Digimon Adventure S02E01

The One Who Inherits Courage (JP)
Enter Flamedramon (EN)

Original Writer: Atsushi Maekawa
Dub Writers: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buchholz

Original Airdates:
April 2, 2000 (JP)
August 19, 2000 (EN)

Section: Summary

Two pretentious middle school kids meet up again for the first time in years, and a moron gets jealous. They all go to the Digital World together, meet Digimon, and the dumbass gets a hyperactive Digimon. Then he has to open an egg, and the egg turns the hyperactive Digimon into Steve Blum who overcooks a steak. Then they all go home and eat “brownies.”

Dialogue Deviation

The original version starts with a narrator (not sure yet if it’s a character) saying a few words about the time skip between Adventure and 02, then remaining silent for the images of the characters. In the dub, TK narrates what everyone is doing.

Narrator: That summer was unforgettable. Since then, three years have passed.
TK: We’ve sure grown up a lot since that summer in the Digital World! Tai’s in high school. My brother Matt is trying to be a rock star. Sora’s become quite a tennis player. Izzy’s in high school, too! Mimi and her folks moved to New York, and Joe’s still studying to be a doctor. But for Kari and I, it’s just the beginning.

Section: Cut or moved footage

And thus we get to the theme song.

[origincode_videogallery id=”3″]

As with pretty much every season, the shorter intro length means a lot of scenes get cut from the song. As before, the dub uses “Digimon: Digital Monsters” as their repetitive intro theme with only a single change: “Digivolve into Ultimate” is changed to “Armor Digivolve” in the lyrics. The new song in the original version is pretty good, though not as catchy as the first series’ theme. Beyond that, a good number of scenes are lost, most of them depicting the secondary armored forms of the Digimon. The scenes of Flamedramon, Digmon, and Halsemon fighting in the dub intro actually extend into them slide-evolving into their alternate armor forms.

Note that cuts to the intro don’t factor into the total percentage of cuts to the episode at the end of the comparison, because otherwise we’d have to count it for every episode of the series.

Interestingly, the dub also adds various images that were not in the original theme. I’m not entirely sure why this was necessary with the amount of content they didn’t include, but it almost seems like they thought the kids wouldn’t understand how Armor Evolution worked if they weren’t more direct about it. They also kept in some scenes of the original Champion-level Digimon from Season 1 which I won’t include here.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

The first big change to the series is evident in the first line of dialogue.

Gazimon: Run! It’s the Digimon Kaiser!
Gazimon: Run! It’s the evil Digimon Emperor!

Aside from the Kaiser apparently not being evil like the Emperor is, I can only assume the dubbers were concerned about kids having nightmares about crusty Austrian bread.

Side Note

The time skip did Unimon no favors. His voice in the dub still sounds ridiculous.

The music in the dub is largely the same reused Masked Rider music from the first season.

Dialogue Deviation

[Tailmon’s ring deflects the Dark Ring.]
Tailmon: <silence>
Gatomon: That was close!

[Cut to a quiet morning in Japan]
Original version: <silence>
TK’s mom: You’re going to be late for school, TK! Hurry up and finish your breakfast!
TK: New school, new apartment… but the same ol’ lumpy oatmeal.

TK’s mom: I’m sorry I can’t go with you on your first day of school, but I have to finish this article today.
TK’s mom: Sorry I can’t drive you to school on your first day, but I have to write this article before the deadline. It’s all about the historical significance of toilet paper.

Didn’t know TK’s mom wrote for Cracked.

The main reason I write TK’s name like that rather than T.K. is because TK doesn’t stand for anything. His name’s still Takeru Takaishi, so I guess you could argue that it stands for TaKeru, but that seems weird to me. It looks even goofier when they censor and translate the original Japanese scene:

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Aside from TK’s name remaining the same as before, Miyako Inoue becomes Yolei Inoue, and Iori Hida becomes Cody Hida.

Dialogue Deviation

Takeru: I just moved into this building. I’m Takaishi Takeru, fifth grade. Nice to meet you.
Miyako: I’m Inoue Miyako, sixth grade. It’s written like the “Kyo” in “Kyoto,” but pronounced “Miyako.” Nice to meet you. This is Iori.
Iori: I’m Hida Iori, third grade. Nice to meet you.
TK: Great! My name’s TK, and my mom and I just moved into this building. I’m in seventh grade, Class A! Nice to meet you!
Yolei: Oh hi! MyNameIsYoleiWouldYouLikeToWalkToSchoolWithUsItTakesExactlyTwelvePointThreeMinutesAndThat’sIfThere’sNoWind! It’ll be fun! Oh, and this is Cody.
Elderly male ventriloquist using Cody as a dummy: Welcome to the building, TK. Come on, we don’t want to be late on our first day!

Yolei, please take a breath and stop idolizing Izzy. That’s Cody’s job. And while I appreciate Philece Sampler’s range, I don’t get the director’s decision to have her voice Cody like he’s in his 80s. In the original, he sounds like a kid.

As per usual, the characters are vaguely older in the dub than they are in the Japanese version.

Yolei: Will your mom make ohagi [seasoned rice balls]?
Yolei: Only if your mom makes those brownies I love!

Image result for pokemon brock doughnuts

Yolei’s catchphrase is changed from “Bingo!” to “Perfecto!”

Takeru: Those goggles are pretty cool.
TK: You look familiar. Must be the goggles.

TK, it hasn’t been that long since you last saw Tai.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Daisuke Motomiya is now Davis Motomiya.

Dialogue Deviation

When we talk about how rude Davis is to TK in the dub, we sometimes forget this line:

TK: That can’t be Tai, he’s a much better soccer player than that kid!

This scene also confirms that Taichi is in middle school while Tai is in high school.

Meanwhile, Kari’s just as rude to Davis, but does it to his face.

Daisuke: I’m in the same class as Hikari-chan again!
Hikari: I’m glad to see you again.
Davis: What luck! You’re in my class again, Kari!
Kari: I wouldn’t call that luck!

Side Note

I love how goofy Agumon’s dub voice is. While they don’t do much with it in these early seasons, they actually play around with it when they get to Tri.

Dialogue Deviation

Unnamed teacher: Your seat is… next to Yagami.
Mr. Hamasaki: Please take a seat next to the girl with the… camera… around her neck.

Is that such an odd thing?

Daisuke: What’s with this guy?! How does he know Hikari-chan so well?
Davis: That kid’s trying to make a move on my girl!

Oh, Davis…

Takeru: <indistinct conversation>
TK: Our teacher… looks like… Ogremon!

The horns are a dead giveaway.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Sunimon! He’s a fierce mantis-like Adult level Digimon. His special attack, Shadow Sickle, cuts anything at high speeds.
Tentomon: Hurry! Don’t let SNIMON catch us!!! This preying mantis Digimon can cut through anything with his Twin Sickles attack!

You’re manmonsplaining this to Patamon and Biyomon. I’m pretty sure they know who Snimon is.

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: Why? Why can’t you evolve?
Tai: Did you forget how? It’s just like riding a bicycle, so start pedaling and Digivolve!

Kaiser: It’s useless. That area is already under my control. So your chance of evolving there… is zero.
Emperor: Useless. As long as I have the Black Digivice… there’s no way they can Digivolve.

Side Note

The Digimon Kaiser sounds like a kid, but still comes off as menacing enough. Derek Stephen Prince’s performance, to borrow from Dario, sounds like he’s flirting with the chair.

Dialogue Deviation

Miyako: Oh no, an e-mail for Izumi-senpai. But he already graduated!
Yolei: Huh?! “ComeToTheDigitalWorldrightawayTheDigimonNeedOurHelp”? Must be a link to an online game, let’s see who sent it!

In neither version is this how e-mail works. It’s like Tai had a direct e-mail to the computer in the school computer lab, and not to Izzy himself. Either that or Yolei inherited his e-mail address…?

Miyako is aware that the e-mail is for Izzy, but decides to show the e-mail to Hikari because it came from her brother. In the dub, she has no idea who the e-mail is for, but recognizes “Kamiya” as Kari’s last name.

Daisuke: You, Takeru, what’s your deal with Hikari-chan?!
Davis: Alright TJ, or JB, or whatever it is! How do you know Kari?!

She literally said TK half a second ago, dumbass.

I swear if I keep screencapping these translations, it’ll take up most of this comparison.

Dialogue Deviation

In both versions, Miyako/Yolei fawn over Koushirou/Izzy, but in the dub she’s way more weird about it.

Miyako: I’m so glad you’re visiting even after graduating!
Yolei: You mean the legendary former computer club president is looking for me?! I’m honored!

Side Note

In both versions, Izzy got the e-mail, though the dub starts acting like the one Yolei received was for Kari in the first place. But if Koushirou received the e-mail anyway, then how did that one end up in the computer lab?

Dialogue Deviation

Koushirou: It’s faster to come here from my school than going home.
Izzy: I knew I should have recharged [my computer] after playing Trigonometry Trivia on the Internet last night, but boy… talk about fun.

At least the dub is consistent in making Izzy a douche.

JP version: “I got your (e-)mail. As soon as I find a gate, I’ll be there. Takeru and Hikari are here with me now.”

Translation from Dario Speedwagon because I’m pretty sure he lives on this website somehow. XD

Dialogue Deviation

Gatomon mentions that the Digi-Egg of Courage “must have been rough on the chicken that laid that thing.” The original makes no reference to eggs, and while this one in particular does look like an egg with a spike in it, future “Eggs” will look like nothing of the sort.

Daisuke: Impossible or whatever, I’m going!
Davis: Listen, T.C. If you can go, so can I!

As much effort as the dubbers put into making Mimi a ditz and Izzy a douche, it doesn’t compare to what they do to Davis this season.

Takeru: A Digivice!
Hikari: But… it’s different from ours…
TK: A Digivice!
Hikari: It’s a different model than the ones we have.

Yeah, the others still have the Digivice 8. Davis got the new Digivice XR with an unlimited data plan to boot.

Daisuke: I’m going too. I can go with this, right?
Davis: Hey, can I get Donkey Madness on this thing?

Is that anything like Goat Simulator? In any case, both versions hint that he only wants to go to the Digital World because of Kari, but Daisuke comes off as brave and focused, while Davis has all the attention span of a goldfish that needs Ritalin.

Miyako: What was that light just now?!
Koushirou: Well, I wonder…
Yolei: But Izzy, what was that light?
Izzy: Uh, the computer must need a new screen saver!

Ooh, download that one where the dog tears up your desktop! That one was great!

Side Note

The Digi-Gate music in the original sounds like something out of a 50s sitcom. The dub’s is unspeakable.

oH OoH Oh OhH oH OoHHh oH!

Section: Cut or moved footage

The original has commercial bumpers.

Dialogue Deviation

Daisuke is confused when he sees a vending machine in the middle of the forest. Davis accepts it right away without question.

Though I admit Davis asking if all Digimon come from vending machines was really funny to me as a kid.

Section: Inconsistency

Unimon’s Holy Shot, formerly localized as Aerial Attack, is called Horn Blaster here.

Dialogue Deviation

Tailmon: That human who calls himself “Digimon Kaiser” has been brainwashing all Digimon.
Gatomon: He said, “I am the Digimon Emperor!” I heard we’re all gonna have to punch a time clock, too.

Gatomon, your 15 minute break is over. GET BACK TO WORK, it’s your turn to mop the vending machines!

[Daisuke/Davis shows his Digivice to Tailmon/Gatomon who mentioned that the Kaiser’s/Emperor’s Digivice was different.]
Tailmon: Yeah, just like that one!
Gatomon: That’s it! You work for the Digimon Emperor!

That is stereotyping and I will not have it.

<brief pause>
Gatomon: These collars do everything but get rid of fleas.

Monochromon’s roar sounds more bestial in the original. The dub is just some guy roaring.

Takeru: This… isn’t that the Crest of Courage?
Taichi: Yeah, and it’s really heavy.
TK: Looks like a deflated beach ball. No wonder, it’s got a spike going through it!
Tai: Yeah, and plus it’s heavier than my mom’s meatloaf!

Hikari: But it’s so small! <strains> What?! I couldn’t move it at all!
Daisuke: Alright, leave it to me!
Kari: Move aside, this is a woman’s job. <strains>
TK: Too bad we don’t have a woman here to help!
Davis: Guys, I pump iron all the time! Let me do it!

Davis, you’re the skinniest kid in that group. No one is falling for your macho act.

Side Note

I’ve seen this episode multiple times, but I keep expecting Davis to put his eye out on that spike. Seriously, that thing is a hazard.

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: Daisuke…!
Tai: There’s a problem!

What? Monochromon hasn’t arrived yet, so apparently Davis lifting the egg is a problem for Tai. I guess he’s worried he won’t be the center of the anime anymore.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

V-Mon: Finally! Finally! You moved the Digimental!
Veemon: Free at last! Free at last! You moved the Digi-Egg!

If you think that thing’s an egg, you’re scrambled. Digimental was a perfectly fine name with no mystical or religious connotations I can think of, so I don’t know why they opted for Digi-Egg in the dub.

Narrator: V-Mon! A small, mischevious dragon Digimon with a strong sense of justice. His special attack is a powerful head-butt, V-Mon Head!
Agumon: I’ve heard of Veemon! Supposedly he’s a fun-loving, adventure-seeking little Digimon that brings you good luck! But I thought he was just a legend!

Dialogue Deviation

Taichi: The Digimental of Courage? Daisuke moved it, which means…
Tai: That’s right! Even though I have the Crest of Courage, I couldn’t move the Digi-Egg. But Davis could!

Both a Dialogue Deviation and either a Mistranslation or flat-out error. Tai had the Crest of Courage. He does not anymore, which is probably why he didn’t say that in the original.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Monochromon! An Adult-level Digimon with armor and horns as hard as diamonds. His special attack is Volcano Strike.
TK: His shell is harder than diamond! His attack, Volcanic Strike, sends out millions of fireballs!

It’s only three fireballs. No one likes a drama queen, TK.
Dialogue Deviation

V-Mon: Daisuke! What are you doing? Hurry up and use your courage!
Veemon: Davis! Hurry up and open the Digi-Egg!

Open? Like crack it? Or is it like a Poké Ball? Quick, Davis, throw the Digi-Egg at Monochromon!

Yeah, at no point does any Digi-Egg “open,” so it’s anyone’s guess what the hell Veemon’s talking about.

V-Mon: Are you okay, Daisuke?
Daisuke: Thanks…
Veemon: Davis, tell me what hurts!
Davis: Everything but my earlobes.

V-Mon: If you used your courage… if you just said “Digimental Up”…
Veemon: You control the Digi-Egg of Courage! You’ve got to use your Courage to open it up!

It doesn’t open.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

V-Mon told Daisuke twice to say “Digimental Up!” V-Mon just kept going on about opening the egg for some reason, and Davis came up with “Digi-Armor Energize!” all on his own.

V-Mon’s name is changed to Veemon, and Fladramon’s name to Flamedramon in the Digivolution sequence. It’s pretty seamless, so I’m surprised how crappy their attempt to do the same in Data Squad was.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Burning Courage, Fladramon!
Flamedramon, the Fire of Courage!

Narrator: Fladramon! An Armor level Digimon, V-Mon’s evolved form with the Digimental of Courage. With his special attack, Fire Rocket, he launches himself at his opponent, engulfed in flames.
Steve Blum: I am Flamedramon. As Veemon, I used the Digi-Egg of Courage to Armor Digivolve. My Fire Rocket attack will charbroil the enemy like a well-done steak!

Ew. What’s next, ketchup?

Side Note

A new original song is used in the Japanese version. The English dub has its own new song as well, and it’s really damn terrible. Later we’ll find it’s an extended version of the awful “Oh oHh OOhoh” song from earlier.

Wormmon’s voice is pretty bad in the dub. I’m not sure what the director was thinking when he chose an old man voi– wait a minute, that sounds like a pattern.

Dialogue Deviation

Agumon: With your help, we’ll defeat the Digimon Kaiser for sure!
Agumon: Even though the rest of us can’t Digivolve, I know that you new guys will be able to defeat the Digimon Emperor with no problem!

Agumon, as far as you know, he’s the only new guy. You haven’t met Yolei or Cody yet, nor did Tai share his belief that there were even three Digivices with you.

Taichi: From now on, you’ll protect the Digital World. Here, you can have my goggles.
Tai: Davis, I think you were really brave back there in that battle, but I noticed you broke your goggles. And as we all know, the leader of the DigiDestined just wouldn’t look right without them, so here. I want you to have mine.

So Tai just declared the mentally deficient Davis the leader of a group neither has even met yet. That sounds like a smart move, sure.

<painful groans>
Izzy: Get off! You’re crushing my brownies!

Narrator: And so, Daisuke and the rest returned to the Real World. But who is this “Digimon Kaiser” that appeared? Now a new adventure is about to begin.
Devimon: While Davis and the others returned to the Real World, the Digimon Emperor was planning his next attack. Can the DigiDestined stop him? A new adventure has just begun on Digimon: Digital Monsters!

Side Note

Unlike other seasons where the outro and intro footage from the Japanese version were mixed and matched into the intro for the dub, all the footage from the Japanese outro goes unused and cut. It’s probably because of the stylized nature of it, where the kids, their Digimon, and the original team are represented as paper cutouts and paired up with their counterparts and their Digimon. It’s really cute, actually. I’m seeing it for the first time and I think the visuals are very charming. It’s a shame they didn’t use it. The outro for the dub version (if you have the DVDs since they credit-crunched and ran ads on Fox Kids in the 90s) is just a mix of scenes from the series representing each main cast member of the second season, with no appearances by the original team.

[origincode_videogallery id=”5″]

Total Footage Kept

100% since we’re not counting the intro, outro, or commercial bumpers. Overall, it’s not a terrible translation, but they definitely go out of their way to dumb down Davis, and some of the voice direction makes absolutely no sense.


  • Ryusei Taylor says:

    Actually, the dub’s music is a mixture of leftover Masked Rider tracks and reused BGM cues and insert songs from Digimon – the Movie.

    • Gao says:

      Huh, interesting! Is there a source that perhaps backs up that statement? It’d be a massive coincidence otherwise! Though the latter part is pretty much true. Do note however, that the movie was released on the 6th of October, 2000! Just a day before the 11th episode of this season premiered. It would not be farfetched to say both were in development at relatively the same time, so they borrowed some assets from the movie.

    • Gear says:

      I feel like it ought to be the other way around, shouldn’t it? I think the music was developed for Zero-Two, and then was used in Digimon: The Movie.

  • Dario Speedwagon says:

    ''I got your mail. Looking for a gate, then I'll head there. Right now, Takeru and Hikari are with me here.''

    “I got your (e-)mail. As soon as I find a gate, I’ll be there. Takeru and Hikari are here with me now.”

  • AegisP says:

    I thought SABAN dubbed Digimon Adventure 02 and DISNEY did Savers. There is no “They are shitty at this on Data Squad” because they never did Data Squad!

    Also more and more uncuts are coming? Are you planning to comment on those with some non-comparison articles? Are you going to

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