Digimon Frontier S01E19

Save The Burgermon! Tomoki’s Pure Heart (JP)
You Want Fries With That? (EN)

Dub Writers: Steve Blum

Original Airdates:
August 18, 2002 (JP)
December 16, 2002 (EN)

Gear’s Notes: Meh, the title’s passable by American Titulation Standards. (Is Titulation even a word?) At any rate, this is the second of the two filler episodes in the series at this point, and I’m personally not too fond of this one, either, though this does give Petaldramon a little more face time before Duskmon and Mercuremon take the center stage. Also, since it’s Tomoki/Tommy centered, it’s probably going to have a lot of meaning to it…more material for the dubbers to turn into SD, anyway…

Today’s episode was written by: Steve Blum. Every time he writes, it seems like the character he voices, JP, becomes somewhat less likable.

Section: Summary

Petaldramon gets hungry every time the moons align. He heads to Digimon Hamburger Village, and kidnaps one of the PapaBurgermon there to do his cooking for him, demanding that his wife and kids prepare more burgers for him in order to get him back. The DigiDestined arrive and help out. However, a friendly competition in burger-making turns into a heated battle for Takuya and Koji while JP, Zoe, and Tommy are kidnapped by Petaldramon’s henchmen without their knowledge.

Kumamon, Kazemon, and Beetlemon take on the Chamelemon, with Kumamon delivering the final blow. Petaldramon shows up, engaging in battle with Korikakumon, Zephyrmon, and MetalKabuterimon. Tommy’s burger creation turns out to be the key in distracting Petaldramon long enough for the kids to get away. After all he eats, Petaldramon falls asleep, and MetalKabuterimon brings the building down on top of him before they all return to Hamburger Village.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Chamelemon. This Digimon can disappear by changing the color of its own skin to match the landscaping around it. 
Ophanimon: Chamelemon. With their specialized skin, they can appear to disappear, and a tongue lashing from them is one you’ll never forget!

According to the card name, his English name is Chameleonmon, though the dub retains his Japanese name.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Burgermon’s wife had to create more of the same burgers as her husband to get him back. In the dub, she had to make better ones.

Takuya: And delicious! 
Takuya: Bring on the beef, Baby!

Michael’s delivery on these kinds of lines really adds something… kinda painful to them. Probably intentional.

Junpei: Yeah, when we get there, I’m not even going to bother with table manners! 
JP: I’m gonna eat my body weight, maybe all of ours, in burgers!

Is it my imagination, or is the dub for some reason fixated on JP’s weight?

Side Note

And is it further my imagination, or does every in-training level Digimon in the dub have to have an annoying voice? (In reference to the TorikaraBallmon.) Their name was revealed in the Japanese version, but in the dub, it was replaced with MamaBurgermon asking the kids for help getting her husband back.

And now, one of the TorikaraBallmon has that irritating cartoon habit of saying things wrong. (i.e. Beggar instead of Better)

Dialogue Deviation

Junpei: It’ll be fun to see who can make the most delicious food! 
JP: Anything with food is a good experience for me!

The original does such a great job of NOT poking fun at JP’s weight. The dub, on the other hand, which censors sake from the show, fully condones making fun of kids who are overweight. Better a bully than an alcoholic, perhaps?

Bokomon: When it comes to the hamburgers you cook, you’ll need an impartial opinion, without a doubt! 
Bokomon: It would be an honor to lend my superior palate to such a noble cause! So bring on the beef, baby!

Isn’t the script bad enough without reusing your old jokes?

Neemon: What’s going into the buns?
Bokomon: What food are they going to serve? 
Neemon: All this food is making me drool!
Bokomon: Yes, but must you do it on me?

Here’s a novel idea: if someone’s drooling on you…MOVE.

Junpei: If Izumi-chan makes it, anything is sure to be delicious! 
JP: Smart, beautiful, and confident in the kitchen! Can a girl get any better than that?

Remember kids: body shaming and sexism are fine. But don’t ever drink alcohol!


That’s what he sai– *is shot*

Tomoki: How should I cook the hamburger for it to be okay? 
Tommy: Well, the outside looks fine, but I’m not sure what to put in the middle yet.

Ugh, are you kidding me?! Although it makes the TorikaraBallmon’s reactions more valid.

Side Note

Apparently, the Digital World’s onions are as hollow as their bananas.

That scene with Tomoki and the knife is funny in both languages.

Dialogue Deviation

JP: Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

He says this as he moves the skillet around the stove. It’s like one of those fruit shampoo commercials or something…

Takuya: Looks very very delicious, eh? 
Takuya: *random karate noises* Easy as pah! [sic] 

Getting back to Michael Reisz’ interesting acting choices…

Junpei: It’s Yakisoba! 
JP: Ladies and Gentlemen, an exotic combination for a new generation!

To quote Gordobaggins, “Draaaama Queen.”

Side Note

Junpei’s Yakisoba Burger becomes JP’s Meatloaf-Yakisoba burger.

Izumi’s pizza burger ingredients remain the same, though it’s renamed the Burger Italiano.

Takuya’s burger is called “Stamina Mountain Burger” in the original, and the “Meaty-Meat Burger” in the English dub. It mostly retains the Japanese ingredients, but adds ground beef, sardines, and peanut butter.

Kouji’s “Seafood Special Burger” with squid sauce, lobster, prawns, fish and shellfish becomes Koji’s “Deep-Sea Burger” with lobster, pureed squid, white chocolate, scallops, and shrimp.

…give me a break, this is a boring episode, and I had to have something to compare…

Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: Are these supposed to be burgers?
Neemon: I think I saw one move!
Bokomon: Are you going to take a bite?
Neemon: If they don’t bite first!


Side Note
Dialogue Deviation

Bokomon: We need a break after the last ones.
Neemon: Or to get our stomachs pumped…

Looks like the dialogue has some high points in this episode.

Koji calls Takuya “Botulism-Boy” in the dub. Botulism is a paralytic food poisoning that is extremely serious…*shudder*

Junpei: Good idea, Izumi-chan! You’ve got a good head on your shoulders. 
JP: Makes sense to me! Man you’re smart, Zoe.

It’s never been my experience that elementary and middle-school age kids are that overt with their crushes.

Junpei: Where is this place? I can’t believe it! 
JP: Jeez, and I thought hiding chocolate bars was tough!

It doesn’t end, does it?

Section: Cut or moved footage

The dub extends the evolution sequence again.

Side Note

I think some of the voice actors are losing their touches. MetalKabuterimon now sounds more like Beetlemon, and Zephyrmon’s formerly awesome voice sounds more like Zoe does in human form.

Dialogue Deviation

Petaldramon: Tonight, I’m hungry again… 
Petaldramon: Nah, too tired. Fuhgetaboutit.

Final Verdict

Total Footage Kept: 100%

The dub was a mountain of badly changed dialogue, but it wasn’t exactly a great episode to begin with.

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