Digimon Fusion S01E03

Rival Kiriha – Appear! (JP)
A Rival Appears (EN)

Original Writer:  Riku Sanjō
Dub Writers: Mark Ryan

Original Airdates:
July 20, 2010 (JP)
October 5, 2013 (EN)

Section: Summary

When giant bamboo spires start shooting out of the ground, it’s up to Mikey and Jeremy to take on MadLeomon and the Drimogemon causing the mess.  But two more humans have appeared in the mix, whose intentions may be less than pure.  Dorulumon merges with Shoutmon and Ballistamon to create a new form to defeat MadLeomon’s kamakaze attack, but doesn’t stick around to celebrate.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Well, in the first minute, we lose this rather nifty graphic explaining…things.

Probably because of the 10 year-old “beauty” in the bottom left…
Side Note

Considering they’re taking the time to “introduce” Shoutmon to us via text on the screen, I’m going to assume that the dub will label EVERY DIGIMON EVER from now on.

Dialogue Deviation

I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s taken this long to get to some dialogue deviations.  About 1.5 minutes in, the only change is from Ballistamon.  In the original, he agrees (albeit he sounds reluctant) to the flag design featuring Shoutmon’s face.  In the dub, he objects, but Shoutmon just talks over him.  What a jerk.

Also, Mikey keeps referencing his belief that the flag design looks like a parakeet, but it’s not a major change.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Tactimon is retained.

Lilithmon is renamed Laylamon in the dub.

Blastmon is retained.

In the original, the generals (listed above) refer to their master as “Baguramon-sama.”  In the dub, he’s Lord Bagra.  Makes me wonder if this entity is actually a Digimon or not.

Ba’almon is renamed Reapmon.

Dialogue Deviation

Ba’almon: Looks like I’m hated here.  If you find someone else you want me to eliminate, just give me a call.
Reapmon: Well, if I’m not wanted, I guess I’ll just go terrify some villagers.

In the original, there’s a feeling that Ba’almon is an assassin they’ve hired in the past.  It gives the impression that the generals aren’t pleased with the need for his services, and want to limit their exposure to his base ways.  In the dub, he just comes off as a party crasher.

Side Note

Let’s talk about the voices of the generals for a sec.  In the original, they sounded evil.  In the dub, they have the classic problem of the voice actors trying to be overly gruff to give them a more beastly sound, but it just sounds cheap.  Tactimon is an exception; despite being voiced by Homer Yushima from Data Squad, he actually sounds normal compared to the other male members of the evil brigade.

Section: Cut or moved footage

There is a scene with MadLeomon, trapped in a cage, talking to Tactimon about his next mission put here in the dub; in the original, this scene occurs several minutes later, changing the timing of the episode’s events slightly.  The scene runs through the giant vine spires being planted by the Drimogemon before snapping back to the Squacker scene, which is next in the original.

The scene where Zenjirou and Akari kick the crap out of Taiki is censored with a flash-impact screen in the dub (same as I posted in the previous episode).

Their form could use some work, but they definitely have good follow-through.
Dialogue Deviation

Zenjirou: It’s because YOU touched stuff from another world that WE’RE in this mess in the first place!
Jeremy: Never put an item in your inventory until you know it’s capabilities and whether it’s safe or not!  Every gamer knows that!

Well, at least they’re being consistent with his characterization. Though I don’t know any gamer who checks their loot drops that carefully.

Image result for skyrim hoarders
Pictured: my inventory in every game I play.

Akari: His logic is sound, but it still gets me so annoyed!
Angie: I’m perfectly calm, who’s freaking out?!

Starmon: It’s a bamboo shoot!
Starmon: It’s Asparagas, man!  It’s evil!

Image result for Evil asparagus
Answer: It complains about “uninvited guests” in its “garden.”
Section: Cut or moved footage

A very short clip of Two Pickmonz and a Lillymon fleeing the giant bamboo shoots is cut from the dub.  My best guess is they didn’t want to go through the trouble of censoring her shirt again.

Dialogue Deviation

Lumpy Day, the day when the giant Bamboo rises from the ground, is localized as The Day of Rising Ground in the dub.

Zenjirou’s reference to his acrophobia is changed to annoyance over Mikey’s attempt to CB Talk “Roger that, copy, over, etc.).

Also, Jeremy felt the need to mention that he’d been bamboozled.  (*rimshot*)

Shoutmon: This guy is the human the rumors were talking about…
Shoutmon: Be careful, Mikey.  We don’t know if we can trust this guy.

Taiki opts to save Jeremy himself because our new player, Kiriha Aonuma, didn’t look like the charitable type.  In the dub, his counterpart, Christopher Aonuma, flat-out states that his help requires a price, prompting Mikey to act on his own.

*Kiriha/Christopher raises his X-Loader/Fusion Loader*

MailBirdramon: Hey, don’t.  If you bring Greymon out, they’ll all die.
Kiriha: No kidding.  Reload!  Golemon!
MailBirdramon: They’re on the run.  If you release Greymon, you can eliminate them entirely.
Christopher: Not yet, my friend.  Reload, Golemon!

Section: Digimon Analyzer

The MailBirdramon/Golemon combo’s attack, Trident Tail, becomes Typhoon Tail in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Akari: How terrible…
Angie: What a meanie.


Section: Digimon Analyzer

Hanumon are localized as Apemon.

Dialogue Deviation

Red Pickmon: Hang in there a bit longer, human!
Zenjirou: Get away from me!  You’re prickly!
Red Pickmon: Need anything?  Magazine?  Candy bar?
Jeremy: You got a really tall ladder on you?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

MadLeomon (Final Mode) is retained.

Dorulumon’s Drill Buster becomes Drill Bit Blitz.  His Drill Blader becomes Spiro Drill.

Zenjirou’s Koto Slash becomes Jeremy’s Star Sword Strike.

Shoutmon X3 is retained/renamed, same as X2 was.

Shoutmon X3’s Victorize Boomering becomes Varooma Boomerang in the dub.

Team Xros Heart becomes The Fusion Fighters in the dub.

Nene’s name is retained.

Side Note

The little Digimon lesson with Monitamon is extended in the dub, presumably to make up for cuts.

Final Verdict

Not too bad.

I’ve been told the dub goes downhill from here. I guess we’ll find out…

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