like an outrageous eggs-aggeration to me.

Taichi: “Looks like today’s meal is settled!”
Tai: “Yeah! Grub on!”


Tai: “These’ll keep us all fed for a month!”

An eggs-travagant claim, indeed.

Taichi: “It’s all right! I’ll test them for poison!”
Tai: “Then I’ll be the guinea pig — if I turn purple, you’ll know they’re not edible!”

That would be awesome. DO IT, JOE.

Yamato: “It can’t be helped. We’re hungry.”
Matt: “Unless you’re into eating rocks, we don’t have too much choice!”

Mmmmmm, rocks.

Tentomon: “Dinner is settled!”
Tentomon: “Rationalize away!”

XD WOW, Tentomon! Didn’t think you had it in you.

No dialogue.
Sora: “Sunny-side up eggs are my specialty!”

They’d better be. You don’t have a spatula.

(00:03) A brief close-up shot of Jou whittling the chop sticks with the pen knife was cut.

Cut because survival tools are eeeeeeevil.

Jou: “Everyone’s so cheerful… I can’t be like that, because I’m the one with the responsibility.”
Joe: (Mimi urged him to hurry) “Sorry. This just makes me feel uncomfortable. We’d be in big trouble if someone got sick — no doctors, you know. Why do I always have to be the one to think about these things?”

To be fair, there aren’t any doctors around anyway, so you’re boned if you get sick from non-egg-related causes, too.

Anyway, this is why “Stupid Dialogue” was re-named to Dialogue Deviation several years ago. Joe’s lament isn’t necessarily stupid, but part of his characterization changes. Jou is upset because he thinks that he has to be responsible for the other kids’ well-being because he’s the oldest, and he’s stuck on that idea. Joe just thinks and worries. And of course, nobody likes a thinker, so the other kids make fun of him. Thing is, his ideas are almost supercilious, as if he looks down on the other kids for not dwelling on the same things he does. Jou is more concerned about his own role and even seems a bit envious of the other kids.

Children: “Let’s eat!”
Mimi: “Très gourmet!”

Stop that.

Sora: “It’s your turn next time!”

Wow. I like Mimi and I wouldn’t even trust her with my food.

Taichi: “Yummy! It’s been a while since we’ve had a real meal!”
Tai: “Oh yeah! I haven’t had a meal like this in a long time! My stomach’s CHIMIN’!”

If you think that’s chimin’, just wait until those eggs digest.

Yamato: “This would be perfect with some white rice.”
Takerua: “Soft rice and eggs!”

Matt: “If we had some ketchup to go with this, it would be perfect!”
T.K.: “I LOVE ketchup and eggs!”


Sora: “That sounds good!”
Sora: “That sounds pretty gross to me!”

You tell him, Sora!

Sora: “Hey, everyone. What do you like to put on top of your eggs?”
Sora: “Cheer up! Tell me how you like your eggs, and I’ll try to do my very best!”

Little late for that, isn’t it? They’re already cooked. And you still have no spatula.

Side Note

All right, here we go! Egg toppings:

Jou: salt and pepper.
Joe: salt and pepper.

Taichi: soy sauce.
Tai: soy sauce.

Yamato: mayonnaise.
Matt: hot salsa.

Sora: sauce. Yeah. Just sauce.
Sora: a reality check. XD

Koushirou: ponzu, which is a Japanese sauce made with soy sauce and citrus juice.
Izzy: mustard and jelly beans. Mustard. And jelly beans. What the fuck, Izzy?

Mimi: sugar and natto (fermented soy beans).
Mimi: maple syrup and, sometimes, cherries on top.

Jou: “You guys put all that weird stuff on your eggs?! I’m shocked! It’s the collapse of Japanese culture!”
Joe: “What? You’re making me completely lose my appetite! I just like plain eggs! I wish we could talk about something other than egg recipes!”

Jeez, Joe, take it over-easy! They’re just trying to look at the sunny-side up of things!

Yamato: “Hey, Jou…”
Taichi: “Who worries about stuff like that? … Well, natto might be something to worry about…”

Matt: “Come on! Join the party!”
Tai: “I think it’s really too late for him! I think Joe thinks we’ve gone a little crazy over these eggs!”

The peer pressure is on! Come on, Joe! You’ll never be cool if you don’t do what Matt tells you!

Gomamon: “Yareyare… You’re so stubborn, Jou.”
Gomamon: “I’m afraid Joe’s just not the kind of guy who’s meant to be adaptable!”

So Yamato lightly touches Jou to keep him from kicking Gomamon into the fire, and:

Jou: “I am calm! I always am…”
Joe: “I am calm; he’s the one who’s stingy! …. and why’d you squeeze my arm?!”

Oh, BAAWWWW. He barely touched you. We all saw it.

Yamato and Taichi’s argument is mostly in tact, but Tai throws in that Matt is a chicken. Matt doesn’t use the obvious retort that Tai is a cock, but that’s okay.

Tentomon: (referring to Infinity Mountain) “That big mountain over there.”
Tentomon: “Infinity Mountain’s a doozy, that’s for sure!”

[Tentomon: “We’d better get going while it’s still dark! That way, if you fall off the edge, no one can see who pushed– errr… I mean…”]

Side Note

Again, the voice-over technique is used with Sora explaining Taichi’s and Yamato’s arguments. In the dub, they just use the footage for Tai and Matt to argue.

Yamato: “You think I’m going to quietly go along with your recklessness and put everyone in danger?”
Matt: “Put your fists down when you talk to me and stop acting like you can just bully your way into being the leader!”

YEAH, GO MATT! You have almost redeemed yourself!

Side Note

In the dub, they keep referring to the mountain as a “peak”. This is malapropistic; the peak is the top of the mountain, or the summit. You don’t climb a peak because once you get to the peak, there’s no place higher on the mountain to go.

Jou: “Calm down!”
Yamato: “You’re the one getting heated up, Jou!”
Jou: “What? For all of you, I–“
Joe: “Don’t be difficult!”
Matt: “What? You are the most difficult person I ever met!”
[Jou: “… You bitch!”]

Taichi: “Let’s just go!”
Yamato: “Don’t decide on your own.”

Tai: “You’re just a big old chicken, Matt!”
Matt: “Tai, you better take that back!”

Or what? You’ll stand there with your hand on your hip and snap your fingers at him like you might as well be doing now?

Jou: “Listen to what I have to say!”
Sora: “SUTOPPU” (Engrish!)

Joe: “Enough already! You’re giving me a headaaaa~che!”
Sora: “Put a cork in it, you three!”

At first, I thought she said “Put a cork in it, you freaks!”. I was disappointed.

Sora: “Now grow up!”


Sora: “The others are getting worried, too. Okay?”
Sora: “First of all, we need to find a good place to sleep. Let’s head for the cave?”

Wait, what cave? Nobody mentioned a cave. I certainly didn’t see a cave anyw–wait a minute. The sudden awesomeness. The strange hat. The randomly-placed, unseen cave…




Sora is Batman.

To the Sora Cave!

Oh wait, there’s the cave. Nevermind, everyone! False alarm!

Jou: “Gomamon? … Don’t try to stop me.”
Gomamon: “Right. Well, go on!”

Joe: “Gomamon?”
Gomamon: “Yep. Forgotten me already?”
Joe: “Why don’t you go get some sleep?”
Gomamon: “Not happening!”
Joe: “Yes it is!”
Gomamon: “I don’t think so!”

Gomamon: “You’re just not honest with yourself, Jou.”
Jou: “What about?”

Gomamon: “Sometimes I just have to trick him!”
Joe: “Did you say something?!”

THAT WAS A TRICK?! *sob* My childhood heroes LIED!

Gomamon: “You felt helpless by yourself, didn’t you?”
Jou: “Don’t be stupid.”
Gomamon: “Oh, c’mon. Don’t worry about it!”

Gomamon: Uh… yeah, nice night for a walk!”
Joe: “You’re nuts.”
Gomamon: “What so bad about that? I sure have more fun!”

Yeah, come on, Joe! We’re just trying to get you to come out of your shell.

Gomamon: “Admitting defeat already?”
Gomamon: “Are you ready to quit? We could turn around!”

You told him you had business to take care of on the mountain. You can’t just turn acorn-er and go back on it now!

Gomamon: “Jou can make jokes…”
Jou: “Eh?”
Gomamon: “Nothing! Well, let’s go!”

Gomamon: “I think you actually have a sense of humour!”
Joe: “What?”
Gomamon: “Well, maybe not. Let’s go!”

I think the same of some of the goobers that read this site.

Gomamon didn’t say anything. Jou picked him up without being asked.
Gomamon: “I could use a lift!”
[Jou: “o_o *kicks Gomamon off the mountain* THAT’S FOR SAYING I’M UNADAPTABLE!”]

Gomamon: “You’re pretty good.”
Jou: “You are, too.”

Gomamon: “We make quite a team!”
Joe: “Actually, we do!”

Teamwork! 😀

Jou: “Why did they come from there?”
Joe: “They’re coming from the top of the mountain.”

That’s the side of the mountain, son. Have you finally cracked?

Jou: “Let’s go look! We might figure out something!”
Joe: “I guess there’s no running away this time. Let’s go!”

Thankfully, he reports to the mountain wall, not the top.

Gomamon: “I don’t see any devices.”
Gomamon: “Would it be too much to hope they disappeared all-together?”

They flew away. Isn’t that good enough? You’re like the peanut gallery that’s never satisfied!

Wait, peanuts are legumes…

Jou: “A horse?”
Gomamon: “It’s Unimon! He’s a wise and docile Digimon!”

Joe: “Oooh, that’s just great — a flying horse wearing a mask! This can’t be good!”

To be fair, Unimon does look pretty evil.

Narrator: “Unimon: a sweet Digimon whose appearance a mix of the legendary beasts unicorn and Pegasus. Its special attack is a fireball, Holy Shot.”
Gomamon: “That’s not your everyday-kind of flying horse, Joe. He’s a wise old Digimon. I never knew he lived in these mountains. He’s not much of a talker.”

Not like you, eh? 

Some timing is off:

Jou: “That Digimon information you guys give us never turns out to be right.”
Gomamon: “… that’s true.”

Joe: “He must be coming down to have a drink.”

Oh, how would you know that? You probably didn’t even know the water was there.

Gomamon: “See, I told you it’s all right! Let’s get a closer look!”
Gomamon: “Maybe Unimon will tell us what we need to know! Then we can go back to our friends!”

You said he wasn’t much of a talker; why would you think that’d work? He’d probably just stare at you for three minutes while you tried to ask him questions.

Then he’d kick you down the mountain and scream, “THAT’S FOR CALLING ME OLD.”

No dialogue.
Gomamon: “Hello, Unimon! It’s me, Gomamon, it’s been a long time since–“

Never? You know, even if you had met him before, he wouldn’t recognize you because you would have met him as Pukamon, what with you not being able to evolve without Joe.

No dialogue.
Gomamon: “Something’s coming towards us. Can’t you see it, Joe? Look!”

The black gear came into view with the sun behind it. Maybe Joe’s not the type to stare into the sun?

Side Note

And the obvious, poorly-done animal-voices are back! Unimon sounds more like a pig than a horse in the dub.

I don’t know if the Japanese studio just has a really talented crew available to do the animal voices or if they use recordings, but they do it well.

Jou: “Oh no…”
Joe: “Gosh! Think he’s in trouble?”

PFFFFFTT NO. A black gear just flew down and lodged itself in his spine; I’m sure he’s okay!

No. Just no.
Unimon: “Hello, Gomamon! Aren’t you happy to see me?”


Side Note

What the fuck?

Side Note

No, seriously. I don’t remember Unimon speaking the last time I watched this episode… which was like six years ago.

Sora: “Jou-senpai’s gone. Maybe he already woke up.”
Sora: “I wonder where sleepy Joe is. JOE~, where’d you go~?”

Sora is way too chipper for having just woken up.

Jou’s message in the dirt is translated into English.

The original message, which I read incorrectly the first time I did this comparison, reads:

“sugu modoru
konoba o ugokazu
mattete kure
“I’ll be back soon.
Stay here and
wait for me.

Jou/Joe has some pretty nice dirt penmanship…

That voice is like the most terrifying thing to ever come out of this dub.
Unimon: “Having a good time, dear guests? I’m in the mood for a game of aerial attack!”

That doesn’t sound like a fun game at all! ;o;

Unimon: Holy Shot –> Aerial Attack

*Gomamon and Jou look back*
Jou: “It’s no good! We’re trapped!”

Unimon: “You’re not think of leaving, are you?”
*Gomamon and Joe look back*
Unimon: “That’s a perfectly safe route if you’re thinking of flying away!”


Taichi: “Greymon, are you all right?”
Tai: “Greymon, are you gonna be all right?”
Greymon: “I’m STYLIN’, dude!”


No! Please stop!
Unimon: “What do we have here?! Another uninvited guest?!”

In your garden?– aaawww. I just creeped myself out. ._.

Jou: “This…”
Gomamon: “JOU!”
Jou: “I have to pull this out…”

Joe: “Come on, now.”
Gomamon: “Hang on!”
Joe: “Oh no! It won’t budge!”

Well, at least Joe wasn’t being strangled while Gomamon told him to hold on.

Gomamon: “Jou, stop! It’s useless!”
Jou: “No, I’ll do this! I have to protect everyone. Because… I’m the oldest… I’ll protect everyone!”

Gomamon: “Joe, stop! Don’t try to be a hero!”
Joe: “I know, but I just have to do this one thing!”

I like how Joe is so casual about it. Like he just has to go pick up eggs or nuts at the supermarket.

Joe: “I’m not gonna stop until it’s done!”

The eggs are in the back by the dairy products.

Joe: “I have to think positive! I’m responsible! I’ve gotta do it!”


Side Note

Ikkakumon’s Japanese voice is essentially Gomamon’s voice, slightly deeper and with an echo added to it. Most of the Digimons’ evolved forms have voices like that.

In the English version, their voices change more dramatically, and get deeper, gruffer, and forced.

No dialogue.
Ikkakumon: “Hold on tight, Joe, ’cause we’re going for a ride!”

Watch out, Ikkakumon. Joe’s allergic to fur, and I’m pretty sure he’s got motion sickness, too.

Ikkakumon: Harpoon Vulcan –> Harpoon Torpedo

Greymon: “Taichi, are you all right?”
Greymon: “Hope I didn’t shake you too much, Tai!”

Never, ever shake a Taichi.

Jou: “Good, everyone’s safe!”
Joe: “Good job! That’s what I call ‘pulling it together’!”

Thanks, Joe.

Taichi: “I have a better opinion of you, Jou. Sorry about last night.”
Sora: “Your courage made Gomamon evolve, Jou-senpai!”

Tai: “Wow, Joe! You were jammin’ out there! You’re a pretty cool dude after all!”
Sora: “You were so awesome, it made it possible for Gomamon to digivolve!”

Now they’re talking like me. Kids didn’t talk like me even when I was a kid. ._.

Gomamon: “It’s wasn’t Jou’s courage, but my own hard work! Probably!”
Gomamon: “It’s because I’m just a nice guy, and besides, Joe would have fallen on his head! That’s why!”

Thanks, Gomamon! That would have made a huge mess!

Gomamon: “No, it is! There’s absolutely no mistaking it! What? Wanna fight?”
Gomamon: “I had nothing better to do anyway. Hey, if you don’t believe me, then put up your dukes and let’s fight about it!”

Violence is the answer!

Jou: “Thank you, Gomamon. We were saved because of you.”
Joe: “Just chill, Gomamon! You’re the best, and heroes don’t have to fight!”

Oh, nevermind, then.

Narrator: “Taichi and the others became discourage when they found the File Island was a solitary island in the middle of the vast sea.”
Joe: “So Gomamon and I fought all the way to the top to see what was there, and we found… well, nothing… but I think we discovered quite a bit on the way up.”


Total Episode Retained


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