6/18: An Ocean Day Special!

The ocean. Dark. Foreboding. Evil lighthouses. Monochrome. Inexplicably renamed sea creatures. Cthulu things.

This year, in honor of the Tokyo Olympics, Ocean Day is July 23rd. What’s Ocean Day, you ask? It’s the Japanese day of giving thanks to the ocean that provides life. So in honor of this we are… um… doing a comparison about an episode of Digimon where the ocean is ruled by a cthulu creature whose enemies try to kidnap girls and… erm, this might not be in the spirit of the holiday, really.

But we’re gonna roll with it anyway! Even though it’s out of order, we’ll be posting a comparison of His Master’s Voice (The Call of Dagomon), the start of the (extremely mishandled and eventually abandoned) Dark Ocean storyline in Digimon Zero-Two. Yay for oceans!

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