4/26: Golden Week is Almost Here!

This Wednesday, April 29th, starts Golden Week in Japan. Golden Week is a string of holidays that last, as you can probably guess, a full week. Think of it like Spring Break, but everyone gets in on it, not just school kids and college students. In honor of Golden Week, Digimon Uncensored will be switching from its usual weekly updates to updating daily.

On April 29th, the Zero-Two episode Family Picnic will be uploaded. Mimi joins the rest of the DigiDestined on a picnic in the Digital World, only to come across an area controlled by the Digimon Emperor full of Geckomon and Otamamon. Coincidentally, the episode also takes place during Golden Week.

On April 30th, the Digimon Fusion episode Danger Erupts! will be available. Mikey and the Fusion Fighters find themselves in the Magma Zone, and decide to give themselves a spa day. But SkullMeramon has other plans for them, while Dorulumon’s past starts to catch up with him.

Check out The Singer’s Secret, an episode of Digimon Data Squad on May 1st. Yoshino goes undercover to investigate a childhood friend turned pop superstar. But when it becomes more clear that he’s harboring an illegal Digimon, will Yoshino be able to carry out her mission in spite of her personal feelings?

On May 2nd, we’ll be uploading the comparison for Trailmon Versus Trailmon from Digimon Frontier. Thinking with their stomachs, the DigiDestined enter a Trailmon race for the chance to win a cheeseburger. But what should be a friendly competition turns deadly when ShadowWereGarurumon and his partner Dogmon pull out all the stops to win no matter what it takes.

May 3rd is the debut of the Tamers second episode Digimon, Digimon Everywhere. Takato is still getting used to the idea of having a Digimon partner, trying to keep him hidden from his parents and the world at large. But while he’s at school, Guilmon wanders off, and Takato must find him before someone else does.

On May 4th, stop by to read Guardian Angel, the seventh episode of Zero-Two. Kari gets left behind in the Digital World, trapped inside a domed city. With the entry port destroyed, Davis and TK take it upon themselves to save her. But the Digimon Emperor unveils his strongest lackey yet – the Ultimate-level Andromon, once a close friend of the DigiDestined.

Golden Week ends May 5th, and as our final gift to you, stop by for No Questions, Please from Digimon Adventure. Izzy and Tentomon are separated from the others in the wake of Tai’s disappearance. He’s attacked by Vademon, who threatens to send him to hell if he doesn’t give up his curiosity. Without that or his Crest, Izzy and his devolved partner Pabumon must get them back before they’re both destroyed by Vademon, or DemiDevimon gets his hands on the Crest of Knowledge.

We hope you enjoy our Golden Week celebration. Once it’s complete, Digimon Uncensored will return to its weekly Friday updates.

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