[Re-comparison] Clueless

Party’s over, kids — Digimon Uncensored isn’t dead yet!

So there I was: working on my re-comparisons. As I was neared the finishing point of episode 11, with nary a bit of research awaiting me, I was struck with a terrible realization: I’d accidentally forgotten to re-do the comparison for episode 10.

Then I realized episode 10 is the Izzy and Mimi episode, calling the use of the word “accidentally” into question.

Anyway: the re-comparison of episode 10, Guardian Centalmon / A Clue from the Digi-Past is here, all fear, and Gear didn’t do the videos, so they look weird. He might redo them because they look bad, or because I still have weird codecs and they only work for me (which means only I can see how bad they look! Hooray!).

As you can probably surmise, episode 11 won’t be far behind this one because it got a head start. It’s the one with the ghosts, so you can probably figure out when it’s coming. Happy New Year, one and all!

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