Digimon Frontier S01E03

Bullying is Unforgivable! Evolve, Chakkumon of Ice (JP)
Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire (EN)

Original Writer:  
Dub Writers: Steve Blum

Original Airdates:
April 21, 2002 (JP)
September 23, 2002 (EN)

Section: Summary

The episode title is a very bad pop culture reference. And Kumamon… isn’t that what Bandai of America dubbed Bearmon? Steve Blum writes for us today. He must enjoy writing his own character as a dick, as we’ll see.

Dialogue Deviation

That’s right! Stupid dialogue within the first ten seconds of the episode! 

Kouji: Digital World wind… 
Koji: The wind in the Digital World smells pretty sweet.

Dude, what are you smoking? Wind doesn’t smell…

Section: Cut or moved footage

Cut: :O Our first real cut! (Less than 1 second) Kouji taking emo pictures for his DigiMySpace.

Don’t look at the camera!
Dialogue Deviation

J.P.: Fine! You dweebs enjoy your little digital freakshow! Come on, Tommy, let’s blow this stupid pop stand.

Lest we forget, J.P. is still a dick to the rest of the team. 

Takuya: You’re still in 3rd Grade. Go back with Junpei! 
Takuya: Go with J.P. It’s dangerous here, Tommy. Besides, the third grade’s an informative year!

All I learned in third grade is multiplication. It’s been useless to me ever since.

Takuya: I won’t be responsible for your safety, you know.
Zoe: Good one, Romeo, I’ll be fine!


Neemon: Ah-rib-er-dair-cheeeee!
Others: Nice pronunciation!
Neemon: Thank you!


Takuya babbling about being nice to a girl or something is stupid. As is pretty much everything Bokomon tells Takuya after, mostly because a lot of it doesn’t fit his lips well.

Takuya: You’re full of useless information, aren’t you?

You’re not one to talk.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Apparently, J.P.’s in 7th grade while Junpei’s in sixth. This is weird, because in both sides Tommy and Tomoki are in third.

Dialogue Deviation

J.P.: It’s hot out! I’m sunburnt!

It’s a digital sun, you’re not absorbing any of it, doofus.

Zoe (in thought): For such a little kid, he sure has big problems.

No he doesn’t.

Takuya: It looks like a village or something… maybe they can help us!

A bunch of lights at the foot of a cliff looks like a village to you?

Bokomon: Are you serious? The Legend of the Ten Warriors is the first thing we learned in Digital World History!


Section: Digimon Analyzer

As usual, Candmon -> Candlemon. Expect plenty of candle puns.

Dialogue Deviation

Candmon Leader: You lie! 
Candlemon Leader: You’re melting my heart!

Told you. 

Candmon: Get them! 
Candlemon: Hey boss, you want us to wax ’em for ya?

…okay, you can stop now. 

Candmon: Is that true?! 
Candlemon: That’s a hot one!

…no, seriously.

The chanting of the Candlemon wasn’t in the original.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Flame Bomber –> Lava Loogie
Melted Wax –> Parrafin Paralyzer

Bonfire [Updated 3 February 2010 by garmmon] It’s Bonfire, not Flame Bomber. They used Flame Bomber for the cards, though…

Either way, someone at Sensation Animation should be fired– oh, wait… they don’t exist anymore. Problem solved.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, the kids talk about how the Candmon would be resistant against Agnimon’s fire. In the dub… they babble about falling into the river and how stupid Takuya is. X.x Must I give you word-for-word?

J.P.: Right, Spirit Boy. Better read your Digimon instruction manual before you try doing something dumb like that again.

Junpei said the same thing, in essence, but J.P.’s a bigger ass about it. No surprise.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Burning Salamander -> “I summon the Pyro Tornado!” Not that thrusting your fists forward with fire DOESN’T look like a tornado, but…

Dialogue Deviation

J.P.: Yeah, that wasn’t too bright. Come on, I better get us out of this hole before we get waxed!

a) You’re not getting anyone out of anywhere. They’re getting themselves out, “hero.”
b) You used a candle pun. 

Izumi: Why is it ice? 
Zoe: We should be safe from those hotheads in there!

Will it EVER end?! 

Junpei: Not again! The spirits are legendary, it won’t just pop out of nowhere. 
J.P.: Give it up, kid. The Spirits of the Legendary Warriors would never give their power to a pipsqueak like you.

I won’t mention it anymore that J.P. is a dick. Promise. ^^;

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Chakkumon -> Kumamon…

Erm, do Bandai of America and the series dubbers even communicate their US names with each other? O.o We had a Kumamon in Digimon World 3…

Attack change too! Frozen Wind -> Crystal Freeze

And, as expected, Wizarmon -> Wizardmon, Magic Game -> Magical Game, and Thunder Cloud -> Electro Squall. Not a big deal. Although it’s kinda cool they got Joshua Seth to do his voice, considering he’s a hypnotist…

Dialogue Deviation

Wizardmon: Take this, teddy!

…except, they made him say this… -_-

Wizardmon: Looks like the great Agunimon has a problem with waxy buildup!

…and this…

Wizardmon: I know! Let’s play catch!

…you can stop whenever you want now…

The next lines aren’t really stupid, but they feel forced because they rhyme.

Agunimon: I never did believe in magic… here’s a trick for ya! Fractal code digitize!

You know, being trapped in a world made of computer data would lead me to believe anything. But that’s just me.

Candlemon Elder: Takuya… and little Tommy!

You don’t know their names, you old fart. 

Takuya: Test? Hey, don’t mess with me! 
Takuya: You’re lucky I don’t pinch your lights out!

Final Verdict

Total Footage Kept: 99%

If I had a quarter for every candle joke…

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