Digimon Tamers S01E02

You’re my Friend—Terriermon Appears! (JP)
Digimon, Digimon Everywhere (EN)

Original Writer:  N/A
Dub Writers: Seth Walther

Original Airdates:
April 8, 2001 (JP)
September 1, 2001 (EN)

Laurie’s Notes: The three main characters are finally all introduced to one another. Rika is as cold as ever, and Terriermon is already grating on my nerves. I did love the introduction of the Digi Modify part of the Dub, although the Sub is a lot cooler. I forgot how cringe-worthy the Dub is, especially because it’s my favorite Dub season.

Section: Summary

Takato finally gets to meet Guilmon and secretly brings him home. But Guilmon misses Takato so he goes searching for him at school! We also get an introduction to the other two main Tamers! Henry who has Terriermon, a carefree bunny Digimon. Takato also finally meets Rika and Renamon who are out for a fight.

Side Note

Davis fills us in on what happened in the first episode and will continue to narrate the beginning and end of every episode. It’s odd they chose to use Davis for this. Also not sure if it was a meta thing they were going for or what. Makes my head hurt trying to wrap my head around it.

Section: Inconsistency

We start things off with scene changes. The Dub and Sub start differently. The Dub has Takato terrified of Guilmon, thinking that he’s gonna hurt him. While the Sub shows Guilmon blasting a hole in the wall. Sub Guilmon also does a deep dinosaur roar, while Dub makes odd noises.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “I-I’m not a Digimon”
Takato: “I’ve created a Digimon who’s going to blast me to smitherenes.”

Takato: *cowering in fear*
Guilmon: “Hi!”
Takato: “Augh, the last thing I’ll hear is that horrible growl!”

Takato: *silence, looking in wonder at the Digimon in front of him*
Takato: “You’re not going to attack me?”

Takato: Staring inquisitively at Guilmon.
Takato: “This is the COOOOLEST…”

Takato: “You recognize me don’t you”
Takato: “I really created you”

Takato: “Of course, I created you.”
Takato: And you’re mine!”

Dub Takato is a selfish and possessive little guy…

Side Note

In the Sub Guilmon has a really cool tick he does where he says the start of his name before nuzzling Takato. “Guilo?” While Dub Guilmon does some weird half growl noise.

There’s also no apparent music in the Dub while this scene happens, but in the Sub it sounds really up beat, like Takato just met his best friend.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “I’m home.”
Takato: “Mom, Dad, I’m home.” *Whispering* “You gotta be really quiet”

Takato’s Dad: “Welcome home.”
Takato’s Dad: “Hey kiddo.”

Love the early 2000s Dub dialogue.

Section: Inconsistency

The Sub has the news report going on in the background, saying something about malfunctioning computer network systems. The Dub cuts that out completely and it’s really obvious the Dad is watching a blank TV.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: It’s nothing you’ll find interesting.
Takato: “Oh yeah know, its a box, to hold things.”

Takato: “Yes I know.”
Takato: “Okay!!” *Whispering* “You have to stay under the box.”
Takato’s Dad: *Silent*
Takato’s Dad: “Need a hand there son?”

Not sure why the Dub is adding in a bunch of lines that the original didn’t have.

Takato: “Since we’re able to meet each other for real like this I want us to be together forever.
Takato: “Mom freaks out anytime I bring a box home.”

That would have been an excellent line to even try to keep in the Dub. But they didn’t even try and had some corny line instead.

Takato: “That’s why I need you to be good and listen to me.”
Takato: “I don’t think she’d ever be able to stop yelling.”

Takato: “Do you understand, Guilmon?
Takato: “Understand boy?”

More pet references in the Dub. Guilmon is actually really smart, not sure why they made him to be so dumb.

Takato: “No, I’m Takato.”
Takato: “Good thing I hid this from mom. Everything I think is cool she thinks is trash.”

I’ve never seen a bigger dialogue deviation than this entire scene. Sub Takato treats Guilmon more like an equal, while Takato more like a pet. Especially calling him ‘boy’ like he’s just a super-smart dog or something.

Guilmon: *Silence gazing in wonder at Takato*
Guilmon: “Gooooogles”

Why did they have to have Guilimon say anything at all?! Couldn’t he just make a cute noise or something?

Riley: “We’ve detected a Wild One.”
Riley: “Sir, there’s another one trying to Bio-Emerge”

Dub… what are you trying to say????

Yamaki: *Silence*
Yamaki: “Run Rabbit run”

They didn’t have to add in more weird dialogue but they did. Can the Dub get anymore cringey, find out next time from Davis…

Yamaki: “Is it Realizing?”
Yamaki: “Well now… it looks like you’ve lost the race, my little friend.”

Who knew they were even in a race….

Takato: Silence. And little snores, because they’re sleeping.
Takato: “Bad breath…”
Guilmon: “Yeah, bad breath. Heh.”

The Sub was really cute, and the Dub was just full of more cringe. They didn’t have to add the stupid comment about ‘bad breath’ but maybe they needed to explain why the Dad was in there sniffing when all he could smell was probably the smell of an animal. And wasn’t even made about it. How he didn’t hear someone other then his own sons voice is beyond me.

Takato’s Mom: “What is it?”
Takato’s Dad: “Oh, um, well…Takato is our only child, right? So I was thinking..hypothetically”

Takato’s Mom: “No way

Takato’s Mom: “Come on age cream work your magic.”
Takato’s Dad: “Uh, it’s nothing…”
Takato’s Mom: “What is it?”
Takato’s Dad: “You know honey, I’ve been thinking…”
Takato’s Mom: “Oh, did it hurt?”
Takato’s Dad: “Yes, exactly.

Wooooow what a biaaatch Dub Takato’s mother is! Not sure why they had to make her so mean and apparently old.

Takato’s Dad: *Grunts and sits down in frustration*
Takato’s Dad: “We could hide it”

Man the Dad seems more like a whiney kid then Takato. But this explains where he got it from. Like father like son.

Takato’s Mom: “Please have a talk with him tomorrow.”
Takato’s Mom: “Takato’s not old enough to take care of a pet. And don’t say you’ll take care of it till he’s old enough.”

I feel bad for Takato’s Dad, getting pushed around by the bully of a mom. And how is Takato not already old enough for a pet, he’s at least between the ages of 11 and 13. Plenty old enough for a pet.

Section: Inconsistency

The characterization of Takato’s Mom between the Dub and Sub is vastly different. Dub Takato’s Mom comes off as a bitchy, super bossy, overbearing mother with no faith in her son. Sub Mom has a valid and more level headed response as to why they aren’t allowed to keep pets. Not sure why Dub went with a harsher mom, maybe that was how all TV show moms were like back in the day. Reminds me of Roseanne.

Dialogue Deviation

Couple: *Silence.*
Random Girl: “The stars are beautiful tonight…”
Rangom Guy: “Not as beautiful as you. Huhuh.”
Random Girl: “Hoho, you…”

The guy sounds like a random surfer dude. Cause remember, this doesn’t take place in Japan, but America, cause its a show for kids in America. *We’re the Kids in America starts playing*

Random Guy: “Maybe someone lit a bonfire”
Random Guy: “Huh… Northern Lights?”

Not sure how you can confuse fog/smoke with Northern Lights!! Why this was dubbed this way is beyond me.

Ruki: *Silence.*
Renamon: *Silence*
Ruki: “Child Level Ogre type. He’s a coward but very sly.”
Rika: “Another one’s coming through”
Rika: “Get here, Renamon, or you’ll miss all the fun…”
Rika: “Renamon…..”
Renamon: “I’m on it.”
Rika: “Let’s see…he cheats and has a fireball goblin strike. Ugh, it’s just a rookie. Where’s the sport in that? Walk all over him Renamon.”

I’ve never seen such a vast difference in characterization for a rookie bad guy Digimon. The Dub turned a crafty and sly Digimon into a sleazy one. I also feel like the characterization of Rika in the Dub is different than the Sub. In the Dub, she seems overly confident and cocky, quick to jump the gun in a fight, and wants to win at all costs. Sub Ruki seems calm, collected, and strategic. She also doesn’t have an attempted catchphrase that Rika does.

The Dub changed the original Goblimon Romanji to English. It makes sense since it’s for an English release.

Dialogue Deviation

Renamon: *Silence*
Renamon: *Silence*
Renamon: “He’s toast.”
Renamon: “Hnnn, you missed.”

Throughout this scene, Renamon and Rika are full of sarcastic comments and “witty” taunts. I never knew how much that annoys me compared to the original. Guess they’re going for a certain character archetype with this tamer and Digimon pair.

Culumon: “What are you doing, culu…?”
Calumon: “Is that your special attack?”

I didn’t know Culumon could be this cute. I always hated him in the Dub, but he’s more insufferable now.

Random Guy: “What are you?”
Random Girl: “What is this toy, it’s so cute!”
Random Guy: “Who are you, little dude?”
Random Girl: “What a cute little toy. Did you get that for me honey?”

Why did they have to make the Random Guy a surfer in the Dub?? Cringe.

Culumon: “Hey hey, what are you doing, culu? Culumon wants to know!
Calumon: “You know, you’re gonna have to open your mouth much much wider if you really wanna swallow each other…”

Damn Calumon, thats uhhh unexpectedly dark from a kids show.

Random Guy: “You’ve been watching the whole time?”
Random Girl: “Wait a minute, this thing isn’t a toy?”
Random Guy: “What did’ya say?!”
Random Girl: “It’s an alien!!!! And wants to swallow our brains!!!”

The Subs line even characterizes random guy better than the Dub. He’s ashamed to be caught kissing someone in public. Just…Dub what were you going for? Aliens..really.

Random Guy: *Screaming*
Random Guy: “Don’t do it, man! I need what little brain I have!!!!”

Guess that explains the surfer dude mentality and the northern lights comment.

Culumon: *Silence.*
Calumon: “Hey! Maybe I can help them!”

I guess Dub makes things more straightforward for kids to follow. Letting us know early that Calumon can help out the Tamers….somehow.

Renamon: *Fight sounds*
Renamon: “Missed again…..whoops…oh so close. *snide laughter*

Renamon and Rika were my favorite characters when this first aired and I didn’t mind the snark or sarcasm, but now it just gets on my nerves. Especially when their Sub counterparts seem much more cool, calm, collected and strategic. Like they know this is serious.

Renamon: “Ruki, Option Card.”
Ruki: “I know!”
Renamon: “He’s not losing strength Rika.”
Rika: “Yeah, this is boring.”

Sub makes Renamon seem smarter then Dub, knowing what card would work best for the situation they’re in. Dub Renamon seems incapable of fighting without getting instruction from Rika.

Side Note

My favorite phrase is finally introduced! DIGI MODIFY! *puts card through my D Arc* The Dub and Sub handle this differently, Dub uses the Digi Modify phrase, which is I really enjoy. The Sub calls it Slash, and explains that the Boost Card is giving Renamon 10% more power.

There’s also a whole new song that goes with the Sub! Why did the Dub have to get shafted!

Section: Inconsistency

The Sub gives Goblimon actual dialogue. He says when he’s gonna digivolve and into what Digimon and also that he’s looking to absorb Data from other Digimon he fights. The Dub just has him laughing and growling manically the whole time, and he just suddenly Digivolves and first-time viewers are left wondering what just happened and why he suddenly changed from one thing to another.

Side Note

The new song is still playing in the Sub, even as the scene shifts to Takato. In the Dub this kid is still treating Guilmon like a pet, calling him “Boy” as if he’s a dog or something. Sub just asks what’s wrong with Guilmon and why he’s freaking out.

Dialogue Deviation

Ruki: “Failure is not an option.”
Rika: “I’m going to be very vexed if you lose.”

Man, I hope Tamers gets a reboot someday, or at least a re-dub as slim a chance as that is. The Sub dialogue flows so much better and makes the characters feel more three dimensional already. Dub is full of so much cringe, weird outdated dialogue and flat characters.

Renamon: *Silence, fighting*
Renamon: “That all you got big boy.”

Renamon and Rika used to be my favorite duo, now its just cringe. I’m disappointed at my younger self. haha.

Ruki: “It may have evolved to an Adult level, but our parameter is far more superior.”
Rika: “That’s more like it Renamon. Not even a champion level can stand in our way.”

I actually like the Dub dialogue better this time around. The Sub seemed a little complex and wordy for my liking.

Side Note

The Sub insert song ends when the fight concludes. And theres no music while Renamon is downloading/abosrbing Fugamons data. While there’s ‘misson completed’ type music for the Dub. Not sure why they cut out the song, that woudl ahve bnee an amazing touch.

Dialogue Deviation

Ruki: “Grow stronger, Renamon…”
Rika: “Next time, you’ll win… without my help”

Man Rika isn’t messing around. Talk about impossible standards.

Takato’s Mom: “My point is we handle food in our store.”
Takato’s Mom: “That’s why we can’t have pets here.”
Takato’s Mom: “We can’t have any pets.”
Takato’s Mom: “Are you listening?”

While not the most grievous of differences, the original lets the viewer know that they’re a bakery/bread store and need to have a certain level of sanitation. The Dub just assumes you know they sell food so you can’t have pets for that reason. Nevermind the fact that the Dub is insistent on making Takato’s Mom insufferable.

Takato: “Guilmon the coast is clear!”
Takato: *Falling noise*
Takato: *Whisper shouts* “Guilmon come down here!”
Takato: “I said down here, not on me…..Man you’re heavy”

Takato’s been my favorite ‘goggle kid’, at least back in the day. Now he’s just annoying and whiny. Also not sure why the Dub has to add in more unnecessary dialogue.

Takato: *Silence*
Takato: “That’s why I can’t stay with you all the time.”
Takato: “I’ll add that there, and that there…Guilmon don’t eat that!”
Takato: “I know. I wish they had a class on Digimon; I’d have the best show and tell ever!”

More unnecessary dialogue when there isn’t any in the Sub. And dorky dialogue for why Dub Takato has to leave Guilmon behind.

Side Note

I really enjoyed the Subs background music for the scene. It reminded me of Digimon World for the PlayStation and just walking around File City. I also wanna know how Takato can climb over a flimsy box fence and not have it all come crashing down on him.

Section: Inconsistency

In the Sub when Guilmon notices that Takato left him all alone he gets sad, and looks upwards, but doesn’t say anything. In the Dub it has him howl like a dog. Reincforing that pet/dog thing the Dub is going for.

Side Note

The characterization between the Dub and Sub Kenta is vastly different. Dub Kenta is a really insecure sounding guy, unsure of how to play the card game and isn’t confident in his own moves. While Sub Kenta is sure of what he’s gonna do and is confident he can beat Hirokazu.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: “Sorry had a lot to do this morning.”
Hirokazu: “Huuuh, why are you wearing goggles?”
Takato: “You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through today.”
Kazu: “One of your rare take-a-shower days? What’s with the glasses Yolei??”

Why do they have to have Kazu act like such a dick, for NO REASON. I do like that they tried to make a connection with Adventure 02, but it would have made more sense for Kazu to recognize that they were googles and fi anything Takato was trying to be like Tai. Jeeze get your lore straight Kazu.

Hirokazu: “Let’s go we got gym first period.”
Kazu: “Let’s go, we gotta Digi-Tame gym class.”

I eye-roll along with Kenta at that line. They almost got away with a good dub line. But then had to add Digi-….something to the end of it.

Takato: *War flashbacks to when the Blue Card first showed up.* “I knew it, the Blue Card is gone.”
Takato: “I wonder if anyone can create a Digimon. Or maybe I’m some kinda DigiDestined! That’s why I got that blue card. It’s still missing, where could it have gone.”

Why did we need some unneeded exposition from the Dub? It would have been much better to have the scene play out like the Sub and leave something to the imagination.

Takato: *Silently thinking*
Takato: “Did it just disappear back from where it came from?

Gotta love the unneeded inner monologue.

Hirokazu: *nothing is said. They’re going to class*
Kazu: “HEY! He’s [Kenta] getting all sweaty only THINKING about gym.”

Takato: “Alright, I beat my previous record by five centimeters!”

Jack Dawson is that you????? I may have watched too much Titanic…

Hirokazu: “But mine is still three centimeters further than yours.”
Kazu: “Don’t get too excited there Chumley I still beat you.”

Never before or since have I ever heard anyone use the phrase “Chumley”. I had to look it up cause I was curious if ‘Chumley’ meant anything and it may be a reference to a 1960s cartoon entitled Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tale where Chumley is a kinda dumb Walrus. Still weird and doesn’t really fit the scene.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The Dub removed the teacher saying that the next kid can do the exercise, and instead it has Guilmon saying “Takato-mon.” Which while cute, threw me off for a bit. More unncessary dialoge that would have worked better had it not even been added.

Dialogue Deviation

Teacher: “Do you have noodles for brains?”
Teacher: “Don’t worry about that we’re in the middle of class right now.”
Teacher: “Let me ask you, have you ever made an effort to d your homework the correct way?!”
Teacher: “And now class, we’ll discuss something important. What do you do when you start seeing things that aren’t really there…”

An interesting but possibly plausible denial type reaction to seeing a red-tailed creature shuffle away in a box and large scratches on the door. The original Japanese teacher handled it better which is to be expected, as I’m now realizing.

Principal: “What a fine day.”
Guilmon: “Mon!”

Principal: “Good morning cardboard box.”
Guilmon: *Says nothing.*

It was so cute that Sub Guilmon said “mon” in response to the teacher. Too bad Dub missed this golden opportunity to make Guilmon cute instead of annoying or puppy-like.

Principal: “I am Seiji Kurosawa…”
Principal: “I don’t know who Takato is!”

Principal: “My friends call me….HEY I’m the principal.”
Principal: “My hernia….”

Not sure anyone watching this when it came out knew what a hernia was. Why they had to put that line in, I’ll never know.

Hirokazu: “What’s happening??”
Kenta: “A fire?”
Hirokazu: “No way…”

Kazu: “Looks like your socks set off the fire alarm again, Kenta!”
Kenta: “Very funny.”
Kazu: “I thought so.”

Again with the lame-ass kid gross-out humor. Is this what kids are really like now? SO mean to each other instead of wondering what exactly was going on they make some stupid sock joke.

Hirokazu: “Hey what’s this now…”
Kazu: “Woah someone’s had too much sugar.”

Lame Dub is lame…I don’t get what characterization they’re going for with Kazu. Sarcastic comedy relief, mean funny friend?

Principal: “It even spoke to me!”
Principal: “We have to call out the National Guard! The Army! The Navy! The Airforce! The Mariiiiines!” 

Gotta make sure the kids know this takes place in the good ole USA! Call in all the branches of the military.

Student: “I think the principal has been drinking on the job again.”
Student: “I think he’s finally cracked. Well, I always suspected that school was bad for your health.”

Wasn’t expecting the Sub to be this dark? For a kid’s show at least. Good on the Dub for making it “clean”.

Section: Cut or moved footage

In case the American kids forgot what happened before the commercial break there’s an added scene of Takato staring at the empty box again.

Dialogue Deviation

Takato: *Silence*
Lunch Ladies: “What is the meaning of this?!”
Lunch Ladies: “That was all the bread in the school!”
Lunch Ladies: “All the bread is gone while the rest of the food is untouched.”
Takato: *Inner monologue* “What if I never find him again.”
Lunch Ladies: “Where’s all the food?!”
Lunch Ladies: “You know how long it took to make the meatloaf all dry and crusty?! And my watery spaghetti sauce is all gone!”
Lunch Ladies: “The cake! Think of the chocolate cake!!!!

Side Note

The introduction background music that plays for when Henry is introduced in the Sub is really kinda cool, and jazzy. While the Dub is kinda the same inquisitive sound that’s played a bunch already. Nice to see something fresh and new in the Sub.

Dialogue Deviation

Henry: *Silent and pondering as Takato runs off*
Henry: *Inner monologue* “Terriermon… I’ve gotta remember to teach you the meaning of the word “tact”.

More inner monologue. Not necessarily needed but I guess it gives us a peek into the kind of character Dub Henry is.

Side Note

When Takato runs away in the Sub, there’s a really beautiful and sad piano track playing in the background. And he doesn’t say anything while the montage is playing. While in the Dub it has the montage playing and Takto monogoling about how bad a Tamer he is to lose his Digimon. The Dub does a good even if unncessary job of potraying what Takto is feeling through the inner monologe.

The music that plays in the Sub version when Guilmon and Takato are finally reunited is a nice smooth jazz piece, that fits really well with the end of the episode. It actually really touched me that it could be so sweet.

Dialogue Deviation

Guilmon: *Silence*
Guilmon: “Takatomon… I need a new box.”

Eye roll. Couldn’t leave it on a touching note could you Dub, you haaad to use a cheesy line.

Takato: “I wonder if there are any good places around here..?”
Guilmon: “But if we aren’t here to chase squirrels, why are we here? I like squirrels…”

I wonder how much time has passed in between the school scene and the park. It seems like a lot has passed based on how good Guilmon talks now. But who knows.

Ruki: “Step aside Tamer. This is a Digimon battle.”
Ruki: “Renamon wants to fight..”
Rika: “What a lousy fighter… A fights a fight.”
Rika: “Renamon…walk all over him..”

While the Dub isn’t horrible, it’s cringey compared to the original. Also paints Renamon in a different light, as having more of her own will then just doing whatever Rika tells her to do. Which is coool.

Final Result

Final Result

90% Retained. Besides some cringey and unnecessary dialogue to cover up silences that the sub had, the Dub did a passable job. No cuts or major character characterization changes. Kenta and Kazu are more annoying and mean in the Dub then the original, but I’m assuming its because they want to better relate to mean American kids or something.

One Comment

  • senshikoi says:

    Another enjoyable comparison, and again adding my jest, observations and own thoughts on the reason for the changes:

    Side Note 1: well they gave jobs to Lara Jill Miller and Derek Stephen Prince, maybe everyone from 02 received a job on Tamers except for Brian Donovan, so this was the compromise ;)!

    Inconsistency 4: the Realised Goblimon always looked to me like it didn’t have any pupils (unlike the one on the Analyser), so it was like some sort of berserk version, so the dub “dialogue” actually made sense to me; I assume he didn’t have any pupils in the original either, but it’s been a while since I watched it.

    Dialogue Deviation 7a: I’d think Hirokazu identified that Takato was wearing goggles in the dub, but decided Takato wasn’t cool enough to be Taichi or Daisuke, hence referring to the goggles as glasses, thus making him Miyako; he probably sees Takato as a side character in his life, boy he’s in for a shock ;)!

    Dialogue Deviation 7b: wouldn’t be the first three series without everything having a “Digi-” prefix, I think Frontier probably only dropped the “Digi-” prefix due to some rights issues, as I feel Frontier was the first fully Disney Digimon, whilst Tamers was during the transition, plus the Portuguese dub of Frontier used the term “Digi-spirits”, even though it was based on the Japanese version, not the American one.

    Dialogue Deviation 7g: the writers showing their age perhaps; if they have children, who watch the series, their kids were probably saying to their parents “that’s lame, no-one says “Chumley” anymore.”

    Dialogue Deviation 8c: yeah, it’s probably the writer saw the animation and thought “my hernia, oh that’s a good line”, forgetting that they’re writing for kids.

    Dialogue Deviation 9: in the original we learn that Guilmon knows what he likes, and likes what he knows, whilst in the dub we learn what all kids believe, that the school staff are out to get them; still I’m left puzzling the chocolate cake reference, all I can imagine is it’s the only palatable thing they make, and is naturally only reserved for staff, but now they’re going to have to serve to the kids because there’s no intolerable food left.

    Again, as with the previous comparison, I noticed there are some spelling mistakes and the like, and the same aid applies, if I have free time to do so.

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