Digimon Frontier S01E27

Double Spirit Miracle! Beowülfmon is Born!! (JP)
Stuck in Sakkakumon With You (EN)

Dub Writer: Steven Blum

Original Airdates:
October 13, 2002 (JP)
February 14, 2003 (EN)

Section: Summary

Having escaped Sakkakumon, JP, Zoe, and Tommy all decide they need to get back in to help out Takuya and Koji, who are still trapped inside. They all spirit evolve to their human spirit forms and attempt to enter, only to be knocked away and out of their Digimon forms. However, Duskmon enters the sphere that houses Koji with no problems. Frantically, Zoe begins to try and use her D-Tector to contact the others. She ends up successful, and manages to contact Takuya. They alert him of everything that happened to that point, and warn him to be careful, as Duskmon had just entered.

Meanwhile, Duskmon assaults Koji and begins to shuffle through his memories. He learns that Koji felt guilty for not treating his Stepmother well, and had gone out to buy her some flowers for her anniversary. While at the flower shop, he receives the message from Ophanimon and leaves to get on the train to Shibuya station. Duskmon begins then to see himself as a young boy in a blue hat, chasing after Koji, but failing to catch him. His emotions mix with Koji’s and begin to drive him insane. Duskmon further sees that Koji’s mother had died long ago, and he never accepted his stepmother as his new mother. The guilt and sadness Koji felt began to overwhelm him, and drives him further into insanity.

Meanwhile, in the Ice Sphere of Sakkakumon, Takuya is assaulted by IceLeomon. He spirit evolves to Agunimon and attacks back, the two engaging in a somewhat lengthy battle. After defeating him, Takuya is given the opportunity to leave Sakkakumon for good, but chooses to go after Koji instead. Cherubimon appears and speaks to Duskmon, ridding him of his temporary disability from Koji’s emotion. Koji spirit evolves to Lobomon, but is massively outclassed by Duskmon’s strength. Slide evolving to KendoGarurumon, he meets with the same problem, and soon reverts back into Koji. Seraphimon’s egg begins to move, and soon flies up to Sakkakumon’s middle sphere, where Koji and Duskmon are. It fires a burst of energy that bypasses Sakkakumon’s defenses and fuses together Koji’s spirits. Koji Fusion Evolves into Beowolfmon and it seems he and Duskmon are more evenly matched.

After a powerful explosion caused by the crossing of their light and dark energies, they are ejected from Sakkakumon just as Agunimon arrives, too late to help him. Duskmon and Beowolfmon are fired out of Sakkakumon a large distance away from everyone, too far for anyone else to give him any help, either. Duskmon runs off with Beowolfmon in pursuit.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: Just now, I saw Kouji-han! Neemon: We saw him, right?
Bokomon: Izumi-han! 
Bokomon: I believe I just saw Koji up there!
Neemon: I believe in Santa Claus, but I know I saw Koji!
Bokomon: Please ignore him.

I’m getting tired of trying to write snippy comments about the dialogue. Expect me to do it less often going forward.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Evolution sequences for Beetlemon, Kazemon, and Kumamon were lengthened in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: This looks like it’ll be hard to enter.
Neemon: Huh?! Duskmon?! 
Bokomon: I believe we need to rethink this.
Neemon: I believe…in flying Duskmon!

Why does his voice have to be so shrill, though?

Takuya: That is you, Izumi, isn’t it?
Izumi: Commozione! 
Takuya: Zoe, is that really you?!
Zoe: No way! I mean, yeah!

Izumi: I’m talking to Takuya through the Digivice! 
Zoe: Ten-Four, copy that loud and clear, good buddy!

Great, so we’re going from Valley Girl to CB talk.

Tomoki: Takuya-Oniichan! 
Takuya: Wow, where’d you learn to talk like that? Never mind.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Duskmon’s attack, Eroberung, is not localized right away, but will be called Lunar Plasma later in the episode.

Dialogue Deviation

The woman in the flower shop goes from being an irritating, overenthusiastic minimum-wage worker in the original, to being an irritating, overenthusiastic minimum-wage fortune teller in the dub. She even makes sure to tell Koji that she’s not a witch.

Worker: That’s great! Just leave it to me! 
Worker: Oh, I love my job!

Worker: Eh? Why has it only been three years?! 
Worker: Wait a minute, you must be at least twelve! Why have your parents only been married for three years?!

Just like with Takuya, the text on Kouji’s cell phone from Ophanimon is replaced with English.

Dialogue Deviation

Kouji: I’m a fifth-grader now. I can think for myself. 
Koji: But she’s not my mom. I don’t need one anymore.

The dub doubled the lone-wolf persona, it seems, as usual. Either to hide his age, or make him seem like more of a jerk. They’ve been known to do both.

Takuya: So, this place is inside Sephirotmon too, huh? 
Takuya: Am I still stuck in Sakkakumon? Wow, bet you can’t say that five times fast…

Dude is freezing to death in a short-sleeved shirt while a monster is trying to kill him and is still making jokes. Takuya’s got nerves of steel.

Takuya: W-what’s this? 
Takuya: Now that’s what I call a cold reception!

See above.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Panjamon. A Digimon that lives in a cold area. His special attack is a mass of cold energy. 
Ophanimon: IceLeomon, the proud and mighty king of the cold. His chilling attacks will stop anyone in their tracks.

It’s very important, you’ll find, for a Leomon to die in every season. Thus, the dub will rename Digimon to keep the tradition alive. So to speak.

Panjamon’s Ice Beast Fist becomes IceLeomon’s Frozen Fury.

Section: Cut or moved footage

Lengthened Evolution Sequence for Takuya to Agunimon.

Side Note

Ah, anime physics. How did Agnimon/Agunimon jump ON TOP of the cold mass of energy, exactly?

Dialogue Deviation

In the dub, IceLeomon is under Sakkakumon’s spell. No such claim was made of Panjamon in the original.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Panjamon’s Cold Attack becomes IceLeomon’s Blizzard Breath.

Side Note

Licht Sieger sounds almost electrical, while Lobo Kendo sounds like… a George Lucas ripoff, if you catch my meaning.

Hm, now that I’m posting this comparison again in 2021, I’m starting to wonder if this was prophetic…

Dialogue Deviation

Wolfmon: Take this!
Duskmon: That’s why I asked if that was all.
Lobomon: Howling Laser!
Duskmon: Very pretty.

Okay, that delivery was hilarious.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub cut out the moment that Agnimon actually kicks Panjamon in the face.

Dialogue Deviation

Agnimon: This Digivice will purify! 
Agunimon: G’bye, Kitty! Time to get purified!

Garmmon: Solar Laser!
Duskmon: Don’t make me laugh! 
KendoGarurumon: Lupine Laser!
Duskmon: Bad doggy!

Duskmon: This is the last one, Kouji!
Garmmon: This is the last one…for you, too! 
Duskmon: I’ll give you something to howl about!
Garmmon: You’re the one who’s gonna be howling!

Enough animal jokes!

When Bokomon is overreacting to the whole egg hatching thing, Tomoki, Izumi, and Junpei wonder about what will hatch. Tommy, Zoe, and JP, however, freak out like people would if someone was actually giving birth, making the whole scene full of… it. Just full of it.

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub recycled a few random shots to accommodate the commercial break.

Dialogue Deviation

Duskmon: This is… 
Duskmon: What is this HIDEOUS FORCE OF LIGHT?!


Kouji: Something’s…happening… 
Koji: A brand new power source!

Oh good, he finally got a rechargeable battery for his cell phone.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Double Spirit Evolution becomes Execute…Fusion Evolution!

Beowülfmon is retained (but spelled “Beowolfmon“).

Side Note

Oi. That whole “how did you know he was named Beowolfmon” scene with Bokomon and Neemon didn’t make sense to me in either language. Nor did the whole sniffing thing, either.

Dialogue Deviation

I don’t know if the Japanese version was comedic in this way on purpose, but the scene where Duskmon’s human form is revealed was somewhat funny. They had the music playing in the background for the fight scene, then they revealed Duskmon’s human face. The music abruptly stops, and Beowülfmon yells, “What the hell?!” right before the explosion. In the dub, Beowolfmon just yells, “Who is that?” and the music never stops.

Neemon: Aka-chan (Baby) is going to be born, right? 
Neemon: He came to me! Does that mean I’m his uncle now?

Side Note

The Japanese episode ends with a new outro that, if I’m being honest, isn’t quite as good as the original one was. The dub keeps the same outro which is fine. Frontier’s theme is good and didn’t need to be changed.

Final Verdict


Total episode retained: 99% It was a decent episode, but it had its flaws, as always.

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