Digimon Fusion S01E05

DigiMemory, Shine! (JP)
Thanks for the DigiCards! (EN)

Original Writer: Reiko Yoshida
Dub Writers: Mark Ryan

Original Airdates:
August 3, 2010 (JP)
October 20, 2013 (EN)

Section: Summary

With Neptunemon hot on their trail, the Fusion Fighters find themselves defending KingWhamon, a massive Digimon with an island on its back (not to be confused with ElDradimon). KingWhamon protects the Code Crown within the labyrinth of his stomach, so they plan to feed him bombs to blow him up from the inside. Mikey and Shoutmon get pulled in, and a platoon of enemy Flymon follow. They manage to locate the Code Crown, but a Flymon fatally stabs Shoutmon, injecting him with poison. KingWhamon fights back, ejecting the Flymon and healing Shoutmon, but Neptunemon sends in Ebidramon, who is able to overpower Shoutmon X2.

With all looking lost, KingWhamon tells Mikey and the others about a legendary treasure underwater. ChibiTortomon takes it upon himself to get it, returning to Mikey with a set of chips containing data from legendary Digimon thought to be extinct. He summons Leviamon, who summarily handles Ebidramon, freeing Shoutmon to cut him in half. The episode ends with Neptunemon sending an army of Seadramon to destroy the Fusion Fighters.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, Senilemon starts to say “Code Crown” but then gets it mixed up with “Cock-a-doodle-doo!” for some reason. In the dub, he just forgets the question right when he’s about to answer it.

Archelomon is very clearly drinking sake, but it’s DigiJuice in the dub. Which I think might actually be a thing in Digimon World: Next Order.

Side Note

Neptunemon is voiced by Liam O’Brien, who I love. He has a massive list of credits, but I instantly knew it was him because the voice resembles his take on Red Skull in various Marvel animated shows.

Dialogue Deviation

On Neptunemon’s orders, Archelomon tries to literally spit out the location of the Code Crown. In the dub, it results in his burping.

Section: Inconsistency

Pukamon, best known as being Gomamon’s In-Training form, is called by his Japanese name in this series. Previously, he’d been localized as Bukamon. He retains his dub voice actor, Bob Klein, from Digimon Adventure, who also voiced his evolved form Gomamon.

Dialogue Deviation

Archelomon’s condition must be contagious in the dub. When brought up that ChibiTortomon saved them, he asks, “I did?!” In the original, he just says “Kame…”

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Whamon-sama is translated as “King Whamon” in the dub, but it would appear that “Whamon-sama” is just a nickname. His species name in Japanese is listed as King Whamon. Or at least that’s what the subtitles tell me. It could be that the -sama means “King” in this case because of context, but honestly, I’m not certain.

ChibiKamemon: Whamon-sama wakes up once a year during the period of the Summer Festival, kame. It’s during this time that we offer him DigiNoir and have him protect the treasure that’s inside his stomach, kame!
ChibiTortamon: A giant hungry Digimon who wakes up once a year expecting to be fed! See, we feed him DigiBites in exchange for his protecting the sacred jewel he keeps hidden away in his stomach!

Dialogue Deviation

Akari: The treasure in his stomach?
Angie: I swallowed a bottlecap once!


Side Note

Man, Shoutmon is a dumbass. He heard both Mikey and Taiki say that the DigiNoir/DigiBites were a plan to get inside Whamon (though admittedly Mikey only really said that the DigiBites were suspicious) and he still charges in and tries to steal KingWhamon’s food.


Dialogue Deviation

Neptunemon: Good grief… what are they doing?
Archelomon: Would a plan like that really work, kame?
Neptunemon: And then… the Code Crown’s ours!
Archelomon: I know that’s bad, but I can’t remember why!

I’m starting to remember why this season is bad…

The dub avoids mention of “bombs” by whatever means necessary, even while showing them on screen. Shoutmon just calls them “those things.”

A combination of music and dialogue makes Shoutmon’s attempts to detonate the bombs more comedic in the dub, where it’s framed more as self-sacrifice in the original.

Every time he charges in the dub, he shouts “I got it!” When they explode, he shouts, “I don’t got it…!” with each successive explosion making him sound more dazed and delirious. It makes you wonder what he’s trying to do, since he’s basically headbutting the bombs and making them explode. Is he trying to catch them?

Akari: Taiki… got eaten…
Angie: Did this island… swallow Mikey?

Angie, you were right there when they explained about King Whamon. Get a damn cotton swab for your ears.

Taiki: So this is what it looks like inside Whamon’s stomach!
Mikey: This is Whamon’s stomach?! You could park a blimp in here!


Side Note

LMAO, dub Shoutmon’s scream was hilarious.

Dialogue Deviation

Taiki: Where is it? Code Crown!
Shoutmon: Code Crown!
Mikey: Keep your eyes peeled!
Shoutmon: If that was his stomach, what part of him are we in now?
Mikey: I don’t really want to know.

Someone wasn’t paying attention in biology. EVERYONE knows you were in the forestomach, so given your distance and the reddish-purple coloring around you, you’re obviously in the fundic stomach. DUH.

Shoutmon: Are we there yet?
Mikey: No.
Shoutmon: Are we there yet?
Mikey: No.
Shoutmon: Are we there yet?
Mikey: NO!

Lead Pickmonz: <random Pickmonz noises>
Other Pickmonz: <other random Pickmonz noises>
Lead Pickmonz: Alright, men! Spread out! Seach the area! Split up and hit those tunnels!
Other Pickmonz: [unintelligable] huff huff! Off we go, huff huff! Eskimo, huff huff! [unintelligible] a-go, huff huff!

My patience for this series is wearing thinner with each episode.

The Pickmonz continue their marching cadences throughout the next few scenes.

Lead Pickmonz: Follow me, huff huff! Come and see, huff huff! Silly me, huff huff! Time for tea, huff huff!

Flymon: Sorry, we got here first! Well… second. You know what I mean.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Taiki tells the Pickmonz to come back, resulting in their returning to the Fusion Loader. Mikey yells “Reset!” which I guess is his official command for such.

Section: Cut or moved footage

<1 second: Flymon’s stinger entering Shoutmon’s torso, then its removal after the commercial break/Japanese intro.

Interesting censor. They left the hole in Shoutmon’s gut, but gave it a purple glow to make it… look more mystical?

Dialogue Deviation

Archelomon: <You’re the fool to think Whamon would surrender his treasure so easily!>

I guess his lucidity comes in spurts?

As per tradition, the scene where they’re all praying, which is silent in the original, is full of internal dialogue in the dub, since a scene can’t just be quiet.

Really, it feels like all the headway the dub made in Data Squad was just thrown away in this series.

Shoutmon in the dub says “Out of the frying pan…” before Ebidramon appears, which makes no sense.

This is weird. For whatever reason, a bunch of computer overlays were added to the DigiFuse sequence. These weren’t in the original.

Section: Cut or moved footage

And they used an older clip for the fusion sequence again. Still no idea why.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Shakomon’s Water Screw becomes Syakomon’s Water Drill for reasons that are probably obvious.

Pukamon shouts “Bubbles!” in the dub despite:

A) He doesn’t shout that in the original, and
B) His attack is supposed to be Bubble Blow.

A tiiiny bit of English was subbed in on the stock footage here. Can you spot it, kids?

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Taiki: Rostrum, activate!
Mikey: Upload Leviamon!

Taiki calls out the name of the attack. Mikey calls out for the Digimon itself.

Section: Cut or moved footage

1 second: Leviamon’s attack snaps off Ebidramon’s arm.

Side Note

The whole fight sequence in the dub is appended with a ton of cartoonish sound effects.

Shoutmon X2 cuts Ebidramon in half. The dub covers this with a yellow glow.

The Japanese text on the cards is replaced with English.

Also this.

Dialogue Deviation

Archelomon: <Oh dear! The monsters keep getting bigger! And bigger! And stinkier! Ew!>

Not sure if I just didn’t notice this before, or if they just didn’t do it, but the “To Be Continued” screen retains its Japanese text, though the Digimon Corner announcement is removed.

Section: Digimon Analyzer
Final Verdict

Total Footage Lost:

This episode’s dub did a fantastic job of removing all sense of tension using cartoonish sound effects and jokes. There was also a good amount of censorship (I don’t mean the text, I mean covering up violence), and for some reason they opted to use old stock footage in place of what the actual episode used. I don’t get it.

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