Digimon: The Movie III

Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! / Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals (JP)
Digimon: The Movie [Part 3] (EN)

Producer: Terri-Lei O’Malley
Writers: Jeff Nimoy & Bob Buccholz

Original Release Dates:
July 8, 2000 (JP)
October 6, 2000 (EN)

Japan: $18.7 million (converted to USD)
United States: $16 million (compilation)

Section: Summary

Comparison by Sahgo. Apologies for missing images – the original images came from Photobucket and have been sitting there rotting for years. Some of them were lost.

Sahgo’s Notes: Okay, time for my greatest act in Digimon comparisons: I’m going to compare the most catastrophic catastrophe from Digimon: The Catastrophe.
All the movies of Digimon: The Catastrophe were treated horribly, but this one was, for sure, the worst of all. The movie was severely hacked, in both footage and script, and what left was…not a lot really. This is what happens when you think you can do anything you want with the anime you have in your hands. So Saban: screw you.

Just for you guys to know, I’ll just take screenshots of what I see as really relevant. Or else I’ll be here forever @_@

Section: Cut or moved footage

(5 minutes, 30 seconds) Ok, since in the dub movie they had to make the movie 1/2 smaller, some scenes were erased due to time. I call them the ”unneeded footage”. They are scenes that could be skipped without loss of details, such as a long shot of someone’s face or scenes that are repetitive. I’m sure I didn’t catch ALL of them (that is nearly impossible), but, from what I caught, approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds of unneede footage were lost.

I’m just mentioning in the actual comparison those scenes which I believe to be more important.

Side Note

The scenes showing Tai and the older Chosen Children was taken from a little further to the ”beginning” of the movie, so then Kari could make her stupid narration properly. Also, most of the scenes were shortened.

NOTE – By the whole movie, lots and lots of scenes were shortened in the dub due to time length.

Dialogue Deviation

I don’t have to say that Kari’s narration is completely stupid. Every single phoneme.

Kari: “And Sora is still waiting for (Tai) to call!”

And why is she making flower arrangements so happily?

Kari: “(Matt’s) stage name is ‘The DigiDestined formely known as Matt'”…

Why choose a stage name which is 10 times bigger than your actual name!?

Side Note

The order of the New Chosen Children cameos is changed. In the original is Daisuke – Miyako – Iori, but in the dub is Cody – Yolei – Davis.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(5 seconds) A shot of Jou drinking… something.

(30 seconds) Ok, now the destruction really starts. First, we see various pictures Mimi took (one of the pictures, with Takeru and Hikari, remained in the dub to use it in its fake story). Then, Takeru says that Daisuke will get jealous when he sees the pictures. Hikari suddenly says that she’s hearing a digimon crying, and that he’s looking for something. All of a sudden, Mimi’s digivice starts shining and she suddenly disappears, leaving her laptop behind.

The important moment is gone.

(54 seconds) Simply: every scene showing the Older Chosen Children disappearing. The important plot related scenes are gone so now the dub will make its own story.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

By the way, originally, Wallace calls Terriermon “Gumimon”, which is actually his Baby Form name. In the dub Willis calls him Terriermon.

As always, Terriermon’s attack name is changed from Blazing Fire to Bunny Blast.

Side Note

While in the original Takeru and Hikari wonder what happened to Mimi, in the dub they are saying that the pictures they took couldn’t be sent to their friends because the lines are busy (?). This smells like Izzy’s lies…

In the original Hikari and Takeru were after the Digimon that Hikari heard crying, but in the dub they are just after the noise to save the day and stuff.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

In case you don’t know, Wallace’s name was changed to Willis. In the original he speaks in English with some characters (Kokomon, his mother). And…his voice sucks.

Oh, and Chocomon’s name is changed to Kokomon (even though Chocomon is actually the Child form’s name).

Section: Cut or moved footage

(8 seconds) Hikari says that she heard his brother’s voice, and Takeru thinks that maybe ”those people” (Wallace and his Digimon) have something to do with it.

I heard his voice inside my head… I’m an ESPer!
Dialogue Deviation

Kokomon: “Go back”.

Yeah, Saban. Go back.

Willis: “Don’t follow me! You’re in danger!”

They were in danger from the moment this movie BEGAN!

Section: Cut or moved footage

(48 seconds) The Older Chosen Children land in a completely empty place, claiming they can’t see anything, think about anything, and wondering why are they there. Then, Yamato and Taichi wish Takeru and Hikari to be careful.

You are in…Myotismon’s Dungeon!!! You were CONDEMNED!!

Dialogue Deviation

Willis talks a lot lot more than Wallace probably has done in his whole life.

Patamon: “Colorado? Why there?”

One question: how the hell do you know that? Even the blah blah blah of the dub doesn’t mention that.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The scene with Hikari and Takeru on the train was originally AFTER Daisuke and the others in the beach.

ACTUALLY, a bunch of scenes are mixed >_< I don’t have patience to point all of them. I’m following the Japanese order of the movie, so, some of what I point may be far before/later in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Originally, Hikari’s message was talking about the disappearing of the Older Chosen, but in the dub she asks the New Chosen people to go to Colorado.

Yolei: “We’re using my uncle’s Frequent Flyer Miles (?)…”

Lie Number 1.

Yolei: (something about an uncle that has a taxi company or something).

Lie Number 2.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(10 seconds) The gang trying to get a ride. Using a “With Monster” sign.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, they got their ride with a driver who just speaks in English. In the dub they got one of Yolei’s imaginary uncle’s imaginary cab, and the driver puts some stupid music.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(1 minute, 43 seconds) Wallace and Terriermon in the freight car of a train, talking. Wallace wonders if Chocomon was really serious about attacking him. Terriermon says that he was, and Wallace orders Terriermon to stop talking. Terriermon does so, and sits next to Wallace.

Okay, so it wasn’t that useful.

(7 seconds) A dialogue between Wallace and Terriermon while they’re walking. Terriermon says that they’re going through all of that trouble, and just so Wallace could call his mom. Wallace says that he thinks Chocomon will definetly be in the flower field (in the dub, Terriermon is just being annoying complaining about walking).

Dialogue Deviation

Everything Kari says about how much of a bitch she is (mentioning that Davis must really miss her and stuff like that).


Stop talking when you’re not supposed to. Actually, stop talking at all because you’re not supposed to.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(13 seconds) Takeru and Hikari notices that everybody in the train vanished.

Dialogue Deviation

Yolei: “Bye uncle Fred!”

Why are you talking to someone who doesn’t exist?!

Yolei: “I have an uncle who own some horses around here…”

Lie Number 3.

Davis: “No more uncles!”

I’m with you.

Cody: “Wow, then americans have Digimon by the truckloads!”

REALLY?! OMG, I’ll start looking inside every truckload I see from now on!

Section: Cut or moved footage

(8 seconds) Miyako asks how does Wallace knows how to talk in Japanese, and he says a Japanese girlfriend taught him.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original Miyako wonders if Wallace has something to do with the disappearing of Taichi and the others, but in the dub she just wonders why would a (oh God, here we go again) DigiDestined travel alone. Then, Miyako asks how did Wallace find Terriermon (a.k.a. Gumimon) and he answers that his mother found it on the Internet. Miyako asks if Wallace have been in the Digital World, but he knows nothing about it. In the dub, however, Willis just says that his vacation home is nearby (?) and also mentions that he actually knows who Kari is.

…make as much sense as nothing, doesn’t it?

Section: Cut or moved footage

(5 seconds) Iori asks if Wallace knows anything about another Digimon. That’s why Terriermon fell right after he said that, but in the dub Terriermon is just stupid.

Dialogue Deviation

Now the weird stuff. I’ll try to explain but it’ll be hard:

In the original, Iori gets another ride for them and everybody enters the car, except Daisuke and Wallace who are stupid enough to be left behind. Wallace then calls his mother by the phone, tellling her he’ll be late (and Daisuke mocks him for being such a baby). Then Chocomon attacks.

In the dub, they took the scene of Wallace talking to his mother before anything, but instead of talking to his mother, Willis is ASKING FOR PIZZA! His plan was to get the pizza delivered to get them home (wow, that was an amazing plan. The only thing wrong is: it’s impossible). Then the ride comes, but now is the pizza delivered. Davis and Willis are left behind and then Kokomon attacks.

You can pretty much imagine that a bunch of stupid dialogue and cuts were made in this mess. I’ll mention some:

Davis: “Tell him to forget the whole thing, I’m gonna move for chinese!”

I don’t know any place who sells both pizza AND chinese.

Willis: “Shut up! [take the phone] Oh, no, I said ‘line up'”.

Davis: (Everything. Simply everything)

Willis: “It’ll be here in two minutes or it’s free.”

They must be pretty desperate for customers.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(19 seconds) In that empty space, Taichi and the others notice they suddenly got younger.

I’m a kid again! That’s so… good.
Section: Cut or moved footage

WTH? Ok, I’ll try to explain this. In the original, V-Mon hits Chocomon with his headbutt, okay. Than, he evolves, okay. In the dub, Veemon hits Kokomon with his headbutt, than flies with Terriermon and Davis follows them, and they run into a…sign…what the hell just happened here?! This scene of Terriermon and V-Mon flying are from AFTER this battle!

(5 seconds) …Chocomon in the middle of an…explosion?


(17 seconds) The space where the Older (or Younger) Chosen Children are suddenly gets fire-colored, and they wonder what’s happening.

(10 seconds or so) Wallace asks Chocomon where are the older Chosen Children, while Terriermon asks him to stop trying to talk to Chocomon because he’s not the same he was before.

Dialogue Deviation

Wallace: “I’m doing what you want, I’m going back!”

He doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want anything.

Chocomon: “You are not Wallace. Where is WALLACE?!”

Stop telling lies! That is what the “virus infectioning” of ‘Our War Game’ meant. Chocomon was infected by the virus of Izzy’s lies!

Willis: “He’s got pants now!”

And you pay attention to such details?! Hmmmmmm…..

While Chocomon is vanishing, Wallace tells him he would be waiting at the flower field, but in the dub Kokomon come again with his “GO BACK” crap.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(15 seconds) The older (or younger) Chosen Children notice that the fire-themed world suddenly turned into a flower-field-themed world. Koushiro realizes that that place is probably someone else’s world.

(13 seconds) Since the Terriermon-and-V-Mon’s-happy-flight-scene was somehow added into that battle, the 13 seconds before it were removed. Daisuke making questions about Chocomon, and Wallace…refusing to answer.

(20 seconds or so) Just a few seconds of the happy flight scene were added back there…most of the scene was actually lost (this is becoming more and more confusing).

(9 seconds) In the original, Wallace says they should try to catch another truck, but Terriermon says it would be hard since the road is all screwed up (in the dub, Davis asks some questions about Kokomon, and Willis says that Kokomon wants him to come back [Lie] and stuff, then Willis says he doesn’t want Davis to get involved etc).

(56 seconds) A conversation between the little gang. Daisuke tries (but fails) to get information from Wallace, but when V-Mon asks about Chocomon, Terriermon says that they (Daisuke and V-Mon) should know the truth so ‘those children’ could be helped. Terriermon told that the reason why Chocomon took the children away is because he wants something from them.

Side Note

Oh crap, “Hey Digimon!” is back…

While on Lighdramon, Daisuke and Wallace had a small conversation about the evolution of the digimon, but in the dub there’s no conversation. So ”Hey Digimon!” could torture us more.

By the way…the place where Wallace was heading to is called Summer Memory in the original, but in the dub it has no name. It’s apparently his summer house or something.

Dialogue Deviation

Original conversation: The children wants to know who Chocomon is and where are Taichi and the other.
Dub conversation: The children wants to know who Kokomon is and why does he only attack Willis).

Willis: “Because…I created him.”

Lie Number 4.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(22 seconds) More of the real plot being destroyed. Terriermon says that Chocomon is looking for people with the digivice, because he’s looking for Wallace – but the younger Wallace, the Wallace he once met. Then Daisuke says that they still gotta find Taichi and the others (in the dub, Willis doesn’t reveal anything except the lie that he created Kokomon, than he walks away.)

Okay, flashbacks moved for later in the dub…

(14 seconds) Everybody is on the car, talking about random stuff. Daisuke asks if Wallace called his mom, and he answers that he didn’t find a phone.


(31 seconds) Wallace puts Terriermon to sleep, than goes for a walk, where Daisuke spots him. In the dub, we can understand that Willis and Davis headed there together. By foot.

Sweet dreams. Or not.
Dialogue Deviation

Willis: “I thought it would be cool to have more of them (digimon), so I got the stupid idea of creating a digiegg on the computer.”

Lie Number 5.

Willis: “Before my digiegg could hatch, it was attacked by a virus and mutated into Diaboromon.”

Lies Number 6 to 7 (because it was so stupid that it counted for two lies).

Section: Cut or moved footage

A Diaboromon small flashback was added after the previously mentioned stupidity.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Wallace’s story was completely different. He said that three years ago, he was playing with Gumimon and Chocomon in the flower field when Chocomon suddenly disappeared. Daisuke points that three years ago was when Taichi and the other met their Digimon for the first time. Then Wallace says that now Chocomon is after him. Daisuke then realizes that that meant they had to fight with Wallace’s partner, his best friend. 

Willis: “The virus somehow tracked us down and dragged Kokomon away from me.”


Willis: “I think he wanted me to come back here where all started, but every time he tries to tell me why the virus stops him! He just can’t fight it!”

Lies Number 8 to 100!

Side Note

Daisuke says that if V-Mon got evil he wouldn’t be able to destroy him. That’s when he cries. And the original scene is sad because the story is real and not the virus-fake-crap.

Wallace tells Daisuke that he wishes Chocomon to remember who he is if he goes back to the flower field.

Dialogue Deviation

Davis: (crying) “That…is…the saddest story…I’ve ever heard…”

For crying over that fake story you’re proving to be the biggest moron of the universe.

Willis: “Get over it!”
Davis: (suddenly stops crying) “Okay!”
Willis: “That was fast.”

Well, if he cried longer for that crap story, I would definitely kill him.

Section: Cut or moved footage

More seconds of the dub cut, as always, but the best part is that, when Terriermon says that he’ll fight against Chocomon, Wallace says that he wants to go back and see Miyako’s face. Then Daisuke’s goggles suddenly break due to his rage. I liked that part.

Section: Summary

Okay, now that the plot details were revealed I can already tell the differences between the japanese and the dub stories:

Original Story: The older Chosen Children are suddenly disappearing. While in New York, Takeru and Hikari find Wallace fighting Chocomon, and believe that they may have something to do about Mimi’s sudden disappearing. They ask the new Chosen Children to find Wallace and to save the older Chosen Children. They finally met with Wallace, who was heading for a place called Summer Memory to meet Chocomon in a flower field. That’s because, when Wallace was little, Chocomon suddenly disappeared on that flower field, and now is evil: so, Wallace thinks that if they meet each other on that flower field, Chocomon may recognize him. And maybe, if Chocomon is defeated, the other children will be saved.

Dub Story: T.K. and Kari, while in New York, spot a battle between Willis and a digimon named Kokomon. After mysteriously discovering that he was heading to Colorado, they ask the new Chosen Children to go there and find out who was that Digimon and stuff. They meet Willis, who tells them the incomprehensible story about a virus attacking his Digimon Kokomon. Now they have to try to free Kokomon from the virus, so then…they’ll…save…the world? Anyway, the older Chosen Children are doing great, thanks.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(1 minute) First, we see Wallace and the others in the flower field. Then we see that empty space with the older Chosen, who are now even younger than before. Chocomon (Child form) appears, looking for Wallace. The Children can hear him, but cannot see him. Chocomon then notices that even now they are smaller, they are not Wallace. That’s when he attacks Wallace and the others.

(In the dub, after the hacked conversation between Willis and Davis, they ”go after Kokomon” and he suddenly appears).


(30 ~ 40 seconds) Most of the scenes of the ”conversation” between Wallace and Chocomon were cutted. In the original Wallace tries harder to make Chocomon remember who he is. He even tries to catch Wallace, then Terriermon stops him and tries to talk to Chocomon too. Then, Chocomon hits him.

Dialogue Deviation


You’re making as much sense as this movie (dub movie, of course).

Digmon: “I’ll trip him up-Whoa, I almost trip myself!”

Shut up!

In the original, there is still the “do I really have to destroy Chocomon?” dilemma, but in the dub they couldn’t care less.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(1 minute) Daisuke says that now they have no choice but to destroy Chocomon; The children wonder what those black balls are, and Miyako says that Chocomon seems to be giving them off from his dark hearts; Terriermon (Gargomon) asks who IS Chocomon now.

Oh God, when is this going to end…?
Dialogue Deviation

Willis: “This is all my fault…!”
Davis: “Why? Did you teach him how to juggle?!”

Section: Cut or moved footage

24 seconds) Chocomon disappears in the water then reapperas behind Wallace, and they stare each other for some time. Gone in the dub, gone in the dub.

(7 seconds) After being hit by Chocomon, Wallace tries to catch Terriermon but he suddenly de-evolve to Gumimon, and then, back to Terriermon.

(1 minute, 10 seconds) Wallace says that the Chocomon in front of him isn’t the Chocomon he once met, and says that he has to destroy him for the old Chocomon to return. Then Daisuke appears saying that it isn’t Wallace’s fault, because everybody have something they want to protect, and while trying to protect this ‘something’, they never give up. That’s why they won’t give up now (and etc).

Shounen speeches!
Dialogue Deviation

Kari talking about why are Angemon and Angewomon there with Kari’s inaproppriate face is stupid. In the original Hikari is wondering about Chocomon.

Cody: “I’m not supposed to be out after dark!”

And you’re probably not supposed to be out of your country, but who cares for logic in such a moment?

Section: Cut or moved footage

(31 seconds) Hikari realizes that they are still in the real world, but the world where Chocomon wants it. Then Hikari suddenly says that Chocomon has no feelings.

Plot details!
Dialogue Deviation

Willis and others: “When he said ‘go back’ he wanted to back in time, before he was attacked by the virus!”


Veemon: “It’s gotta be that virus inside of him!”

There is no virus.
There is no virus.
There is no virus.
There is no virus.
There is no virus.
There is no virus.
There is no virus.
There is no damn virus.

Side Note

The scenes here all all mixed, but nothing was lost. What was really bad is that in the dub the characters just didn’t stop talking, what was freaking annoying.

Dialogue Deviation

It’s kinda obvious, but being swallowed by Chocomon WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE a plan, it just happened.

Section: Cut or moved footage

(18 seconds) Magnamon and Rabidmon inside the nothingness space of Chocomon. They wonder where they are, and start forgetting things.

(28 seconds) The children (except for Miyako) walk in the direction of Chocomon, trying to encourage Magnamon and Rapidmon.

(30 seconds) After Tailmon says why she never gave up, all the Digimon starts trying to fight against Chocomon (some footage is loosely used in the dub, but in the dub the other Digimon DON’T fight against Chocomon). Then, inside Chocomon, Magnamon and Rapidmon listen to Wallace and Daisuke’s voices, what makes them recover their strength. In the dub, since being swallowed by Kokomon was Magnamon’s plan, Magnamon and Rapidmon never had any hard time inside Kokomon.

Dialogue Deviation

Magnamon: “There must be something inside of him….the virus!”

Do I still have to comment?

When everything is over and fine, Daisuke says that Taichi and the others are back to normal, but in the dub of course this is not mentioned.

Side Note

The final scene of the dub movie is uncomprehensible, nonsense and, above all, UNACCEPTABLE!

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