Digimon Adventure S01E41

King of the Rough Seas! MetalSeadramon (JP)

Sea-Sick and Tired (EN)

Written by:

EN: R.D. Chamberlain and Sean Abley

First aired:

JP: December 19, 1999
EN: February 26, 2000

Section: Summary

So the kids land at a foggy beach, and hey! They’ve been to this beach before! That snack shack upon the beach is new, though. Now that the pesky Digital World Health Department is out of the way, the kids rush over to get a taste of unregulated, bureaucracy-free snackage, but they learn the hard way that regulations include truth-in-advertising laws and keeping the exits available in an emergency. One sand-related emergency later, they’re all trapped inside a foodless shack. The shack’s owners, Scorpiomon and MetalSeadramon, set the shack on fire for the insurance money, but Mimi and Joe get their friends out before the act can be pinned on them. They attempt to flee by sea, but MetalSeadramon pursues them to eliminate any witnesses to his crime.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The previous episode’s scene in which Piccolomon holds off the Dark Masters and dies is replayed here, but with all the dialogue changed:

Piximon: “You’re as ready as you’ll ever be! Go get ’em!” *smack*
Izzy: “I think that was meant to be encouraging.”
Kari: “He has an awful lot of confidence in us.”

[Piccolomon stands his ground]
Piedmon: “You may have fooled those silly children with this brave act, but we know better, don’t we?”
Piximon: “What makes you think it’s just an act?”
[Escaping Children]
Kari: “Oh, it doesn’t seem right just leaving him there.”
[Beacon of Piccolomon’s death]
Kari: “Oh! Oh?”
Tai: “Remember, he wanted it this way.”

… I don’t think he did, actually. I think he might have preferred a less fatal outcome…

Dialogue Deviation

[They’ve landed in a bunch of mist]
Taichi: “Where is this?”
Sora: “There’s sand under our feet.”
Yamato: “It could be a desert?”
Koushirou: “I smell salt.”
Mimi: *listening* “Waves?”

Jou: “It’s the ocean!”
Takeru: “Somehow, I can see more clearly now.”
Hikari: “The fog is clearing.”
Tai: (with no prior context) “Look, the fog’s finally clearing.”
Joe: “Great, now we can clearly see that we’re lost.”
Izzy: “It’s more productive to think of ourselves as on our way, Joe.”
Matt: *sass* “Yeah, I feel better already.”
T.K.: “All I know is, I’m getting pretty hungry.”
Kari: “And I’m getting cold.”

That’s Matt’s cold, cold heart.

Taichi: “Are you all okay?”
Sora: “We’re not okay; everyone’s exhausted.”
Yamato: “In any case, where is this?”
Tai: “But everybody’s okay, right? Besides being hungry and cold and lost.”
Sora: “Don’t forget ‘frightened’, ‘tired’, and ‘upset about Piximon’.”
Matt: *more sass* “Otherwise, we’re fine!”

Remember how he had you clean all his floors and smacked Gabumon in the face for no reason? Good times!

[The familiar, broken phone booths]
Yamato: “The telephone booths from that one time!”
Taichi: “That’s right! This is the coast where we first met our Digimon and began our journey on File Island!”
Tai: “Of course! I can’t believe it. This whole time we thought we were making all this progress, but now it looks like we’ve just been traveling in one big circle.”

The world is round, Tai.

[Piemon spies on them through his telescope]
Piemon: “The Chosen Children and their Digimon are in this area.”
MetalSeadramon: “As Sea King, the coast is my domain. I’ll take the lives of the Chosen Children and their Digimon. The question is: whom among my Deep Savers Dark Corps will I use..?”
Piedmon: “How small they look from here, like ants. Strange that such little creatures could cause so much trouble!”
MetalSeadramon: “They won’t for long. They’re standing on the edge of my territory now: the sea! I’ll be the one to finish these Digidestined once and for all.”
Piedmon: “Hmm. Bold words! But you’re not the first to make such a boast, MetalSeadramon.”
Metalseadramon: “But I will be the last! They’ll be shark bait before the day is through.” *chuckles*

Leave the sharks alone. The Sharkmon, too.

Side Note

Dub MetalSeadramon kind of sounds like a kid in a school play reciting lines with no affect or skill, but with an adult’s voice. It’s pretty great.

Incidentally, original MetalSeadramon uses formal speech — “watashi” for “me/I” and “de aru” instead of “desu” to end sentences. Befitting of a King, but unexpected of a sea monster!

His minions, the Deep Savers Dark Corps (Deep Savers ankoku gundan 「暗黒軍団」), are not referenced or named in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

[Back at the beach]
Koushirou: “Since we’ve returned to File Island…”
Yamato: “Does it have some meaning?”
Sora: “We must have come back to File Island for a reason, right?”
Agumon: “Is that right?”
Taichi: “But what meaning would there be?”
Matt: “So we’ve just gone around in one big circle, huh? Makes the whole thing seem kind of pointless, doesn’t it?”
Sora: “Hold on, maybe that’s it! Maybe the pointlessness of it is the whole point!”
Agumon: “Say what?”
Tai: “Thanks for the philosophy, that’s a big help.”

Helped me. Not sure what your problem is.

Side Note

XD In the dub, the “drowning” individual’s voice is a phone-in falsetto which is really cute and funny. I dare say it’s an improvement over the original!

Dialogue Deviation

[Someone is drowning, and Hikari and Takeru answer the call! Taichi and Yamato stop them]
Taichi: “We’ll all go to help them!”
Yamato: “We’ll use that canoe over there.”
Tai: “Maybe someone bigger should go.”
Matt: “We can use that outrigger.”

Matt, a city boy, recognizes an outrigger. Okay. He does live close to the water, I guess…

[Wait a second… That’s not David Hasselhoff!]
Mimi: “What the… if they have a swimming ring, how are they drowning?”
Shellmon: *out of where the “drownee” was!* “Shellmon!”
Hikari: “Big brother, do you know them?”
Taichi: “We fought that guy before! We can’t beat him! Run!”
Mimi: “Did his voice get lower or what?”
Tai and Matt: “Ah!”
Kari: “Tai, a sea monster!”
Tai: “You could say that again! That’s Shellmon, and he’s not here to play water polo! Paddle like crazy!”

The only thing that would have been better would be if Shellmon kept that silly falsetto voice. What a waste!

[After Shellmon makes waves in his attempts to eat the canoe]
Mimi: “Aah! Oh, that breath! Ever hear of flossing?!”

… I suspect not.

[They paddle away]
Tai: “Hey, are you guys paddling, or am I just talking to myself?!”

Less prattle, more paddle, Tai!

When it’s time for the Digimon to jump in and help, Motimon tells Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon, and Tailmon to stand back, and the rest of them will handle it. Dub Motimon advises them to save their “Digi-strength”. Same idea, but it sounds stupid.

[Gomamon’s Marching Fishes carry the boat to safety]
*Faster fleeing*
Tai: “Whoa! That’s more like it. This is the way to travel!”

“Why didn’t we do this from the start??”

Shellmon: “Ach! This time, help me for real!!”
Shellmon: “Woah! Forget this!”


[Taichi posits that the Digimon have gotten stronger, and Hikari suggests that maybe Shellmon just got weaker (ha!)]
Taichi: “No, I’m sure this means our Digimon have gotten stronger!
Tai: “How come everyone’s being such a downer all of a sudden? I’m trying to be positive here!”

Well, stop it!

[Flashback to Piccolomon’s crappy pep talk]
Taichi: “We came all this way believing that as long as the eight of us are together, we could save both our worlds! What…?”
Piccolomon: “It’s true that all eight of you are together, but you won’t win with that alone!”
Tai: “But you said it was possible to save the planet if the eight of us were all together! How come it’s not happening? What’s up, Piximon?”
Piximon: “I NEVER SAID THAT. The truth is, being together’s not enough, there’s something else that you need to do to beat ’em.”

[Good growing, Digimon]
Yamato: “You’ve had some fine growth!”
Gabumon: “When you say it like that, I feel it!”
Matt: “Come to think of it, you are looking kind of buff.”
Gabumon: “Thanks very much. That’s a compliment, right?”
Matt: “I said ‘kind of’.”

Tentomon: “Koushirou, do you feel the same?”
Koushirou: “Well, little by little.”
Tentomon: *falls* “No!!”
Tentomon: “Do I look stronger to you, Izzy?”
Izzy: “I don’t know. Make a muscle.”
Tentomon: *falls* “I was!”

XD That was good.

Patamon: “Have I grown, too?”
Takeru: “Of course you’ve grown!”
Patamon: “Do I look different, T.K.?”
T.K.: “Yeah, you look buffed out to the max.”

That one was not a compliment.

Tailmon: “What about me?”
Hikari: “We just joined the Chosen Children, so it’s still too soon, isn’t it?”
Tailmon: “How disappointing…”
Gatomon: “Kari?”
Kari: “Well, to be honest, you don’t look any different to me, but give it time, Gatomon. You’ll catch up with the rest!”
Gatomon: “If you say so.”

She… she’s an Adult/Champion-level in her baseline state. They need to catch up to her. You could all be riding a dinosaur if they catch up to her.

Agumon: “Don’t worry; we’ll all become stronger!”
Gatomon: “You’re right!”
Agumon: “Come to think of it, your coat’s looking glossier.”
Gatomon: “Really? You think? I switched all my meals to dinossssssssSIZED meat!

Seriously, she’s the strongest Digimon on their team. She effortlessly took on four of them in their Adult/Champion forms in episode 27.

[They all laugh, then we pan to the sun]
No dialogue.
Matt: “Did it get brighter all of a sudden? Or is it just Tai’s sunny disposition?”

Turn it off.

[Now there’s a beach shack on File Island’s coast]
Takeru: “Was there always a beach shack on File Island’s coast?”
Koushirou: “There wasn’t a beach shack on File Island’s coast… That’s a mirage of a beach shack on File Island’s coast.”
Tentomon: “No! Tha’s a real beach shack on File Island’s coast!”

T.K.: “Maybe somebody moved in while we were gone.”
Mimi: “Mmm. Something smells suspiciously like food.”
Izzy: “Let’s take it easy everyone! Remember: we’re in the DigiWorld, where not everything is what it appears to be!”
Tentomon: “Looks may be deceiving, but smells – that’s something else! And I definitely smell grilling hamburgers! See! It’s a snack bar!! Burgers, sodas, ice cream, pizza!”

Please tell me you kids have learned by now not to–

Tai: “Mirage or not, I’ll take my chances. Gangway!”

Of course not.

As the Children run towards certain doom food, they call out for various meals:

Taichi: “Ramen!”
Agumon: “Curry rice!”
Takeru: “Ice cream!”
Tentomon: “Yakisoba!”

In the dub, they laugh and cheer.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: “Anomalocarimon: an Ancient Crustacean Digimon. His special attack crosses his two front legs together for Stinger Surprise!”
Patamon: “That’s Scorpiomon, one of Metalseadramon’s flunkies. Between his pinchers and his tail, it’s hard to know which end of him is worse!”

Anomalocarimon is renamed to Scorpiomon, probably because his original name is quite a mouthful. He’s named after the extinct genus of arthropods Anomalocaris.

He has two attacks in the original: Stinger Surprise and Sand Shower. They are “Tail Blade” and “Scorpion Storm” in the dub.


Side Note

As they run into the shack, we can clearly see that there is no food being prepared for them to have been smelling. So either Tentomon was having olfactory hallucinations, or… oh…

Dialogue Deviation

[Now they’re trapped in the foodless shack]
Anomalocarimon: “This isn’t an ordinary beach shack on File Island’s coast! It’s a death shack that will steal your energy!”
Scorpiomon: “Sorry, but the only munchies around here are you! Now say ‘good night’! It’s bedtime!”

… damnit, Tentomon…

[Jou and Mimi dawdled because Jou accidently tripped Mimi, so they now arrive at the shack, inside from which they hear screams]
Mimi: “Those voices!”
Jou: “Something must have happened to the others!”
Mimi: “Oh!”
Joe: “Those sounds never mean anything good!”
Gomamon: “Let’s go!”
Mimi: “Oh, no! Something tells me this means no chili dogs!”

Mimi has her priorities straight.

After shushery and house spy-ery, Mimi gets an added line:

Mimi: “Oh, wow, what’s happened to them? Are they…could they be…?”

… so full from eating everything that they’ve FALLEN ASLEEP?!? NOOOOOOOOO!!!

MetalSeadramon: “Well done, Anomalocarimon! That’s why you’re a member of my Deep Savers Dark Corps! Here’s your reward.” *clam delivery*
Anomalocarimon: “Yaaay!” *cracks one open with his tail* “Anomalocarimon!”

Metalseadramon: “Well done, Scorpiomon! These Digidestined are not so difficult to handle after all. Here’s your reward.”
Scorpiomon: “Oh, clams! Thank you, thank you, boss! I just love clams! I just can’t get enough of them.”

Fun fact: raw clams are eaten alive. They are whole-ass, living animals.

One of the shells Anomalocarimon throws hits Gomamon, who yelps and attracts MetalSeadramon’s attention. The dub adds:

Metalseadramon: “What was that?”
Scorpiomon: “What is it, boss? You want some?”
Metalseadramon: “Quiet! I thought I heard something.”
Scorpiomon: *munching* “I didn’t hear anything.”

MetalSeadramon: “Well, time to get to it…” *peeks through a hole in the side of the house and checks out the unconscious Children* “The Chosen Children are eight people. Two are missing…”
Metalseadramon: “Well, now to finish them off.” *laughs and peeks* “Eight little gnats and their Digimon accomplices… Hmm… hmm? What’s this? There’s supposed to be eight of them. Two of them are missing! You chuckle-headed cock–“


MetalSeadramon: “–leshell!”


Side Note

Anomalocarimon has a habit of saying his own name while carrying out his business. This trait isn’t brought into the dub – probably because “Scorpiomon” isn’t as fun to say as “Anomalocarimon”.

Section: Eyecatch

You would, too, if your name were Anomalocarimon!

Dialogue Deviation

[Anomalocarimon gives chase. Mimi et al trip and stop to catch their breath, but so does Anomalocarimon. The chase resumes after a brief pause]
*Anomalocarimon grunts and groans as he chases them*
Scorpiomon: “Come back here!” *PANT PANT* “I hate it when they do this. Hey! Slow down!” *aha!* “I got you now!” *laughs*
[The kids fall]
Scorpiomon: *also stops* “Hahh! Too many clams for lunch…” *PANT PANT*
[They resume running]
Scorpiomon: “Oh, no, not again! Come on! Come on! I’m not built for this!”
Gomamon: “This way! This way!”
[they run behind the rock]
Scorpiomon: “Oh, forget it!” *digs*

This scene is silly and cute in both versions. I like it!

[Anomalocarimon is Anomalocari-gone!]
Mimi: “Couldn’t he be hiding somewhere?”
Palmon: “It’d be great if we could evolve right about now…”
Gomamon: “Yeah, but we’re tired and hungry… Ah! We can find something! *clams* “Looks tasty!”*
Palmon: “There!” *seaweed*
Mimi: “Lucky for us he doesn’t work out.”
Palmon: “Oh, I’m getting my exercise right now. My roots are exhausted.”
Gomamon: “And I am so hungry I could just about eat seaweed. Hey, wait! Look it.” *clams*
Palmon: *seaweed*

Fun fact: seaweed is not weed, because algae is not plants. Palmon is therefore not a cannibal in this scene. In this scene.

[Gomamon throws a clamshell into the sea, and Anomalocarimon sees it and surfaces]
Anomalocarimon: *a thrown shell hits him on one of his head-stalk thingies* “Ow! Anomalocarimon!!”
Scorpiomon: *clam-stalk bonk* “Ow! Get your mitts off my clams!”

[Gomamon and Palmon evolve, and battle ensues]
Jou: “Togemon and Ikkakumon have grown, so I don’t think they’ll lose, but…”
Mimi: “Since it’s two against one, it should be fine!”
[it isn’t fine]
Togemon: “Ow! Help me!”
Joe: “If the Digimon really are getting stronger, they should be able to handle Scorpiomon, no problem.”
Mimi: “I hope so, but it doesn’t really look like they’re doing too well!”
[they aren’t]
Togemon: “Oh! Hey! Put me down, you overgrown crawdaddy, before I get really angry!”

Jou: “They’re losing…”
Mimi: “It’s dangerous the way it’s going! We’ll be killed!”
Jou: “If they evolve one more time, we might win!”
Mimi: “Why don’t you come out from behind your shell and fight like a clam?!”
Joe: “Ah, Mimi, cool it. I don’t think he thought that was very funny.”

Well, you try coming up with something better!

Ikkakumon: “Wait! Your opponents are over here!”
Togemon: “Hey, squid breath! We’re the ones you want.”

The weird part is he hasn’t eaten any squids, and yet…

Side Note

“Hey, Digimon” plays after Togemon and Ikkakumon digivolve in the dub.

It really isn’t a terrible song, but it just doesn’t fit. It feels so out-of-place against the rest of the background music…

Dialogue Deviation

After defeat, Anomalocarimon makes a pained “ch-chii” noise, because he just got konked on the head with a hammer. Scorpiomon kindly bids them “good night!” in the dub. So cordial!

[Jou et al hurry to save their friends, and Zudomon is dragging Anomalocarimon behind him]
Jou: “Hurry, Zudomon! We have to hurry and save everyone!”
Joe: “Hurry! Faster! We gotta move – now! … Did you really have to bring along a souvenir?”

This is the only place in the Digital World where you can get these, Joe! He’s not going to have another chance!

[MetalSeadramon decides “fuck it” and starts breathing fire]
Mimi: “MetalSeadramon is going to burn down the beach shack with everyone inside!”
Mimi: “Yikes, and I thought Shellmon’s breath was gnarly! He’ll toast ’em like marshmallows!”

You guys did want a snack…

[They run into the soon-to-be-burning house]
No dialogue.
Joe: “Hey, guys, naptime’s over!”

Just ten more minutes…

Jou: “Yamato! Koushirou! Wake up, everyone!”
Joe: “Matt, Izzy, move, or you’re going to be toast! I mean literally!”

All right, that’s just insensitive.

[MetalSeadramon is burnin’ down the house]
MetalSeadramon: “The lives of six of the Chosen Children and their Digimon end here!” *laughs*
Anomalocarimon: “OUCH!!! HOT! It’s hot!! Anomalocarimon!!”
MetalSeadramon: “Wh-What? They’re gone! The six Chosen Children and their Digimon are gone! Anomalocarimon! What’s the meaning of this?”

Anomalocarimon: “Lord MetalSeadramon! W-Well, that is… er…”
MetalSeadramon: “Unforgivable!”
Metalseadramon: “Ha! Farewell, Digidestined. It was a rare pleasure knowing you. Medium rare!!” *cackles*
Scorpiomon: “Wah! Hot, hot, hot!”
Metalseadramon: “Huh?”
Scorpiomon: “Ow! Who’s the hot-tempered foul-mouth who– oh, it was you, boss. Okay, no problem!”
Metalseadramon: “Huh? No! No! They’re gone! All of them gone! Scorpiomon!! How did this happen?”
Scorpiomon: “Ah, well-well, you see, uh, that’s a fair question! You see, it happened like…”
Metalseadramon: “Silence! You failed me and I will not forgive FAILURE!”

You already burned down his house. What more do you want?!

[MetalSeadramon lifts Anomalocarimon into the air, then drops him]
No dialogue.
Scorpiomon: “No, I didn’t think that you wouuu– Whoa!”

Don’t worry, Scorpiomon. Think of it like you’re just hittin’ the beac– OW! OH, so it’s okay when Tentomon says it?!

After a brief recap in which they conclude that their Digimon are not yet strong enough (it took both Lilimon and Zudomon to take down Anomalocarimon), MetalSeadramon finds them again and attacks. The team attempts to escape on Zudomon while Lilimon distracts him. In the dub, they have Lillymon taunt MetalSeadramon and then get cut off:

“Yoo hoo! You big ugly… Whoa! Just my luck, he’s fast, too!”

[As they flee]
MetalSeadramon: “Fools! You think you can escape by sea?!”
Tentomon: “Aah! MetalSeadramon is gainin’ on us!”
Taichi: “Hurry! Let’s get out of here, Zudomon!”
MetalSeadramon: “Will you?!”
Mimi: “Has he seen us?”
Tai: “I don’t know and I don’t wanna find out!”
MetalSeadramon: “Pathetic little fools! You think you can escape me by sea?!”
Tai: “I think it’s safe to say he’s seen us.”
Tentomon: “Ooh, faster, Zudomon! We need speed!”
Tai: “Yeah! Stop dog-paddling!”
MetalSeadramon: “Ah-ha! Tonight, you sleep with the fishes!”

Not Scorpiomon, though. Tonight, he dines in shel– OW!

[MetalSeadramon sinks underwater]
Joe: “Is he gone?”
Mimi: “I don’t think so.”
Sora: “I can’t stand this waiting!”
Matt: “I bet he’s right below us.”
Tai: “Shh! Knock it off!”

For real.

Finally, after ramming them and kicking Zudomon’s ass with River of Power, MetalSeadramon gloats, “Never send a Rookie to do a Mega’s work!” and the episode ends. The real question is: why did he send in Scorpiomon if he thought he was Rookie-level?

Section: Cut or moved footage
[54 sec] As with the previous episode, they cut the ending to this one and moved it to the beginning of next episode.

The Digi-Verdict

It’s pretty messed up that they dragged Anomalocarimon back over and put him in the burning shack.

This episode is mostly re-establishing the File Island setting and setting the team up to see how things have goone horribly awry in their absence. As such, there’s not much that could go wrong in the adaptation. The notable plot point, that the Digimon have gotten stronger (though not yet strong enough to take on Ultimate/Mega-level enemies), was covered in the dub. Shellmon’s silly falsetto was delightful. Mimi being more concerned with food than her friends is always fun. I give it a “B”, for “beyond not cool that they put that guy in his own burning house and left him there”. Seriously.

Worth noting is how the movement of the ending scene to the begining of the next episode changes the tone of the episode’s ending. In the original, Whamon appeared and rescued the team from MetalSeadramon, and they escaped. Just like the previous episode, it ended with them fleeing from powerful, murderous enemies. On top of being an effective “bridge” to the next episode’s beginning, it helps reduce the tension a little after the battle ends, but it delivers the stress of their situation. As in the previous episode when Piccolomon smacked them away, they only gained distance between them and the threat, we know the threat is coming for them, and because they haven’t have a break since the previous episode (napping in a death shack doesn’t count), it still feels like they’re on the run. It also communicates that MetalSeadramon is dangerous enough that Whamon prioritized getting everyone away instead trying to take him on, unlike Piccolomon. It was just really well-done, and it’s a shame it didn’t make it into the dub.

As far as why it didn’t make it, I might as well speculate on that here: there is an episode coming up with a lot of lengthy cuts to several scenes, none of which would have ever made it through Standards & Practices. Scooting the ends of these episodes trimmed off 8 seconds from 40, 54 seconds from 41, and almost two minutes from 42 (which sounds hefty, but a minute was gained from 41), shortening them a little but keeping their running times long enough to fill their time slots. Then they could have used the scooted footage to fill in the time lost from the longer cuts in 43 without having to re-write, re-use, or edit a bunch of scenes. It may not sound like a big deal, but TV shows have contracts and budgets and other horrible things, and writing and editing are time-consuming. Moving the endings would have been a clever and resourceful way to ensure they filled their time slots without missing deadlines or forcing people to work overtime.

I wasn’t in the writer’s room, of course (I’m not allowed in there), and I don’t know if any explanations have been given, but it’s more plausible than “they were bored”! I would hope they got the episodes ahead of their airings in Japan and had more time to work, but I don’t know how anime dubbing contracts worked back then. It’s still a ton of work either way, and if they weren’t so fortunate, this was a clever solution.

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