[Re+Comparison] Tricks and treats

Salutations, ghouls and… other ghouls… I return with treats most foul and tricks most sweet! First, a treat: the re-comparison of the pseudo-spooky (pspeuky) episode 11, Dancing Ghosts! Bakemon / The Dancing Digimon, which was close enough to a Halloween episode, I guess.

Second, a trick: but not a trick on you, dear readers! (Or maybe, depending on your perspective…) No… this is a trick for our Gear leader and the site’s update schedule, which had been carved into last year’s jack-o-lantern and has since rotted away. The second of the double-fright you’ve earned this night is none other than the new comparison for episode 43, The Dangerous Game! Pinocchimon / Playing Games, which I am posting off-schedule as an apology for the long, unplanned hiatus and the lack of information that has come with it.

And now there’s a second trick: the “Next Comparison” feature shall henceforth show the wrong episode until either Gear updates it, I update it, or one of us bothers to take it down! That’s the trick for you, readers! Happy Halloween!

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