Digimon Data Squad S01E23

Once More to the Digital World – Insekimon’s Rampage (JP)
One More Digital Dive! (EN)

Original Writer: Inari Meihiko
Dub Writers: Michael P. Greco

Original Airdates:
September 17, 2006 (JP)
March 24, 2008 (EN)

Section: Summary

While Keenan battles his inner demons, Sampson is dressed down by Director Hashima, as the battle with SaberLeomon was discovered by the press and made huge headlines. Hashima is adamant that the Data Squad travel to the Digital World and destroy Merukimon full stop. Kurata appears, however, and entices Hashima with a plan to peacefully end the conflict, and he is named the commander of the mission. Kurata arrives at DATS with uniformed soldiers, all to enter the Digital World and negotiate peace with Merukimon, but both Sampson and Thomas are suspicious. Thomas manages to stall the plan for a day, much to Kurata’s ire, but he eventually takes it in stride and they plan to enter the Digital World the next day.

While all this happens, Keenan struggles with his identity. It isn’t until Sarah speaks to him that he realizes that he is the only being alive to be both human and Digimon, giving him a unique perspective.

The three core members of the Data Squad escort Kurata and his troops to the Infinite Ice Ridge, where they are attacked by Gotsumon and Zudomon. They defeat the latter, while the former Digivolves into Meteormon, cornering the team. Some quick thinking by Marcus gives them an advantage and Gotsumon is finally reverted to a Digi-Egg. The group storms Merukimon’s throne room and Marcus charges, ready to fight, but is stopped short by Keenan, who has come to the Digital World to end the war between humans and Digimon once and for all.

Man, some newspapers need to remember not to leave so much negative space on the page.

Section: Side Note

I am 8:06 into the episode (not counting theme songs), and every line of the script in the dub has been nearly identical to its original counterpart. I’m practically halfway through the episode, and I’ve had nothing to say until now.

Dialogue Deviation

Mercurimon: I hear the humans’ heartbeats. […]An evil shadow is surrounding them. A shadow of deep hatred that intends to bury us alive.
Merukimon: It’s the humans – they’re on the move! […]There’s something very different about it this time. I’m sensing their mission is the annihilation of all Digimon!

I get that both statements are vague, but at least in the original it makes it clear how Mercurimon knows the humans are there, while leaving in some mystical mumbo-jumbo about the dark shadow and whatnot. In the dub it’s so… random sounding. How does he sense their mission? It’s just way too specific.

One of the troopers states that there are no Digimon within a kilometer of their landing site. In the dub, it’s changed to one mile.

Sayuri calls out to “Ikuto-kun and Fal-chan.” This isn’t translated into any cute nicknames, just “Keenan and Falcomon.”

Side Note

She also tells them in both versions that she made them a snack… of pancakes with butter and syrup. Is it just me, or does that not qualify as a snack?

Dialogue Deviation

Masaru says words are meaningless between men. Marcus says that “Champion Fighters” don’t talk things out.

Kurata in the dub sounds more calm and collected than his Japanese counterpart, who practically starts screeching when Gotsumon shows up.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

Narrator: Zudomon, a Perfect-level Digimon who has a Thor Hammer made out of Chrome Digizoid. Wielding it with his sinewy muscles, it brings for his special attack, Hammer Spark.
Thomas: Zudomon, an Ultimate-level Digimon who has muscles of steel. His Vulcan’s Hammer is made of Chrome Digizoid, the strongest metal found on either world.

When dub Zudomon attacks, he calls out Vulcan’s Hammer, though the attack was just him swiping the hammer in the air and sending ice shards at Marcus and Agumon. In the original, he doesn’t call out an attack name because it wasn’t a Hammer Spark. This actually happens more than once in the fight.

The Kanji in the show Kristy and Keenan are watching is wiped away in the dub.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

I can’t remember if I brought this up, but MachGaogamon’s Gaoga Tornado becomes Gaoga Tornade in the dub.

Narrator: Insekimon – The Perfect-level Digimon that evolves from Gotsumon. His special attack is Cosmo Flash. With his hands, he shoots down energy he collects from the universe.
Thomas: Meteormon – an Ultimate-level Digimon whose special attack mode is Cosmo Flash. His powerful hands shoot a high bolt of energy which he absorbs from the power around him.

Dialogue Deviation

In the dub, Yoshi’s a bit more glib about the situation than her original counterpart, which I think goes some way toward improving her character. Meteormon’s more glib than Insekimon, too.

Masaru punches Insekimon. The dub uses a slash-impact screen to cover it.

Section: Digimon Analyzer

RizeGreymon’s Solid Strike is retained in the dub.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, the team discuss a plan to use Lilamon’s Un Deux Pollen to paralyze Insekimon, though comment that his incredible speed will make that difficult, if not impossible. In the dub they don’t discuss a strategy at all, just that they need to “think of something fast.”

Tohma: You’re using too much brute force.
Thomas: I can’t believe Marcus was right!

Aww, Tohma’s jealous. At least Thomas admitted that Marcus’ plan was successful.

Insekimon: M-My body is…!
Meteormon: That pollen attack is paralyzing my body!

The dub ended up having to spell out the plan for the audience more because of the earlier dialogue change.

Side Note

Weird how they don’t censor MachGaogamon punching Insekimon, but they have to when Masaru does it.

Dialogue Deviation

In the original, the two (Masaru and Mercurimon) talk about how it’s their destiny to fight and how important this battle will be. In the dub, it’s just a bunch of posturing.

Side Note

The preview for the next episode in the dub spoils the surprise about Kurata. Not that most of us were really surprised, but still.

Final Verdict

Very close to the original.

Compared to a lot of episodes even within this season, the script is very faithful to the original.

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